Top 5 Best Squash Rackets Under $50


Selecting the best squash racket under $50 could be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner. Prior to choosing the racket that best suits you, there are a few essential aspects that you should consider in order to strike the best deal and ease of play.

Best Squash Rackets Under $50

When it comes to budget options, these are the best squash rackets under $50.

Best Squash Rackets Under $50HighlightsPrice
#1. Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash RacketGreat Accuracy & PowerCheck Price Here
#2. Dunlop Squash Play Mini RacketPowerful Shots, Value for Money Check Price Here
#3. Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash RacketBalance & ControlCheck Price Here
#4. HEAD Discovery Team Squash RacketDecent Sweet Spot & Good BalanceCheck Price Here
#5. Xinnex Squash Beginning RacketDurability & PowerCheck Price Here

Firstly, it will be a good decision to check out the price range of the rackets available in the market. The squash sporting community has increasingly become popular and there are various brands of rackets selling inexpensive as well as high priced exclusive equipment. It primarily depends on your budget which racket you choose to buy and how comfortable you are to spend money on your gears.

A racket is a tool and before you purchase one, it’s significant to simultaneously consider your level of skill as well. If you are an entry-level player, it’s advisable not to rush into investing in super-expensive rackets. There are beginner class rackets that may cost below $50. As you enhance your skills, you can choose advanced rackets suited to your level of skill and style of play.

Secondly, there are certain parameters of the best squash racquets such as the weight, balance, material and composition, texture, shape, and size which also play a prominent role in helping you nurture your squash playing skill.

Finally, considering the brand is equally important as popular products usually offer enhanced features, better quality, and durability to the rackets. However, as a beginner, you can keep these points in mind and start with a relatively low priced racket to set your hands.

Top 5 Best Squash Rackets Under 50 Dollars

Here, we discuss 5 notable squash rackets available under $50 to make your search a little easier.

#1. Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racket

The Prince Team Inspire 200 squash racket has a light head and features a Titanium Force Technology that enhances the stability of its frame. This characteristic adds on to providing the racket with better accuracy. The Team Inspire racket from Prince is extremely comfortable to use racket as it is easily maneuverable due to its composition that allows improved stability and strength to this lightweight racket.

This Racquet features at #3 in our list of Top 5 Squash Rackets for Beginners.


  • As a lightweight racket, the Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash racket works very well for the entry-level players.
  • The Titanium Force Technology provides enhanced accuracy and power to the racket allowing the player to make powerful shots with less power
  • This model is low priced and serves as a great practice equipment


  • The grip needs Improvement.
  • Minor Durability Issues.

Product Specifications

  • Head-size: 483cm2
  • Racket Length: 27 in
  • String Tension: 25 lbs
  • Weight: 180 grams (unstrung)
  • String pattern: 16 x 17
  • Balance: 32 cm (head-light)
  • Width: 18.68mm
  • Fused construction
  • Grip: DuraTac+
  • Includes the full-length cover

Pricing:  The Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racket is available for an affordable price and is ideal for beginners, that’s why listed in top squash rackets under $50.

It features a 485 cm2 head which provides the players the comfort of hitting clean and concrete shots. The equipment features the Extender Technology where the lightweight racket can be used to make powerful shots with its lengthier main strings contributing to lowering the net weight of the racket. The racket frame weighs around 180 grams and is defined by a string pattern of 16 x 17 along with a fused construct.

The Prince Team Inspire 200 is enabled with the Powerfan Technology that gives it more strength and stability providing for greater sweet spot size on this model. If you are an entry-level player and want to train yourself through numerous practice sessions, this racket available under $50 is a great choice to make.

#2. Dunlop Squash Play Mini Racket

The Dunlop Squash Mini is designed to use Titanium Ally material to provide stiffness to the racket. This unique feature also provides a brilliant weight to stiffness ratio where the stiff fiber gives stability and power to the racket head.


  • An ideal entry-level model that comes in with a closed throat shape
  • This squash equipment provides better grip making it easier for beginner level players
  • The large head enables new players to hit shots with greater impact as the ball easily comes in contact with the head
  • The mini racket is a low priced one, value for money squash equipment


  • This racket is not suitable for the advanced level of players

Product Specifications

  • Racket weight: 190 grams
  • Frame weight: 170 grams
  • Head size: 500 cm sq
  • String pattern: 14×19
  • Length: 23.5 inches

Pricing: Exceptionally low priced, the Dunlop Squash Play Mini Racket is a steal for its price.

The shaft of this racket is reinforced in a manner to generate enhanced power with the carbon power tube. The racket offers excellent power enabling the player to hit long shots, thereby pushing the opponent to the back of the court. The lightweight and the mean give this model a comfortable feel making it easy to be maneuvered by intermediate players too.

This racket’s balance fosters a compromise between its power and handling ability. Large head size and lengthier strings powered with additional control have led to customer satisfaction with this one.

#3. Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash Racket

Recognized as one of the best in the squash genre, the Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash Racket is ideal if you are a new player. This model provides an edge over many other rackets with its advanced features to train you well at playing professional squash. You can also select this racket if you play for recreation only, it will be a worth it investment, without going overboard.


  • The Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash racket is affordable and the use of additional gears like the safety eyewear and dot balls will make your court ready
  • The racket model is excellent for beginners and leisurely players and can be extensively used for practice sessions
  • Both male and female customers have shared positive feedback in the past
  • The reasonably priced racket will not burn a hole in your pockets
  • The balance and control of this model are attributed by its graphite and alloy composition that triggers minimum vibration.


  • May not be the best choice for professional players.

Product Specifications

  • Frame Weight: 170 grams
  • Head-size: 500 cm2
  • Construction/composition: Premium Graphite Alloy
  • Balance: Head-light
  • Pattern: PowerMax snare pattern
  • String Pattern: 16X18
  • Grip size: G4
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Beam width: 25 mm

Pricing: The Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash racket is priced at a reasonably attractive price.

The Dunlop Blaze Inferno is factory strung equipment that features a 170-gram frame and a 500 cm2 head. The racket is not the perfect pick for intermediate and advanced players, but for those learning to get a hang of the game, the grip and solid swings can prove to be highly beneficial.

It is head light and its features of balance compensate for the equipment’s overall heavy weight. As a new player’s racket, this head light racket can make for an amazing choice as it ushers optimal style and control.

Overall, this model is easy to handle and sweep smooth shots. The racket comes strung from the manufacturer and the quality of strings seems durable.

Dunlop Blaze 50 was the model of similar configuration before Blaze Inferno was launched and the step-up has been an improvement over the former for sure.

#4. HEAD Discovery Team Squash Racket


  • The sweet spot on the racket allows you to hit some great shots
  • The lightweight of this squash equipment makes it easy to use
  • If you are a beginner, you will find this reasonably priced racket as an exceptionally handy one.
  • This racket provides a great balance
  • The synthetic guts can be expected to last at least for a season


  • Not as durable when compared to ones in a higher price bracket.
  • This model may not be ideal for advanced and professional players.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 195 grams
  • Head-size: 485 square inches
  • Balance: Head Light
  • Frame: The Intellifibre Carbon-Titanium frame
  • String pattern: 14X19
  • Grip: Synthetic
  • String: Synthetic Gut
  • Beam: 19 mm
  • Type: Power/Control

Pricing: The HEAD i110 Squash Racket can be purchased at a reasonable price. It is one of the most inexpensive squash rackets from a prominent brand that is available in the market.

HEAD is one of the strongest brands in this segment and while its rackets speak volumes, its top-notch technology in the backend makes things happen. Today, HEAD has some of the best features in the racket that are made available with the use of Nano Titanium Technology, CT2 Corrugated Technology and the ultimate technology that leverages power in the hands of the player.

It is the most suitable racket for players with no experience at all. The Nano-Titanium technology lends the super-light feel to players and provides a balance of both power and control. Hence this makes it suitable for new players because it lets them get the experience of both playing strategies. Once they rise above the basic level, it is suitable to consider which is their main preferred strategy.

The HEAD Discovery Team Squash Pack model features a lightweight and powerful racket design. This inexpensive squash racket use amplifies power technology, which allows for some maneuverability making it stiff and powerful. As a new player, if you are concerned about the grip of the racket, you can rest assured as this equipment bears a breathable hand grip that will enable your hands with extra comfort and smooth gripping. If you are just beginning to train yourself in the sport, this remarkably low priced racket can surely come as long-lasting equipment. It is packed with some amazing technology and features that enable a superior level of practice and playing experience.

It comes with two Head Tournament squash balls, HEAD Discovery Team racket, and protective eyewear.

#5. Xinnex Squash Beginning Racket

This model is equipped with a large head size of 500cm2 allowing for enhanced power. The 190 grams racket ensures greater control owing to its head light balance. The tolerance of this model allows players to improve their playing technique.


  • The string tension is quite good. Strings are really durable and last longer than Nylon strings.
  • This racket is good for beginners and intermediate players
  • The racket is inexpensive and is worth a buy for those just learning the sport and refining skills
  • This composite racket offers power and ease and is good for learning to sweep balls close to the wall.


  • Though the string tension is good, it does not match up to an unbeatable quality level
  • The strings may need tightening after a few games or else it can lead to too much vibration

Product Specifications

  • Head Size: 500cm2
  • Frame Weight: 190 grams
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy
  • Balance: 315mm
  • Length: 27.2 inches
  • String Pattern: 14×19
  • Grip: PU
  • Strings: Polyester
  • Cover included

Pricing: The Xinnex Squash Beginning Racket is priced at an attractively affordable price.

The Xinnex Squash Beginning Racket is an excellent option for starters and is quite appealing with its design and make. This resistant racket comes factory strung with synthetic Polyester gut using monofilament yarn with high strength and can be used by intermediate level players as well (as it enables maneuverability).

The aluminum alloy composition provides the racket of its great stiffness and strength. This is not really a lightweight racket and helps even children train well for arm muscle strength. The racket comes with a cover too. There are a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty and 30-day return and replacement service.


Once you’ve made up your mind on buying a brand new user-friendly squash racket, you will not have to dig up research as the above-listed products are top-rated and can seamlessly fit into your budget.

Do check out:-

Prior to making your final selection, it is advisable that you do take a close look at the racket’s brand, string, and grip that best fits your playing need, style and optimizes your gameplay.


  1. If I have a limited budget of $50, then I would any day pick DUNLOP Squash Play as it gives good control & power, it’s value for money squash racquet under $50.


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