Top 5 Best Tennis Balls 2021: Unbiased Reviews


Having the best tennis ball for your game is mandatory as it is the crucial element that decides the outcome of the game. Playing with a credible tennis ball will help in enhancing the game and helps the players to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. We have listed here the best tennis balls from some of the best manufacturers in the world. These balls are synonymous with unparalleled quality and versatility. We hope our selection of the best tennis balls will help in upgrading your game for better.

List of Best Tennis Balls 2021

Best Tennis BallsGradePrice
#1. Penn Championship Tennis BallsTournamentCheck Price Here
#2. Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis BallsTournamentCheck Price Here
#3. Wilson Prime All Court Tennis BallsTournamentCheck Price Here
#4. Tourna Mesh Tennis BallsRecreationalCheck Price Here
#5. Wilson US Open 3-Balls CanTournamentCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Tennis Balls Reviews

#1. Penn Championship Tennis Balls

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The Penn Tennis balls are the result of 100 years of testing and perfecting the tennis balls for tournament grade play. The Penn tennis balls lay the standard upon which all other tennis balls are measured for playability and consistent feel. These balls are special are they are made up of extremely durable materials that feature a controlled fiber release for a consistent nap. They also comprise of natural rubber for a consistent feel and shock reduction. The deep elastic seams of the balls reduce cracking. 

Penn championship tennis ball is the official ball of the USTA leagues. The balls are available in regular duty felt, extra-duty felt and extra-duty high altitude felt, to offer exceptional quality hits every time. The extra duty felt balls are for hard courts, the regular duty balls for softer courts that are composed of grass and clay, and the extra-duty high altitude balls are for courts that are located on higher elevations, perhaps 4k+ feet above sea level.

The balls are available in different bulk case sizes, which can be up to 24 cans with 72 tennis balls in total. These balls are known for their lasting durability as their interlocking wool fibers ensures that they play and feel like new balls for a very long time. 


  • The interlocked wool fiber of the balls helps in withstanding longer wear
  • They are approved by the ITF and the USTA
  • The balls feature deep elastic seams for durability and consistent bounce.


  • The balls have a strange odor.

#2. Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

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These tennis balls are approved by the ITF and the USTA. Wilson is the official tennis ball brand of the US Open tennis and the Australian Open grand slam championships. It is also the official brand of the NCAA tennis for both men and women. These balls feature an extra duty for longer play on the hard court surfaces. Their exclusive dura-weave felt renders tremendous durability and improved performance.

Wilson Championship is a highly versatile ball that performs pretty well for any players, at any time, irrespective of their level of proficiency in the game. Its exclusive wool felt blends perfectly and helps in enhancing the durability of the ball. Its core components help in exceptional playability and consistency. Owing to the unbeatable performance, unmatched consistency, and premium woven felt of these balls, they are best used for tournament grade play. currently, Wilson has been used in more than 45 professional tournaments worldwide. Wilson is at present the official ball of several tournaments such as the Australian Open, US Open, the Fed Cup, and the Davis cup.


  • Ideal tennis ball for all levels of recreational and tournament grade play
  • The tennis ball is approved by the ITF and the USTA
  • Extra duty balls that are ideal for hard court surfaces
  • Comes for four cans in three balls each.


  • The pressure in these balls is pretty low and requires the players to swing hard.

#3. Wilson Prime All Court Tennis Balls

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Wilson Prime is known for its excellent performance and durability overall court surfs. These balls render a traditional standard fit and they feature an exclusive dura-weave felt. The Wilson prime is approved by both the ITF and the USTA. These are ideal and premium all court performance balls that are great for both training and competition.  They are sold as a pack of three balls in four cans. 

As these balls comprises a durable and exclusive duraweave felt they are ideal to be used in all court surfaces. You can enjoy extended play and quality performance while playing your game with this ball. Wilson as we know is the official ball of the US Open and the Australian Open championship tournaments. It also finds extensive use in the NCAA tennis games for men and women. The color of the balls is green.


  • Excellent tennis ball for indoor courts and courts that are made of clay
  • Approved for the USTA and the ITF for tournament grade play


  • The bounce of these balls is uneven sometimes.

#4. Tourna Mesh Tennis Balls

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The Tourna tennis balls come as 18 high-quality pressureless tennis balls in a mesh bag. As they come in a convenient and reusable mesh bag, you can use it for easy storage and transportation. There are all chances for the regular tennis balls to get flat over time, by the Tourna pressure-less tennis bags will never lose their bounce, even if they are not used for a long time. These balls will have the same consistent bounce for the rest of their lifetime.

They are extremely durable and are best fit for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, and even while playing with the pets. The Tourna tennis balls are of regulation size and also, they bounce to regulation height. Though they are pressure less ball, they equal the regular competition grade tennis balls in size and performance. You can play and practice the game with absolute confidence with this ball, and it is appropriate for tennis courts of all surfaces, be it hard or soft, indoor or outdoor.

The Tourna tennis balls can never go dead and are available in different pack styles and options. They can come in mesh bags or plastic containers depending on the number of balls that one orders for. Apart from being used in ball machines, these balls can be used to fill up baskets and hoppers as well as they fit many automatic ball launches. They also fit the Chuck-it style dog ball launchers to train your pets.


  • Tennis balls feature a premium felt for universal use and flex
  • Balls have a very long life as they are pressure less
  • Renders consistent bounce throughout its life


  • Balls are smaller than regular tennis balls.

#5. Wilson US Open 3-Balls Can

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The US Open tennis balls are armed with excellent consistency and performance, and no wonder they are the gold standard in the game of tennis. They are trusted by professional tennis players and these balls are manufactured with a premium woven felt for top class performance and durability. The balls are available in three types, namely the Extra Duty, Regular duty, and high altitude tennis balls.

The US Open tennis balls are part of the Wilson brand which is been in the business of crafting sporting goods since 1914. These balls are committed to create true interest and ignite the potentials of the tennis players all over the world, irrespective of their skill set. The US Open tennis balls have been an integral part of more than 500 Grand Slams games and push the limit of innovation to equip the athletes for the winning sphere. These tennis balls appeal to players of all styles and abilities and are available as 4 cans of 3 balls each. 


  • Official ball of the US Open tennis games
  • Made of premium woven felt
  • Extra duty balls that are great for abrasive courts


  • Beginners may find it hard to slam these balls across the net

How Should We Select the Tennis Ball for the Game?

  • Pressureless vs pressurized tennis balls:

Typically, the tennis ball is constructed out of a two-piece rubber shell that is filled with pressurized gas. The tennis ball cans are also pressurized at the same level of pressure that is inside each of the balls to keep them fresh and durable. Pressureless tennis balls on the other hand do away with the gas and instead, they have a solid rubber core, they are designed to be heavier than pressurized balls. Pressureless balls thus do not deflate even in storage and thus they have a very long lifespan. The pressureless ball can help in saving money and the trouble of replacing the old tennis balls frequently.

  • The difference in core:

The core of the tennis ball is what that differentiates one ball from another. As a general rule, pressureless tennis balls have a lower bounce than their pressurized counterparts. But as their outer fabric wears down a little, their bounce tends to improve. 

  • Weight of the ball:

A heavier tennis ball means that you have to force the hit with the help of the racquet. Heavier force on the tennis racquet can result in muscle fatigue and injury on the elbow. Pressureless tennis balls to anybody who suffers tennis elbow. Regular tennis balls can feel more lively just right out the can. Because they have a hollow core and are lighter, thus allowing the players to render more spin and speed on the balls.

  • Playing surface:

It is the best ide to choose the tennis ball based on the surface that one plays the tennis game on. If your tennis court is of hard ground, it requires extra duty balls. On the other hand, if you are playing on soft clay ground or grass, then we can go for regular duty balls. Those playing on a variety of grounds can adopt all-purpose balls for their best advantage.

Classification of Balls Depending on the Skillset

1. Balls for professional players:

We can recognize the tennis balls marked for professionals with the word PRO emblazoned on the can of the balls. These balls are constructed with utmost precision and are known to render the best spin, speed, and bounce. These balls are commonly used by professionals and in the competitive tournaments as they yield the best results in tough competitions.

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2. Balls for intermediate players:

The tennis balls for intermediate players are generally anywhere between beginner and professional balls. These balls are not as fast as pro balls, and also are not as slow as beginner’s balls. These balls are good for games between players who want to play competitively but are also not skilled enough to play competitively with the help of a professional ball.

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3. Balls for beginners:

The best beginner’s tennis balls are designed for newbies to play the game easily. These balls can be used for players to work on their returns, service, and shots.

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FAQs for Tennis Balls

What does the number of tennis ball mean?

The number on the tennis ball next to the brand name denotes the can they belong to, so that players do not mess the balls with the balls from the other can.

What is the composition of these tennis balls?

The tennis balls are made of a rubber casing and can be filled with air and pressure. They are then covered with a woven durable felt. Tennis balls are subjected to more sophisticated manufacturing methods to render precise and consistent performance.

What are the best tennis balls for professional-level games?

We have listed the best tennis balls from leading manufacturers such as Penn, Wilson, and Tourna here, the other best tennis ball manufactures are, Dunlop, Babolat, and so on.

Final Verdict

It is very much important to have a viable tennis ball for the game, to keep improving one’s skills on it. Though the tennis balls are not very expensive, they are still a vital part of the game. We hope our recommendation and our guide helps you in picking the best ball for your game.



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