Best Racquetball Goggles 2021 – Top 5 Reviews


Are you a die-hard fan of the racquetball game? Do you indulge in serious gameplay and practice the game almost every day? Then you should have known the impact your eyes can endure during the game and the importance of protecting the eyes with the help of goggles. 

Now, it has become legally required to wear racquetball goggles while competing at the tournament. This prevents injury to the eyes from a ball that is coming at the speed of about 100 miles an hour. But while choosing these goggles it is important to find a one that prevents fogging from building up, as this would divert the concentration and spoil the entire intention of the game.

You must choose the best goggle with anti-fog, anti-scratch lens, and those that render optimal ventilation. We have listed the best goggles for racquetball here along with the buying guide in an attempt to influence your buying decision positively.

List of Best Racquetball Goggles 2021

Best Racquetball GogglesEditor ScorePrice
#1. HEAD Impulse Anti Fog Racquetball Goggles9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. HEAD Rave Anti Fog Racquetball Goggles9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. HEAD Raptor Anti Fog Racquetball Goggles9/10Check Price Here
#4. Head Pro Elite Anti Fog Racquetball Eyewear9/10Check Price Here
#5. Wilson Omni Raquetball Protective Eyewear9/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Racquetball Goggles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. HEAD Impulse Anti Fog Racquetball Goggles

Check Price

This impulsive scratch-resistant and anti-fog protective eyewear from HEAD is the brainchild of a revolutionary mechanism that propels athletic equipment of the modern era. This racquetball eyewear comprises of anti-fog durable lenses that are treated to impart both anti-fogging and scratch-resistant properties. Apart from the lenses, its frames are also durable and lightweight and are made up of sturdy material. These goggles comprise adjusting hinge style temples for additional comfort.

It comprises adjusting elastic straps to keep the eyewear in place, despite the harshness of the gameplay. Also, being a professional racquetball eyeball, it complies with the ASTM standard as well. Its distortion fee and shatterproof lens are made up of polycarbonate materials. Its hinge styled temples and goggle style one-piece lens adds on to the comfort of the player.


  • Ultra-lightweight goggles with anti-fog treatment
  • No-slip fit with adjustable slip-on straps
  • Impact-resistant material and thus adapts to tough play modes as well. 


  • Fogs up easily as the game progresses
  • Goggles not very comfortable on the skin.

#2. HEAD Rave Anti Fog Racquetball Goggles

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This is an excellent anti-fog and scratch-resistant protective eyewear from HEAD with an adjusting strap.    Its adjusting elastic strap combines with its non-slip nosepiece to keep the goggles secured and to assure absolute peace of mind. These goggles comprise of durable frames that are lightweight yet sturdy material and thus you need not worry about the durability of these goggles. They comprise of a special rubber inlay at the end of the temples to ensure additional stability.

These anti-fog and scratch-resistant goggles from HEAD features durable lenses that have undergone additional treatment to endorse anti-fogging and scratch-resistant properties. Each of these protective glasses come with a high-quality lens cleaning bag as well.


  • Top of the line eyewear to protect the player during the game.
  • Adjusting the elastic strap to keep the google in place even at the toughest battle.


  • Goggles do not possess UV resistant properties
  • A weak strap that doesn’t attach the goggles as required.

#3. HEAD Raptor Anti Fog Racquetball Goggles

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This racquetball goggle comes with three lens options. Its protective lenses comprise of distortion-free polycarbonate versions to help the eyes adjust perfectly to the different court conditions. Thee goggle stays clear for all courts and stay amber for dark playing conditions. The goggles are smoked for different outdoor conditions. The Raptor HEAD goggles feature an anti-slip fit with the help of its adjusting elastic straps. These straps combine with a non-slip nosepiece for complete peace of mind. 

These professional racquetball goggles comply with ASTM standards for professional quality. These goggles have been treated for anti-fogging nature and scratch resistance. These glasses sport an aggressive look and fit pretty well and stable at the temples with the help of its rubber inlay. The lens is interchangeable and comes in three versions. Apart from anti-fog treatment, there is also ventilation at the top. 


  • These goggles assure the maximum breathability for the users
  • There are adjusting head straps to secure the goggles in its place.
  • It can be used for squash exams as well.


  • An interchangeable lens is not working as intended.

#4. Head Pro Elite Anti Fog Racquetball Eyewear

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The pro-Elite anti-fog eyewear from HEAD has altered the way people approach the game. These goggles from the revolutionary brand HEAD comprises of durable lenses that are treated for both anti-fogging and scratch resistance. These goggles comprise of eminent UV protection that guards the users against 99.9% harmful UV rays of the sun. So with these goggles on, you can spend a lot of time outdoors without having to worry about atmospheric conditions. 

These goggles feature an elastic strap that is combined with a non-slip nose piece so that you can enjoy the game with an absolute peace of mind. The product comes with a high quality lens bag as well. These goggles are lightweight and stylish and comprise spherical shaped distortion-free polycarbonate lenses.


  • The goggles comply with the professional ASTM standards in its construction.
  • The eyewear is kept in its position during the play with its adjusting clip-on elastic strap.


  • There is no option to adjust the length of the goggles
  • They can be pretty small for those with big faces.

#5. Wilson Omni Raquetball Protective Eyewear

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This racquetball protective gear features a wraparound design that is perfect for playing sports. It comprises of distortion-free lenses that feature an anti-fog design and scratch-resistant lenses. The optic clear lenses of these goggles are appropriate for small faces and these are extremely lightweight to use and carry as well. Its adjusting head straps ensure that it fits different heads appropriately. Its nose pieces are removable and thus the users can replace it with their preferred lens type. 


  • Offers excellent wrap-around protection for the eye
  • Excellent goggles for squash and racquetball, to protect the eyes.


  • The grip is compromised on the nose piece

How Should You Choose the Best Racquetball Glasses?

Racquetball goggles are essential for competitive gameplay and they also prevent the ball from hitting the eye. These goggles are getting better each day and several brands are coming up with googles that rank high on both looks and performance. There are some important points to be kept in mind while choosing these goggles, and those are as follows,

1. Anti-fogging capacity:

One of the most important reasons why people resist to wear goggles while playing racquetball is that they want to avoid fogging. At times, these goggles can fog up so badly that players lose their game owing to a lack of concentration. A large number of modern-day goggles come with exceptional anti-fogging properties by adopting the latest technologies on the lens. Go for lenses with excellent anti-fogging nature, no matter how tough the game goes. 

Choose a lens that has anti-fog coating as they prevent fog build-up from inside. But this coating can wear off over time. If the goggles are being in use for a long time, they tend to fog up, and it is appropriate to replace them for a hassle-free game. 

2. Vented Lenses:

A lot of eyewear these days come with vented lenses, as their small vents decrease heat and enhance airflow inside, thus preventing fogging. Also do not choose goggles that stay too close to the face. Wearing not too tight goggles also will reduce fogging during the game.

3. Lens:

The lens of the goggle is a matter of personal preference and has nothing to do with the nature of the game. Players can either go for a one-piece or a two-piece lens. The one-piece lens features an uninterrupted single lens with a one-piece nose pad. They have a broad eye guard and covers more than just the eyes.

Goggles with a two-piece lens look more like traditional sunglasses. They are smaller in size and feature separate nose pads. They are susceptible to falling off and getting lost as well. Some eyewear renders the option of an interchangeable lens. This adapts to those who want to adapt to different lighting conditions during the gameplay. 

4. Frame material:

Choose goggles with an adjusting frame, so that they fit the face of people, despite it is too big or small. When it comes to frame material, there are three main choices. 

  • Glass frames: These offer maximum clarity with zero distortion. It is also delicate and cannot withstand a major impact. They offer excellent clarity and are also great on the eye. 
  • Plastic frames: These frames are lighter have low distortion, and higher impact resistance compared with glass frames.
  • Polycarbonate: This is the material of choice when it comes to goggles. They have impact resistance and are shatterproof as well. These frames are also the lightest but hold a higher degree of distortion. 

Final Words

Eyewear protection is mandatory when it comes to racquetball sport. It helps in protecting the eyes from the ball during the game, no matter how tough the game is. It is recommended that all racquetball players, despite their age and skill level should consider using goggles to protect their eyes. We hope you would have got a clear idea about how to choose your goggle from our guide here.

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