5 Best Table Tennis Paddles for Beginners 2021


If you are in a hurry the table tennis racket that comes on top for beginners according to our reviews is Butterfly 401 Shakehand

Looking for the best table tennis racket for beginners? Here you will find the answer but before that let’s talk about the basics.

Popularly known as the Ping-Pong sport, Table Tennis can be played by two or four players.

The game involves a lightweight ball that is to be hit back and forth across a table using a small racquet.

The game is played on a hard table divided by a net. The International Table Tennis Federation governs all the international table tennis associations.

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To commence playing the game, you will need a racquet, balls, and a table tennis table. With practice, as your quality of game improves beyond the beginner’s level, you might want to invest in procuring advanced standards of equipment like racquets and accessories that enhance your game and style.

If you are a beginner and looking for a table tennis racquet, you’ll probably be baffled at the number of options available in the market. It’s always better to undertake a good market survey so as to make an informed and appropriate choice. Here, we have reviewed a few branded racquets that could emerge as one of your best instruments to win a Ping-Pong challenge.

Best Table Tennis Rackets for Beginners 2021

For Beginners, these are undoubtedly the best table tennis paddles.

Ping Pong Paddles for BeginnersEditor RatingPrice
#1. Butterfly 401 Shakehand Ping Pong Paddle9.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racquet9.3/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. STIGA Evolution Ping Pong Paddle9.2/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racquet9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. Killerspin JET200 Ping Pong Paddle9/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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Here are reviews of all the top 5 paddles for beginners, which you can buy without any hesitation.

#1.  Butterfly 401 Shakehand Ping Pong Paddle

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, looking for that high-quality table tennis racquet, the Butterfly 401 is a reasonably good choice. Unlike many of its kind, it may intrigue you to know that Butterfly 401 had been awarded the Buyer’s Choice soon after its release in the sports market. With it’s precise built, this racquet makes it to the ‘legendary category’ for a simple and entertaining indoor sport.


  • Appropriately designed for the simple Olympic Table Tennis
  • Yuki rubber fastened on both sides of the racquet generates high spins
  • Fitted with a 2.1mm extra soft sponge layer, the racquet gives a supple feel to the player’s hand and has an inverted surface
  • The set comes with an additional racquet and includes the racquet cover
  • Innovation speed: 8.0
  • Control: 8.50
  • Spin: 8.0


  • The tacky surface offers great spin
  • The sponge provides cushion and comfort, power and spin
  • Comes with the racquet cover to protect the racquet from external damage
  • Manufactured by an eminent company Butterfly


  • While the sponge density is spin-friendly, it can affect the player’s control. As recommended by professional players, it’ sensible for beginners to purchase a paddle that offers sponge density of 1.5- 1.8.
  • The sticky surface attracts dust and grit
  • Requires regular cleaning to retain spin
  • Does not have an approval from the ITTF

Price: Reasonably priced, this product is a good purchase for intermediate level players than beginners, as the paddle attributes allow players to control and maneuver shots accordingly.

Overall, for its affordable price, Butterfly 401 with the paddle and the racquet cover that makes it handy, it is quite a judicious purchase and a sensible investment if you wish to pursue the game seriously. Made of Yuki rubber, it’s a signature product from Butterfly. The racquet may not suit an experienced player’s needs but it’s perfect for beginners. The tackiness of the racquet could possibly dissipate quickly, but with some extra caution and care, the longevity could be increased. However, the product is not ITTF approved and so you might not be able to use it for playing tournaments.

#2.  STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racquet

If you love playing table tennis, you must be well aware of the benefits of a quality racquet and its contribution in improving your overall playing skills. It’s best to choose a customized racquet carefully post-market research that suits your style and level of play. Our review of STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racquet can guide you to select the best product.

The STIGA Titan is close to a perfect one for beginners of the sport and has the features that can enable to improve skills over a short period of time with dedicated practice. With its attributes, STIGA Titan offers players with enhanced control and smoother ball placement to any area of the table that you wish to dominate your game.


  • Sponge thickness: 2.0mm
  • 1 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • Speed: 80
  • Spin: 77
  • Control: 82
  • 5-ply Extra Light Blade and 2 layers of Carbon fiber
  • Performance: Level Paddle
  • Inverted Tournament Rubber which is ITTF approved
  • Paddle weight: 150 grams

Technology:  The STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racquet has been crafted under special technology that contributes to its features. The crystal technology makes the blade surface hard and staff helping to increase the speed at which the racquet hits the ball. Secondly, produced with a focus on the weight balance rate and ball sensitivity allows for faster recovery and longer play. The combination of control and optimum elasticity attributes to the possibility of playing with high speed. The Nano composite technology makes for tighter bonds in the rubber thereby increasing the speed and spin. Fourthly, the light weight of the racquet is attributed by the use of Balsa technology that uses ultra-light center ply.


  • Paddle: the lightweight paddle enhances the grip of the handle providing a very good feel and spin to it that may not be available on a cheap racquet.  It is a fast paddle for aggressive players.
  • The racquet is great value for the price you pay
  • The rubber offers improved spin
  • It is developed through intensive research and testing process
  • It is delivered assembled


  • The power could require improvement as the design is more spin-pro
  • The sponge quality is not at par with the international standard


Price:  the STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racquet is inexpensive and great value for money.

Selecting the STIGA Titan would be a sensible pick as it’s affordable and provides several features in comparison to any other paddle available in the similar price bracket. The rigorous process of manufacturing the racquet ensures a perfect balance of quality materials, sound technology and skilled workmanship in improving its performance. Moreover, with its approval from the ITTF, you can challenge and play any tournament with this high-performance racquet.

#3.  STIGA Evolution Ping Pong Paddle

Whether you are a beginner or an expert player of table tennis, you may never like to settle for an underrated racquet. While the market offers several options to choose from, we have reviewed the STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racquet for you to purchase the best that suits your level and comfort of playing the game.

The STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racquet is quite distinct from other pre-made racquets and is crafted to suit the professional player’s style. Featuring thick premium rubbers and 6-ply blades, the racquet blade has a ‘shock dispersion tube’ which is referred to the hollow part of the handle. It has been designed to create compulsive reactions on the ball when the racquet hits it. This also contributes to the unique sound that the racquet generates on hitting the ball. If you are a beginner it may take a while to get used to the racquet blade.


  • Features the shock dispersion technology
  • Speed: 96
  • Spin: 94
  • Control: 90
  • Sponge: 2 mm
  • Blades: 6-Ply Lightweight
  • ITTF approved rubber for Tournament Play
  • Weight: 6.0 oz
  • Tackiness: 2.5

Price: Available at an affordable price, the STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racquet is equipped with most features to satisfy intermediate level player needs.

Why should you buy STIGA Evolution Table Tennis racquet?

The racquet is pre-assembled and delivers high-quality performance. It’s lightweight and balance coupled with professional class rubber is a good buy for its modest price. It’s a magic racquet, especially for those who transit from entry-level players to intermediate level.  With its ITTF approval tag, you can use it for playing tournaments. The premium rubber offers a grander spin on the ball as compared to inferior quality covers of cheaper paddles. However, this calls for necessary adjustments at the player’s level to gain the required comfort.


  • The paddle make, allows both the players comfort at their levels. Defensive players will have the ease of returning the ball with great precision, while those at the level of trying to improve technique and imbibe the skill will have feel secured in their shots that may not demand much power.
  • The spin dimension is very high than that of any cheaper variety paddle
  • Lightweight of the racquet provides an edge to players who enjoy playing closer to the table.


  • Many players cite the disadvantage of the hollow grip attributed by its lightweight that makes it difficult to maintain control.
  • While you gain in control, you may lose in speed and so may not be a great choice for aggressive players.
  • Those who enjoy playing away from the table may face challenges in getting the ball over the net.
  • The stickiness of the rubber on the paddle may not be great for beginners


STIGA Evolution’s rubber and general build quality are worth its price. If you wish to purchase higher quality paddles, you can check out options as the manufacturer offers various paddle models, specially engineered for offensive players. To protect the racquet from dust and abrasions it is recommended to use the cover always.

#4.  Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racquet

If you have tried and tested several brands and have been scouting for a table tennis racquet of novel make, you can try the Allround Professional racquet from Eastfield. This is the first racquet released by Eastfield, which is the creation of Ben Larcombe who runs the popular Expert Table Tennis website. With an aim to provide a classy and learning experience to novice players, this racquet is crafted to enable enhanced control and feeling instead of intense speed.


  • Rubbers: Soft 2.1mm which is ITTF approved.
  • Blade: All-wood 5-ply
  • Weight:190g
  • Speed:6/10
  • Spin:8/10
  • Control:10/10

Price: the Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racquet is an excellent choice for players at the beginner’s level. Though it is more expensive than many other racquets aimed at entry-level players, it is still much cheaper than most customized table tennis racquets.


  • This custom made racquet rather than factory produced and allows easy replacement of rubbers as and when desired.
  • The racquet is easy to play with and does not demand any specific technique to keep the ball on the table.
  • The paddle rubber and blade are designed to provide a greater error margin as compared to the faster prototypes.
  • The Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racquet is considerably good for playing push shots as it allows a smoother hit over the net with the scope of backspin.
  • The rubbers allow players to generate decent spin, especially side and backspin.


  • Little expensive compared to its prototypes in the category but is very well made with the high-quality materials used in manufacturing the product.
  • The paddle rubbers are not too sensitive to the incoming spin
  • The racquet is quite slow to play with and needs physical effort and power to extend stroke for faster shots.
  • Playing with a slower racquet may lessen chances of over-hitting attacks and you may have to use better techniques to generate greater momentum. Top spins may not come easily.

Is it worth investing in the Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racquet?

As long as new players are concerned, it’s a great pick. Even though the racquet is slightly slower than other eminent beginner racquets, it can help players learn the appropriate techniques to play faster shots. For experienced players who like to play steady, controlled shots and play at a lower pace, this could be a sensible choice. The racquet is easy to push and block with and you can conveniently attack the opponent by slowing the ball down.

A new tennis racquet, the Eastfield Allround is a high-quality starter of a kind. While competitors such as Butterfly, STIGA, DHS, Joola and many more established brands dominate the market, Ben Larcombe has succeeded in creating an ITTF approved racquet to make its mark in this domain.

#5.  Killerspin JET200 Ping Pong Paddle

Product description: Relatively new in the table tennis domain, this American brand has emerged as bestsellers in the ping pong market. Having labeled racquets as “paddles” they have gained popularity among the US audience. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle features two 1.8mm ‘performance’ rubbers that come in a new fascinating look blue and black look instead of the custom red and black body.

The equal weight distribution and quality-make caters to all-round table tennis game and enables players to focus on precision shots. The product arrives with a 30-day limited warranty.


  • 5 layers plywood blade
  • Handle: flared 3.88”
  • Blade thickness: 0.23”
  • Sponge: 0.07”
  • Speed: 6.0
  • Spin: 7.0
  • Control: 8.5
  • Available in Blue/Yellow/Black/White colours


  • Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle is ideal for entry-level and recreational players
  • The rubber offers scope for greater attack. They are certainly better than some of the cheap paddles that come for free with the table.
  • The blade enhances players to consistently play
  • The solid construction of the racquet allows steady play with a high-quality blade and rubber.


  • The racquet is slow with poor power and does not allow much of a spin.
  • The colour choice of the rubber, unfortunately, disapproves its use to play any sort of league or tournament.
  • The rubber wears out relatively faster than other racquets available in the market for a similar price
  • The blade quality is not grand and its inferior make is the same as that of the JET200 with only an increased sponge thickness that has increased from 1.5mm to 1.8mm.
  • It is not ITTF approved and thus the paddle cannot be used to play tournaments
  • Compared to other paddles in the same skill bracket, Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle is an expensive choice to make.

If you are a beginner, this paddle with considerable control and solid build is good enough to purchase. Though it’s relatively expensive than some of the other beginner’s paddles, its control can assure you better results than the cheaper options. If you are serious about honing your table tennis skills, the Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle with its charming appearance is worth buying to start with. You could develop your unique style while gradually practicing with this racquet.

However, having said that, this racquet may not be a sensible choice for advanced players as it misses on many characteristics required to excel in higher level games and is also not ITTF approved. Alternatively, you could look up relatively higher priced racquets like the Palio Expert 2 or Palio CJ8000 based on your need and playing skill.

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Best Table Tennis Racket For Beginners Buyers’ Guide

As a beginner table tennis player, buying the right table tennis racket that is suitable for your level is crucial as this will significantly improve your performance level.

However, it might be hard to decide which racket is best for your level when you don’t know anything about table tennis rackets.

In this buyers’ guide, I’ll highlight the different components you should consider when deciding which table tennis racket to buy.

Here is an overview of the factors to consider:

  • Type of Material
  • Size and Shape
  • Type of Rubber
  • Grip & Blade Style
  • Type of Handle

What Ping Pong Racket A Beginner Player Should Not Buy

Table Tennis Racket A Beginner Player Should Not Buy

Before I go on and review the different components in detail, I’ll start by highlighting what not to buy.

As a beginner, you might be lured into the temptation of buying the cheapest table tennis racket you can find. Here’s why that’s not such a good idea, cheap rackets are often made of low-quality material resulting in them having poor control, you might also find it very difficult to properly spin the ball using such rackets.

Another type of rackets you shouldn’t buy are cheap fancy-looking bats. I’m certain you’ve seen some of these very fancy bats that often use attractive packaging that makes them look quite attractive and stylish. Often you’ll find images of star table tennis players prominently displayed on the cover of these bats. The intention is to give the impression of a premium quality product while the actual product is nothing but.

Now that you have a solid idea of which type of racket not to buy, let’s take a deep dive into the factors you should consider when determining the best table tennis paddle to buy for your level.

Type of Material

A table tennis paddle is made up of two distinct materials, a wooden blade, and sandwich rubber glued on both sides of the blade. Both sides of the blade have distinct rubber colors usually red and black (we will get into the reasoning behind this in the frequently asked question section below).

According to the ITTF stipulations, a table tennis blade must comprise at least 85% of natural wood and small amounts of other materials not exceeding 7.5% of the total thickness of the blade. These materials can include, glass fiber, compressed paper, or carbon fiber.

Size and Shape

According to the official rules of table tennis, a racket can be of any shape, size, or weight. However, almost all rackets are of a similar shape and size. An average ping-pong paddle has a blade length of 17cm and a width of 15cm, while the average length can be anywhere between 240-260mm and weigh between 70-100g.

Type of Rubber

table tennis bat for beginners Type of Rubber

When considering the type of rubber to buy for your blade, you must ensure that the rubber is ITTF approved, as only ITTF authorized table-tennis rubbers can be used in major table tennis events. To be certain that the rubber is ITTF approved you must confirm that the rubber bears an ITTF logo.

Once you’ve determined the authenticity of the rubber, you’ll need to know the different types of rubber available and identify which one will best compliment your style.

There are two major types of table tennis rubber, pimples-out, and pimples-in (reverse rubber).

Pimples-Out Rubber

table tennis racket for beginners Pimples-Out Rubber

As the name suggests, this type of rubber has a pimpled surface as the exterior of the rubber (Pimples-Out Rubber) and a smooth surface as the interior of the rubber (the side that is glued to the blade).

Depending on whether the pimples are short or long, it’ll have a completely different effect on how you strike the ball. Short pimples will give you an edge if you play a counter-hitting game while long pimples will give you an edge if you play a more defensive style of play.

Pimples-In (Reverse) Rubber

table tennis racket for beginners Pimples-in Rubber

Contrary to pimples-out, pimples-in rubber has the pimpled side of the rubber facing inwards and the smooth side of the rubber facing outwards hence the term reverse.

Whereas pimples-out is predominantly preferred by advanced-level players, pimples-in is most popular with beginners because it allows a more complete and dynamic range of strokes to be played. You’ll also develop your strokes better as a result of the excellent control that this type of rubber offers.

Depending on the style of play you want to develop, you should choose the type of rubber that complements that style. If you haven’t made up your mind on the style of play you want to adopt yet, you should consider getting a pre-assembled “AllRounded” racket as you develop your game further and establish a style.

My rubber recommendation for beginners is reverse rubber.

IMPORTANT: Over time, the quality of your table tennis rubber will decline due to the effects of wear and tear. It is recommended that you consider replacing your rubber every so often depending on the frequency of use. However, I would recommend that you replace your rubber annually to ensure that it remains in top shape.

Grip & Blade Style

When it comes to determining the best table tennis blade for your level, the most important consideration is your grip style. In simple terms, how you handle the racket.

There are two common types of grip, the Penhold, and the Western Style.

Based on your grip style, there are two different sets of blades that might be suitable for you.

Penhold Style Blade.
This type of blade is characterized by a shorter and thicker handle. And is suitable for players who use the Penhold grip. This type of grip style is very popular with players from Asia.

In this type of grip, the racket handle is held between the thumb and forefinger similar to how one would hold a pen when writing. This is an advanced grip technique that might not be suitable for a beginner.

Western Style Blade (aka Shakehands).
This type of blade is mostly preferred by players who use the western grip.

In this type of grip, the racket handle is held in the palm of your hand similar to shaking hands with another person. This is the grip style that is suitable for most beginners.

Thus, when considering the type of blade to choose, you must consider the grip style that you find most comfortable based on your style of play.

Type of Handle

The next consideration should be on the type of handle. There are three predominant types of handle shapes, Straight, Anatomic, and Flared. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the choice of handle shape so you should go with your personal preference.

While starting on your table tennis adventure, you don’t have to be overly concerned with all the subtle details that go into selecting a racket handle. The most important thing is to consider your personal preference based on your style of play and choose a handle that you feel is a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a straight and a flared handle for a table tennis paddle?

There is one major difference between straight and flared handles and that’s the playing technique. Flared handle is suitable for Forehand players because it provides a firm grip on the blade while also offering sufficient flexibility. A straight handle favors Backhand and Defensive players allowing a more dynamic use of the wrist to flip the bat.

Which is a good rubber for beginner table tennis players?

Pimples-in is the ideal rubber for beginners because it allows a more complete and dynamic range of strokes to be played. You’ll also develop your strokes better as a result of the excellent control that this type of rubber offers.

Why are table tennis paddles black and red?

ITTF regulations stipulate that a table tennis paddle should have different colors on either side of the blade, one dull and the other bright. The colors signify the different types of rubber used on either side of the blade. Helping the opposing players identify and quickly adjust their play based on which color of rubber the opponent used during the play.

Which table tennis blade is the best for beginners?

An “AllRound” 5 ply wooden table tennis blade is a good starting blade for most beginners.

What type of table tennis paddle grip is best for beginners?

There is no wrong or right paddle grip for beginners, what matters is that whichever grip style you choose to use be sure that you use the correct grip technique for that style. Personal preference and style of play should dictate the grip style you choose to adopt.

Final Thoughts

With too many options available in the market, it could be a daunting task to choose the best table tennis racket for beginners that optimizes the player’s playing potential.  Every grade of player i.e. whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced level of player has a particular style and thus may look for customized features on the racquet.

No matter which racquet you choose to use, ultimately winning a game will depend on your eligibility and skills of playing the sport. A good racquet is definitely not a substitute for good techniques. However, the appropriate combination of blades and rubber that match the right playing procedure and techniques will ensure excellent performance.


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