Top 5 Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines 2020 – Trusted Reviews

Playing a wiffle ball game is absolute fun. One can get the same adrenaline rush in a wiffle ball game as the baseball. There are many tournaments and championships organized for this reflex demanding game.

To begin or practice the game, some automated wiffle ball shooter machines are available to shape oneself for the game through realistic ball launches.

Here, I have reviewed the top 5 best wiffle ball pitching machines after analyzing all their specs and real-world performance.

List of Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines 2020

Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines
Best Features
#1. Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine
Auto-feed, adjustable speed, battery & AC adapter
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#2. Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine
Accurate throws, portable, lightweight
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#3. Heater Sports Pitching Machine
Speed control, ball feeder, battery pack
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#4. Jugs Lite-Flite Pitching Machine
Lightweight, durable, speed control
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#5. Heater Sports Crusher Mini Pitching Machine
Flexible, ball feeder, strong stand
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You can scroll down to check the reviews of all these pitching machines with pros & cons written separately, to help you choose the best machine for you.

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Top 5 Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines (Reviews)

#1. Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

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  • Hold 60 small balls at a time
  • Package includes 4 dozens of free balls
  • Throws left and right-handed curveballs, sliders, and fastballs
  • Includes a rechargeable battery that can provide a backup of 4 hours
  • Strong tripod with a wide base
  • Can be used in both Ac and battery power
  • Comes with PPLS
  • Pretty cheap


  • Hard plastic head
  • 1 year limited warranty

The personal pitcher pro pitching machine is a versatile machine with lovable features like 5 dozens of ball storage and a battery pack. This is a perfect trainer machine for kids under the age of 10. The machine is capable of shooting small softballs up to a speed of 15-95 mph, along with a soft toss feature.

It can throw both left-handed and right-handed curveballs and fastballs. The features I admired here is the PPLS system and the variable speed control system, which sets your desired pitch location to sharpen your skill in a particular throw location. This helps in training your brain to respond in a correct way when you hit those hardballs heading your unfamiliar location.

The machine is built with a hard plastic head that is big enough to hold 60 balls at a time. The machine comes with 48 free balls that are soft, and ideal for indoor play. The tripod stand has a wide base and made of rugged metal, ensuring good stability during high impacts.

Another main feature is the inclusion of the battery. This machine can provide a back up of 4 hours in a single charge. It can run on both Ac and battery current. So now don’t have to search the AC power outlet when you’re out for a fun game with your friends.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and affordable pitcher machine, this machine ticks all the right boxes like an automatic feeder, 4 dozen free balls, a rechargeable battery, etc. This will be perfect for beginners, and rookie players, and even for a good pregame warm-up. For the price of just a few bucks, this is the best machine to start with, as it has everything you need under budget.

#2. Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine

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  • Sturdy build with heavy steel
  • Adjustable pitch heights for different gaming requirements
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Handles baseballs and softballs
  • Simulates speeds up to 75 mph
  • Speed control dial for convenience
  • Pre-assembled and easy to use


  • Can be used only by beginners and kids
  • Only 3 balls come with the package

This is another small ball pitching machine from Jugs targeted on beginners and kids. It’s relatively simple and small, which promotes better portability. This machine can handle only small softballs. The machine is more intended for practicing and sharpening the coordination between your hands and eyes.

Unlike other machines, this machine uses both manual and automatic feeder options Though it has this limitation, other parameters remain intact as it can shoot both ground balls and fly balls. It can also throw a fastball and overhand curved balls at a speed up to 75 mph based on the ball type used.

Coming to the build, it’s a simple-looking sturdy machine made of heavy steel. This ensures great durability that you can use them to give practice to your kids after you. The height can be adjusted for different playing requirements either for a softball game or baseball game. This machine doesn’t come with dozens of free balls. You get only three free balls; after that, you need to purchase balls on your own.

Bottom Line

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine is a compact and high quality pitching machine for kids and beginners. Head quality is good as it made of hard steel. With both automatic and manual feeder, you can choose the manual if you don’t like the predefined throwing frequency. At an affordable price, this machine is an ultraportable beginner’s machine.

#3. Heater Sports Pitching Machine

Heater Sports Pitching Machine

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  • Pivot head construction
  • More speed control options
  • Can handle real baseballs and softballs
  • Ac power supply is made of good quality
  • Affordable


  • Holds only 12 balls at a time, needs frequent refilling
  • Doesn’t come with a battery pack

This machine is the one to throw real baseballs here. Yes, it can handle regular baseballs, leather baseballs, and even light balls. With a max speed of 45 mph for regular baseballs, you can adjust the machine to throw baseballs at any speed between 10-45 mph.

If you are playing with a light ball, it provides a greater speed option up to 60 mph. It comes with an automatic spiral feeder with a capacity to hold 8 balls at a time. The frequency of ball delivery is every 8 seconds which is more than enough for a relaxed recovery.

Coming to the design, the Heater Sports Baseball pitching machine is constructed with a pivot head. You can freely adjust the pitch height without any hassle. The tripod provided here is a light tubular design that assures a great grip on a flat surface. During strong throws, this tripod stand tends to get a little shaky and dislocates from its position easily.

Bottom Line

It’s a good and affordable ball pitching machine, versatile enough to handle regular-sized baseballs and other softballs. Because of this capability, this one can be a good choice for kids and beginners to start their baseball coaching. Even it helps professional and elite players to maintain their skills. For the reasonable cost, this one is a good buy looking for a basic yet powerful pitching machine.

#4. Jugs Lite-Flite Pitching Machine

Jugs Lite-Flite Pitching Machine

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  • Fantastic speed range up to 85 mph within 25 meters range
  • Can handle both small softballs and lite-flite baseballs
  • Good and durable build with light steel
  • Holds 18 balls at a time
  • Balls came with the package are of good quality
  • Comes with a strong tripod
  • Separate speed control dial
  • Comes with a convenient carry bag
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It cannot throw a real baseball
  • High-speed pitching tend to upset the machine’s position and needs frequent resetting

Jugs Lite-Flite pitching machine is designed to handle small softballs to slightly bigger 12 ich lite baseballs. With a maximum simulating speed of 85 mph, it’s the best pitching machine for intermediate players looking to sharpen their skills.

The machine can throw both left-handed and right-handed curved balls at varying speeds and angles. Though it cannot handle a real-life baseball; it can handle medium-weighted balls, and even have the option to attach softballs for practices. It can hold up to 18 balls at once.

The feeder provided here is automatic, releases each ball at an interval of 6 seconds, enough for quick recoveries and consistent practice.

Coming to the build and durability; this machine is seriously a well-built unit made of visible metal parts that are durable and lightweight. To fix and adjust this pitch9ing machine, you don’t need special tools. Now, what I liked and what I don’t.

Bottom Line

For the looks, you might feel it’s overpriced. But the functionality and durability of this pitching machine justify the cost. If you want a powerful machine that shoots real baseballs, consider spending another $$$.

This machine is best for practice sessions with versatile compatibility to different ball sizes and types. Overall, this machine is pretty durable that is built to last.

#5. Heater Sports Crusher Mini Pitching Machine

Heater Sports Crusher Mini Pitching Machine

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  • Big carriage to hold 24 balls
  • Strong and stable tripod stand
  • Adjustable frame to set the desired angle
  • Package includes a batting cage
  • Throws at a max speed of 45 mph
  • Best value for money combo


  • It cannot shoot hardballs and baseball-sized balls
  • Needs constant AC powers supply

As the name suggests, the Heater Sports Crusher Mini Lite-ball pitching machine is a great machine for kids and beginners. It comes with a tripod stand and a dozen small softballs. If you are looking for a machine that can throw a variety of hardballs, this machine is not for you.

But it’s not always necessary to have a hardball throwing machine. To know about the game and learn the right technique to handle the swings, it’s always better to play with mini-balls and light balls. This machine is good enough to throw those soft and tiny balls at varying speeds and swings.

It can hold 2 full dozens of little balls on the carrier, which is good to avoid frequent refills when you are doing prolonged practices. Refills are available separately less than 1/10th of the machine’s cost. The fiberglass frame provided with this machine allows easy adjustments to bring it up or down at real ease. To hold the unit, a separate tripod stand is provided. The tripod is sturdy to seize the shooting impacts well, and don’t require frequent position resets.

It features an automatic shooting at a regular interval of 6 seconds on average, which may not please some. But in my view, a whole 6 seconds is enough for the recovery. Apart from the machine, the package also includes a batting cage of size 12*12*10 ft.

I crisply rendered the pros and cons of this pitching machine below.

Bottom Line

Most of the people bought this lite ball pitching machine gave good and positive reviews. Actually, you are getting a complete package to improve your reflex and coordination. The package includes a punching machine unit, 24 small softballs, a rigid tripod, and a big batting cage at a very reasonable price!

In my opinion, this one is a cost-effective all-around package that comes with 2 years warranty!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy a pitching machine?

For beginners and rookie players; who are looking for an introduction and a good practice before hitting the tournaments, it’s the best idea to buy a Wiffle ball pitching machine. These machines are capable of throwing balls with bi-directional swings at different speeds.

How buying a pitching machine is a good decision?

Buying a Wiffle ball pitching machine is not only good for beginners and rookies, but it also allows even elite players to keep their coordination intact. You can greatly improve the eye-hand coordination for different speeds.

Apart from its use to the batting player, the throws can also be used to tune the skill level of fielders and ground players. This means it won’t allow you get out of the form until you miss your practice sessions

How to buy the best wiffle ball pitching machine?

There are plenty of options available out there. But before choosing the best Wiffle ball pitching machine for you, you must know certain specifications and its uses of a pitching machine.

To buy the best-suited wiffle ball pitching machine for you, carefully look at the following specifications and its outcomes, and match them with your requirements. Now, you can spot your perfect pitching partner at ease.

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I hope you get a better pitching machine for you after reading the above-detailed reviews. The products I chose here have different specifications and characteristics. All the products fall in the price range of $100 to $300 with varying features and specs. You have to be choosy when you are looking for the right machine in this budget. To evaluate your requirements carefully, and read plenty of reviews before buying the right wiffle ball pitching for you.


  1. Thanks for these best wiffleball pitching machine reviews. I wanted to buy a pitching machine for my boy, but with so many models available in the market, I was so confused.

    Now I am buying Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine. It seems to be the best option for my kid as it is lightweight and accurate. As per your review, Jugs Small Ball looks like the best portable pitching machine.

  2. Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine is an awesome training machine that anyone can ever get at this price range. My kid is using the same from 7 months and it is going strong without any issue.

    Why my kid Like Personal Pitcher Pro?

    Because of 60 ball capacity (he can practice for long without refilling the machine) and 4-speed settings (train at different speed levels).

    Do I rate it as the best wiffleball pitching machine of 2020?

    Definitely, it can give hours of practice and improve the swing, which means Personal Pitcher Pro is the top rated pitching machine.


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