Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets Under $100: Budget Friendly


Tennis racquets are available in different price ranges, with features matched accordingly. It is important to choose the tennis racquet appropriately as this alone will make a difference in one’s game. We have listed here the best tennis racquets that are available at a cost that is as less as $100. Irrespective of one’s skill level, one has to choose their tennis racquet appropriately, and we have given some proven tops to choose the tennis racquet appropriately along with our list of best tennis racquets under $100.

List of Best Tennis Racquets Under $100

Best Budget Tennis RacquetsEditor ScorePrice
#1. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Head Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here
#4. Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)9/10Check Price Here
#5. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here

Note: These racquets are rated on factors like quality, budget & popularity.

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5 Best Budget Tennis Racquets Under $100

#1. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

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The HEAD Ti.S6 is an exceptional beginner tennis racquet that features a large head and a light frame for picture-perfect shots. The best feature about Ti.S6 is the combination of weight, power, and balance that makes the racquet the best choice for anyone stepping into tennis. The round head shape is extremely elegant for a perfect follow to get the ball over the net. Moreover, the round head shape is the sole reason that powers the racquet.

The head size of this tennis racquet is about 115 square inches and it is also 1” head heavy. The beam of this tennis racquet equals 28.5 mm and the string pattern of this racquet is about 16×19. The HEAD Ti-S6 is also extra-long and its length is about 27 ¾”. It is also extremely lightweight and weighs only 8 oz. and the racquet doesn’t come with a headcover. 

This racquet comprises of a combination of graphite and titanium material. Its titanium material ensures that it is lightweight and its graphite composite renders it excellent durability and feel. The racquet is also very much affordable and is available at around $100 budget.


  • The Ti.S6 Tennis racquet is an absolute best selling racquet for beginners.
  • Its exceptional swing speed is ideal for practicing some tough tennis moves. 
  • The tennis racquets render accurate shots with more power.


  • The racquet can feel big in the hands of beginners.

#2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson Hammer 5.3 tennis racquet is a perfect blend of control-oriented features with tempered power. It is a very affordable racquet and is available at a very nominal cost. You will love its oversize frame that delivers explosive power for both recreational and beginner adult tennis players. The racquet comes strung and appeals for tennis players of all skill sets.

The head size of the racquet is about 110 square inches and the string pattern of the Wilson Hammer is about 16 x 20. The unstrung balance of this racquet is 11 Pts and its strung weight is about 254 oz. Its total length is about 69.9 cms. As this racquet is light and maneuverable featuring a slight head balance, it renders additional leverage and reaches than a standard length racquet. It does not render an impeding reaction to the balls that get hit close to the racquet body.

The racquet best suits players with medium to full swings as it is a perfect combination of tempered power along with control features. Doubles players can benefit from this racquet better, as it renders ample power on the serve with plenty of forgiveness and pop on the net.


  • Exceptional balance for enhanced momentum and stability within its light frame.
  • Its open string pattern renders more power and spin.
  • Power frame for exceptional swings, forgiveness, and power.


  • Doesn’t come with a headcover.

#3. Head Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet

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Head is a leading name in the field of a tennis racquet and has been constantly pushing the range of athletic equipment to the modern era. HEAD had constantly been rendering high-quality tennis equipment in the market and this conquest is ideal for beginners and casual players with different skill sets.

The racquet features an over-sized head that measures 108” along with a large sweet spot which is great for players who wish to master game precision. As this racquet features a light head and balance, it helps to reduce vibration and renders ample stability in hitting the ball as well. 

The racquet has been built with durable Nano Titanium technology and is thus built to last. This Nano-titanium technology renders more stability and power to its frame. The frame weight of these racquets is about 275 grams and is head size is about 108 inches. The overall length of these racquets is about 27 inches. These racquets are perfect for those players who are looking for a moderate swing and control, and thus it is an excellent adult tennis racquet.


  • The racquet offers excellent swing and control over the shots.
  • The O-beam construction of the racquet offers ample comfort and durability for these racquets.
  • Reduces vibration and aids in stability while hitting the ball.


  • The very weak grip on the racquet.
  • It is strung too tight and thus the ball doesn’t travel very fast.

#4. Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)

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Made of volcanic frame technology, the Wilson Federer tennis racquet is a perfect choice for beginners and ones stepping into the game after a long break. The Wilson Federer Tennis racquet comes with a red, vibrant look making it a great passion for beginners. Beginners looking for the best tennis racquet that’s easy to swing with a lightweight frame can purchase Wilson Federer tennis racquet.

The Federer Adult racket offers a lot of features for stability, power, and forgiveness. The racquet features an 11.5 oz strung weight that renders the racquet its ability to hit with power from any section of the court. Its oversized head measures about 110 square inches that render plenty of forgiveness to render ample sweet spot. The shock pads are beneficial as they reduce vibration and also help in comfort while holding.

The Arch technology of this racquet improves its frame to deliver a live string bed with ample power and stability. As it combines the best features, it is a great racquet to spur one’s passion for the game. Apart from all these extraordinary features, this tennis racquet is available at a highly affordable price.


  • Excellent racquet for beginners who are starting to play the game.
  • Over-sized racquets that measure about 106 square inches for additional forgiveness.
  • Enhances maneuverability and renders easier access to spin.


  • Doesn’t come with a cover and carrying bag.
  • The racquet is heavy and could cause forearm fatigue.

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#5. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

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The Radical line of tennis racquets from HEAD features the MicroGel technology, which is included with its frame construction and is placed all way around the head of the racquet. When the MicroGel deforms combine with the carbon composite fibers in the racquet head it absorbs ball impact uniformly and distributes the impact load all over the entire frame of the racquet. Also, the MicroGel features create a rock-solid feel along with ample comfort for the players, leave alone the additional stability it renders with the twitching motion.

You will explore tremendous comfort at every single shot in this tennis racquet. There is also a noticeable flex at the hoop of the racquet, which results in a comfortable and a plush feel, along with enhanced dwell time. The players can experience control from different corners of the court. As the ball embeds well into the string bed, the spin comes easily with all ball shots. It appeals to tennis players with moderate power and lays a heavy emphasis on feel and control. 


  • Offers tremendous control and feels that impresses players at the net.
  • Affordable beginners racquet.
  • MicroGel technology helps in a unique, uniform, and solid feel and touch.


  • The racquet comes pre-strung with a Head Sonic Pro, with a string weight of 16 grams.
  • The racquet doesn’t come with a cover.

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Important Aspects to Focus on a Tennis Racquet

Beginners should choose an appropriate tennis racquet when they are learning the game, irrespective of the cost they are willing to spend on their racquets. Only with an appropriate racquet will you be able to master your strokes on getting the ball over the net to reach the opposite side of the court. Research your options well before narrowing down on a single racquet. Some important aspects that you should focus on while choosing tennis racquet are,

1. Weight of the racquet

Choose a racquet that is light in weight. Lighter racquets will be able to swing easily and help the player to play for a long time before getting tired. Heavier racquets can be harder to move and flex and can result in tennis elbow and other problems of the hand.

A lightweight racquet should feel highly effortless to swing and play the game. Be cautious is picking up a lightweight racquet as you can develop a poor game technique and also develop hand fatigue. The budget racquets that we have listed here can be an ideal bet for enhancing your gaming skills, as they are neither too heavy nor too light.

2. Grip

The grip is an important aspect to look for in a tennis racquet. If the grip of the racquet is too small, then the players will end up squeezing their hands too much, which can result in tiring the muscle and could also result in muscle injury.

Similarly, if the grip is too large, it could be tough to use the wrist. Choose a grip that stays comfortable to play and helps in the complete range of motion of the wrist joint and the muscles of the forearm. 

3. Budget

Budget is an important constraint with tennis racquets. But the fact is that one need not spend a huge deal of money while buying a decent tennis racquet. The racquets that we have listed here are under $100 but still, they are made up of high-quality graphite material rather than cheap aluminum.

4. Head Size

It is appropriate to choose a racket with a large head size as racquets with a large head size will render ample sweet spot. Racquets head with a great sweet spot will be appropriate for beginners as they are still mastering their game strokes and skills. 

5. Balance

There is no specific measure of the balance that a tennis racquet should offer, and this is more of a personal choice. Players can try different racquets to find out what works for them the best. Head heavy racquets are lighter and render more power on groundstrokes, whereas head light racquets are heavier and highly maneuverable. 

FAQs for Tennis Racquets Under $100

What quality can we expect from a racquet under $100?

Though there are costly tennis racquets available for advanced players, beginners and recreational players can still develop their game skills from a tennis racquet that cost as less as $100. These racquets are also made of some of the advanced features such as Micro Gel technology available with HEAD racquets.

The narrow frame or wider frame racquet? Which is appropriate?

As a general rule, wider the frame of the racquet more will be its power. Advanced players will not require this, as they create their power and will not expect it from their racquets.

I am a defensive tennis player. Which tennis racquet is appropriate for me?

Defensive players should opt for a tennis racquet with a narrower frame. Aggressive players on the other hand, who want to hit the ball harder should choose a powerful racquet.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing your best-fit tennis racquet, explore your gaming style and your skillset in the game. Mostly tennis racquets that are available under $100 appeal to beginners, intermediate players, and casual gamers. But still look for the length, weight, balance, stiffness, and the grip size of the racquet and match it with your game skills. When it comes to racquet quality, the cost is just a number, you can still find high-quality racquets at a minimal cost.




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