Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow 2021


Tennis Elbows are an annoying problem that tennis players develop over time, owing to the strain they caused on their elbows with their match moves. The problem seems to be persistent for a long time and thus they need to find a racquet with vibration dampening effects to continue playing the game.

Or the wise way is to find racquets that render exceptional support and shock-resistant properties to prevent the development of tennis elbows. In this article, we will discuss the top five best tennis racquets to prevent tennis elbow and to mitigate the risk of worsening the trouble for those who already have it.

List of Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow

Best Tennis Elbow RacquetsEditor ScorePrice
#1. Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Yonex Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#4. Prince Textreme Tour 100t Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here
#5. Wilson Blade v7 98 Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here

Top 5 Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow 2021

#1. Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson 98 CV 16×19 tennis racket is a powerful racquet that features an open string pattern to render relief against tennis elbow. The racket is also known for rendering tremendous power without compromising on control. The head of the racket is relatively small and measures about 632 cm2, which translates as more control and power. 

The racket is also lightweight and measures only 304 grams, helping in more controlled gameplay. Its open head pattern with 16×19 dimensions helps it to render a catapult effect to hit the ball. The racquet stands out for its efficient force transfer and fantastic power as it features the most innovative countervail technology. This technology helps in reducing vibration in the racquet while hitting the ball, thus rendering more comfort.

The Wilson Blade 98 CV is ideal for those players who wish to have more speed and force in their swing. The racquet also ensures that power plays can get more controlled and targeted. The length of this racquet is about 685 mm and it comes unstrung. The size of its head is about 98 sq. inches and its balance is 33.27 cm. 


  • The racquet is upgraded with countervail technology.
  • Maximizes player’s energy with its all-new minimalist design
  • Features matte finish, clean lines, and laser engraving.
  • Arm friendly racquet,  which is great for tennis elbow


  • Have to spend an additional amount on stringing the racquet.

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#2. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson Clash 100 is a highly flexible racquet that renders exceptional control and feels and is manufactured with a carbon mapping technology. The racquet has been built to render the ultimate control and it makes use of proprietary carbon mapping to help players with free-swinging accuracy with every single stroke. Thanks to the unique frame geometry of these racquets that maintains excellent stability and power.

The Free Flex technique and the carbon mapping technology that has been instilled in this racquet allows it to bend in all dimensions for maximum ball pocketing capability and ultimate control. The unique frame geometry of this racquet makes it very flexible, and also enables it to render best-in-class power and stability. 

Overall this racquet features an uncontaminated design with clean lines, bold colors, and an elastic finish. The string pattern of this racquet is 16 x19. The weight of the unstrung racquet is about 295 grams. Its length is about 27 inches or 68 cm. These racquets are known for their vertical flex and render 200% more vertical flexion than any other racket, and it is thus an ideal racquet for tennis elbow.


  • A high-performance racquet that maximizes flexibility without sacrificing stability.
  • Instills excellent confidence for players with tennis elbow.
  • The parallel drilling renders a consistent string bed response


  • The racquet is for professional players and not for beginners.

#3. Yonex Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet

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Yonex Ezone is an exceptional tennis racquet that delivers more power from its light version, thus adding more depth to the tennis shots. The racquet comes unstrung and is very lightweight, weighing only 300 grams. The combination of its iso-metric head shape and its 100 square inches head makes it a very forgiving racquet at the net. 

The upgraded grommet system of this racquet gets it more aerodynamic for optimal speed and better string-bed performance. The racquet also features a quake shut gel air in the handle for better comfort and vibration dampening, and is thus ideal for tennis elbow. Its grommet layout renders a straighter alignment and its cross strings help in rendering more power. Overall, this Yonex Ezone delivers exceptional power and stability to improve the game, irrespective of the player’s playing style.

The unique specifications of this racquet are as follows,

  • Head size is 100 square inches
  • Grip size is G3, to fit wider hands
  • The balance point is 320 mm
  • Racquet material is Graphite with quake shut gel air
  • It is available in gree color and 
  • Its stringing pattern is 16 x 19.
  • Stringing tension of 45-60 lbs is appropriate for this racquet.


  • Good for powering up the game for those even with a tennis elbow
  • Isometric sweet spot
  • Hyper- MG technology enhances speed for difficult shots


  • Comes unstrung and requires stringing from a professional shop.

#4. Prince Textreme Tour 100t Tennis Racquet

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The Prince Tour 100 T tennis racquets appeals to intermediate players and professional players with tennis elbow and serves them as a spin-friendly weapon with controlled power. The racquet is extremely lightweight and weighs just over 11 ounces and helps aggressive players to take huge cuts over the ball. You will love the unique combination of pace and spin that this racquet delivers. 

Its manufacturers have added Textreme to the shaft of these racquets making it’s extremely light and ultra-strong for improved stability without compromising on maneuverability. As these racquets have a relatively low flex point, they help an arm-friendly design, thus staying appropriate for players with tennis elbow. The racquet performs pretty well and pretty quick at the net for fast exchanges.

 The ultra-thin carbon material is integrated into the layup of this racquet by making use of an innovative weave, in an attempt to boost overall stability, without enhancing the stiffness. Overall, this racquet serves as an excellent option for intermediate tennis players who wish to have seed, performance, and spin in a single package. The length of this paddle is 27 inches and its strung weight is about 10.8 oz. the string pattern is 16 x 18 with a balance of 13 inches.


  • Renders an impressive level of stability for its weight class. 
  • The handle comes around fast while returning a serve and to deliver an accurate ball.
  • It has been designed to enhance dampening along with improving the sound of ball impact.


  • The racquet lacks the plow-through of a professional racquet
  • Many users are not happy with the factory strings of this racquet, as it comes pre-strung.

#5. Wilson Blade v7 98 Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson blade v7 is a highly attractive tri-color racquet that features clean lines and an elastic paint finish. It features a sharp design with a cutting edge technology for players with ailments such as tennis elbow. The racquet renders the best combination of elegant cosmetics with velvety paint finish and a very comfortable head light balance.

It feels flex technology and the proprietary carbon mapping technique of Wilson renders a lot of torsion stability to these racquets. The same technology also renders the characteristic bend in these racquets thus rendering more spin and power to them. Its long grip tapers at the tip of the handle, thus offering a comfortable hand position and better leverage for players with wrist and elbow fatigue.

Its square inch head and its tight string pattern help in delivering excellent gameplay and also compliments professional players in enhancing their game ambience. Overall this is a traditional racquet with exceptional feel and control, designed for experienced players to take advantage of the court. It’s proprietory carbon mapping that is placed strategically across the entire frame of the racquet renders flexibility and additional stability in every swing.


  • Its parallel drilling technique helps in a consistent and more forgiving string-bed response, increasing the sweet spot.
  • The frame comprises entirely of carbon graphite fiber.
  • Excellent flex at the racquet’s hoop that helps in improving feel, control, and dwells time.


  • The racquet is shipped unstrung.

How to Choose Your Racquet to Prevent Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is an injury to the outer portion of the elbow that occurs as a result of overuse. it presents as pain and tenderness in the elbow and the player with tennis elbow can have a weak grip over the racquet. Though tennis elbow settles with ret, it can relapse at any time. One important reason for getting a tennis racquet is using the wrong racquet.  Here are some of the important factors to look for in your tennis racquet to prevent tennis elbow.

Weight of the racquet: Some players think that lighter racquets prevent tennis elbow, as lighter racquets cause less strain on the arms while playing. But this is not true, heavier racquets are difficult to swing, and are thus designed to absorb more force of the ball, thus the impact is not absorbed by the arm. But do not go for the heaviest racquet in the market, as it will degrade your speed and technique. Find something that best suits you, without causing strain on the wrist.

Length: Do not choose very long racquets as their contact point is far away and thus they can cause stress on the arm and elbow. The best choice is to go for a racquet that is 27 inches in length.

Balance: Balance is the ratio between the head and the handle of the racquet. More the weight in the handle of the racquet, easier it will be to move the racquet. Choose a racquet that has a heavy handle for speed and stability along with a large head size for strength.

Strings: The tension and the string pattern play a pivotal role in the quantum of shock that the racquet can absorb. Open patterns are softer and are capable of taking in more force, whereas the denser patterns can distribute more energy in the arm. A closed string pattern will generally provide greater control and less power and can also be hard on the arm. 

Flex: Flex is the stiffness and flexibility of the racquet. It can bend when it contacts the ball. More flexible racquets are easier to absorb impact, on comparison with a stiff one. 

Grip: Make sure that the new racquet fits the hand properly and choose a grip that is not too big or small as it can put the hand in a very awkward position. Also, make sure that the grip is also dry and fresh, and replace the worn-out grips as well. 

FAQs in Finding the Best Racquets for Those with Tennis Elbow

What is the best string material that I should opt for?

When searching for tennis strings, those who suffer from tennis elbow should stay away from strings that are of a stiff material such as polyester and choose softer string materials such as nylon.

Does string tension has an impact on the pain? what should be the ideal string tension?

Yes, string tension can have a great impact on the overall feel of the racquet. It is better to opt for low tension strings, as they offer a soft feel and help in minimizing the stiffness of the racquet.

What is swing weight? How does it impact the elbows?

Swing weight is the weight of the racquet and is measured when it swings through the air. Go for a racquet with optimal swing weight to show good performance in the court without causing strain on the elbows.

Final Words

There are a lot of adjustments to be made to the tennis racquet to accommodate and compensate for tennis elbow. Spend time in evaluating different racquets to play without injuring your arms. Alternatively, try the best racquets that we have listed here as we have tried and tested them and they are proven to be extremely light on the hand and elbow preventing relapse of tennis elbow.



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