Fat Cat Frisco Pool Table Review 2021


Once upon a time when Billiards was only a parlor game, this handsome Frisco Billiard table with an accurate MDF surface was in existence. You will love this table for its 6-inch wooden rails, K-66 rubber bumpers, and its ambient and royal design, making it an excellent pool table for both competitive and recreational gameplay.

The best feature of this table is that it is equipped with a one-inch-thick accurate play surface and the Frisco pool table is engineered to resist wrapping with time. The product comes with a seven-year warranty for its ‘accuslate surface’ and this comes with the purchase of the table. Also, the hazel toned wool blend cloth compliments the surface and the maple finish of the table, which is again braided with the tones of decorative elements and accents. 

Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table Review

Key Features of the Frisco Pool Table

  • 7.5” pool table with classic billiard pockets
  • The play surface material is slate alternative
  • The size of its table is 7.5’
  • Features contemporary straight legs
  • The table features an oak finish with the bronze-colored cloth playing surface.
  • Features French drop pockets that accentuate the classical design of the table
  • The foot of the table has hidden leveling pads
  • Equipped with K66 rubber bumpers
  • Features 6” rails with white diamond inlays and beveled legs
  • The Accuslate playing surface of the table comes with a seven-year warranty. 
  • The table comes with a complete set of accessories to take the game to a new level
  • Serves as an excellent luxury addition to any home game room and garden.


  • It is perhaps one of the finest pool tables that are crusted with diamond insights to align the shots effectively.
  • The playing surface of this table is made of 1-inch accuslate surface, to protect it from getting crooked
  • The product comes with 7 years of warranty.
  • 18 pearly diamonds are fitted intricately into the rails, which serve as a stand along eye-catcher of this pool table. 
  • The hazel hued wood blend cloth at the surface wrap adds to the elegance of the table.
  • The six pockets of the table are designed with a dash of French style, with braided strands that curtain the pockets, rendering it a mesh pattern.
  • Hidden leg levelers help to adjust and alter the leg’s height even on uneven surfaces.


  • The table is more a recreational table and not a professional table, though it appeals to professional players
  • Assembling this table can be quite a time consuming, but can be simple when the instructions are followed religiously.

The Exterior Design of the Table

With the help of this pool table, it is possible to bring in tones of luxury and class to your home. This is a beautiful and elegant table that has six-inch rails that are lined with white diamond inlays. The brown wool cloth and the beveled legs feature wood veneer mahogany. All these aspects render this table a beautiful finish and an elegant design. This table also features a one-inch thick accuslate playing surface that helps with excellent and ambient ball bounce. The K66 rubber bumpers of this table also help in the best gameplay.

The tapered legs of this table complement its traditional style and thus this table also fit perfectly well in contemporary rooms. There are leg levelers in its legs, to ensure a stable and even playing field. The rich brown cloth cover completes the look of the table and stands up to tough playing conditions as well.

Overall this table features all the qualities of an expert table, without breaking the bank. This is made possible with the help of the accuslate playing surface of the table, that offers a smooth playing surface for years. the accuslate playing surface is also resistant to warping and costs only a fraction of what it would take to install a slate tabletop. Surrounding the playing surface, there lies a thick solid maple rails that also feature white diamond inlays to assist in lining up the billiard shots.

Most of all this, the Fat Cat Frisco pool table comes completely assembled and ready to play just out of the box. The set of accessories that comes with the table are as follows,

  • 2.25” billiard balls
  • Two 57” cue sticks
  • One resin triangle
  • Two pieces of cue chalk
  • Rail brush

Dimensions of the Table

  • Overall dimensions of the table: 89.5” L x 50.5” W x 31” H
  • Dimensions of the playing surface: 78” L x 39” W
  • The thickness of the playing surface: 1”
  • Length of the cue sticks: 57”
  • The overall weight of the pool table: 313 lbs.
  • Size of the entire table: 7.5 feet
  • The material of the cloth/felt” Wool, polyester

Maintenance Tips of the Table

  • It is important not to slide or drag this table
  • It requires a least two adults to lift, assemble and re-level the tables
  • The product is intended for indoor use only
  • It is important not to sit, lean, or climb on the table
  • The table should not be dragged while moving it, as it might damage its legs
  • It is important to keep the table covered. The playing surface can be brushed off the dirt, or slightly vacuumed using low suction.
  • The table should not be lifted by placing the hands under its pockets, it is important not to levy any pressure on its pockets as well
  • The cloth surface of the table can tear or rip when it comes in contact with any sharp objects.
  • The hard surfaces of the table can be cleaned with a mild cleaner and wiped with a cloth.

The Fat Cat Frisco Pool Table FAQs

What is accuslate? How is it the best play surface?

Accuslate is a fiberboard that is used as the playing surface in the pool table. It is also considered as fake slate and is used in competitive grade games.

How good are the legs of this table?

The legs of this table are made from solid wood and they also feature hidden leg levelers to lay the table flat on any surface.

Is it possible to change the felt of the table?

The felt of this table cannot be changed. It is important to maintain it appropriately, and free from damages and spills.

What are the colors that this table comes in?

This table comes only in brown color and is not available in other colors.

How to maintain the table in good shape?

You can clean the felt of the table with the help of a brush and hand vacuum it with a fine brush. The wooden part of the table can be clean with the help of any wood cleaning solution that is available in the market.

Final Words

Your game room will soon become the hottest destination in your entire room with the help of the Fat Cat Frisco Billiard pool table. This table is good enough to bring in hours of fun for the entire family and enhances the ambience of the entire game room with its classic style. The Maple veneers with the mahogany finish give the table, its classic signature looks of ancient times. Its French-style drop pockets provoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia, and its tapered legs complement its style. Overall, the table like other Fat Cat tables (Trueshot, Tucson) looks traditional but appeals to modern looks and game features.



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