Fat Cat Reno Pool Table Review 2021


The Fat Cat Reno Pool table is sure to bring in hours of fun for the entire family and is sure to complete the looks of the entire game room with its classic style. The Fat Cat Reno Billiard table becomes the new centerpiece of the game room. The Maple Veneers with the cherry red finish is sure to render this pool table, its signature looks of the bygone era. The table features all the good qualities of a modern billiard table with traditional looks and is available at an affordable cost, without breaking the bank of the users. You will love the smooth playing surface of this pool table and it is resistant to warping as well.

Fat Cat Reno 7.5’ Pool Table Review

Key Features of the Reno Pool Table from Fat Cat

  • This table is built for easy assembly and rock hard stability
  • Frame material: Manufactured wood of the maple species
  • Frame Finish: Cherry
  • Cloth/ felt material: Burgundy
  • Play surface material: Slate Alternative
  • The accuslate playing surface is covered with burgundy wool cloth
  • The playing surface of this table is resistant to warping and is highly durable
  • The table features 6” solid wood rails with 18 diamond inlays
  • Its K-66 rubber bumpers help with elastic responsiveness
  • The table features French-styled fringed drop pockets
  • Comes with a 7-years warranty on the accuslate playing surface
  • The legs of the table have hidden leveling pads to play on any surface
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories for playing the billiard game
  • This table comes with 90 days’ warranty with 7 years’ warranty on accuslate

Dimensions of the Table

  • Overall dimensions of the table: 89.5” L x 50.5” W x 31” H
  • Dimensions of the playing surface: 78” L x 39” W
  • The thickness of the playing surface: 1”
  • The length of the cue stick: 57”
  • Weight of the table: 313 lbs.
  • Space required to install the table: 13’ x 16’
  • Size of the table: 7.5 feet

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Exterior Design

The appearance and elegance of the Reno Pool table from Fat Cat adds grace and sophistication to any game room, thanks to its beveled legs, highly decorated edge carving accents, and complementing color schemes. Its hidden leg levelers are capable of accommodating the uneven floor surfaces and thus allow to adjust with the height of each leg, enhancing the stability of the table. This is indeed a highly attractive and beautiful table that has six-inch rails with 18 diamond inlays. Its play surface is covered with a burgundy wool cloth and its beveled legs feature a maple wood veneer with a cherry finish. In short, it is a beautifully made table that comes with a one-inch accuslate playing surface and K66 rubber bumpers. The playing surface is covered with a rich crimson cloth cover, that is capable of not just feeling great to look, but standing up to tough play, 

Accessories of the Table

The table comes with a complete set of accessories that helps to play the game expertly without any hassle. Its set of accessories includes,

  • 57-inch two-piece cues
  • One set of billiard balls
  • Two-piece performance chalk
  • A resin triangle and a brush.

Sturdy Construction

The table can be extremely heavy and its entire construction is being supported by four slender legs that are made from high-quality maple wood. The frame of the table features Maple veneers with cherry finish, rendering the game its signature looks of the bygone era. The finish on the table is highlighted with panels of lighter color for a smoother contrast, which can be extremely eye-catching. Its French-style drop pockets serve as a sense of tradition in a contemporary style. 

Its tapered legs in the traditional style fit perfectly in any contemporary room. As its legs feature levelers, they ensure an even playing field. Beneath the playing surface, that is covered in a crimson cloth cover, there lies the accuslate playing surface. This helps in a smooth playing surface for years, and it is resistant to warping. It also costs just a fraction of what it would cost to install a pure slate tabletop. Its side rails are tough and the elastic bumpers help to retain the classic bounce off the table for many years. 

Assembling Instructions

  • Users should read and understand all the instructions that come in the user manual before starting the assembly.
  • The assembling will require two adults
  • It is important to place the package near the location where it will be used.
  • It is important to carefully unpack all the components and verify if everything is in place before starting the assembly.
  • The assembly and installation process of this table might require a lot of tools and all of them come with the package.
  • While installing the parts that come with more than one bolt, it is important to fix all the bolts by hands, before using tools to tighten it.
  • Assembling requires a second adult to assist with the entire process.

The step by step assembling process involves:

  • assembling the aprons, 
  • assembling the leg brackets, 
  • assembling the legs, 
  • attaching the legs, 
  • installing the support beams
  • leveling the table base
  • attaching the tabletop
  • securing and leveling the tabletop.

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Maintenance Tips for the Table

  • The hard surfaces of the table can be cleaned by using a cloth that is sprayed with a mild cleaner and wiped perfectly.
  • The product is intended for indoor use only and should not be taken outdoors unwantedly
  • Children should be discouraged from standing, sitting, leaning, or climbing on the table
  • It is important not to drag the table while moving it. The table should only be lifted, by two adults.
  • Dragging the table while moving it will only damage its legs.
  • When not in use, the surface of the table should be kept covered. 
  • The playing surface can be lightly vacuumed or brushed with the help of low suction.
  • The table should not be lifted by placing the hands under the pockets.
  • The playing surface is very delicate and is subjected to rip and tear. Thus, it is important to keep sharp objects off the playing surface.


  • Its Accuslate playing surface is engineered to offer the smoothest playing surface at the fraction of the cost of traditional slate tables
  • The table is the perfect combination of classic style, contemporary design, and modern functionalities
  • Its sturdy legs and side rails with diamond inlays enhance the durability of the table for many years.
  • The K-66 rubber bumpers of the table offer elastic responsiveness even after years of play.
  • The fringed drop pockets render a classic design to this excellent table.
  • The table comes with its complete set of accessories and seven years’ warranty on the accuslate playing surface.


  • The table doesn’t come with cue racks 
  • The table is meant for recreational games at residential purposes only
  • The table can be very heavy and requires assistance for assembling

Final Verdict

The Fat Cat Reno Pool table has been crafted for superior playability and is built for easy assembly and rock hard stability. Its accuslate surface and rubber bumpers enhance the durability of this table to many years to come. It is an excellent table with the perfect blend of traditional and modern features, to instill the true game spirit and to motivate kids and adults to play this game for years.



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