Electrum Model E Pickleball Paddle Review 


After 2 weeks of playing and drilling, here is my Electrum Model E Paddle Review.

Electrum has shown us over the years that they know how to keep its customers on the edge of their seat. They don’t release paddles as often as brands like Selkirk or Joola do, but when they do release a new paddle, you can tell they take into account their users’ feedback. 

Their newest release is the Electrum Model E pickleball paddle. I decided to try it out for myself and use it in games and drills to see if it’s the right paddle for you. 

Here is my review of the Electrum Model E Paddle.

Electrum Model E 16mm Specs 

16mm Electrum model e in black
Handle length:5.25″
Face Material:Raw carbon Fiber
Core:Whole Cell Polypropylene Honeycomb 
Grip Circumference:4.25″

Electrum Model E 13mm Specs 

Electrum model e 13mm in black
Handle length:5.375″
Face Material:Raw carbon Fiber
Core:Whole Cell Polypropylene Honeycomb 
Grip Circumference:4.50″

Electrum Model E Review


Like most T-700 Carbon fiber pickleball paddles the Electrum Model E gets an insane amount of spin on both the 13mm and the 16mm. 

Right out of the box it didn’t feel as gritty as the CRBN paddles, but after a week of playing with the Electrum Model E I had to wipe the face down with a towel because residue from the pickleball was getting stuck in the carbon fiber weaves. 

The face texture is built into the carbon fiber pattern so you don’t have to worry about the face wearing out. In fact, the more you use it the better it gets. 

Once the carbon fiber weaves start to fray over time, the ability to generate spin improves. I don’t usually rely on power when I’m playing, so having the ability to generate a lot of topspin to get the ball to dive and bounce low was a huge advantage and really help me take control of the rally from the start. 

When I got up to the net for dinks, drops, and resets, I felt way more confident with this paddle in my hand than a composite paddle. I got a ton of spin on short dinks and had more opportunities for put-away shots. 


The Electrum Model E 16mm excelled in control. It had a perfectly soft feel right out of the box and the heavier weight of the 16mm felt very stable and responsive in my hands. 

Even though the Electrum Model E is an elongated paddle it still offers the forgiveness and balance of a standard-sized pickleball paddle. I felt the biggest improvement with this paddle at the baseline and transition zone. 

Normally those are areas I have trouble in with paddles tailored towards power, but with the Electrum Model E, I had amazing touch and placement. 

The 13mm did feel slightly less forgiving than the 16mm but I still saw a pretty big improvement compared to other 13mm or 14mm paddles I’ve used when it came down to control. 


With the control, you’re sacrificing power. I thought the 13mm Electrum Model E would have a little more pop than the 16mm, but it was just too light for me personally. 

The heavier swing weight of the 16mm felt like I could generate the same amount of power, but maybe if I added lead tape to the sides of the 13mm I would see more improvement. 

As I said before, power isn’t a strength in my game, and I didn’t impress anyone with my drives the way I could with the Selkirk Power Air. 

Overall I think this paddle could be good for singles or for ex-tennis players since it has an elongated handle and it’s very forgiving, but I think this paddle is best suited for a doubles player. The control, placement, and stability I got when I tested this paddle was unparalleled. 


At the time of writing this, I’ve had the paddle for two weeks, and there is a little bit of wear on the face, but that’s expected with raw carbon fiber and improves the overall performance. 

When I used the Electrum Pro 2 the edge guard started to fall off within a couple of weeks, but after I added some superglue to it I haven’t had any issues months later. 

I can see the edge guard on the Electrum Model E is a possible weak point, although It’s an easy fix. If you want to take any precautions, throw some extra electrical tape over the edge guard for some added protection. 

Electrum Model E vs Electrum Model E 13mm

The Model E 16mm and the 13mm both have an incredible amount of spin and forgiveness. The 16mm did seem to offer a little more forgiveness than the 13mm, but I also prefer the look of a 16mm core.

I thought I would get a lot more pop from the 13mm Model E, but they were about equally matched. I did like the heavier swing weight from the 16mm core, but the 13mm core had a springier sweet spot compared to the plush sweet spot from the 16mm core.

Overall I think it’s really a personal preference and the style of play you prefer. If you prefer a lighter paddle, thicker grip circumference, and compressed sweet spot then I recommend the 13mm, but if you like a softer paddle with a narrower grip than the 16m is perfect.

Electrum Model E VS. Electrum Pro 

The Electrum pro is a standard shape while the Model E is elongated, but the thicker core on the Model E 16mm gives it a leg-up on feel and control over the Electrum Pro. 

Furthermore, the Electrum Pro has way more power than the Model E, which was almost a problem, in my opinion. It took a couple games to get used to, whereas the Model E was easy to use from the first game. 

The Electrum Model E is recommended for a player that has no issues with generating power on their own but could use a little more forgiveness and help with the controlled shots. 

The Electrum Pro is a great paddle for singles players or players who need a little extra speed on the ball. 


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