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Your Go-To Guide For The Third Shot Drop Strategy

I don't think there's a single pickleball player out there, who doesn't want to win more pickleball games. Winning starts with getting control of...
How to improve your pickleball game

7 Advanced Steps To Get Better At Pickleball

Go From GOOD to ADVANCED If you’re searching for “How to Get Better At Pickleball,” I know what you’re going through. I had a streak...
Pickleball guide

How to Play Pickleball: A Beginners Guide to Pickleball Rules

If you're reading this, you must be new and learning how to play pickleball. I would first like to welcome you and let you...

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes of 2021 (Men’s and Women’s)

Looking for the perfect pair of outdoor pickleball shoes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts (people who have actually used the...

Best Indoor Pickleball Shoes 2021 (Men’s and Women’s)

STOP thinking that any old pickleball shoe will do the trick to improve your game. Just because someone says this is the best pickleball...

Top Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet 2021 (Men’s and Women’s)

Finding the perfect pickleball shoes for wide feet comes with a lot of trial and error. Our goal at ThePickleSports is to save you...
best pickleball shoes for flat feet, ThePickleSports

Best Pickleball Shoes For Flat Feet 2021 (Men’s and Women’s)

In this article, we are going to give you a list and breakdown of what we found to be the best pickleball shoes for...
Pickleball Team High-five

How To Improve Your Pickleball Strategy

When I first started playing pickleball, I assumed improvement was slow and came after months of practice (Which it does.) BUT… having a basic pickleball...
Illegal Pickleball Serve: play it right

Legal Vs. Illegal Pickleball Serves: Play It Right

I'll be honest. During the first couple of months I played pickleball on the public courts near my house, I thought I had all...
How to Return a Serve in Pickleball?

7 Steps To Improve Your Return of Serve in Pickleball

Returning a serve in pickleball is more important than most players think. The first couple of shots set the rest of that rally in...
PickleNet Pickleball Net

7 Best Portable Pickleball Nets Of 2021- Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you starting a local pickleball league? Maybe you’re a P.E. teacher inspiring the youth to this amazing game we call pickleball, OR you’re...
Top Choices for pickleball shoes on a pickleball court

Best Pickleball Shoes In 2021: Top 5 Shoes for Men & Women

Finding the best pickleball shoes for you can take time and research. Our main goal at ThePickleSports is to save you time and help...
Lightest Tennis Racquet

Lightest Tennis Racquet In 2021 – 5 Reviews

Are you a tennis player looking for the lightest tennis racquet? The best lightweight tennis racquet? Lightest Tennis Racquet In A Glimpse Best Lightweight Tennis...
Fastest Female Tennis Serve Ever

Fastest Female Tennis Serve Ever

Have you ever wondered what the speed of the fastest female tennis serve would be? I am also curious to know the maximum force a...
Prevent Tennis Elbow

How to Prevent Tennis Elbow?

It is not uncommon for athletes to develop lateral epicondylitis or commonly referred to as tennis elbow. Almost all tennis layers are prone to...
Hit Overhead Stroke in Tennis

How to Hit Overhead Stroke in Tennis as a Beginner?

An overhead serve or smash is the most difficult of all the shots in the game to master. These shots are generally avoided by...
How to Hit a Backhand in Tennis

A Brief Guide on How to Hit a Backhand in Tennis

People love to play tennis, because of the different, difficult, and interesting strokes involved in it. There are so many terms, definitions, rules, and...
ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

10 Best Asics Tennis Shoes for Men & Women

ASICS is a premier name in the domain of tennis shoes and has been developing apparel and footwear for more than 50 years. Innovation...
Badminton Tips for Beginners

Top 10 Badminton Tips for Beginners

Badminton is a fun sport with interesting rules and also serves as a great form of exercise. Badminton players need to acquire certain skills...
Nike Men's Shox NZ Tennis Shoes

Top 10 Best Nike Tennis Shoes Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

When we think of Tennis shoes, or any sports shoe for that matter, the first brand that comes to our mind is Nike. The...
Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning 23 Shoes

10 Best Women’s Badminton Shoes (UPDATED 2021): Unbiased Reviews

A regular badminton player should invest in high-quality badminton shoes to improve their game performance and enhance their gaming skills. Regular badminton players should...
New Balance Women’s 577 V4 Cross Trainer

10 Best New Balance Tennis Shoes for Men & Women (UPDATED 2021)

As an active sports, tennis demands exceptional and exclusive footwear to elevate the level of the game to an all-new level. New Balance renders...
ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FF MT Shoes

Top 7 Best Asics Badminton Shoes (UPDATED 2021)

ASICS is one of the leading brands of men’s badminton and squash shoes and it features an iconic GEL cushioning system to enhance the...
Senston A30 Badminton Shuttlecocks

7 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks (UPDATED 2021): Buying Guide

Players who want to make the best out of their badminton games should choose their badminton cocks wisely. These birdies are made from different...
ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 7 Shoes

Top 5 Best Badminton Shoes for Outdoor Play (UPDATED 2021)

Badminton is a tough sport that demands a lot of lateral support and tough movements on the outdoor court. It is essential to use...
Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 Shoes

5 Best Badminton Shoes for Beginners (UPDATED 2021)

Badminton is indeed the fastest racket game that requires a lot of fast body movements in the game court. It is an intense game,...
Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

5 Best Badminton Overgrip Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

For ambient game performance, players should choose a credible badminton racquet. And what is more important than choosing the racquet is the racquet overgrip....
ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano 24 Shoes

5 Best Badminton Shoes for Knee Pain (UPDATED 2021)

The number one reason for a good badminton game is a perfect pair of badminton shoes. It can keep you comfortable in the game...
BSN Kids Badminton Racket

Best Kids Badminton Rackets (UPDATED 2021): Top 5 Junior Rackets

Parents at times wish to get their tiny tots involved in the game of badminton quite early. Kids will also show interest in the...
Yonex Badminton Kitbag 14 BLDEX

Best Badminton Kit Bags (UPDATED 2021): Top 5 Best Options

Badminton is a tough sport that demands the use of any equipment such as the racquet, birdies, shoes, energy drinks, etc. But the trick...
Gamma Progression II 602 Machine

5 Best Badminton Stringing Machines (UPDATED 2021)

For those who wish to become a stringing expert, or have too many racquets to string, then the stringing machine is an ideal choice....
Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoes

Top 10 Best Adidas Tennis Shoes For Men & Women (UPDATED 2021)

Adidas as an eminent tennis shoe brand has a long history and a deep-rooted connection with the sport. Adidas has a diverse sports portfolio...
K-Swiss Bigshot Light 2.5 Tennis Shoes

7 Best Kids Tennis Shoes (UPDATED 2021): Unbiased Reviews

If you want your children to be a promising tennis player, you will have to carefully select a lot of things for them, starting...
ASICS Women's GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoes

5 Best Tennis Shoes for Toe Draggers (UPDATED 2021)

If you are in a hurry the Tennis Shoes that come on top for toe draggers according to our reviews are the ASICS Men's...
Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Shoes

5 Best Badminton Shoes for Flat Feet (UPDATED 2021)

Flat foot is a condition where the person will have little or no arch in their feet. Even the ankles will look like they...
K–Swiss Men’s Grandcourt II Tennis Shoes

5 Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches

Tennis is a highly co-ordinated game that demands both the hands and foot to work in perfect sync. If the tennis players have some...
ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoes

7 Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions (UPDATED 2021)

If you are in a hurry the tennis shoes that come on top for bunions according to our reviews are the ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Tennis...
Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Ubersonic Tennis Shoes

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Beginners (UPDATED 2021)

Tennis is a serious game that is filled with quick starts and stops, short sprints, and frequent lateral movements. The tennis players must find...
New Balance Men’s 796 V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoes

5 Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court in 2021

The tennis shoes are categorized based on the type of court that they are intended to play for. The most common category of tennis...
Adidas Men’s Solecourt Boost Clay Tennis Shoes

5 Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes for Men & Women

Clay courts are a special type of tennis courts that favor baseline players who generate a lot of heavy spins on their shots. Since...
New Balance Women’s 696 V3 Tennis Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes for Heavy Players: Top 5 Reliable Shoes 2021

Tennis as a sport appeals to players of diverse skill sets. But the requirements of each player seems to be different. Those tennis players...
New Balance Women’s 896 V2 Tennis Shoes

10 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes Reviews 2021

For most of the tennis players, it is not just a mere game or hobby but is their passion and life. It brings them...
Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoes

7 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

There is a general belief that tennis racquets alone are an important tool to play the game like an expert. But this is not...
Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoes

Top 10 Best Men’s Tennis Shoes Reviews 2021

Tennis is a competitive game that demands a lot of twists, turns, and running along with the tennis court. The tennis shoe is an...
Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes

7 Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis is a sport that renders an excellent workout for the entire body. Tennis players need to be constantly moving throughout the ground to...
Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoes

5 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet in 2021

Flat foot is a serious problem for many people, and for athletes and sportspersons, the flat foot can be a serious problem as the...
Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racquet

5 Best Tennis Racquets for Power 2021

Intermediate to advanced tennis players wishes their tennis racquets to render them the necessary power to enhance their game skills. Irrespective of you are...
Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racquet

5 Best Tennis Racquets for Control in 2021

If you are a professional tennis player who loves and practices the game over the years, you would have come to an understanding at...
Racquetball Scoring Rules

Racquetball Scoring Rules: How to Keep Score in Racquetball

Racquetball is an easy game to learn and can be an excellent cardio workout as well. The game is excellent for enhancing the eye-hand...
Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Top 5 Best Junior Tennis Racquets for Kids 2021

If your child is very much interested to play the tennis game and you have a tough time is deciding which tennis racquet to...

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