Top 5 Best Wiffle Ball Sets 2020 – Reviews

If you are planning to train your kids to play baseball, it’s always better to buy sets than buying them separately. Buying in sets ensures that you are getting the compatible wiffle ball and bat. If you buy hardball for a light bat and vice versa, it will offer satisfying gameplay.

Here, I picked the top 5 Wiffle ball sets in all ranges and packs a different number of elements in the package.

Best Wiffle Ball Sets 2020

Best Wiffle Ball Sets
Best Features
#1. Easton Pro Stix Training Set
Very light & low cost package
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#2. Wiffle Ball Bat Ultimate 4 Item Set
Lightweight & highly portable set
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#3. Wiffle Ball Family Gift Set Bundle
Light bats, strong balls
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#4. Wiffle Ball Matty’s Toy Stop Set Bundle
Built for fast, but safe game
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#5. Wiffle Ball Colorful U.S.A Set
Universal bat size & lightweight package
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You can check Pros & cons with proper reviews of all these best wiffle ball sets by scrolling down a bit.

Top 5 Best Wiffle Ball Sets (Reviews)

#1. Easton Pro Stix Training Set

Easton Pro Stix Training Set

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This Bat also features at #1 in our list of Best Wiffle Ball Bats in the Market.


  • Very light and easy to handle
  • Looks better than regular yellow bats
  • 33″ is enough for the players up to 5″11 tall
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Can handle regular light waffle balls
  • Perfect for kids under 10
  • Looks like a real wooden bat with fake wooden grains on the handle


  • Not for power shots

Easton Pro Stix training set is a starter pack that contains one ball and one bat. For the affordable price, it’s pretty good at aesthetics and functionality. Both the ball and the bat are made of good quality latex-free plastic. Being one of the cheapest entry-level waffle ball bat available, it does not disappoint on quality. This is an ultra-low weight bat measuring a length of 33 inches.

The training ball provided with this package is a seamed plastic ball. Seamed plastic balls are usually less heavy than the seamless balls, which means, seamed plastic wiffle balls can travel faster than seamless plastic balls. Faster pitching using this light ball will be really useful for practices.

This is not a professional waffle ball bat, but a good beginner’s bat for practicing and backyard playing. With an ultra-low weight construction, it can efficiently handle regular lightweight waffle balls without any fuss. I even played with a light tennis ball once; it sustained the light tennis ball. People who are at the training stage will appreciate the bat’s rigidity and aesthetics for this price point.

But if you wish to use them to face those hardballs and real baseballs, This is not the one for you. It can handle light tennis balls, but it’s not hard enough to handle those hardballs. Hardballs tend to make dents in this bat. So it’s not made for heavy balls. Also, there is a slight wobble during hard swings.

Bottom Line

Easton Pro Stix training set is a well-made wiffle ball bat at an affordable price. It’s a great buy for kids and beginners to practice the game. It comes with a training ball that is light enough to achieve higher speeds, which is great for developing coordination. You just cannot tell it’s made of plastic by looking at it. The finish is amazing, provided with a wood grain look though it is made of plastic.

If you are looking for a first-rate wiffle ball bat for beginners and kids around a very low budget, this one can be a great pick for you.

#2. Wiffle Ball Bat Ultimate 4 Item Set

Wiffle Ball Bat Ultimate 4 Item Combo

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This Bat set also features at #6 in our list of Best Wiffle Ball Bats in the Market.


  • Great combo for the price
  • Packs 6 free perforated lightweight balls
  • Comes with 5 Pcs of orange-colored, washable throw down mats
  • The orange color of the mats ensures good visibility while pitching
  • The lightweight package makes it highly portable


  • The slow and restricted flight is not for elite players
  • Bats might get a dent if you hit on hard surfaces

If you are looking for an ultimate combo that packs everything you need for the indoor game, consider this package. The pack includes a pair of universal size yellow wiffle ball bats, 6 pieces of perforated wiffle balls, 5 pieces of rubber throw down bases, and a tissue pack as a bonus. The combo is best for children, adults, and your entire family.

When you open the package, you can find a pair of yellow bats that are identical to each other measuring 32 inches long. This size suits everyone from right from children of age above 3. Bats are surprisingly made of good quality hard plastic, enough to play perforated wiffle balls and equivalent softballs. The only thing I don’t like here is its barrel width. It measures just 2″, making it pretty difficult if you decide to play with small balls.

The pack of 6 balls provided is the perforated type and measures the size of regular wiffle balls; These balls are strong enough to play indoor, and backyard games. As these alls are light and designed for low flight, these balls will not injure you for sure. Apart from these, you are provided with 5 pieces of throw down mats made of good quality rubber that can be washed and reused. I liked the color of these mats. The orange color provides great visibility to the pitcher to launch some precise pitches. The whole package weighs less than 4 pounds, making it ultraportable. You are getting an additional tissue pack with this combo which is highly usable.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a perfect wiffle bat combo that covers highly usable products but at a very reasonable price, this one will be perfect for you. You get a pair of plastic bats, half a dozen of balls, and a complete set of throw down mats for launching some good pitches. The inclusion of these throwdown mats ensures the pitcher also gets an item for increasing their skill.

#3. Wiffle Ball Family Gift Set Bundle

Wiffle Ball Family Gift Set Bundle

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  • Value for money combo
  • Packs 6 free balls
  • Balls are strong and can live long
  • Bats are light and sturdy
  • Comes with a tissue pack as extra
  • The lightweight package makes it highly portable


  • Balls are too light
  • Bats tend to wobble during hard swings

This is a value for money combo available at a very reasonable price. This includes two pieces of yellow wiffle ball bats, 6 pieces of perforated wiffle balls, and a tissue pack. The combo is best for indoor and backyard games and people who are looking for a start-up package to train their kids.

The combo features a pair of lightweight wiffle ball bats measuring 32 inches long. This length is sufficient for kids as well as adults in a family. The bats are amazingly made of good quality plastic enough to play perforated wiffle balls and softballs at ease. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the balls that comes along the package. They are really good enough to serve you longer.

They are perforated type; that is light enough for playing indoor, and backyard games. The balls can be swung easily if you are a pro player. These balls are designed to fly low at a limited speed. So, you and your family can stay safe from injuries. These are perfect to train your kids for baseball. Low weight construction of the bats allows easy handling by kids. These bats are great to train kids and rookie players to increase their coordination between their eyes and hand. Let’s see what I have I liked and what I don’t.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a perfect wiffle bat combo that covers most usable products at an affordable price, this one will be perfect for kids and backyard play. If you gift these to kids, good they will definitely love it. Overall, it’s a nice package comes in the affordable price range. The looks of this product may seem very light and fragile, but they are really strong and light, justifying the affordable price.

#4. Wiffle Ball Matty’s Toy Stop Set Bundle

Wiffle Ball Matty's Toy Stop Set Bundle

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  • 32″ bat suits kids and everyone in your family
  • The lightweight bat is great for kids
  • Balls are light and perforated for a safe game
  • Colors of the balls are very bright and easily visible
  • Perforated, and seamed plastic balls ensure fast yet safe pitches
  • Perforated balls offer better travel even during windy seasons


  • Bat is too light and suitable only for light wiffle balls and softballs

This is a combo from the Matty’s Toy Stop, USA. AS the name suggests, this can be a nice gift package for kids. The package includes a 32-inch long yellow wiffle bat and 3 three balls in different colors (White, Orange, and green). For the affordable price, this one is best for kids who are starting to learn baseball.
The bat is 32 inches long and made of lightweight plastic, results in a huge reduction in weight. This characteristic makes this bat more kids friendly. Apart from its lightweight construction, the bat has a decent grip and ergonomics.

The balls provided within the package are made of seamed plastic. Seamed plastic balls are generally very light and capable of traveling at a higher speed than seamless balls. So, you don’t have to break a window or injure someone while playing. Also, more speed means better practice. Another advantage is those dynamic color choices for the balls. Bright colors on these balls are easily visible even during those fast pitches. The balls are perforated and extremely light. So, it’s safe for your kids and your window glasses.

Bottom Line

This is a good combo if you are planning an affordable yet lovable gift to your kids. At a very reasonable price, it packs the basic elements like a good quality bat and a trio of lightweight perforated balls. It’s not only for your kids. This bat is reasonably light that is good enough for first-time players to learn the game without much fuss. Balls are really bright and easily visible. Overall, it’s a fantastic starter pack.

#5. Wiffle Ball Colorful U.S.A Set

Wiffle Ball Colorful U.S.A Set

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  • 32″ bat size is universal for everyone in the family
  • Bat is less heavy, ideal for kids
  • Perforated balls
  • Multicolor balls
  • Seamed plastic balls are light and fast
  • Perforated balls maintain its line when crosswinds hit


  • Bat is plastic and light, made only for wiffle balls
  • Blue and red color of the balls offer poor visibility in the evening play sessions

This is another starter pack for an affordable price, coming with a single wiffle ball bat and a trio of perforated wiffle balls. The pack contains a regular yellow bat made of hard plastic. The bat is 32 inches long, making it universal right from children to adults. As the bat is light, your children need not put extra effort into handling the bat and can focus on the pitching better.

The bat is made of latex-free plastic, which is a safe option for your kids. Also, the package doesn’t have any kind of bad plastic smell. The balls provided with this package are made of seamed plastic and are perforated to travel better during windy days. Seamed plastic construction makes it extremely light for fast pitches.

The only negative I found about the balls is its colors. There’s no problem with the white ball. But the blue and red colors are really dark and hard to judge the ball direction when the lighting goes low. This is the area it lacks comfort.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a basic wiffle ball set under a low budget, consider this package. The bat is well designed keeping kids and rookies in mind. It is light and can be handled without much effort. The balls in the package are made of good quality plastic, and can relatively live longer than usual. But if you are looking for balls that can make real spins, these are little turbulent. If you can tolerate the color of balls, this one is a good gift combo you can buy.



The top 5 best Wiffle ball sets I have reviewed here fall within the range of $10 to $50. The combo packs reviewed here has its own positives and negatives. To choose the best one, you have to understand your specific needs first and start hunting the one that suits you better. All these 5 products are universal, suits almost anyone.


  1. It was always difficult to decide about which Wiffle ball bat to buy and which balls will last long, so decided to go for Wiffle ball set rated highly by people. After reading reviews I found out that Wiffle Ball Bat Ultimate 4 Item Set features in almost all the lists of best wiffleball sets for the money.


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