Best Squash Racket For Beginners In 2021 – 5 Reviews


If you are in a hurry the squash racket that comes on top according to our reviews for beginners is the HEAD Nano Ti 110

When choosing the best squash racket for beginners, considering the skill factor becomes inevitable, though the push-pull aspect of power and control remain consistently significant regardless of the skill level of the player.

There are a few key factors that play a great role in the skill development of the beginner level players and should be considered while choosing a racquet.  These include the racquet shape (head and throat), weight and balance, material, grip/beam, strings and finally the price.

There are quite a few squash rackets for beginners available in the market, specifically designed for younger squash players including those that can be used by children. Overall, a squash racket with an open throat, lightweight, and solid construct is ideal for beginners to enjoy and well as learning the skills of this sport.

Best Beginner Squash Racquets 2021

Here is the list of best beginner squash rackets to buy in 2021.

Best Beginner Squash RacquetsHighlightsPrice
#2. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash RacquetGood Power & Better ControlCheck Price Here
#1. Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash RacquetExtra Power Boost & Smooth StrokesCheck Price Here
#3. Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash RacquetInexpensive, Better Accuracy Check Price Here
#4. Micro Gel 145 Squash RacquetPowerful & AffordableCheck Price Here
#5. Dunlop Blaze Pro Squash RacquetBalance of Power & ControlCheck Price Here

Al these beginner squash racquets are rated very high by the experts & already being used by a number of players around the world. You can check reviews with pros & cons to pick the right racket for you.

Top 5 Best Squash Racquets For Beginners

Here, we have tried to club a list of the 5 best-rated beginner squash rackets with reviews. A close look at these will help you in choosing the perfect squash equipment that can match your playing style.

#1. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

This Racquet features at #1 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.

Head is one of the most well-reputed and trusted brands in the squash sporting community. The innovations that make the Nano Ti unique, contributes to it being one of the most preferred squash rackets for many beginners.

As one of the lightest squash rackets available in the market, Nano Ti 110 weighs only around 100 grams allowing you to make easy-breezy adjustments within seconds while playing the fastest boast shots as well. Moreover, the racquet provides for the biggest sweet spots.

The spaced-out grommets provide for extra string recoil adding on to the sweet spot beyond its standard levels. The string beam is quite thick at 20mm providing for more power. Though this can reduce the control to a certain extent, the heavy head balance allows for a steadier strike. Composed of titanium carbon composite, this makes the racquet slightly rigid and with all the focussed features it makes for an exceedingly quality racquet for serious learners.

This one from Head packages weight, balance, string pattern, and shape into one powerful racquet which could soon become your personal favorite. A lightweight, sturdy and efficient racquet that does not drain your energy easily, the Nano Ti 110 is all an entry-level squash player needs for high-quality performance.

Our Ratings For Nano Ti 110

Power: 7/10 – The racquet features tightly strung strings, but it is around 130-grams when strung, which still gives you decent power output.

Control: 8/10 – The smaller head means fewer squash strings and makes it stiff, but once you master the squash racket, you have pinpoint accuracy.

Durability: 6/10 – While we could not find many complaints, one of the main issues was centered around the strings that could snap.

Beginner Friendly: 7/10 – The racquet is designed to be comfortable and lightweight for beginners to get started.

Our Verdict

The HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet has a closed shape, which means there is a smaller section that you can use for striking the ball. Some Amazon buyers have suggested that it is a little too small for beginners, but we disagree. The smaller section allows for better accuracy training, making it easy to use for any beginner.


  • The lightweight racquet of merely 100 grams makes it ideal for beginners
  • The grommets and the open throat design provide an enlarged sweet spot, good power, and better control.
  • The composition of the Nano Ti 110 Squash racquet makes it a durable one
  • The string pattern and heavy head balance provide enhanced power to well balance the lightweight racquet.


  • The grip needs slight improvement

Product Specifications:

  • Head Size: 500 sq cm
  • Dimensions: L 27.52 x W 9.45 x H 1.34 inches
  • Frame Weight: 110g
  • Balance: 360mm (Head-heavy), strung with Head Synthetic Gut and includes full cover
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18.
  • Construction: Nano Titanium

#2. Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash Racquet

This Racquet features at #2 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.

Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 racquet is known as one of the best performing squash rackets and can prove as a great instrument in building your skill-set in terms of power and control. As compared to other squash rackets in the lightweight category, this is slightly on the heavier side. It has a balance point of 350mm with its teardrop heavy head.

The racquet comes with a 305+ 1.20mm premium string. Just in case you are familiar with the Carboflex series of squash rackets, you may notice that this is the less heavy head than the 130 and 140 models in its line.

This squash racket uses a 14 x 18-string pattern that generates enhanced power to the equipment. Additionally, it contributes to an increased sweet spot on the racquet. Well suited for aggressive squash players, the Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 Squash racket is head heavy, which means that it can offer greater power while pulling off a smooth and clean stroke. The racquet has most of its features geared towards power though it comes with the finest beam measuring 18mm.

With it being easy to maneuver, this racquet is quick to volley with and a player who likes playing more of the basic length game will truly enjoy playing with the CarboFlex 125. The graphite and basaltex multiaxial composition contribute to the racquet’s stiffness adding on to its power, though it may not perfectly fit into every player’s style.

However, once you have the hang of it, it could make for a great professional training squash racket, especially if you wish to imbibe the playing skills of an aggressive squash player.

Our Ratings For Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125

Power: 8/10 – The squash racket is stiffer than most, which contributes to giving you more power with each stroke.

Control: 6/10 – While the stiffness is great for power, it makes control a little harder, especially finesse shots.

Durability: 7/10 – While the overall frame of the squash racket is durable, there have been some complaints about broken strings. However, this is rare.

Beginners Friendly: 6/10 – It is the perfect shape for beginners, but it is more of a crossover racquet to an intermediate level.

Our Verdict

The Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 is stiffer than most other racquets, which means that it adds a lot to the power of the player. It might take some practice to get used to it if you play with a little more finesse. However, it should be best suited for an aggressive player. The consensus around the web is that this squash racket is for a beginner player who slowly make their way to intermediate or even an advanced level.


  • The 125 grams racquet provides a little weight to generate the power even for a lightweight model
  • The 14 x 18 string pattern adds on the extra power boost
  • The 350 mm is slightly heavy head and provides more power to enable a smooth stroke.
  • The racquet is great for players learning to train aggressively


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Lacks string durability

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 125 gms
  • Balance point: 350mm
  • Strings: Technifibre’s 305+, 1.20 mm premium string.
  • Head-size: 77. 5 sq in.
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Balance: 350mm (little heavy-head)
  • String pattern: 14 mains x 18 crosses
  • Colour: Matt Black/ Glossy Yellow
  • Length: 28 inches
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Width: 10 inches


#3. Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet

This Racquet features at #1 in our list of Top 5 Squash Racquets Under $50.

The Prince Team Inspire 200 squash racket is a head light racket, featuring Titanium force technology that enhances the stability of its frame and provides better accuracy. This comfortable-to-use racquet is easily maneuverable as its composition provides improved strength and stability to this lightweight equipment.

The Prince Team Inspire 200 features a 485-square centimeter head, which allows you to sweep clean and solid shots. The racquet comes with Prince’s extender technology where the lengthier main strings contribute to lowering the net squash racquet weight, thereby adding on to improved lightweight power.  The overall build of the racquet weighs around 180 grams with a string pattern of 16 x17 and a fused construct.

The Powerfan technology facilitates greater strength and stability to this model as this helps in increasing the sweet spot size on the racket. It’s a great choice to make if you are just stepping into learning the sport as this player-friendly racket comes much handy for practice sessions and is inexpensive for its decent quality.

Our Ratings For Prince Team Inspire 200

Power: 5/10 – The strings are not strung as tightly as many of the others, but it will give you decent velocity equal to that of your swing.

Control: 7/10 – Control is slightly easier with this racquet due to the large setup of the head and then lightly strung strings.

Durability: 3/10 – The two main issues are the durability of the exterior shape and the grip that comes off after a few games.

Beginners Friendly: 8/10 – Due to the price and the large head of the racquet, it is easy to use and affordable for most beginners.

Our Verdict

The Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet is one of the leading options for beginners playing on a budget. The consensus is that the racket is rather useful for all players, but you might need to replace the grip. Since it is made from plastic, it eventually wears off.


  • A lightweight model, this racquet is great for starters
  • The titanium force technology provides better accuracy and power to the racquet
  • Inexpensive and serves as a great racquet for practice


  • Durability Issues
  • Grip needs improvement

Product Specifications:

  • Head size: 483cm2
  • Length: 27 in
  • String Tension: 25 +/- 5lbs
  • Weight: 180 grams unstrung
  • String pattern: 16 x 17
  • Balance: 32 cm (head light)
  • Width: 18.68mm
  • Construction: Fused
  • Grip: DuraTac+
  • Full-length cover included

#4. Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet

This Racquet features at #7 in our list of Top 10 Squash Racquets in the Market.

The MicroGel 145 Squash racquet is the second one from Head featuring on our list. The Microgel technology here offers a stiffer shape to the squash racket. The additional stiffness on the racket’s torso provides for greater response and feel, enabling the squash ball to bring optimal response and outcome on your shots with minimal vibration. The large head size corresponds to 500-square centimeters. This all-around squash racket is well balanced owing to the open string pattern which comes with the Flexpoint technology.

These features make the Micro Gel 145 Squash racket a versatile one suited to players at all levels and ranges. A uniform balance of power and control constitute this racket’s main features. The racket design is perfect for beginner and intermediate players and is also available for a fairly reasonable price. Quite a popular design for those seeking a powerful strike, the advanced MicroGel technology offers low density to the squash racket owing to the silicone-based composition.

The uniform stress dispersal on the impact makes for a fantastic touch. MicroGel has certain properties such as warping for shock absorption and the ability to rapidly bounce back to its original form. These characteristics attributed to the gel provide for further skill refinement enabling easy smashing during competitions and tournaments.

Our Ratings For Micro Gel 145

Power: 8/10 – It is one of the heavier rackets on the list and the additional weight directly translates to more power.

Control: 7/10 – Being larger, means that the sweet spot is also bigger and with a delicate touch,
your shot placement should be on point.

Durability: 7/10 – The racquet will effectively resist any scrapes from walls and provide you with a comfortable playing surface.

Beginners Friendly: 7/10 – It might be the perfect squash racket for beginners, but it is also a little bit expensive to start with.

Our Verdict

The HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racket has one of the largest heads you can look at. The level of control is impressive due to the microgel technology. It is a slight upgrade from the Nano Ti 110, featuring a slightly heavier frame. Most players say that the additional weight seems to have a positive effect on the power output.


  • The lower string density enables the racquet with more power
  • The Flexpoint technology-enabled at the racquet’s central point provides the frame with an amazing bounce
  • The large head allows the ball to easily come off it
  • It is good for both beginners and advanced players
  • MicroGel 145 Squash Racquet is available at an affordable rate


  • The racquet is a little unbalanced.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 145 grams
  • Material: Carbon fiber/microgel
  • Throat: Open throat
  • Gripsize: 1
  • Beam: 20mm
  • Head-size: 500 cm²
  • Length: 685mm
  • Balance: 335 mm
  • String pattern: 12 x 17 (Mains X Crosses)


#5. Dunlop Blaze Pro Squash Racquet

The Dunlop Blaze Pro is known as one the best in its genre when it comes to squash. If you are a beginner and just setting your hands at the game, this model will certainly provide an edge over other beginner squash rackets with its features to acquaint you with the sport.

This factory-strung squash racket features a frame weighing around 175 grams with a head size of 500 cm2. If you are a novice, this squash racket with slightly heavy weight can give you an excellent grip. The Dunlop Squash Court Pack is almost 25 grams heavier than the maximum limit set for the heavy category of standard squash rackets.

This is great for starting as it will enable you to learn the fundamentals of gripping and solid swing technique; however, it may not be truly beneficial in the long run for developing a finer skillset and greater control.

The squash racket features a head light balance to compensate for the overall heavy equipment. One of the best characteristics is the price for which you can purchase it as you can own a complete set against little investment. The carrying bag, protective eyewear, and two balls will motivate you to straightaway hop onto the squash court.

Our Verdict

The Dunlop Squash Court Pack is a uniquely designed performance squash racket with string tension as suitable for precision as well as for power. If you wish to practice frequently and require a head balance light squash racket, this is an excellent choice to make. As a racket for beginners, it is easy to hit and handle and subtly combines style and control in one of the top rackets.

Our Ratings For Dunlop Blaze Pro

Power: 8/10 – Due to the extra weight, you can put a lot of power behind each of your shots if the ball is warmed up.

Control: 4/10 – The extra weight might add a lot to the power aspect of the squash racket. However, it reduces maneuverability.

Durability: 6/10 – Looking at some of the other user’s thoughts, it is surprisingly durable and will withstand a few all scrapes.

Beginners Friendly: 7/10 – It is one of the best packs for beginners in terms of price and value. You will be ready for your first game.


  • The Dunlop Squash Court racquet is quite an affordable one and the pack comes with the additional equipment like the safety eyewear and ball making it worth a buy.
  • The racquet is excellent for entry-level players and can be used for extensive practice sessions
  • The reasonable price of the pack makes it a reasonable investment for entry-level squash players.
  • The graphite and alloy composition of the racquet provides a balance of power and control with minimum vibration.


  • Slightly Heavy.
  • Strings wear out rapidly

Product Specifications:

  • Frame Weight: 175 grams
  • Head size: 500 cm2
  • Construction: Graphite Alloy
  • Balance: Head-light
  • The pack comes with a pair of Dunlop Vision Eyewear, one Dunlop pro-double yellow dot ball, one Competition single yellow dot ball

Buying Guide For The Best Squash Racket For Beginners

Understanding the features of the squash racket you like is where the real trick comes in. Once you understand the rackets and their functionality, you can make decisions for yourself. The following buyers’ guide will help you choose the best squash racket for beginners.

Racket Shape (Squash Racket Throat Shape)

There are two throat shapes to consider before buying a beginners squash racket. These are the teardrop (Open) and classic (Closed) throat types. Each racket head shape has a different effect on your game.

Here is a small breakdown of each to think of:

  • Teardrop: The teardrop design has a large string-bed area, which means that it also has a larger sweet spot. The larger sweet spot makes the squash racquet more forgiving for beginners and allows them to practice shots better
  • Classic: The classic racket is geared more towards the advanced player. It features a smaller string-bed and therefore, a smaller sweet spot. However, it offers more enhanced ball control for advanced players.

As a beginner, it is better that you start with the teardrop shape. At first, it might look a little out of place, but as you get used to it, you will have a better game. Many mistakes will go unnoticed when using the teardrop shape.

Frame Balance

The racket you buy can have a heavy head or a light head, which refers to how the racket is balanced. The light head rackets are slightly easier to control and they offer more maneuverability for volleys. However, it is hard to garner the same power as a head-heavy racket. The head-heavy racket is harder to move with, but you have more power behind each shot.

Alternatively, you might want to consider the balanced racket that gives you the best of both worlds.

Weight Of The Frame

Most racquets have a weight range between 110 and 145-grams. However, newer models have hit the market with a weight of 90-grams. The effect of the weight can be felt during the game.

A lighter racquet does not cause as much fatigue and it is easier to move around the court. Heavier racquets tend to offer more power, but they are slower to swing. The lighter rackets are generally reserved for smaller and younger players.

Brand Preference

There are tons of quality brands that produce great squash rackets. Some of the top brands like HEAD are geared toward more professional players, whereas Dunlop is an affordable brand dedicated to bringing beginners into the sport.

Some of the top brands that you might want to consider, as a beginner are Wilson, Dunlop, and Prince. Keep in mind that many of these brands like Prince also caters to some of the more experienced players.

Skill Level

Skill level directly correlates with some of the above-mentioned features and it ties all of them together. You will want to make sure that you find a squash racket that is comfortable for you to use as a beginner or expert player. By using the above-mentioned features, you can look at the weight, the balance, and the shape of the head.

Finally, you want to keep an eye on the brand to make sure that the racket you choose is from a reputable brand that is dedicated to squash and providing high-end squash rackets. You game will improve with the best squash racket.


While we have discussed the weight, the size of the squash racket refers to the overall length of the unit and the handle length. These vary from brand to brand and racquet to racquet. You must find the right length that fits comfortably in your hands. Additionally, the squash racket should be the ideal length for you to control the unit.

As a buyer, you might need to look at the measurements and determine whether your hands will fit the handle comfortably.

Strings and String Pattern

The strings of the best squash rackets are slightly more technical. However, these are similar to one another and many players prefer to have their squash rackets restrung. When you restring the racket, you have more control over the tension.

Many people believe that when a squash racket is strung tightly, it offers more power. However, the reverse is true and a tightly strung racket offers you more control. It works similarly to the springs found on a trampoline.


Last but certainly not least is the price. There is not much to say about the price, but you need to find something that fits your budget allowance. For beginners we recommend that you start with a cheaper squash racket, and scale up to something better as you progress.


Now if you love it, do share these best beginner squash racquets on social media. Cheers.


  1. I am thinking about HEAD Nano Ti 110. Is it the best beginner racket for squash players? I am confused because I just got started a few months back. I was using one of the older rackets of my friend, but with a few months of experience, I am now looking for a good beginner racket.

    And I see you have listed Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 at number 1 in the list of top beginner rackets for squash, but I think HEAD Nano Ti 110 is more suitable for that spot.


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