Fat Cat Trueshot 6 Pool Table Review 2021


The Trueshot Billiard table with folding legs is an eminent table for quick and easy fun and it features an innovative design and compact design with extremely awesome portability. This is an excellent table for those who wish to enjoy their favorite game even in tight spaces. The Trueshot game table is a perfect solution for recreational billiard enthusiasts and it features a high strength material without sacrificing on space and quality.

Fat Cat Trueshot 6 Pool Table Review

The surface of this table is excellent to help with a smooth and fast play and features a black cloth design, which is good enough to complement any décor. Some of the best features of this billiard table are as follows,

  • The table features a compact design that allows the person to enjoy their favorite billiard game even in tight spaces.
  • Its sleek black cloth complements all room décor, be it traditional or contemporary.
  • As high-quality materials are used in its construction, it helps in lightweight play and portability, without sacrificing on its strength.
  • This billiard table is a perfect size for younger players who are learning the game.
  • Its locking leg safety features a fun game without much worry.
  • The table is 6-feet in length and comes with the complete set of accessories to play the game.
  • The table length is 6 foot and is made of manufactured wood
  • It is made from Maple wood with a black frame finish.
  • The playing surface is lined with Nylon cloth/ felt material that is black.
  • The table is also easily foldable and portable with drop pockets net material
  • The length of the warranty for this table is 90 days.

Dimensions of the Fat Cat Trueshot Pool table

  • The dimensions of the pool table: 76” L x 43” W x 32” H
  • Dimensions of the playing surface: 66” L x 31.5” W
  • Weight of the table: 114 lbs.
  • The diameter of the billiard balls: 2.25”
  • The length of the Cues:’ 57”
  • The thickness of the playing table: ½”


  • Features a locking leg safety feature for fun-filled games.
  • Comes with the complete set of accessories to start playing the game at ease.
  • Easy returns and limited warranty.
  • A lightweight folding table that helps with excellent portability.
  • Made from Maple manufactured wood for sturdiness.
  • Compact design allows us to play one’s favorite game even in tight spaces.


  • There is no ball return system and there are no leg levelers included.
  • There is no top rail or rail cap included.
  • It is strictly an indoor table, that cannot withstand outdoor conditions.

Table Exteriors

The Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ pool table with foldable legs features an innovative design that couples with a compact design and surprising portability. Even players who have tight spaces and wish to enjoy the favorite classic game should go for this table. Though it features a high strength material, there is no sacrifice on the quality of the table. Players can enjoy a smooth and fast game with this stylish table that comes with all pool game accessories.

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Stylish Construction

This stylish billiard table has been manufactured, keeping the preferences of pool lovers in mind. You need not stay hesitant to buy this table owing to space constraints, as this compact table occupies very limited space. It is equipped with extreme portability and thus you can play in this table in your home, office, backyard, and even garage. Though it looks compact, its playing surface area is not minimized, thus offering a smooth gaming experience every time. 

Players can unfold the table when they want to start playing the game and unfold it after the game is over. Its lightweight features also allow carrying and storing it anywhere, easily without any hassle. The table is apt for kids, and its corners are rounded slightly, to offer maximum stability for the players of all ages.

Its jet black playing surface design will stand as an element of contrast for the home interiors. The table is built with a unique leg locking safety feature and this allows the board to stand strong, taking up a few kicks and bounces when heat builds up around the game. 

Compact and Foldable Design

The innovative Fat Cat Trueshot billiard table features stunning portability and makes this table one of the favorites among those who are planning to purchase the pool table for their homes. As the table is built of high-quality materials, it serves to be a portable and lightweight table, that doesn’t compromise on strength. Its foldable legs come as a boon for those who are looking for compactness and portability in design. You can easily carry it to your friend’s place as it is highly portable. Despite such design alterations, there is no compromise on the strength of the table. The surface of this board also supports smooth and fast gameplay. Safety is ensured in the form of locking legs and rounded corners.

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Assembly Instructions

Users should read and understand all the product-related instructions before beginning the assembly. Assembly requires two adults and children should not attempt the same without any supervision. 

Before preparing for assembly, be sure to unpack all the parts that come in the package. You may require a level to assemble and this is not included in the shipment. Users have to read the manual thoroughly before initiating assembly. For missing parts and products, we can contact GLD customer service.

To close the table, you can remove everything from the top of the table, turn the table over, remove the leg brace bolts and swing the leg braces towards the table center and down. Swing the legs down into the frame of the table and repeat for the second leg set as well.

Precautions While Using the Table

  • If the table is used outdoors, it is mandatory to move it indoors as early as possible.
  • Be alert for surface changes while moving the table, as cracks and changes to the slope can cause the table to tip over.
  • The table cannot support heavy loads and refrain from placing heavy loads on it. Discourage kids to sit or stand on the top of the table.
  • Support the table adequately when it is in contact with the floor. Failure to support appropriately can damage the frame and tabletop.
  • Keep children away while folding or unfolding the table.
  • Avoid contact with liquid as it can damage the tabletop. Wipe accidental spills immediately.

FAQs with Fat Cat Trueshot 6 Pool Table

Can this table be used for outdoor parties?

No, this is strictly an indoor use table and it cannot be used as an outdoor table.

What is the material construction of this table?

The table and its frame are made of Maple manufactured wood and this vouches on its strength and durability.

What is the extent of the warranty for this pool table?

The table comes with a limited 90-days warranty from the manufacturers. But it is important to register the purchase to validate the warranty. Replacement parts can be ordered directly from the website.


The Trueshot 6 ft. the pool table is the best fun game table that accommodates tight spaces. Its innovative design features a compact design with ambient portability. The table features high strength material, without sacrificing lightweight dress and cost. This sleek black and stylish table can be an ambient addition to your home’s tight spaces.

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