Cornilleau 500M Crossover Review 2021: Outdoor Ping Pong Table


Ping pong is an interesting game that people cannot resist playing frequently. Some of the game enthusiasts prefer to buy a ping pong table which can also be used to play table tennis in their home and stock it to entertain themselves and their guests at leisure. When you are thinking to buy a game table for your home or recreational center, few brands offer tournament-grade features in a table and are still priced half of their costly counterparts. This is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables that focuses on the luxury home needs and is one of the tables that is built to last.

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Ping Pong Table Review


  • 7mm weather-resistant tabletop with resin laminate
  • Anti-glare tabletop with excellent bounce
  • Massive double wheels that are wheelchair friendly
  • Corrosion-resistant sturdy frame
  • Convenient ball dispensers with bat and ball storage
  • Retracting, adjusting and weatherproof net
  • Ten years’ warranty


  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • The table is very heavy, about 158 pounds and doesn’t split into two halves
  • Costly outdoor ping pong table.

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About the Table

Apart from being a durable and lasting table, the Cornilleau cross over is an elegant table that has been designed with excellent craftsmanship. The tables are easy to set up when you need to play and can also be folded to store away easily. It is indeed a cool looking table that is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in two color options, namely blue and green/grey colors. Its solid undercarriage is its excellent addition and it is based on the DSI technology. You will love the locking mechanism of this table that comprises of a central release handle to get the table easy to fold and unfold. Let us discuss the inherent features of this table in detail here. 

Key Features of Cornilleau 500M

  • Hard and dense playing surface with 7 mm resin tabletop
  • Available in blue or gray color options
  • Patented MATTOP finish rendering an anti-glare finish
  • Structured galvanized steel frame to support the tabletop
  • Ball and racket storage on either side of the table
  • 8” double caster wheels for superior grip
  • Two-wheel brakes to secure the table in its position
  • Weather-resistant polyester net system
  • Retractable net to reduce storage space
  • Sturdy legs that offer solid support for the table
  • Corner protectors
  • Transportation handle
  • 10-years warranty

Specifications of the Cornilleau Crossover in Detail

1. Tabletop playing surface:

If you are a true ping pong player, then you would have realized that the thickness of the tabletop can make a massive difference when it comes to ball bounce. Thick tables help in efficient table authenticity and help the shots to rebound. If you are an expert in underspin or topspin, then you will require an outdoor ping pong table with an excellent bounce such as the Cornilleau 500M. 

The tabletop of this 500M crossover consists of 7 mm resin lamination to help with the best bounce. Its patented MATTOP finish is another interesting feature that the players love in this table. This is typically an anti-glare finish to refract the sun’s rays and to render expert ball adherence thus making this table an expert outdoor table too. The 500M comes in either blue or gray/green colors and the playing surface is weatherproof and waterproof. 

2. Sturdy frame:

This expert tabletop is supported by a sturdy frame and design. They also add a lot of style to these outdoor ping pong tables. The frame of this table is so strong that it could hold up to 170 pounds of weight. Their sturdiness is also reinforced by their steel inserts. This solid support is capable of holding the table pretty well even in outdoor conditions. The adjusting feet of its legs make raising and lowering of sections of the table pretty simple and thus you can hold the table leveled irrespective of the playing surface. These leg levelers help you to play efficiently even if the playing environment is surfaced with dirt, pebbles, and grass. 

3. Assembling:

Generally, ping pong tables can take their little time to assemble, some of them take just 15 to20 minutes to assemble as they come preassembled. But the Cornilleau 500 M can take up to 90 minutes to get assembled and to start playing. You might also require a second hand to lift the table panels and to assemble it in position. But the instructions are clear and easy to follow in the video format helping to play with quick installation. 

4. Safety features:

The DSI locking system of these ping pong tables is one of the best in the industry. This is also one of the basic reasons why these tables are quite expensive than their counterparts. With this locking system, the table gets completely locked both in playing and storage positions and is thus safe to play even when kids are around. There are about 16 locking points in this table and its corner protection pads help accidental injuries for children. 

5. Storage functionality:

The Cornilleau 500M crossover ping pong table comprises four sets of double wheels with two of them having brakes. With the help of these wheels, you can easily roll the table wherever you want to and also secure it in one place with the help of its brake system. These wheels are good enough to roll across rocks, grass, and even dirt and grease. There is an upside-down U-handle between the wheels. They come handy to lift and maneuver the table over rough terrains like doorways, steps, an area filled with shrubs, etc. You can fold the table easily to get it fit into tighter spaces secured. To fold and store the table, reach the bottom end of the table and grab the orange handle to pull. You can fold it by yourself in the utmost safe manner, thanks to the expert safety folding mechanism the table holds.

6. Adjusting Net:

Yet another interesting and important feature of this ping pong table is its net. It comes with an excellent net and post system that helps in adjusting the tension and height to help enjoy a perfect game every time. After you are done with the playing and you want to fold the table up, you need not take the net off. The net swivels automatically when the tables fold, making it extremely easy and convenient to use. As the net is made up of polyester and as it is weatherproof, it comes as an excellent addition to this table.

7. Ball storage and dispensers:

This is an excellent feature of the 500M model. There is an expert storage space for the bat and the balls on either side of the table. You can store up to two bats and four balls in one spot and helps you to secure them without misplacement. There is also a little ball dispenser on either side of the table.

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Final Words

If you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table that you can leave outdoors irrespective of the weather, then this table should be your ideal choice. The Cornilleau 500M has the best specification, strong bounce, and a better frame. Its wheels are solid rock when they lock. We do understand that this is a luxury table that comes with a huge price tag, but it is worth the cost if your family loves to play ping pong and table tennis.



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