Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Women 2021


A tennis racquet is an important tool that complements the game strengths of a player. The right tennis racquets for women should enhance their performance and highlight the hidden gaming skills and strengths of women. There are tennis racquets for all skill levels of women tennis players, and some of the best brands have designed racquets for amateurs, intermediate and advanced women tennis players. Women should make users that they choose the best racquet that renders them the best combination of comfort, balance, and power. We have listed the best tennis racquets for women from some of the best brands to help them with a helping hand, to choose the racquet of their choice.

Best Women’s Tennis Racquets 2021

Best Women's Tennis RacquetsEditor ScorePrice
#1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet9.6/10Check Price Here
#2. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet9.6/10Check Price Here
#3. Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket9.5/10Check Price Here
#4. Wilson Blade V7 104 Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here
#5. Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here

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5 Best Tennis Racquets for Women

#1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

This is one of the racquets of choice for women tennis players. The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet has got some of the best upgrades, and it is available in a bright and beautiful yellow color with black finishing. The driving force behind the Aero Series tennis racquets is its aero modular beam construction, which helps with a less wind drag and enhanced racquet head speed. The response of this racquet seems a little more arm friendly upon contact and its exceptional tech comes with its partnership with SMAC, a company that features a long-standing tie with the Aerospace brand.

The new Babolat tennis racquet features an aero modular technology and it’s indeed a pure Aero Tennis racquet of size 4 ½. This racquet also features a thin viscoelastic rubber that is indeed placed at both the 3 and 9 o’clock position to render an exceptional comfort and feel. As the Babolat brand is known for its innovation, it has also introduced a carbon ply stabilizer with this racquet, to enhance its stability. The throat of the racquet is finished with high-quality carbon for exceptional stability and precision. 

The open string pattern of the string along with its oblong grommets renders easy access to exceptional spin, whereas its Woofer grommet system, helps to enhance its interaction between the ball and the strings. The pure Aero 2019 Tennis racquet is about 11 ounces when strung, it is about 27 inches long and it features a 16 x 19 string pattern. 


  • The racquet comes strung and its head size is about 100 inches
  • An excellent racquet that is lightweight and strong
  • The shots with this racquet are super powerful.


  • Apart from some minor issues, there is no big con of this racquet.

#2. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

The Ti.S6 Tennis racquet is an absolute best selling racquet designed for the beginner level of play, designed especially for women tennis players. The size of the head of this racquet is about 115 square inches and the racquet is also 1” head heavy. The beam of this racquet is about 28.5 mm and it enjoys a strong pattern of 16 x 19. The total weight of this racquet is about 8 oz. and it is extra-long, featuring a length of about 27 ¾ inches.

Players will be amazed by the tremendous shots it offers, coupled with power by playing with the Ti.S6 tennis racquet. The best feature about Ti.S6 is the combination of weight, power, and balance that makes the racquet the best choice for anyone stepping into tennis. The 16 x19 string pattern of the Ti. S6 racquet offers astounding sheer power for center shots. You will be stunned for its effective sweet spot area for making effective shots. 

The moderate and slow swing speed is awesome for practicing tough moves. The round head shape is extremely elegant for a perfect follow to get the ball over the net. Moreover, the round head shape is the sole reason that powers the racquet. Beginners find it easy to play compact and short strokes with the Ti. S6 tennis racquet.


  • The racquet is a combination of both titanium and graphite material.
  • The titanium material creates a light racquet and its graphite composite offers an excellent feel and durability.


  • Does not come with a headcover.

#3. Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

The Wilson tour slam tennis racquet comes in a marvelous green color and white handle. Its volcanic frame technology offers tremendous power and stability. Its power strings feature exceptional main strings for explosive power. The incredible lightweight racquet feature is the best feature for beginners for convenience and better holding position during play. The power strings in the racquet with longer main strings help players experience explosive power at play. 

The pre-stung head with appropriate tension is a perfect choice for heightened tension during contact with the ball. The stop shock pads are a mandatory aspect that plays the role of a stabilizer that limits string vibrations and enhances the control of the ball. Beginners find this forgiving racquet the best choice as it comes with a large sweet spot. 

The length and weight of the racquet are perfect for beginners as if offers momentum, power, spin, and maneuverability to the players. The headlight equalization is a promising feature that leads to a more substantial edge. You will defiantly love to play with this racquet for its stop stun sleeves that offer a perfect solace. Players are sure to experience a larger sweet spot with elevated power with V-matrix technology. 


  • The racquet is made up of composite material.
  • The racquet comes pre-strung.
  • Its stop shock pads decrease vibration for great control.
  • Offers more control and power.


  • The racquet doesn’t come with a cover.
  • The racquet is strung with basic nylon strings

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#4. Wilson Blade V7 104 Tennis Racquet

This is an exceptional racquet that features a larger head size to render an enhanced sweet spot. Its FeelFlex proprietary technology along with carbon mapping features renders additional flexibility of the racquet. The carbon mapping also offers additional flexibility for the player and also renders them a better feel of being truly connected with the ball. 

This tennis racquets for women features a clean tri-colored design with black, lime green, and silver elastic paint. Its top-grip taper renders an excellent feel for a top-hand grip placement for the players. This tennis racquet also offers a reduced spec variance of +/- 5.5 grams for added consistency, frame to frame. This racquet is also equipped with a large sweet spot and an extended length. 

The Blade 104 V7.0 tennis racquet covers the court impressively for its users and its feel flex technology available throughout the frame features a carbon mapping at specific points. The additional stability and flexibility of the racquet better complement its vertical and modern swing path. 

The unique specs of this racquet blends with its expert technology for an excellent mix of lightweight power. Its connected to the ball feel allows the players to hit the ball with ambient confidence and aggression. 


  • Features an excellent sweet spot with a long length
  • The length of this racquet is 27.5 inches’ long
  • The racquet has an ambient head size of 104” and its unstrung weight is 10.2 oz.


  • The racquet doesn’t come with a cover and users have to spend an extra amount for the bags and cover.

#5. Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Strike 100 tennis racquet serves as an excellent combination of control, spin, and feel. This racquet has been perfectly weighted for intermediate women tennis players and it features a thickened frame at its key locations, to enhance its stability, precision, and power.

The power level of this tennis racquet is low medium and it features a stroke style of medium-full swing. The racquet is available in white color with orange lining and its string pattern is about 16 mains and 19 crosses. The string tension of this racquet is about 50-59 pounds. 

The best feature of this racquet is that it features a woofer dynamic string system that allows the frame and strings to interact freely, helping in a great trampoline effect. The racquet helps in ambient shock absorption and its hybrid frames comprises of a mix of square and elliptical frame shapes to help in a balanced feel, responsiveness, and precision.

The specifications of this racquet are as follows.

  • The Head size of the racquet is 100 Sq. inches or 645.14
  • The length of the racquet is 27 inches
  • The strung weight of the racquet is 11.1 oz.
  • Its balance is 13 inches
  • The swing weight is 314


  • Its low-density string bed increases power, comfort, and playability
  • The tennis racquets offer the best spin for its players.
  • The high-quality synthetic gun tennis string helps in ambient mid-range tension.


  • The racquet comes unstrung
  • The grip is too large for short stature women.

How to Choose Tennis Racquet for Women?

There is not much difference between the tennis racquet of men and women, and most of these racquets are unisex. However, women prefer a racquet with a lighter frame and a smaller grip size than men.

An ideal tennis racquet should aim in improving the performance of the player and also highlight all their strengths. An ideal racquet should allow them a natural forehand swing. For instance, a racquet with a large head size has a large sweet spot and should be capable of accommodating mishits, compared with a racquet of a smaller head. Other features to consider while choosing tennis racquets for women are as follows.

1. Budget:

The budget is an important factor to consider while choosing to buy a tennis racquet. There are inexpensive tennis racquets as well for women to let them get started with the game. (Check out: Best Tennis Racquets Under $100)

2. Stroke:

Amateurs tennis players tend to have compact strokes and swing on the racquet. If you will fit in this category, then it is good to look for a lighter racquet with a large head size, so that it stays easy to maneuver. It offers more power and enhances the margin for error while taking tennis swings. Advanced and intermediate players have full swings and faster strokes and should look for racquets with great weight and reduced head size.

3. Grip Size:

The grip size of the racquet is an important consideration while choosing a tennis racquet. Most of the women’s tennis racquet comes with varying grip sizes, and so they find a racquet they like, they should check its grip size. The right grip size helps in preventing injury, but the size is a matter of personal preference as well.

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4. Racquet strings:

There are two string racquets available, namely synthetic and natural gut. Natural gut tennis strings are made up of cow’s intestine and are of extremely high quality, being in use for more than a century. Synthetic strings on the other hand are made from polyester or synthetic gut.

Some Useful Tips in Choosing the Women’s Tennis Racquets

  • A racquet with a larger head has a larger sweet spot and is capable of accommodating the majority of hits.
  • Lightweight racquets are easier to swing and are thus best for beginners and intermediate players.
  • Advanced players should look for a racquet with a balanced weight and control for spin hits and strike attacks from the net.
  • Women should choose a racquet that feels comfortable in their hands. A good racquet should filter out vibrations and shock impacts on the hands.
  • The racquet should also reduce injuries on the hand and make the game extremely enjoyable.

Final Words

Overall, the best women’s tennis racquets should meet the needs of the player, depending on the type of gameplay that they use in the games. They should choose their racquet depending on their game level and choose a racquet that gives them the best control and power. We hope our guide helps you to choose the best racquet to enhance your game skills to an all-new level.



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