Fat Cat Tucson Pool Table Review 2021


The Tucson MMXI is one of the highly-rated billiard tables from the Fat Cat Brand. It comes completely assembled and players only have to attach its heavy-duty arcade legs at the base of the table and they are instantly ready to start the game. The rubber bumpers of the table get even the hardest of bank shots, as easy as a cakewalk. This table is equipped with a side wall return system and thus this billiard table collects and stores the billiard balls efficiently. 

This stylish arcade-style Fat cat seven-foot billiard game table helps to distinguish the game room with the help of its electrifying blue playing surface and its ambient sleek looks. This billiard table instills the tinge of billiards hall to the gaming room, with its vibrant blue color, its stylish design, and with the help of its easy ball return system. There are rubber bumpers and leg levelers that helps in keeping the table completely flat, irrespective of the surface finishing of the floor. Let us discuss this table in detail here to understand its specifications and functionalities.

Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table Review

Key Specifications of the Tucson Pool Table

  • This pool table is equipped with a ¾” MDF playing surface
  • Rubber bumpers and leg levelers render unique leveling
  • Features arcade-style legs with adjusting leg levelers
  • 7-foot table with an electrifying blue playing surface
  • Appeals to recreational players of all skill levels
  • The dimensions of the table are 84” L x 46 ½” W x 31” H
  • Measurements of the playing field are 75” L x 37 ½” W\
  • The table comes with 90 days limited warranty

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Features of the Table

1. Dimensions:

The Fat Cat Billiard table is of the standard seven-foot length and it falls within the billiard game standards that is been set by the World Pool-Billiard Association for professional-grade tables.

The height of this table is of a standard 31st inches, which is the same standard that is set by the WPA. While assembling this table to any room, you have to be careful that there is enough room around the table to fit in the cues to play the game efficiently. For instance, if you are using a cue of length 42 inches, you might require a space of about 10.9 feet by 14 feet. On the contrary, if you are using the longest cue, that is of 57 inches in length, then the player must require a room of 13 by 16 feet at the least.

2. Playing surface:

The playing surface of this table is excellent, though it is not the deepest. It supports ball movement efficiently. The surface is covered with a medium-density fiberboard material, which is solid and is also extremely durable. The MDF also renders a more leveled surface to enhance the game quality. The properties of this surface can be compared to that of slate, which is indeed used in professional game tables. 

3. Rubber bumpers:

The rubber bumpers of this table help in the fast rebound of the billiard balls. They also add to the excitement of the game and make it extremely challenging as well. The polyester cloth is a standard feature of this table, and it is used for recreational purposes. This polyester cloth allows in the smooth and swift movement of the balls and it is quite durable as well. It is also resistant to the impact of harmful chemicals and factors, which include the UV light of the sun. Thus, you can expect this table to retain its structures and maintain its properties for many years, qualifying to be a highly durable pool table.

4. Drop pockets:

The drip pockets of this table are also designed extremely well. Apart from doing their job perfectly, they also enjoy excellent durability. The ball retrieval system of the table is also an excellent performer, and with a simple button touch, you can get the ball that you would require.

5. Sleek design:

This Pool table from Fat Cat features a modern and sleek design. it is truly inspired by pool halls that are frequently visited by billiard players. Players would love its design and it serves as an excellent addition for the game room. As it matches any modern décor, this table can also be a part of any modern living room.

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6. Sturdy construction:

Generally, pool tables have four legs to support the playing field. But this table has two large legs on each side and these legs are almost wide enough as that of the table itself, to help with perfect stability. As the legs have rubber feet at the end, the table can stay in its place, and these rubber cushions fit into any surface, including carpeted floors.

7. Accessories:

This table comes with its complete set of accessories that includes two pieces of chalk, a resin triangle, two 57” two-piece billiard cues, and a set of 2 ¼” Billiard balls.

Assembly Instructions

Before attempting to assemble the pool table, it is important to read all the instructions that are given in the user manual completely. Users should inspect the package and its parts to ensure that all the included parts are in good working condition and are not damaged. Users can also sign their delivery, as ‘subject to inspection’.

To assemble the Fat cat Tucson pool table, it is not recommended to use power tools. If a power tool is used, it should be set at a low torque to prevent screw stripping, over tightening and to avoid damage to the table. And it requires assistance to assemble the table and it should not be attempted by a single person.

The step by step guide on assembling the Tucson pool table is as follows,

  • The first and the most important step is to make use of a screwdriver to remove all the parts from the underside of the table.
  • Remove the plastic cover on all the four legs of the table before assembling the table legs.
  • Lay the leg supports and make sure that the leg-end panel slides into the channels on the legs. Tighten the support bolts and repeat for the second leg.
  • Place the table upside down on a flat surface and secure it with the legs with the help of a washer and bolt. Tighten the bolts with a wrench and screw the leg leveler halfway into the hole in each leg.
  • Level the table base to start playing the game.

For warranty claims and replacement parts, users can contact the GLD customer care service at gldproducts.com


  • The table supports superior gameplay and super fun games
  • This table lies perfectly stable on any surface
  • The ball retrieval system of the table helps to decrease the time between the shots
  • This pool table has a solid construction and it is highly resistant to damage and impact
  • It enjoys a very cool design and includes all the accessories to start playing the game soon after assembly.


  • Assembly is challenging and difficult
  • The table requires some leveling
  • Intended only for indoor use

Final Words

Overall we can conclude that the Fat Cat Tucson Pool table offers the best value for the money spent and it carries all requires capabilities and features to take the game of recreational billiard to an all-new level. The table is also durable, and highly reliable to render many lasting memories.



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