Butterfly Premium 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review 2021


The Butterfly Premium 19 rollaway table can be a perfect addition for recreation centers, schools, sports clubs where they have serious restrictions of storage space and of course count on durability as well. The two-piece construction of these tables helps multiple tables to get stacked in a compact space. The legs of the table are indented away from the sides and ends of the table to help with excellent footwork without any hindrance. The table halves can nest into each other for storage and they can also overlap on each other so that centers can pile them over one another. This table has been an integral part of many game rooms, clubs, and schools and stays as their all-time favorite sporting equipment. Let us discuss other features and specifications of this table in detail here. 

Butterfly Premium 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review


  • The table is extremely durable and can render years of enjoyment for a casual and recreational player.
  • It is one of the very few tables that comprises a compressed wood surface with steel railings
  • It’s ¾” tabletop makes it a perfect regulation size table
  • Adjusting leg levelers allows you to play even on rough surfaces.
  • One half of the table folds up for solo playing mode.
  • The table comes with a Butterfly classic ping pong net set.
  • The product comes with three years’ warranty from the manufacturers


  • Its steel legs are only one inch thick
  • The folding system can make the table a lot bigger when folded up
  • Assembling the table can take ages, as there are a lot of small parts to cater to.

Key Specifications

  • The table is made up of compressed wood
  • Ambient tabletop surface with a thickness of ¾” 
  • The rim and rail of the table is of 1½” x 1½” steel rail
  • Dimensions of the table: 108 x 71 x 67.5 inches
  • Weight of the table: 205 pounds
  • Legs of the table are of 1-1/8” square steel
  • 4” locking wheels made of rubber
  • Wheels with brakes and release lock
  • Classic ping pong net and post system
  • Adjustable feet with easy storage system

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Wooden Tabletop

The most interesting feature of this table is its tabletop as it is composed of compressed wood. The Butterfly 19 premium table features a 19mm thickness tabletop along with a 1½ steel railing that serves as an apron to protect the top portion of the table. The tabletop is supported by one-inch steel legs and four five-inch ball bearing caster wheels. The 19mm thickness of the table renders excellent bounce and great playing experience for the player. The top surface of the table is being protected by a heavy-duty steel guard rail system, you can be pretty much sure of the durability of this table. The top of the table is dark green.

The majority of the tournament grade tables have a tabletop thickness of about 25 mm and thus you can be sure that this 19 mm tabletop thickness will help you with a decent bounce that can be used for professional players for their practice. It undoubtedly appeals to recreational players and for kids to get trained in their game. But the table might not appeal for those who are only used to playing in proper tables. 

Strong Construction

The wooden compressed tabletop surface is supported by a strong steel undercarriage which comprises of one-inch-thick heavy steel composition. The legs can be folded when the net is still attached to the table. There are leg levelers so that you can adjust the height of the game table depending on the player’s use. Leg levelers also come handy if the floor is unleveled and if you are trying to create a leveled surface for your game.

There are rubber wheels attached to the steel frame with casters and brakes to help you move the table freely between rooms. The steel legs are not exactly at the corners of the table so that you can move your legs freely during the game without the fear of getting hurt. 

Folding Halves

This table tennis table is also composed of two halves that can be folded for playback position and storage. You can fold one half of the table for solo playing practice or fold both halves to nest against each other for a compact storage. Remember to remove the net before folding, for if you fold with the net on, then the structure can take up more space than anticipated and may not qualify for tight storage spaces. There are locking levers on each half of the table for additional safety while playing and during storage. Each half of the table has four independent wheels with two wheels with brakes on each half. Thus safe transportation of the table between rooms should not be a problem with this table.

Butterfly Premium 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table FAQs

How long does this table take for getting assembled?

The table features an outdated design and doesn’t come preassembled. There are a lot of small and independent parts to be fixed before starting to play. But once assembled, it stands as one excellent game table with ambient game action. You may take 60-90 minutes to complete assembly for the first time.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Yes, this table has three years’ warranty against factory defective tables.

Is there a provision to store the paddles and the balls in the table?

Yes, you can store your rackets and balls at the accessory holder that is present at the center of the table frame.

About the Brand

The Butterfly Premium 19 Rollaway Table tennis table is the proprietorship of the Hitosuke Tamasu organization founded by the Tamasy Co, based on the Yanai city of Japan in the year 1950. It is a renowned International corporation in Japan and converted its hobby into a profession by manufacturing table tennis table. Soon, it became the leading brand all over the over. The business was built over creativity, optimal technical knowledge, and of course durability. The organization started looking for new possibilities to optimize innovative techniques in crafting table tennis tables. It understood that each of the players has different strengths and weaknesses and he wanted to offer individual playing material to players to emphasize their individuality. The company comprises of highly qualified scientists who work on the development of raw materials in crafting world-class TT tables and the Butterfly Premium 19 is one among them.

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Final Words

Though the Butterfly Premium 19 Rollaway has an outdated design and composition, it is still an excellent table in terms of durability and ambient game experience. This can be an excellent table for schools, clubs, and recreational centers. Though it is hard to assemble and move around, once it gets fixed in a location, it stands there for decades, training generation after generation. Overall, a worthy table to train young people and casual players in a more professional table tennis and ping pong games.



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