Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin 2021


Do you wish to augment your entire experience while indulging in a game of table tennis? Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, you can benefit significantly from choosing the perfect ping pong paddle for the spin.

Top Ping Pong Paddles for Spin 2021

For immense spin & power, you need to get one of these best ping pong paddles for the spin.

Top Ping Pong Paddles for SpinFeaturesPrice
#1. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Table Tennis PaddleHeavy Spin & High SpeedVIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Killerspin JET600 Ping Pong PaddleLightweight & BalancedVIEW ON AMAZON
#3. STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong PaddlePerformance with Speed & SpinVIEW ON AMAZON
#4. DHS HURRICANE II Table Tennis RacketSturdy, Powerful & Spin ControlVIEW ON AMAZON
#5. Killerspin Kido 7P Premium Ping Pong PaddleDelivers Good Spin & SpeedVIEW ON AMAZON
#6. JOOLA Spinforce 900 Table Tennis PaddleFor Advanced Spin ControlVIEW ON AMAZON
#7. Killerspin JET700 Table Tennis RacketControl & Power with SpinVIEW ON AMAZON

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Choosing a perfect paddle is not an easy task since there are a lot of great designs available in the market today. It is vital to understand which paddle would prove the best for you. It would be disappointing to invest in something that does not fit into your criteria. Paddles need to be chosen based on the experience of the player and the playing style.

Here is a review of the top 7 table tennis paddles which you can choose based on your style and experience.

Top 7 Best Table Tennis Rackets for Spin 2021

These are reviews of top table tennis paddles for the spin with pros & cons so that you can easily choose the right one.

#1.  Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Table Tennis Paddle

This high-tech racquet from butterfly promises sheer excellence to the players looking for sturdy performance. The dynamics of carbon plies and balsa core result in an anenormous touch of the ball. The control factor is heightened by the low weight design. Much more consistency can be expected by the players with this racquet. Ball placement has been rendered much easier with the impeccable control offered by Balsa Carbo racquet.

The two carbon layers back forceful attacking play. The blade is well-balanced overall. Tremendous spin and speed are guaranteed with the use of carbon fiber reinforced plies in this racquet. The use of carbon fiber promises a larger sweet spot and increased speed as opposed to a complete wooden racquet. The Tenergy racquet is preferred by the top players in the world.

Key features

  • Perfect balance of heavy spin and high speed
  • Carbon fiber promises a larger sweet spot and increased speed
  • The balsa core ensures great tough and renders this racquet light
  • The soft feel makes the blocking effective and effortless
  • This racquet has been designed to tackle close to the table attacks
  • Ideal racquet for mid-distance loopers
  • The touch offered in the short game is the best when considered in the Tenergy series
  • Easier to loop against spin, return serves and block


  • Blade is light
  • Offers a nice balance of speed and spin


#2.  Killerspin JET600 Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin is a fairly new table tennis brand with a focus on the recreational market. The racquets offered by this brand have been labeled to appeal to the basement audience. The paddles are decent and well-made. JET600 paddle features a 5-plywood blade and Nitrx-4Z rubbers of 2mm. This paddle is the fifth offering under the JET series. The specifications ensure that this paddle can be used legally in any league or tournament.

Those who are into participating in competitive table tennis events can use this paddle without any hassles. The 5-plywood blade is of higher quality and better than the previous racquets offered under the JET series. Although this paddle is fast, it is not ideal for an aggressive attack. The control offered by this racquet is fairly good but requires certain practice. This racquet is quite expensive when compared to other racquets offering similar features. It is priced at $70 which can be expected from a premium brand.

Key features

  • The racquet delivers a more aggressive spin on shots
  • Extra spin and power is imparted to your table tennis game by the ITTF-approved Nitrx-4z rubbers
  • Undoubtedly the best 5-ply table tennis racquets offered under the JET series
  • Greater feel is offered by the slightly-soft blade of the five layers of durable wood used in the construction
  • Sold in a stylish box which also makes it an ultimate gift option of table tennis players
  • Ideal paddle for both advanced and intermediate players
  • Comes with a warranty of 30 days from the date of purchase


  • Lightweight paddle
  • Offers comfortable grip
  • ITTF approved
  • Ideal for balanced control-aggressive play
  • Optimal grip offered by the flared handle
  • Backed by a warranty
  • Nitrx-4Z rubber blade promises a great blend of control and speed


  • You would require practice to gain control while using this racquet because of high spin and speed
  • It would be a challenge playing against aggressive players with this racquet.

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#3.  STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle

If you are fond of indulging in a game of table tennis but are afraid of the getting hand cramps, then it is high time that you take a deeper look at the specifications of your paddle.  A nicely designed paddle would feature an ergonomic design and would let you indulge in the game for hours without resulting in any discomfort. STIGA Pro Carbon racquet is one of the few table tennis racquets which has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. This racquet meets all the regulations and specifications that have been laid down for use of racquets in competitive play or professional matches.

This racquet comes with high-performance ratings. This table tennis racquet by STIGA meets all your performance requirements. This racquet has obtained a rating of 100 for a spin, 99 for speed and 80 for control. This racquet helps you in creating the perfect spin without losing any control. STIGA Pro features an impressive construction. It has been made from lightweight wood. Those looking for a paddle for long-term paddle can choose STIGA Pro Carbon paddle.

This paddle features a unique kind of rubber that has been approved by the ITTF. The rubber can be removed and replaced easily once it wears down. A thin layer of sponge material is featured on this paddle right beneath the rubber. This helps the players in hitting the ball harder thereby offering more speed and spin. The heavy handle and lightweight blade make STIGA offer a better balance during the gameplay. New players may need some time while adjusting to this paddle. Lack of support and the heavy handle makes this racquet suitable for home play. However, it does come with ITTF approval for use in competitive play.

Key features

  • 7-ply extra light blade
  • Use of carbon technology for speed and power
  • Ideal for use in competitive play owing to ITTF approval
  • Heavy-duty handle offers better grip and permits you to adjust the racquet for creating spins and loops
  • The blade is extremely lightweight despite the heavier handle and features seven different layers on the surface


  • Less discomfort while playing long hours due to ergonomic designing
  • Racket offers better control
  • High performance promised in terms of both speed and spin


  • This racquet is impressive only with loops as opposed to soft shots
  • The heavier handle may not be suitable for all the players


#4.  DHS HURRICANE II Table Tennis Racket

When you want to participate in competitive games, you need to look for paddles that will help you serve better against other players, get the right amount of spin and improve your returns. This ping pong paddle is ideal for use in both competitive games and for use while indulging in leisure play with friends. It comes with a carrying case and features a combination of both wood and rubber. The wooden handle of this paddle fits comfortably in your hand. The paddle permits one to participate in numerous matches without missing a beat. The paddle features a long handle which is great for extended playing.

The DHS paddle features a rubber coating on its surface which is the same employed on professional paddles. The dimpled paddle helps a player in enhancing their serves and for returning swings. This would help the player bounce ball across the net an add more spin to the hits. The distinct feature of this Hurricane II paddle is that it is larger in size when compared to most of the paddles available in the market today.

It is this larger size that helps a player in finding the sweet spot across the table and permits to hit the ball faster and harder. The carrying case has a lot of space for carrying the paddle as well as other accessories. The cutouts and the soft padding ensures that the tools are safe between plays. The case zipper prevents the content of the case from falling out.

Key features

  • Suitable racquet for competitive play
  • Comfortable wood handle with Chinese rubber
  • Protective plastic casing over rubber
  • Oversize handle and larger sweet spot
  • Comes with a racquet and two balls in the gift box
  • Comfortable handle ensures free control


  • Sturdy construction from wood and Chinese rubber which helps in hitting the ball harder against other players
  • Oversize design permits the players in finding the sweet spot quite easily
  • Ideal for returning and serving hits
  • The plastic cover fitted over rubber prolongs the life of the paddle


  • The plastic covering needs to be removed from each game and must be put back after finishing the game
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Expensive paddle

#5.  Killerspin Kido 7P Premium Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin Kido is an advanced racquet designed for competitive play. It delivers the fastest returns and the toughest spins. This racquet is made from Fortissimo rubber which is ITTF approved. The players can achieve their goals smoothly owing to the use of high elasticity wood within the blade. This paddle features exceptional control, spin, and speed. This ping pong paddle is truly responsive and would let you dominate any competition that you are a part of. You will get hooked to this premium paddle from the very first swing.

Key features

  • ITTF approved Fortissimo rubbers
  • 7-play wood blade
  • Custom designed racquet which meets all the quality standards for use in tournament play
  • Delivers exceptional control, spin, and speed
  • Available in flared or straight handle styles
  • Limited 30-day warranty


  • Innovative and efficient paddle
  • Deliver good spin and speed
  • Backed by warranty and has been approved by regulatory bodies


  • The rubber starts peeling after continuous use

#6.  JOOLA Spinforce 900 Table Tennis Paddle

The Spinforce series is the latest offering of racquets by the brand JOOLA. This line of ping pong paddles bridges the gap between professional and recreational table tennis. These racquets are of professional-grade and are pre-assembled. The Spinforce 900 racquet has been approved by the International Tennis Federation and has been designed for both recreational players trying to improve their game and for competitive play. The JOOLA Spinforce 900 racquet comes with custom infinity high tension rubber. The blade can be reused after competitive use. The players can choose to upgrade or replace the rubber if it gets peeled after constant use.

Spinforce 900 is an advanced racquet which has been developed for champions of the game. JOOLA brand is a proud sponsor of the National Team of the US. This racquet is the most advanced in the Spinforce series offered by JOOMLA. It features a 7-layered plywood carbon for power, speed, and stability. JOOLA infinity rubber is blended with amax soft sponge for offering advanced spin control.

This racquet is ideal for offensive players who are learning to exercise better control over heavier spin. Comfortable grip is offered by the flared handle. This as well ensures that the player can play backhand and stable forehand strokes with much ease. This three striped ping pong paddle combines the efficient components of an ideal table tennis racquet.

This racquet practically offers no drawbacks to the users once they get a hang of it. This advanced racquet may pose some issues to novice players and hence they must restrain from purchasing it. Extra spin is offered by the maximum soft sponge used in the construction of this paddle. The blade of this paddle features a 7 layered carbon fibered plywood. This provides a larger sweet spot a increases the stability without cutting down the speed.

Many players are of the opinion that carbon plywood would sacrifice the spin side of the racquet. The truth is that in this racquet the thickness and use of heavy rubber assist in enhancing the spinning ability. The use of heavy rubber as well dampens the vibrations which are commonly noted in racquets featuring a carbon layer. This paddle is ideal for those planning to enhance their skills in spin attacks.

This racquet has been designed for champions. If used the most appropriate way, the players can win easily even against a strong opponent. If you are looking for a paddle which is fast but still offers you better control over the shots, then you must consider purchasing Spinforce 900 racquet.

The flared handle of Spinforce 900 results in a comfortable grip while playing both backhand and forehand strokes. This design will also prevent the racquet from flying away from your hand if your hands sweat a lot. The handle will remain firmly in your hand. It will provide more flexibility and ease in the game. This racquet is on par with the most popular paddles available in the marketplace. This racquet is the best for you if your style of gaming is aggressive and you rely on pinning down opponents with sudden or fast spin shots.

Key features

  • 7 plywood carbon blade
  • Features infinity rubber
  • Soft sponge of 2.2mm thickness
  • ITTF approved
  • Flared handle
  • A sleek racquet that has been pre-assembled


  • Infinity rubber with a soft sponge makes this racquet ideal for heavy spin
  • Ideal for learning strong offensive attacks and learning advanced spin control
  • Approved for use in professional competition
  • Provides extra control and can handle aggressive gameplay
  • Flared grip handle improves firm grip
  • Great for both defense and attack
  • Provides greater control on heavy spin


  • This racquet feels slightly heavier
  • Requires little time to adjust because of extra thickness

#7.  Killerspin JET700 Table Tennis Racket

The Killerspin JET 700 paddle has been designed for some serious competition. Its 7-ply all-wood blade ensures that this racquet offers the highest level of control and spin. This racquet delivers the perfect shot because of the large sweet-spot offered while designing. The wooden side tape ensures that the energy is focused on the ball while playing. This racquet has been designed to ensure that you dominate the competition by delivering more power through careful designing. Aggressive players would benefit from using this racquet because of the massive jump in power delivered by JET700.

This paddle has been engineered with seven layers of woods that have been meticulously-chosen. This paddle makes it easier for the players to make a swift transition during the gameplay. Killerspin is a Chicago-based company which is known for offering premium table tennis equipment. It offers aesthetically pleasing gear to the table tennis players which is ideal for both competition-level plays and for flaunting during a leisure game. The paddle features two Nitrx-4Z rubbers of 2.0mm which have been approved by ITTF. This implies that you can make use of this racquet in any league or tournament.

Key features

  • Ultimate control and power promised by 7-plywood blade
  • ITTF approved racquet
  • Powerful shots are promised by the larger sweet spot design
  • Aimed at club-level players
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • Faster when compared to other jet paddles


  • Can be used in table tennis tournaments
  • Use of 7-ply blade of premium quality


  • Carries premium price tag.

These are the top table tennis rackets for spin available in the market. Each of these is a good option to choose if you really want the best ping pong paddle for the spin. Select the one based on the specifications and your requirements.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin Buyers’ Guide


Ping pong paddles have varying different textures, these textures bear a resemblance to “dimples.”

The texture is meant to increase speed and traction while playing. To add more spin and control to your game you should look for a table tennis racket that bears shallow dimples.

Blade Construction (Carbon vs. Wood)

The type of material used in the blade construction directly correlates to the type of spin that the racket will have.

After testing, we’ve found that paddle blades made exclusively from wood have better spin and control compared to those that are made from carbon.

Wood is more elastic thus more flexible compared to a pro carbon ping pong paddle which lack elasticity hence more rigid.

The more elasticity and flexibility a table tennis racket has the extra spin and control you can put on the ball.

However, not all wooden table tennis rackets produce the same spin, blades with extra ply wood layers have better spin compared to those that have fewer ply wood layers.

For the best spin and control go for wooden blades that have between 5-ply layers and 7-ply layers.

Rubber & Sponge Thickness

The amount of sponge a table tennis racket has will not only determine its weight but also the type of spin the paddle will have.

For beginners, they must opt for a light table tennis racket as this will slow things down thus providing proper control. Additionally, a light racket offers great sensitivity helping you to better focus on the pace of the game and respond accordingly.

On the other hand, a heavier and denser ping pong paddle is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who prefer hitting the ball with more speed.

Similar to sponge, when it comes to rubber thickness, thicker equals better.

For best results, players should choose sponge and rubber thickness based on their level and style of play.

For instance, beginner (defensive) players should opt for blades with a thinner sponge and rubber (preferably 1 to 2 mm rubber) to aid control and reduce spin. Professional players should go for rackets with a thicker 2 mm sponge and rubber to put more spin on the ball.

Rubber Tackiness

Tackiness is a measure of how much the rubber grips the ball when hit. Some rubbers have a substantial grip thus the topsheet surface is very tacky. Other types of rubber are a lot less tacky in comparison.

The more tacky the rubber on your bat is the better spin and control you can put on the ball.

Naturally, rubber tackiness decreases over time due to several reasons. To prevent this from happening, regularly wipe your bats’ rubber surface with a damp cloth then immediately place it in its carrying case and leave it overnight.

You can also apply olive oil to the topsheet and wrap it with a protective plastic sheet immediately.

If this doesn’t work, consider getting specialist rubber cleaning products such as Butterfly’s Spin Refresh or Mighty’s Spin Paddle Care Kit.

Pimples-in vs. Pimples-out

Pimple construction is another crucial factor when deciding on the best ping pong paddle for spin.

Rackets that have pimples facing inwards help you to give the ball more spin while rackets that have long pimples facing outwards (anti-spin) help you to effectively defend against spin.

For beginners, it is recommended that they use rackets that have pimples facing inwards to allow the proper development of playing techniques for different types of shots.

Pro Tip: For best results, consider going for two-faced rubber table tennis paddles with different rubber types (pimples-in and pimples-out) on each side: one for applying spin and the other to defend against spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ping pong paddle has the most spin?

The main features of a ping pong paddle for the most spin are: a thicker sponge, thicker and tacky rubber, wooden blades, more ply and pimples-in.

Which side of the table tennis paddle is for spin?

For a two-faced rubber paddle traditionally, the RED side is best suited for speed while the BLACK side adds extra spin to the ball. The rubber should be International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved rubber for tournament play.

What is anti-spin rubber?

Anti-spin rubber is an inverted rubber with a smooth topsheet that is designed to nullify the effects of an opponent’s spin.

To achieve this, anti-spin rubber doesn’t grip the ball much. Instead, the inverted rubber is very good at blocking and returning serves, and especially more efficient at slowing the pace of the game.

How do you play against anti-spin rubber?

Players who are playing with anti-spin rubber tend to slow down the place of the ball in your direction. To counter this, you should move forward on top of the ball and hit it at the top of the bounce.

Alternatively, you can counter anti-spin rubber by serving closer to the net without or with a very low spin, this technique is effective in neutralizing your opponent’s most potent weapon because they can’t launch a proper attack from a no-spin ball.

Another effective approach to counter anti-spin players is by playing a high-tempo (fast-paced game). Serve fast long serves into their weird rubber and keep up the aggression after that.


  1. Hi,

    I was searching for quality table tennis rackets for spin as I am a player who likes to trick players and to do so, I must have a racket that can give me chance to have a maximum spin on the ball.

    So, after a lot of work I found out your list of rackets for spin and it seems I found it what I was looking for. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Table Tennis racket seems to be a good option as it can both give me power & spin.

    Although I also considered Killerspin JET600 and compared to find out which one of these rackets provide more spin by watching tons of videos. But I was not able to differentiate these two rackets, so I decided I will go for Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL as it promises more power than any other racket in Table Tennis.

  2. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 is a beauty. The blade is super light and the rubbers give a great balance of speed & spin. Although not a good choice for beginners, but will be the best option if you are intermediate or pro.

  3. Wow! You’re really making it easy to choose the best models. I recently competed in cycling at the World Transplant Olympics Games. Table tennis is one of the indoor events… Maybe I could win a medal there too!
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