Top 3 Best Engage Pickleball Paddles 2021 – Comparison & Reviews


Engage is a USA based Pickleball brand that is a pioneer in the manufacturing of Pickleball paddles. A large number of players from beginners to professionals play at national tournaments with the Engage paddles. Engage has grown to be a leading name in the industry of Pickleball for the quality of paddles it offers and the effort they put in for enhancing the quality of the sport.

The brand offers high-end paddles for professionals and they also offer affordable paddles for beginners. Let us discuss some of the best pickleball paddles from Engage here along with their buying guide.

Best Engage Pickleball Paddles Comparison Table

Best Engage Pickleball PaddlesCorePrice
#1. Engage Encore Pro Pickleball PaddlePolymer composite coreCheck Price Here
#2. Engage Poach Advantage PaddleProprietary Polymer CompositeCheck Price Here
#3. Engage Elite Pro Pickleball PaddleControlPro II PolymerCheck Price Here

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Top 3 Best Engage Pickleball Paddles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

The Encore Pro is the paddle of choice for Professional Pickleball players and national champions. The paddle carries all interesting characteristics that are desired for the best game action in the court. These paddles without any doubt are optimized for control, placement, spin, and power.

The range of Encore paddles is all about prompt ball placement and excellent control, irrespective of the nature of your hit. The paddle has a solid grip so as to offer unmatched control over the ball. The grip is also comfortable with a textured surface to help with quick swings and slice shots.

The Encore maintains the specialized skin on the surface that allows for a certain degree of roughness of the surface. But this roughened surface in conjunction with the core helps in better play mode as it enhances the maximum time the ball stays on the paddle.

Generally, Pickleball is considered a noisy sport, but the Encore pro has been optimized to stay quiet and thus appeals for playing in noise restricted communities as well.


  • Specially framed paddle surface to enhance ball contact time.
  • An excellent paddle for beginners and professionals alike
  • No noise paddle


  • The paddle is heavier than expected, not advised for those with tennis elbow.
  • Short handle that measures only 4”.

#2. Engage Poach Advantage Paddle

Check Price

The Engage poach Advantage is one of the first-ever paddles to feature a surface skin of six-layer. the variable release surface technology that has six layers, compare with two layers in other paddles helps with excellent ball responsiveness and power. The paddle still appeals to beginners as it maintains a soft feel in all of its shots. The texture on the hitting surface of these paddles has been reinforced to render great spin on the ball. Its unique unidirectional texture helps with both topspin and backspin on a single ball.

Special mention is on the core of these paddles as they absorb energy when the ball hits and offer a softer touch when it returns. The core of these paddles are made up of black polypropylene material and is also variably termed as the control pro-black core. Its core actually behaves differently with different swing speeds owing to the variable release technology that has been built into it.


  • Control pro-black core that is able to hold the ball during the slower shot for best-ball placement.
  • USAPA approved tournament-grade paddles that are been used by real professionals.
  • It comes in two weights to enjoy the best balance between power and speed.


  • Available in many versions and players have to choose the paddle that suits their skill level. The standard model is pretty heavy

#3. Engage Elite Pro Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

This paddle has been created based on the inputs from a number of leading tournament players. The best feature of this paddle is its chemically bonded skin on the hitting surface, that comprises liquid graphite. Thus the face of the paddle offers a tough competition an excellent reactive feel. The polymer core of these paddles has been formulated based on the Control Pro technology and thus this paddle feels quiet, consistent and offers a tough action on the ball even with a gentle touch.

The lite models paddle is extremely lightweight and weighs between 7.5 and 7.8 ounces. The standard paddles weight 7.9-8.3 ounce. You can differentiate the light version based on their appearance and they also the face of the paddle at the corner is marked by a solid color. The paddle has an appropriate handle with a medium grip for some quick wrist action without feeling much fatigue.


  • Features the Control Pro II polymer with vibration control technology.
  • Cutting edge chemical bond on the skin
  • USAPA listed and approved paddle
  • Quiet paddle – ideal for noise restricted communities.


  • There is a sticker on the bottom of the paddle that can affect the performance when the ball comes in contact at this point.

Points to Consider Before Choosing the Best Pickleball Paddle from Engage

Pickleball paddles from Engage are been used by some of the professional paddlers at leading international tournaments. Thanks to the leading technology that has been incorporated in the built of these paddles. Other intricate features that these paddles are capable of are discussed here and we recommend that you buy the paddle that best suits your game style and skill level.

  1. Engage Pickleball paddle core:

The best of Engage Pickleball paddles feature the revolutionary ControlPro technology. The Encore 6.0 features a polymer core that has been designed to offer an even and a powerful core which is capable of delivering the most powerful Pickleball shot. Older models from Engage, featureless advanced versions of ControlPro tech technology. But all of its paddles have polymer cores that combine with excellent paddle surface for an amazing performance in the court.

  1. Hitting surface of the Engage paddles:

Engage paddles are known for their excellent skin and hitting surface for some tough ball action in the court. The Engage paddles feature a FiberTek skin and are known to renders the best roughness and deflection on impact. But its range of deflection still lies within the USAPA guidelines and thus you can experience the best edge against the opponents. With these paddles, you can be sure of your ball’s ability to spin and curve, rendering the best control over the ball as well.

  1. Cost of the Engage paddles:

When it comes to budget, the paddles from Engage are cheap and are pretty much affordable. Engage has manufactured paddles according to the skillsets of different players. The Engage status and the Engage apprentice are available at a very cheap cost for beginners. The Engage encore, the original composite paddle from Engage is priced under $100, on par with some of the other leading paddle manufacturers. You can also buy the Trident model for $100. Considering the quantum of technology that has been built to these paddles, we can say that they are indeed the best value for the money spent on them.

Final Words

There are a number of reasons why you should choose the Engage Pickleball paddles for your game. One important reason among them is that Engage constantly tests new things on their paddles, in an effort to improve them on a regular basis. The paddles from this brand are made up of high-grade materials and they enjoy the best-built quality. They are pretty much comfortable on the court and can still be quite affordable. You will second our views of Engage Pickleball paddles once you buy them and start using them in the court.



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