Best Tennis Overgrips 2021: Top 5 Overgrip Reviews


Tennis grips help in enhancing the quality of the game and help the players indulge in long hours of the game, without getting the racquet slip off their hand owing to sweat. Tennis grips in short help in safe playing and enjoying long matches without any discomfort. There are several reasons why people use overgrips on their tennis racquets. While some use them to improve their game style, others use them to prevent muscle fatigue and other relevant medical conditions.

A tennis racquet overgrip helps in enhancing the quality of the game by adding width to the handle and by rendering comfort through its soft texture. As these grips are sticky, they glide on the racquet handle firmly and serves as a credible grip for tough games. 

List of Best Tennis Overgrips 2021

Best Tennis OvergripsEditor RatingPrice
#1. Tourna XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip9/10Check Price Here
#2. Gamma Supreme Overgrip9/10Check Price Here
#3. Yonex Super Grap Racquet Grips9/10Check Price Here
#4. Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Overgrip8.5/10Check Price Here
#5. Babolat Pro Tour White Tennis Overgrip8.5/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Tennis Overgrip Reviews

#1. Tourna XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

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Tourna overgrips are the best professional standard tennis racquet overgrips and are the choice of professional players who play in the Glam Slam tournaments. The Tourna grips are capable of getting tacky, the more the players sweat. The first render a dry feel, and once the players start sweating, the grips become tackier and render a better grip. The Tourna grips are thus more popular among professionals and even beginners and recreational players. This is one of the best grips that doesn’t slip and is thus very popular among players.

These grips work on proprietary technology and enable moisture and sweat to wick off with the help of the grip, instead of getting back on the hand. Thus it helps in preventing slipping, helping in the better gaming experience. The Tourna overgrips are used by hundredths of professionals and are endorsed by top tennis players. 

The grips get shipped as 30 XL strips per pack and are offered in a zipper pouch to keep the grips secure and organized with the tennis bag. The grips also come with a large roll of finishing tape. Apart from tennis racquets, the grips can also be used in Pickleball paddles, baseball bats, squash racquets, fishing poles.


  • Tourna Grips are famous for their sweat absorption properties.
  • Renders the best combination of tacky feel and sweat absorption.
  • Lasts ten times longer than other tacky grips.
  • Ideal for non-humid conditions.


  • The tapers are not pre-cut and require scissors for installation.
  • Not advisable for sweaty hands.

#2. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

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This resealable overgrip features exceptional tackiness and absorbency and also feels very soft on the hand. They are durable enough to stand up for many hours of play. The Gamma Supreme Overgrip features a high traction polymer coating and comes with a firm and a non-woven base. These overgrips are extremely popular among players and are definitely worth the try. The durability of these overgrips is rated above average and fits all racquets of different handle lengths. The Gamma Supreme comes as a three grip pack and comes in different colors such as blue, black, grey, pink, orange, and even white.

Many players use this grip to replace an existing grip, or over the existing grip as well. It helps tremendously in serving as a cushion for the racquet handle and reduces the vibration on the hand.  It also helps in racquet slipping off the hand. The grips are durable enough to withstand a month of play, for 2-3 times a week, before replacing it with a fresh grip. The Gamma Supreme comes as three grips per pack and each of them can withstand long hours of play.


  • These tennis overgrips fit extra-long racquets easily
  • Renders exceptional tackiness and absorbent power
  • Soft and durable tennis overgrip.


  • Doesn’t retain the grip for a long time during competitive games

#3. Yonex Super Grap Racquet Grips

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Yonex Super GRAP is one of the best-selling overgrips for tennis racquets and is a pioneer in helping tennis players conquer sweat. The Super Grap 30 pack helps in enhancing the playability of the racquet and helps in absorbing sweat and prescription to render additional control and feel on the racquet. The grip renders a sticky and a tacky feel, thus rendering a superior grip on the handle of the racquet. 

The Yonex Super comes as 30 grips per pack and as two sets of 15 grips each. The thickness of the grip is about 0.6 mm and its length is about 1200 mm. Its width is about 25 mm and it is made of polyurethane material. The grip helps in enhancing the playability of the racquet and renders the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and tackiness. Its grip is perfect for badminton, tennis, racquetball, and squash. This overgrip feels great on the hand and it is pretty easy to apply and use as well. The racquet feels great on the hand with this grip on. 


  • The overgrip helps in absorbing shock and moisture and offers an outstanding level of feel and control.
  • The grips offer the perfect combination of cushion, tackiness, durability, and absorbency.


  • Requires replacement in hot and humid conditions.

#4. Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Overgrip

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The Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet overgrip renders the maximum absorbency for a confident grip. Players are sure to experience very high levels of comfort and an enhanced feel with this grip. It renders medium-level tackiness and is non-perforated. It comes as three grips per pack, in black color. You will be sure to gain a competitive advantage over the opponents with the help of the Wilson Advantage overgrip.

No matter how hard the match heats up, these overgrips render the maximum absorbency to keep the grip confident and secure. Additionally, these grips also render the maximum comfort and feel to the game, rendering the ultimate advantage for the players. The grip is ideal to play in moist conditions and during heavy perspiration levels. 

Most of all, these grips are from the Wilson brand, which thrives with the ultimate aim of elevating the lives of millions of athletes, at all levels of the game,  all over the world.


  • Ideal grip for moist and sweaty playing conditions.
  • The grip comes as a soft and comfortable fabric.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Absorbs dirt and sweat to render a nice feel.


  • Not designed to render any cushion on the grip.
  • It is not self-adhesive.

#5. Babolat Pro Tour White Tennis Overgrip

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Babolat Pro Tour is a comfortable grip that renders a slightly tacky feel. These grips render an excellent feel with a nice tack and good absorption. The grips are good enough for both standard and extra-long handles, and the grip is also easy and simple to wrap. The weight of this overgrip is about 0.21oz and its thickness is about 0.02”. It comes as 30 grips per pack and is available in white color. 

Apart from rendering a tacky feel, the Babolat overgrips also render tremendous sweat absorption. They deliver long-lasting performance and are resistant to abrasion as well. Each of these grips weighs just about 6 grams and they are about 117 cm in length. A large number of grips come as a single package. About 15 grips come in a single pack. 


  • Made of high absorption material and renders a tacky feel.
  • The grips feature a modest stretch and are good enough for long racquets.


  • The Babolat Pro Tour is only an overgrip and not a replacement grip
  • The plastic film on the surface of the grip is not easy to rip off, without peeling off the tacky surface.

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Why Should We Use Overgrips on Tennis Racquets?

Tennis overgrips helps in enhancing the performance of the game by making the racquet very stable. As they render an additional layer of stickiness on the grip, they add on to the comfort of the player. Also, they help in preventing tennis elbow by dampening vibrations. Also, thicker grips create less strain on the elbows. 

Also, there are different types of overgrips available, each having their own merits and players can choose the grip that best suits their requirements.

  • Absorbent overgrips helps in moisture absorption and helps to combat sweat on the palm. Thus the players can stick on to the racquet firmly and avoid slipping. 
  • Tacky overgrips help in renders the best grip with a distinct feeling. This can help those players who struggle with issues that dropping the racquet often. But tacky grips do not have absorbency. 
  • Those tennis players who are looking for comfort more than moisture-wicking and slipping should opt for textured overgrips. These grips are quite comfortable and render a lot of cushioning to leave the handle soft and thick. These grips have little grooves and are thicker for rendering additional comfort and durability. They add additional circumference on the handle and are durable as well. 
  • There are also replacement grips that are applied directly over the racquet handle, whereas the overgrips are placed over the existing racket grip. Overgrips are generally thinner than the replacement grips, to ensure that the handle doesn’t get heavy.

Important Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Tennis Overgrip

1. Comfort: Comfort of the grip is of primary focus, while shopping for tennis overgrips, as it should not fatigue the hand while playing. A comfortable overgrip helps in reducing the pain and allows the player to continue with the match for hours, without feeling tired and numb.

2. Absorption: Players who generally sweat more, and while playing on hot and humid areas should choose absorbent grips. They help in absorbing additional sweat on the hand through their moisture-wicking properties and prevents the tennis racquet from slipping off the hand. Absorbent grips will suck up sweat and moisture and make sure that the hands stay dry throughout the match.

3. Budget: Tennis overgrips are not expensive. They are available in bundles and batches and thus one purchase can last many matches. But aggressive and frequent players should change them frequently to manage their wear. 

4. Durability: Durability depends on the brand and how hard and frequently the racquet is been used. The overgrips that we have listed here are known to last for many matches before you consider a replacement.

5. Cushioning: Tennis is a hard sport and can be stressful for the delicate joints and muscles. Thus it is important to invest in every single technique, to reduce muscle fatigue. The cushioning effect on the grip will help to decrease the force and resist the impact. The grip also absorbs the force at which the ball is thrown and helps the player to continue the game at ease.

5. Weather condition: The weather condition of the area where one plays is an important consideration in choosing the grips. Those playing in hot and humid conditions should choose an absorbent grip. Whereas those playing in cold areas can go for tacky grips.

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FAQs for Tennis Overgrips

Why should I use an overgrip?

Using an overgrip renders several advantages such as sweat absorption, shock reduction, and leaving the racquet extremely durable. They also help with strong and comfortable grips.

Is it smart to buy grips in small or large packages?

It is good to buy grips in larger packages, as one can replace the worn-out ones with new ones easily.

Which type of grip is good for a recreational player?

Textured overgrip should be good for recreational tennis players as they help in absorbing sweat and also helps to improve the stability of the game on the go.

What overgrip do professional players use?

It depends on their personal preference and some professionals do not use overgrips at all!

Final Words

Apart from professional experts, almost all other tennis players make use of a tennis overgrip. They are cheap to buy but can be game-changers as they take care of the comfort of the players. Their advantages outnumber their price and we hope our guide helps you in picking up your over grips better.



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