Harvil Outsider Review 2021: Weather-Proof Table Tennis Table


Does the game of table tennis interest you at all times? Are you considering to buy a compact TT table for your home for recreational use? Then you should consider buying the Harvil Outsider, for it is an exceptional table available at an affordable price and can add a lot of value to your leisure. You will love the table for its weatherproof aluminum tabletop that has a powder-coated steel frame at the diagonals. It is also simple and easy to set up, move, and store. Let us discuss this TT table in detail and unfold what it packs for its players. 

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table Review


  • The best feature of this table tennis table is that it is extremely simple and easy to use.
  • This table comprises a folding frame that can be brought together and taken apart easily.
  • The frame of the table and its table lock lays a solid foundation for energetic play.
  • There is a folding playback mode to practice the serves individually.
  • The steel frame is weatherproof and has a powder coating on its surface.
  • Its weatherproofing capability qualifies it to be an excellent outdoor model.


  • The quality of its frame is doubtful. Its support at the center of the table is a matter of query. 
  • Its surface is comparatively thin and can result in an inconsistent bounce.
  • The net is flimsy and sags after a few games.

Key Features of the Harvil Outsider

  • Instant play: You can unbox the table and within a few minutes you can start playing. The entire set up takes about ten minutes as the product comes pre-assembled. 
  • Waterproofing: The aluminum frame of this table is both weather-resistant and waterproof. It is capable of withstanding heat and extreme outdoor weather, thanks to its powder-coated steel frame.
  • Divides into two halves: The table comprises two halves and you can fold the table along its steel legs to store it in a compact place. It is truly a space saver and its folding dimensions are L61.5″ x W23.6″ x H63.5″.
  • Available in playback position: You can fold this versatile table into half and treat them as individual tables for independent game practice. 
  • Wheels: This table comprises of sturdy wheels with a locking mechanism that makes moving the entire table easy and simple. This locking feature ads stability when the game progresses and easy and safe mobility while storing the table.
  • Durable net and posts: The table comes with durable nets and metal posts with the package to help in efficient game action.

Harvil Outsider – The Brand

Harvil Outsider is a leading Table tennis brand and is a pioneer in manufacturing TT and ping pong tables. It is owned by Dazadi, a big name in the sports and games brand. They are indeed a family run business with a good reputation and trust among its consumers. They design products that are well enjoyed and appreciated by families and friend groups. Customer reviews of this brand are always positive as the Harvil items are engineered and designed by creative people in the USA.

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What the Harvil Outsider Packs to be the Best Recreational Ping Pong Table?

The Harvil Outsider is a low end and easy to set up a table tennis table for casual players. It receives tremendous attention and positive feedback from the people and its dimensions are 9 x 5 feet in regular size. Its assembly time is 10 minutes and the surface thickness is 4 mm. The overall weight of this table is 148 pounds. Let discuss the other inherent features of this table here in detail.

1. Tabletop:

Harvil Outsider is an outdoor ping pong table as its name suggests. It deals with one of the worst enemies of indoor sporting equipment, namely the moisture. To qualify as a weatherproof and durable table, its tabletop is made up of aluminum composite material. This composite apart from being weatherproof will also prevent rusting even with long hours of outdoor use. Thus, this table retains its original shape, no matter what.

The thickness of the table is only 4 mm, which may not help with great bounces and professional level gameplay. But it serves as a low-cost midrange table for casual games. 

2. Frames, wheels, and Net:

The tabletop is supported by strong, heavy-duty, and powder-coated steel legs that feature four legs with locking casters. Such a structure is mandatory for an outdoor table that has to last for many years without wearing down, no matter what. The levelers on the table help in dealing with uneven playing surfaces and add as an excellent add-on for the table. In short, the undercarriage of the Harvil Outsider is sturdy and durable and you see yourself playing in this table for years. It also possesses a high-quality net that stays firm for many years.

The frame of this table also comes with eight locking wheels to help to move around easily. Though they look more like the wheels of indoor tables, their specs and thickness are not given clear and thus we are not sure if we can be moved over grass and other rough terrains.

3. Assembly:

Indoor and outdoor game tables can be extremely irritating and devastating when they come unassembled. Such tables can take hours to assemble into a compact structure. But luckily, our Harvil Outsider ping pong table comes pre-assembled and you will hardly take 10 minutes to set up the table out of the box and to start playing. It might be required to attach its caster wheels and also pop up the net to start the game. You might require assistance to flip each end of the table over as it can be quite heavy to handle by self. 

4. Warranty from the manufacturer:

The manufacturers offer the guarantee that the table will arrive with all the necessary parts, without any defects or damage. If any defects or damages are found, they will ship the new replacement part or even the entire table at no additional cost. If the customer is still not satisfied, the manufacturers are ready to offer an entire refund. They offer a one-year warranty period to repair or replace defective parts at no additional cost. You can also benefit from their in-home delivery and assembly at a minimal cost. 

5. Budget:

You can buy the Harvil Outsider ping pong table online at a very reasonable price. We can say that it is one of the cheapest outdoor tables available and this pays for its quality constraints as well. But it can still be a useable and eminent table to play the game indoors and in the garage or backyard.

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Final Thoughts

We can give a five-star rating for this Ping-Pong and table tennis table even when we know it is not up to professional standards. It is a great recreational table and can get along with your games pretty well and pretty interesting. Its comfortable budget appeals to several recreational players and can be an excellent unit for kids and teens mastering in the game. In short, it is a reliable table with excellent construction and easy to use the feature.



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