Best Wilson Tennis Racquets 2021: Top 5 Picks for Wilson Brand Lovers


Wilson is a leader in the innovation of tennis racquets for years. Its dedicated team of enthusiasts spent their quality time on engineering their racquets and fine-tuning each of its specifications to enhance their perfection to meet the unique needs of tennis players. One remarkable innovation that makes the Wilson brand a unique and dedicated player in the field of tennis racquets is its patent-protected technology, the 3D bending system which has been built to their complete line of racquets.

3D-bending is the three bending moments that occur when the racquets make contact with the ball. The three bends include,

  • The horizontal bend that helps during a flat,
  • A vertical bend that helps with a modern swing, enhancing spin and swell time and 
  • A torsional bending which is the twisting that stabilizes the swing during off-center hits.

It also renders a traditional swing that increases control. Thus, the Wilson brand has mastered the technique to adjust the key bending moments, to optimize its tennis racquets depending on the skill set and interests of its players. The top five best performing Wilson racquets have been described here to help you grab the best fit racquet for your game.

List of Best Wilson Tennis Racquets 2021

Best Wilson Tennis RacquetsIdeal For:Price
#1. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis RacquetAdvanced PlayersCheck Price Here
#2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis RacquetBeginnersCheck Price Here
#3. Wilson Blade v7 98 Tennis RacquetIntermediate & Advanced PlayersCheck Price Here
#4. Wilson Blade V7 104 Tennis RacquetIntermediate & Advanced PlayersCheck Price Here
#5. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis RacquetIntermediate & Advanced PlayersCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Wilson Tennis Racquet Reviews 2021

#1. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

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The Clash is the new series of racquets from the Wilson brand. It has named its new series of racquets as clash, as it combines the opposite traits of power and control. The racquets also possess the features of flexibility and stability, all within the same frame. The clash 100 comprises the best technologies that work together in rendering ultimate control. 

Its free flex feature renders exceptional frame bending along with its carbon mapping frame, thus rendering the players exceptional accuracy along with free-swings. To accommodate such a frame construction, Wilson makes use of a unique geometry in its racquets that imparts great power and stability. 

The best feature of Wilson Clash 100 is that it maximizes flexibility without losing stability. The head size 100 and strung weight 312g makes it the most flexible, well-balanced racquet with superior spin potential and power. Players find easy acceleration with the racquet as it assists in taking aggressive cuts when the ball takes extra spin and pace. Tennis players are sure to find clean mechanics and excellent results with Wilson clash 100.


  • High-performance tennis racquet that enhances flexibility without sacrificing stability.
  • A unique racquet that boosts confidence in players of all ages. 
  • A well-balanced racquet with superior spin potential and power.


  • This tennis racquet is not for everyone, it appeals to advanced players and not beginners.

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#2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

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The Hyper Hammer 5.3 features an oversized frame that helps render explosive power for tennis players, irrespective of their level of proficiency in the game. The racquet has been developed by Wilson ultra-synthetic gut natural along with a tension of 58lbs. The Hammer 5.3 tennis racquets is a perfect blend of control-oriented features with tempered power. It comes with a powerful frame so that beginners play compact and short swings. 

The 16 x 20 string pattern, 27mm dual taper cross-section, 27.5”/69.9 cm length are perfect features that deliver explosive power for tennis players.  Its oversized head is the key feature for enhanced power and forgiveness. You will be astounded to find stability and momentum in lighter frames due to head heavy balance.

The hyper hammer 5.3 tennis racquet is one of the most popular racquets from the Wilson brand, and it is best known for its lightweight nature and maneuverability. The racquet is 27.5 inches long and renders better leverage and reach than a racquet of standard length. 


  • The racquet offers the perfect combination of power and control
  • The racquet offers better leverage and reaches compared with a racquet of standard length.
  • It comes strung with a string pattern of 16 x 20.


  • The racquet does not come with a cover.

#3. Wilson Blade v7 98 Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson Blade 98 comes in an elegant and bold cosmetic along with a velvety paint finish. It feels flex technology uses the carbon mapping for torsional stability permitting the racquet bend according to the mechanics of the game. Its 98” head size is awesome that delivers effective power with full swing. moreover, the enhanced level of control helps players target the lines. The racquet delivers a 325+ swing weight and also the block volleys are amazing as they come off the racket with the best pop.

Countervail technology is an excellent feature as it helps mitigate fatigue and reducing the shock players experience during ball strike. The Wilson blade series adds more control for aggressive players. With this racquet, Wilson has removed the countervail dampening technique and has replaced it with its new Feel Flex technology to help inject more feel and torsion stability upon impact.

The racquet features a dense string pattern of 18 x20 and is extremely lightweight to project as a control-oriented racquet for advanced players. The racquet renders exceptional stability, feel, power and control and thus stays as one of the favorite racquets among tennis players. 


  • An extremely stable racquet that renders an ambient feel during the game
  • You can expect this racquet to deliver precision, stability, and a great plow-through along with a comfortable and connected feel. 
  • Comes in an elegant design with black, lime green, and silver elastic paint.


  • The racquet is not great for beginners as they could easily develop tennis elbow.
  • Serving with this racquet can turn demanding at times.

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#4. Wilson Blade V7 104 Tennis Racquet

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One best thing that you would love about this racquet is its large sweet spot and an elongated length. The Blade 104 V7.0 is the racquet of choice for many tennis players as it is capable of covering the court impressively for them. This tennis racquet features a FeelFlex technology throughout its frame and is also comprises of carbon mapping that has been strategically placed at specific points. Such carbon mapping also helps in adding to the stability and the flexibility of the racquet and best compliments its exceptional swing path.

The Wilson blade v7 blends its specs with the new technology for an effective mix of power, lightweight nature, and the feel of being connected to the ball. Thus, it allows its players to attend to the ball with great confidence and tremendous aggression. This tennis racquet features a large head size with an elongated sweet spot. 


  • Its FeelFlex technology along with carbon mapping renders great flexibility and feel.
  • Features a tri-color design with elastic paint for exceptional ambience
  • The top grip taper design offers the best feel for top-hand grip placement.


  • The racquet doesn’t come with its cover.

#5. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson Pro Staff Team is an exceptional racquet that renders exceptional all-round performance at an excellent price. Its strings weigh about 10.5 ounces after stringing and these racquets appeals to intermediate players who wish to have exceptional control and maneuverability in the court. This racquet is for anybody who wishes to have great improvement in their game. The Pro Staff team also gets swings faster and thus makes it easier for players to swing the racquet well for optimal spin and power.

The firm beam construction of this paddle renders the string-bed a crisp and a lively feel along with enough control to bring them more confidence in the game. Players who wish to incorporate more top-spin to their game will appreciate the 16 x19 string bed pattern of these racquets. The large head size of these racquets helps to keep the balls in the play-on mode for off-centered strokes. The racquet comes pre-strung with Wilson sensation, which is also an arm-friendly string for tennis elbow. 

Its frame geometry and design is inspired by the current performance frames of the Pro Staff. The racquet also features a matte finishing with detailed patterns on the inner rims. Its head size is about 100 and the unstrung balance of the racquet is 32.5 cm. The weight of the racquet after stringing is about 280 grams.


  • The pro staff feels more crisp and accurate and is also fast enough.
  • The lightweight racquet is indeed an asset during service returns.
  • Render ample sweet spot and extensive ball contact with plenty of pop.


  • The racquet doesn’t come with a cover
  • The racquet is a costly bet for recreational players.

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How to Choose the Best Wilson Tennis Racquet for You?

Wilson is one of the leading and ancient tennis equipment brands of the world and has been long manufacturing tennis racquets for players of different skill sets. Wilson is indeed a pioneer in crafting rackets for everyone and has brought in four key racquet lines with a clear focus of the specific performance. These specific performance benefits include power, precision, power, and control. Thus, the best way for players to choose a Wilson racquet should be based on their specific performance highlights, along with taking into consideration certain parameters such as head size, the weight of the racquet, and other additional customizations.

Wilson Tennis Racquets for all Types of Tennis Players

Of all the other performance keys, the two most important aspects to consider before opting for the best Wilson racquet is the head size and weight. As there is no right or wrong weight and head size, players should wisely choose them, depending on their skill set. 

Head Sizes of tennis racquets:

  • 105” or larger –  Oversize head
  • 98” to 104” – Mid-plus head
  • 85” to 97” – Midsize head

Weight of the racquets:

  • 11oz or 310 grams and higher – heavyweight frame
  • 9.8 – 11 oz or 275 – 310 grams – Medium frame
  • 9-9.7 oz or 255 to 275 grams – Lightweight frames

Swing Style

Tennis players must choose a racquet based on their swing style. Luckily, Wilson has built a racquet for different swing styles. There are Wilson racquets with a shortened and flat swing for players who prefer their racquet to generate more power. Beginners and those who are improving in their game should opt for Ultra tennis racquets, whereas advanced players should adopt the Pro Staff tennis racquet. Alternatively, tennis players who wish to have vertical and modern swings can wish their racquets to generate more feel and control.

Wilson offers its Clash series of racquets for beginners and intermediate players and its Blade series of racquets for advanced tennis players

Wilson Tennis Racquets FAQs

What is the tennis racquet series from Wilson?

The different series of tennis racquets from Wilson are Clash, Blade, Pro Staff, Ultra, Recreational racquets, and junior racquets. You can also custom design your tennis racquet through their website.

How famous and credible are these Wilson racquets?

Some of the leading tennis players in the world have won the Grand Slam tournaments by playing with the Wilson tennis racquets and some of these legends are Serena Williams, Jack Kramer, Steffi Graf, Jack Kramer, to name a few.

What are the best wilson tennis racquets for beginners?

Beginners can choose Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racquet as it is a perfect blend of power and control, which perfectly suits beginners.

What are the best wilson tennis racquets for intermediate players?

Intermediate to advanced players can benefit from Wilson Pro Staff, Blade & Clash series racquets for the precision and feel that these racquets render. They are also great for control and come in different weights.

Final Words

Wilson has been a leader in the industry for more than a century, pushing and exceeding its own innovations and creativity. Wilson’s line of tennis racquets has been constantly pushing the line of tennis racquet technology for the benefit of the tennis players. Their line of tennis racquets no doubt extracts the ultimate quality standards for exceptional playability. The Clash tennis racquet remains the No.1 tennis racquet in the world. Check the other tennis accessories and strings from Wilson as well, for all-round playability.


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