Butterfly Compact 19 Ping Pong Table Review 2021


The Buttery Compact 19 Ping pong table appeals to the entire community of ping pong and table tennis players, for its ambience and support in enhancing the scope of the gameplay. This is a perfect table for those who always wished to have a play center at home, but lack the space. It can also be an excellent addition to indoor play stadium and recreational clubs. You will love its compact profile, its intelligent folding mechanism, and sturdy design with bright colors. Let us explore this ping pong table in detail here to learn how best it can support the gameplay.

Butterfly Compact 19 Ping Pong Table Review


  • The table comes preassembled completely and does not incur any setup process.
  • The 19mm thick tabletop renders a true and consistent bounce across its entire surface.
  • The table is very compact when folded and takes up a very small space during storage.
  • It’s easy to set up posts and net with clip-on model helps in the ease of assembling
  • The rubber protectors help prevent damage to the surface of the table.
  • The Table comes with a three years’ warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • There is no built-in ball or racket holder
  • There is no fold up playback mode.
  • Requires a leveled playing surface, as it doesn’t possess individual leg levelers.

Butterfly – A Leading Brand in the Manufacturing of Ping Pong Tables

There are very few reliable brands to buy ping pong tables in the market and Butterfly is one among them. They have often been the sponsors of large events and has also served as official suppliers of table tennis and ping pong tables as well. Their history dates back 60 years and they are in the industry of manufacturing tables since then. 

Their compact table tennis table which can be used for ping pong games as well is a perfect choice for those who want to add value and convenience to their game. This particular table comes with three years’ warranty and is extremely durable to function without any hassle.

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Key Specifications

  • Regular size 9×5 indoor table tennis table
  • Dimensions of the Play dims are 9’ x 5’x 2’6”
  • Storage dimensions are 5’ x 5’ x 4’8”
  • Corner protectors are brightly colored (magenta color)
  • Easy to clip net set
  • Strong steel frame enhances its durability
  • Foldable table
  • You can choose the thickness of the table between 19 mm and 16 mm.
  • Compact storage as it is foldable
  • Available in Blue and green colors
  • Three years’ warranty
  • Wheels at the base for easy transport
  • 10 minutes assembling from box to play.

Butterfly Compact 19 Ping Pong Table Features

1. Tabletop:

This ping pong table has the smoothest, leveled, and a sturdy tabletop that is 19 mm thick. This is perfect for recreational use and professional gameplay without spending a $1000 fortune on tournament grade play boards. You will love the consistent bounce this tabletop offers across its entire surface. For the best quality bounce, it is important to play on a table with a thick surface and thicker top. We don’t say the thickness of this table is on par with professional-grade tables used in tournaments. But its quality is still good to entertain you throughout the game action.

The tabletop of the Butterfly compact 19 tables comes in two colors, namely blue and green.  The green table seems more attractive and is priced a little higher than the blue top. The corners of the table are well protected with brightly colored protectors to prevent all bashes from damaging it.

2. Easy to set up the frame:

This compact ping pong table is strong and sturdy and thus can be quite heavy. Its strong frame helps in supporting the 19m thick tabletop. Its strong and sturdy steel frame can hold the table wisely and cab takes up the real beating. Also, this table doesn’t require assembly as it comes 100% pre-assembled. There is no need to attach wheels or screw up the legs and you are good to go once you take the table out of the net. 

3. Easy to store table:

If you are someone who is constantly on the thought that you cannot accommodate a ping pong table in your living space, then the butterfly compact should be your ideal choice. You can fold it into two and insert even in a narrow space in your garage or closet, as its folded thickness is just three inches. It will take only minutes to fold and store and takes barely any space at all. But make sure that it doesn’t get knocked over and fall while storing it upright.

4. Table net:

Though this is considered an economical and a low range table, it comes with a decent net. It does not feature a flimsy net that is made up of low quality but features a decent net to support the entire gameplay. There is a rubber finishing on the net clamp to help prevent damage to the table while starting to play. Many players find this an attractive addition to the table which is eminent support for recreational play, though it is not apt for professional play. 

5. Easy to move around:

You may think that this table will not be easy to move around as it does not have any typical caster wheels as available in typical table tennis tables. But both halves of this ping pong table have wheels at their bottom to help to move around a little bit easier. The table weighs around 72 pounds and thus can be a little heavy to carry around but it is still possible to do so.

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What Happy Users Have to Say

Some people who have used this ping pong table for their games have recommended the product for their fellow players and have stated that the table is super easy to set up, store, and took very less time to set up and to start playing. The total assembly time is also less as the table comes pre-assembled. The table is delivered free of cost and the total time of delivery took only three days for most players. The cost of the table is also very less and is pretty much affordable for the features it offers for excellent recreational gameplay.

Final Words

This table can thus be an excellent addition to your existing indoor sports equipment and is priced just half of the rollaway models from other brands. You can start having fun with this table just out of the box and enjoy the bounce of this full-size table, mimicking the professional game tables. Help your kids and yourself spend the vacation time qualitatively with this indoor table and enhance your gaming skills.



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