Top 5 Best Tennis Strings Reviewed in 2021


The strings are the life of a tennis racquet as it alone decides the playability, credibility, and worthiness of the racquet and the skill level of the tennis player. Any series player will focus much on the tennis strings as it gives them the power and control over the net. Not all strings appeal to every player, it is thus important to dedicate time in researching about the tennis strings that best suits one’s play style. Professional players generally prefer unstrung racquets that feature the best head frame and strung it themselves with the ideal strings that match their game skills. 

We have listed the top best tennis strings that professionals use themselves to enhance their game standards. We have also included a guide on what to focus on while choosing to buy the tennis strings. Hope they help in narrowing down on your best tennis strings.

List of Best Tennis Strings 2021

Best Tennis StringsEditor RatingPrice
#1. RPM Blast Black 17g Tennis Strings9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Wilson Champions Choice Duo Tennis String9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Solinco Hyper G 1.20mm Tennis String9.5/10Check Price Here
#4. Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125 String9/10Check Price Here
#5. Wilson NXT 40-Feet Tennis String9/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Tennis Strings Reviews

#1. RPM Blast Black 17g Tennis Strings

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These tennis strings are made from an inherent blend of natural gut and Luxilon Alu power rough and are thus good enough to render controllable power for the players. Being a durable co-poly string it renders exceptional spin potential along with pin-point control for the players. The RPM blast tennis strings feature a slick surface that allows its main strings to slide out of alignment. Players can also grab the ball and then snap back immediately to add a lot of spin to their shots.

Its co-poly microfilament string structure and patterns add in maintaining excellent contact with the balls in the court and it renders a softer feel than the traditional polyesters. This string can be an ideal choice for competitive players with heavy racquets. It appeals to tennis players who seek exceptional control, spin, and durability. The length of the package is about 12 meters or 40 feet and its gauge is 17/1.25 mm. This eight-sided string is in black and is been endorsed by the leading tennis players of the world. 


  • Silicon-based tennis string for snap-backing
  • The string features a soft octagonal profile for exceptional spin
  • The string is a popular choice among players who seek spin and durability.


  • The strings seem to offer too much spin.

#2. Wilson Champions Choice Duo Tennis String

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The Wilson Champions Choice is the hybrid of two of the most popular types of strings, namely the Wilson natural gut and the Luxilon ALU power rough. Players all over the world use the Luxilon ALU Power Rough-in the mains for enduring durability and control. These strings are known to combine the ultimate playability of the natural quality gut and combines it with the controls and spins that a textured polyester string could render. In short, with the help of this string, players could experience and explore the best of both worlds.

Players who use this string appreciate the overall playability it offers along with lasting comfort. The natural gut undoubtedly offers increased power and demands exceptional skills to control the ball with the strings. This hybrid string is worth for players who wish to balance the crisp precision of polyester with the feel, comfort, and easy power of the natural gut. Apart from all other inherent features, players were impressed with the comfort features of the champions choice tennis string.


  • An excellent string for the feel and sound during pocking
  • Highly durable tennis racket strings
  • As it renders the perfect combination of spin and power, it can result in aggressive shots with spins.


  • The string can be a pricey configuration for some players.
  • Some players have issues with the depth control of the string.

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#3. Solinco Hyper G 1.20mm Tennis String

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The Solinco Hyper G is a square-shaped co-poly tennis racquet string that features an immersive combination of both precision and spin. Being a medium-firm string, it allows advanced tennis players to take massive cuts at the ball, without them having to worry about over hitting. The topspin players who love hitting shots that dive sharply would love this string. 

If you are looking for huge amounts of spins and would love to explore the court will prefer this string, mainly because of its square profile. Its dynamic co-polyester string makes use of the latest designs and materials, to render the players their winning edge. This string features a unique square-shaped profile and results in an exceptional bite on the ball for exceptional off the charts spin generation.

These strings appeal to players who are looking for strings that are not too firm and not too soft but is still able to render massive swings on the ball, without having to over hit. The string is green in color and is of co-polyester monofilament. The length of the string is about 660 feet and is available in 16G, 16L, 17G, and 18 G gauges thickness.


  • Square shape string with good control and spin
  • Medium to firm strings
  • Renders a noticeable high spin 


  • Costly strings for some players.

#4. Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125 String

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  The Luxilon ALU power is an improvised version of its iconic pro tour string. Tennis players who prefer massive bites and explosive spins will go by this string. The string is pretty firm and still offers the perfect blend of control, feel and snap back to render the true Luxilon experience. It is with no doubt one of the best strings for tennis players that features a highly textured surface to offers the best spin potential.

The Luxilon ALU is the co-poly aluminum constructed string that is made from first generation polyester strings to render the optimal combination of tension retention and elasticity. It creates a line of extremely. The texture of the strings is rough, which helps in generating additional spin, for players wanting to impose heavy spin to their games.

This string is a perfect option for players who are looking to create a hybrid with a softer string, while still managing to keep the increased spin intact. This string is thus best suited for players who prefer baseline and take full swings to generate more spin and power.


  • Offers the best combination of control, power, and durability
  • Durable string with a softer feel and exceptional playability.
  • The set contains 40 feet of string, good enough to string a racquet.


  • The strings can be a little hard on the elbows.

#5. Wilson NXT 40-Feet Tennis String

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The Wilson NXT tennis racquet string features a premier multi-functional synthetic gut that offers the power and performance as that of any gut string. This is the most comfortable and the softest string that is available with the NXT line of strings. It has been designed with twice as that of fibers than any regular string and renders a 15% enhancement in the sweet spot. Players have also experienced an 80% less vibration while playing the game, than playing with any other traditional synthetic gut.

As this string renders a superior power and comfort, this has been regarded as one of the best strings with a very high rating on playability. The string comprises a multi-filament Xycro Microfiber that is bonded with polyurethane. The gauge of these strings is about 1.26 mm and the length of the tennis strings is about 40 feet. 

The string renders the comfort, touch, and feet of the original gut string, but it has been made slightly firm to add little more control and power when strung on to racquets of oversize frames. The strings work great on racquet frames with smaller head size. It also renders crisper response and great control than the original NXT. 


  • Impressive durability as the string is made up of multi-filament.
  • Appeals to tennis players of all skill levels.
  • Renders near-gut like performance at an affordable cost.


  • The durability of these strings is a matter of concern.

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Type of Racquet Strings

There are generally five different types of racquet strings, and they are as follows,

Natural gut: These strings are made from the intestines of cattle, preferably cow, and are very costly. These strings are predominantly used by professionals and club players. These strings are sensitive to water and weather changes, but the recent treatment on the natural gut has reduced the risk. 

Synthetic gut: These are nylon-based strings that are made from multiple layers of smaller filament.

Multi-filament strings: These strings are made of nylon material and are wrapped into a single string with the help of binding agents. These strings are powerful and render more comfort than natural gut. Players with tennis elbow prefer these strings, as thy mimic natural gut in their performance.

Mono-filament: These strings are made from a combination of materials and tend to be more durable than synthetic gut. These render less power, comfort, and feel, but are soft and more forgiving.

Hybrid: Strings of two or more gauges are incorporated in the racquet. These strings are very popular and are more playable and comfortable with ample durability. 

How to Choose the Best Tennis Strings?

There are hundredths of strings available in the market from different manufacturers. Choosing on the single best tennis string can be tough and confusing. Consider the following points to choose the best tennis string.

1. Ease of playing:

Strings that are of natural gut and multi-filaments generally have good playability. A good string with amply playability will snap back quickly when encountering an impact. Natural gut is the best string for playing at all times and is made from the intestines of beef. The multi-filament strings are considered the best alternatives for the gut and are more durable than the former.

2. Durability:

The durability of the tennis string is inversely proportional to its playability. Racquet strings that are made of thicker gauges and abrasion-resistant materials are generally more durable but are less elastic and resilient compared to their nylon-based counterparts. Nylon based strings and strings that are of polyester material are the best choices of string for players seeking durability.

3. The gauge of the tennis strings:

Gauge is the thickness of the racquet strings. Thinner strings are generally more playable whereas the thicker strings have the best durability. The gauges of tennis strings range from 15- 19, while 15 being the thickest and 19 being the thinnest. The half gauges are denoted by L, which is the short form for light. 

Strings that are thin feature the best spin potential, and they tend to embed to the ball better. Thinner the gauge of the string, better will be the power of the string, such a string will also render a better spin potential but are less durable. 

4. String tension:

Each racquet has its strings with a specific tension. The majority of the players choose mid-tension and string the racquet about 1-2 lbs more than the mid, as the racquets lose the tension fairly quickly. Higher the tension on the string, better will be the control and similarly, lower the tension, less is the control and more is the power. Also, higher string tension can result in more impact on the arm. Players who choose poly strings on both the mains and crosses should decrease the tension by at least 10%, as the poly strings can cause arm issues.

5. Elasticity:

Elasticity is the ability of the string to spring back to its original alignment after deforming. This is also known as the power of the string. A string with very high elasticity can deform to a great extent and return to its original alignment, thus returning energy to the ball. Racquet strings with greater elasticity render softer feel as the string will help with more pocketing for the ball. 

Final Words

Over the years’ tennis players have used strings from the natural and synthetic gut, strings that are of multi-filaments and polyester material. More recently hybrid filaments are being chosen as they give players the best of both the worlds.



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