Top 5 Best Budget Squash Rackets Under $100


That perfect strategy to help you win a Squash game is all set in your mind. You have it all worked out with hours of practice. But there is one important thing that you just cannot afford to miss out on. We know it and you can guess it right, the best racket. As simple as it sounds, buying the most suitable racket can be a very time consuming and confusing mission. So we have done your homework and are presenting to you the best budget squash rackets under 100 dollars that will be your partner in the big game.

Best Budget Squash Rackets Under $100

These are best-suited options for squash players looking for affordable squash rackets under $100.

Best Squash Rackets Under $100HighlightsPrice
#1. HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash RacketPowerful & Durable RacketCheck Price Here
#2. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash RacketGood Weight Balance & ShapeCheck Price Here
#3. Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash RacketGreat Power & ControlCheck Price Here
#4. Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash RacketHighly Durable & PowerfulCheck Price Here
#5. HEAD i110 Squash RacketLarge Sweet Spot & Good BalanceCheck Price Here

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Why Look for A Racket Below $100?

A good quality racket will last for years at length if it is taken care of. The prices for some rackets can reach an exorbitant amount, which we found is not necessary to be spent if you are aware of what is selling like hot pancakes, of course for good reasons. The limit set on the price range is well thought of in terms of the best that you need, falling within budget. Read on to make your choice.

Top 5 Best Squash Rackets Under 100 Dollars

Below are reviews of top 5 squash rackets under $100 that are not only budget options but gives you immense quality.

#1. HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racket

PowerControlManeuverabilityDurabilityOverall Rating

The MicroGel product range is vast, with numerous options that came before. However the HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racket is one of the latest models and even sought after by the top players.

It is relatively heavier than other Head rackets, with the weight of only the frame being 145 grams. The head size stands at 500 cm2. The beam and balance are 20 mm and 335 mm respectively. The grip size is 1, though you can use a grip to modify the same.

This Racquet features at #7 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.


  • Suits all player types
  • Sturdy and strong in both use and looks
  • It Enables the player more power with minimal effort.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Slightly unbalanced.

Let us start off with one of the best points about this racket. It allows for both, power as well as control in a balanced way. One difference between this one and the Dunlop Apex Infinity is the material used for manufacturing the racket frame.

Belonging to the Micro Gel product group of the HEAD company, the frame is made from the combination of two materials, carbon fiber, and silicon. While carbon fiber is famous for providing strength, the silicon material gives it the quality of some elasticity. When a shot is hit, this material allows a punch of power and the frame pops back to its original shape.

With HEAD using the Flexpoint technology for manufacturing, the concept of flexibility in Squash itself was redefined. While traditionally rackets used to remain erect and tilted from front to back, with the Flexpoint technology, only the area close to the point where the racket is hit bends, while the rest of it does not. Not trying to make this a science tutorial, we can simply mention that there are two holes present on the left and right sides of the racket which make this possible.

The tri-colored racket has a string pattern of 12×17. Also, the string pattern optimizes power during a game. It is also noticeable that the strings are not very closely woven.

Though there are other variants in the Head Micro Gel product range, this one is our best pick due to the most suitable combination of features and price. Micro Gel 145 has a unique feel and the users find this variant very apt. Still thinking is it would be good for you? Head has done a great job at making sure that it can be used by all types of players.

#2. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racket

PowerControlManeuverabilityDurabilityOverall Rating

Looks like HEAD is doing a pretty good job, selling great rackets to players across the world. This second model from HEAD which is a 27 inches long wand can cast a spell of Squash magic during a match. There is nothing extraordinary about the racket head size. The head size is 500 cm2, quite similar to two of our other picks. But the weight of this super-light model is only 110 grams. This makes the racket a part of the lightest rackets’ league, no matter which the price range might be.

This Racquet features at #1 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.


  • Delivered woven/strung by the manufacturer.
  • Reasonably priced and weight for amateur players.
  • Very good balance, weight, shape, and string pattern.
  • Great Sweet Spot.


  • The racket grip might not be as good as one would expect.

A game played with the Ti 110 is bound to make you realize how much heavier your other rackets have been. This is a head heavy racket with a balance of 350 mm. it comes woven with synthetic gut strings. The synthetic gut lasts for a long time, a lot longer than natural gut. The string pattern is 14×18.

As the name suggests, it is made using advanced nano Titanium materials, pooled with the latest technology. The nanoparticles are very light, yet they make the frame stronger.

You get a sufficiently big sweet spot with some razor-sharp and quick movements. If you find it too light and even a few matches have not been sufficient to make you used to it, you can use an additional hand grip to increase the weight. The grommets holes have been exclusively designed to give smooth performance. These are bigger on the left and right sides of the frame, in comparison to other grommets.

The Ti 110 gives you plenty of features at an affordable price. The likes of highly skilled players find the power balanced really well with accuracy in shots. Now you can play for hours without feeling tired. The power infused in your shots is facilitated by the powerful string pattern. You can notice it on the string bed too.

Ti 110 has been doing pretty well in the market right since 2011.

#3. Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung Squash Racket

PowerControlManeuverabilityDurabilityOverall Rating

Its head size is a 480 cm2. The string pattern is 16X17 and beam width is 20-18 mm. the length is 27 inches which is suitable for playing.

This Racquet features at #4 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.


  • Perfect for expert-level players
  • Many USPs like wall glider, power ring, power scoop, TTT, etc.
  • It provides greater flexibility and stability.
  • Power-packed racket.
  • Lightweight racket which means better control.


  • Small Sweet Spot
  • Might be damaged if it hits against hard surfaces

Prince has always been one of the top-rated manufacturers for rackets and with this model launched years ago, it redefined its own standards, proving the quest for quality once again. A great USP of the TT Sovereign is the fact that it is the best to provide the most of control and power strategies, while its competitors might be able to leverage probably one only. It has been a huge hit with beginners and professionals alike. No doubt that the best of industry players prefer being sponsored by Prince.

The weight of an unstring frame is 135gms. The Prince model has two performance driving features which are patented – the Power Scoop and Power Ring. The Power Scoop refers to the exclusive design of the handle. It is strong and sturdy, yet absorbs shocks in a way that is smoothening. The Power Ring refers to the specially designed racket head. It has been designed so that the strings are longer, but relatively more uniform in length so that there is a greater possibility of a shot being hit by various strings in a similar manner.

The frame is made using TTT or Triple Threat Tungsten, which makes use of the metal Tungsten to allow control, reduce shock and provide a durable compact material. Titanium, copper, carbon, and tungsten are placed in critical positions of 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock and the bottom. The Wall glider Bumper has been added as another selling point to woo professional players. It allows the racket to glide effortlessly against walls and similar hard structures/objects. The string pattern is also set decently at 16×17.

We suggest this model if your playing style is majorly attacking the opponent, ultimately making him lose control over his own game.

#4. Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racket

PowerControlManeuverabilityDurabilityOverall Rating

The gross weight of its frame is 135gms and the string pattern is 14X19. It is a head heavy racket with a head size of 500cm2 which is big enough. This is another model that is used by advanced level players and many of them suggest getting a hand grip while buying this, as it generates better results for them. It is best suited to the playing needs of intermediate to pro-level players.

This Racquet features at #5 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.


  • Generated a lot of power.
  • Will last for years if taken care of.
  • Very stable racket because of Beryllium alloy composition.
  • Built of high modulus Graphite, so it’s very lightweight.


  • The reduced sweet spot, lesser than average.
  • Balance is more towards the handle.

No one needs to put in an extra effort to market a product when super satisfied customers are all praises for it (online too). This splendid racket is another head light pick on our list. Need we say it is an excellent tool to hit power-packed shots? Players love it for the kind of balance it provides during a game.

It is delivered prestrung with Kevfibre TI String and TUF Grip. Both of these last reasonably well. its length is 27 inches.

#5. HEAD i110 Squash Racket

PowerControlManeuverabilityDurabilityOverall Rating

The HEAD i110 model features a lightweight and powerful racket design. This inexpensive squash racket features Intellifibres that allow for high maneuverability making it stiff and powerful. The stiffness contributes to the racket’s impact with the ball where it can eliminate as much as 205 vibrations.

This Racquet features at #6 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the World.


  • The large sweet spot on the HEAD i110 Squash racket allows you to hit the greatest shots.
  • The lightweight of this squash equipment makes it easy to use.
  • If you are a beginner, you will find this reasonably priced racket as an exceptionally handy one.
  • This racket provides a great balance.
  • The Intellifibres frame allows for lesser vibrations.


  • Quality is comparatively inferior to several prototypes.
  • May not be ideal for advanced and professional players.

This innovation powered by the eminent brand Head also comes with the PowerFrame Technology providing exclusive stability. Additionally, PowerPattern Technology facilitates the optimum sweet spot on the racket. The head strings are well braided which allows the player greater control of shots and contributes to its durability.

The Head i110 squash racket has a wide body and provides enhanced power. As a new player, if you are concerned about the grip of the racket, you can rest assured as this equipment bears a breathable hand grip that will enable your hands with extra comfort and smooth gripping. If you are just beginning to train yourself in the sport, this remarkably low priced racket can surely come as long-lasting equipment. It is packed with some amazing technology and features that enable a superior level of practice and play.

Product Specifications: Its weight is 110 grams and the head size is 495 cm2. The Balance is optimum at 355mm. The frame (The Intellifibre Carbon-Titanium frame) typifies the racket as lightweight.

It is one of the most inexpensive squash rackets from a prominent brand that is available in the market.

Take Your Call

Spend some time browsing online for the racket you like from the list and you are sure to land on a page with a good discount.

All the rackets chosen for this list of best budget squash rackets under $100 are pretty well suitable for various kinds of players. Also, the focus of each leading manufacturer is to optimize the weight, make shots powerful, distribute weight strategically and use the latest technologies to evolve materials. It is a matter of your choice, playing style and playability factors on the basis of which you must take a final call.

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Before placing the order do remember to check for some brownie gains, such as if a cover is available with the racket or not, or is an extra handgrip provided. Make sure that you give some time to yourself to get used to the new racket you buy. It is always good to start using it while practicing and not right around an important match is dated.


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