Top 5 Best Portable Pickleball Nets 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide


If you are in a hurry the portable pickleball net that comes on top according to our reviews is the Zeny Portable Pickleball Net Set System

There are some fantastic pickleball nets out there, for you to enjoy a good game with friends or fierce competitors. The question is, which is the best? What should you look for in a pickleball net? We’ve done the research, and we’ll show you the best pickleball nets that you can buy in 2021. Not sure why you need a pickleball net? We’ll tell you.

List of Best Pickleball Nets 2021

This is the verified list of best pickleball nets available in the market.

Best Pickleball NetsWhy Buy?Price
#1. Zeny Portable Pickleball Net Set SystemEasy to assemble, Stable, High quality.VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. 3.0 Portable Pickleball NetHighly Stable, Easy to Carry, Highly recommended.VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. OnCourt OffCourt Official Size Pickleball Net Easy to assemble, Lightweight, Long-lasting.VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Boulder Portable Pickleball Net SetDurable, Rust resistant, Easy setup.VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. USAPA Portable Pickleball NetMost Popular Net, Easily Portable, Clean appearance.VIEW ON AMAZON

We have not made a long list of net systems, as there are not many good options available, but after a lot of research, we can call these 3 of the best nets being used around the world, whereas pickleball is being played. So you can check out the features of these net systems, read prod & cons to know which one will be better for your needs & then decide to buy.

Now let’s get started with our reviews of the best pickleball nets 2021.

Top 5 Best Portable Pickleball Nets (Reviews)

#1. Zeny Portable Pickleball Net Set System

The Zeny pickleball net is constructed of strong steel that is about 25 mm in thickness. The net also has a strong support frame. It is compatible with all weather and features middle post support, made of fiberglass. Its excellent construction ensures that you can use this net in all weather. The net enjoys a wide base of 31” to enhance its stability in any weather. The net has an easy to build and break connection design, thus you can fold and carry the net in a small bag, made up of 420D nylon anywhere you want to play.


  • The net set comes in a portable sports bag with zippers for convenient storage and carrying
  • The while net will last for years and helps with excellent gameplay
  • There are four ground stakes for additional stability.


  • The net is a little loose at the bottom

Being a complete Pickleball net and stand unit, you can use it to play tennis, volleyball, soccer tennis, Pickleball, etc. on the lawn, beach, backyard, etc. As it folds back to a small unit, you can conveniently carry in your car, making your outdoor activities enjoyable and meaningful. The net is about 22 feet in length, and 36 inches tall at the sides and 31 inches tall in the middle. 

#2. 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System

This is another popular portable pickleball net system that is one of the sturdiest after the Zeny net. This one has a very well-designed hollow metal frame framework that is easy and quick to set up.


  • It is quite portable and lightweight. The complete frame and net with the carrying case just weighs around 22 lbs
  • This is a quick set up system. It can easily be snapped together and the metal frame set up takes only a couple of minutes
  • The metal frame is sturdy and is powder-coated.
  • It has wide legs with a bent which makes it a sturdy net system even when it is windy outdoors.
  • It also has easy net tension straps and a raised crossbar so that the balls can roll underneath.


  • The net can be a bit flimsy, the center rod that holds the net doesn’t stay in place, but it is light and portable.
  • The powder coat on the frame scratches off pretty easily where the parts are kept together.

We love the fact that the net weighs only 22 lbs, which is very comparable with the Zeny net. The steel posts with the net are also powder coated. The net is very stable, with wide legs that can provide support even when it’s a windy day. The designers have also added nifty tension straps which allow the net to be held up at the right height and with the right tautness. We really like this system, since you don’t have to bother with velcro straps when you’re itching to let the play begin.

There is foot support at the center of the net that lets you raise the crossbar at the bottom off the ground. This lets balls roll under the net and protects the net as well. The feet are also wider so that the net gets additional stability.

Overall, we really like the design of the 3.0 portable net and highly recommend it for those who want to quickly dismantle and set up a sturdy pickleball net.

The bag has a lot of room to hold balls and paddles. This net is an upgrade over the 2.0 and is much easier to pull apart and put together for a game. You don’t want to put these nets up and leave them in rough weather. The powder coating is easy to scratch away.

#3. OnCourt OffCourt Official Size Pickleball Net

Our third choice for this list is the Pickleball Net by OnCourt OffCourt. Like the other two, this portable net system has powder-coated frames, this one of steel. A nylon bag stores the net, which is easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • It is a portable and powder-coated steel frame net system
  • This system is standard pickleball regulation size and height, measuring 22 feet wide and 34 inches high at the center.
  • This is a quick assembly system and can easily be put together. Setting up the frame barely takes a couple of minutes.
  • It comes with a carrying bag which makes this system easily portable.
  • The carrying bag is made of heavy-duty nylon which makes it waterproof and durable.
  • The netting of this system is durable and the vinyl headband keeps the edges of the net out of harm’s way.


  • This netting system may survive breezy weather but it is not ideal for situations when it is windy outdoors.

It weighs about ten pounds more than the other two nets on this list. This might make the net a little tougher to carry from your car to the site of the court, but not too much. At the same time, we’d say the 32-pound weight makes it quite stable in breezy conditions. It is also heavy enough to withstand the force of errant balls without toppling over.

You’ll notice that in terms of appearance, the OnCourt OffCourt net is not very different from the Zeny portable pickleball net. The quality is similarly excellent, with a 42 Denier nylon net and fiberglass support rod in the center. The other rods are metal. Many people have used it very frequently – as much as three to four times a week – with no issues.

#4. Boulder Portable Pickleball Net Set

The Boulder Portable net set is an ideal setting for a tennis game, soccer tennis, kid’s volleyball, Pickleball, etc. These nylon net sets are easy to set up on the poles for both indoor and outdoor courts. They are ideal for beach courts and driveways as well.


  • Boulder is made up of superior quality nylon and steel to enhance its durability
  • The net features a sturdy construction and thus can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The net set is ideal for both casual play and intense training by both kids and adults.


  • The net is not sturdy to be placed on grass or other surfaces, you have to bury it in the sand.

Kids will enjoy playing on these nets and they are also optimal for camping, family holidays, and parties as well. The net frames are built with 50% more steel and thus they are up to three pounds heavier. You can be sure that these nets move less in windy weather and can withstand the toughness of your game like a pro.

You can carry this net post set anywhere you travel, as it comes in a convenient carrying case. The net is foldable and closes to a small structure for transit. It features a lot of small parts that are connected with a bungee cord, thus you need not worry about missing its small components. This net system is easy to set up, and even kids can do it in less than five minutes. It doesn’t require any tools or stable. You can adjust the height of this net at 34- 60.5 inches and thus instantly transform its height depending on the age of the players.

#5. USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System

This is the official USAPA portable net, that the USA Pickleball Association uses at national tournaments. You’ll find that the net has USAPA on it in print.


  • Assembles easy and is very stout. Set up and takedown takes just a couple of minutes
  • It comes in a bag that has wheels, which makes it easy to carry around whenever needed just like a portable set.
  • The instructions provided with the product are quite adequate makes it an easy process, even for a layman.
  • The system is built of good material which makes it sturdy even on a windy day.
  • The center support provides good stability and is worth the amount it is priced at.
  • This frame net system from the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA)
  • The PickleNet bag is made from heavy-duty nylon with a durable zipper, carry straps, and internal sections to make portable net storage very easy.


  • One could face minor issues with the net post bases not sitting flat on the court.

Obviously, this is the best net that you’re going to find, and it costs a proportionate sum. But you get exactly what you pay for with this net. It is a high quality, super durable nylon net built exactly according to the rulebook. So, the net is 22 feet wide and has a height of 34 inches at the center and 36 inches at the sidelines.

As far as nets go, this one is quite light. It weighs 21 pounds, so it is easy to carry to and from your temporary pickleball court. Plus, it comes with a nylon bag to carry it in. The bag is 38 inches long and six inches around. There are dividers and straps inside so that the net can be stored very conveniently when you’re not playing. You’ll also be pleased to find that the bag has wheels!

The posts are powdered to increase protection against the weather. Even though the net is strongly built, since it is portable, we highly recommend taking it down when you’re done playing. This will keep the net as good as new for much longer. It’s best not to leave it out in the sun and the rain for days at a time.

How to assemble a USAPA Portable Pickleball Net in under 3 Minutes? {Video}

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Pickleball Net Buying Guide

There are a number of questions that will come to your mind once you think of buying a new pickleball net system, so here we are answering all of them.

Pickleball is a Portable Game

Have you ever wanted to own your own pickleball court? Yes, that’s right – a portable court. All it needs is a net and some chalk. What could be better than being able to carry around your own pickleball net? You can set it up whenever you wanted to play a game. You can take it to picnics, to your holiday in Greece and even on your trek in the Himalayas. Why not?

After all, everyone can enjoy pickleball! There are some things we all love about pickleball. It is a super-addictive sport that a large group can enjoy. What is it about the game played with a paddle and Whiffle ball that makes it so endearing and popular? The fact that it’s so easy to learn, that anyone can play it at any age, that it is a very social game, and most importantly, it’s mobile and portable!

All you need to play pickleball is a hard, flat surface, some paddles, some balls, and a portable net. The court is small, so you don’t even need a lot of space. Some people play pickleball in their garage! If you’ve not already thought about getting your own pickleball net, let us convince you why you should.

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Why You Should Get a Pickleball Net?

If you have a pickleball net that you can put up anytime you want to play, you’ll enjoy many advantages.

  • You will play better

For one, you’ll drastically improve your skills. The more you play, the better you’ll get at it. If you have a net, you’ll obviously play more. No longer do you have to wait for the weekend to drive to the nearest gym for improving your serves and topspin! You can invite your friends or family over to practice. You can even practice pickleball drills to up your game.

  • The whole family can enjoy pickleball

Pickleball makes a fantastic sport for the entire family to enjoy. The next time the family comes together, everyone can have a lot of fun setting up the net, drawing the chalk lines and bonding over a little bit of friendly competition. Grandpas and grandkids, moms and dads, even tiny tots can get a chance to play pickleball.

  • Pickleball is good for fitness

All that running around in pickleball is less strenuous than it is in tennis. But the sport is still a fitness sport. You will burn calories and lose the stress. You may start seeing an improvement in your high blood pressure numbers. Pickleball is great for keeping in shape and staying mentally sharp. Plus, it’s not as boring as having to run in the same spot on the treadmill for an hour or two!

  • Nets are one-time expenses

You don’t have to shell out a fortune for a pickleball net time and again. In fact, the sport of pickleball can be quite pocket-friendly. As long as you wear the right kind of shoes (in other words, tennis shoes or volleyball shoes) you’ll be good to set up the net and play anywhere. Nets cost anywhere between $40 and $160. The cheaper ones are starter nets, while the more expensive ones are going to last you forever. These are the best options for those who are serious about pickleball.

  • It’s a great post-retirement engagement

A little game of pickleball can be a pleasant way to enjoy an afternoon, after your morning of golfing and before your dinner on the porch. It’s not easy being retired, is it?

About Portable Pickleball Nets

Many Pickleball nets are portable. You can set up a portable net anywhere: on a driveway, in a parking lot, in a blind alley, in your yard. All nets are not the same. There are different types of net systems available. You’ll have to choose which one works best for you.

If you’re not going to set up a permanent pickleball court, then you won’t need heavy-duty permanent posts. Portable net systems are cleverly designed with lightweight post systems. The best nets can be set up in less than ten minutes.

When you’re ready to set up a permanent pickleball court near your home to enjoy for the rest of your retired life, you will need to look into the different types of posts available and nets that go with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy a Portable Pickleball Net?

When you buy a pickleball net, there are a few things you have to consider.

How durable is the net? Since you’ll be spending upwards of $50 on your net, you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Some nets are more durable than others. They are made to be durable outdoors for hours of play.

Portable net posts should also be durable. Aluminum posts are strong and so is steel. Plastic nets aren’t going to be as strong as these metals. Some net posts have powder coating for additional protection against rust.

How to Buy a Net for Windy Conditions?

If you’ll be playing in windy locations, you should buy a net with posts that are adequately weighed down. Some posts are filled with water or sand, so they can be portable without being too lightweight to withstand the wind.

What Nets Do Official Tournaments Use?

You can even buy the pro-quality nets that are used in USAPA Championships and meet official specifications. If you’re not sure what that means, we’ve dug up the rules on the official International
Federation of Pickleball site. For competitive pickleball, here is a look at the court and the net specs.

Your court must be 44 by 20 feet, with a net slicing the court in half.

The net should be 36 inches high on the sidelines and 34 inches at the center. On either side of the net should be 7 feet of the non-volley zone.

According to USAPA, the net posts can extend up to 12 inches outside the sideline.

In competitive pickleball, the net can be any netted material. It should be at least 20 feet in length from one sideline to the other. You also have to make sure that the size of the mesh is not so large that the ball can pass through the net.

Some people place a center strap at the center of the net to make it easy to adjust to the official 34 inches height.

The top of the net must have an edge of white binding 2 inches thick.

This binding will usually have a cable or cord running through it, and the binding rests on the cable.

These are the rules you need to know. Anyways, we hope you can now buy one of the best portable pickleball nets with the reviews & buying guide. If you still need any help, you can comment below.


  1. Hello Temba,

    I appreciate your team’s work! It is rare to find a good buying guide on Pickleball nets as most of the blogs are writing unhelpful content. I did find Thepicklesports helpful and thanks for these amazing pickleball net reviews.

  2. Playing Pickleball for 5 years as a recreational player, so I came across a lot of nets, but none of those had the quality of Zeny Pickleball Net. It is portable and affordable, I have spent more on other brands, they did not last long whereas this net system from Zeny is made of high-quality material that offers durability.

  3. Are these pickleball net reviews written by experts?

    If yes, I would like to ask few questions.

    1. Do need to remove USAPA Pickleball Net System after use? Or I should keep it fixed?

    2. Which one of these pickleball nets suits outdoor play? Mostly sunny days with 95 °F.

    3. What is the best budget for pickleball nets?

    4. Can I get a portable pickleball net under $50 if possible?

    Hoping to get answers as soon as possible.

    • Yes, these pickleball net system reviews are written and verified by experts.

      1. You should remove it if you want it to last long. You can use it for years if you keep it away from always changing weather conditions.

      2. All these nets are good enough for outdoor play. You just need to remove them when during rainy or snow season.

      3. Anywhere between $100 to $250 is a good budget to have a quality pickleball net for home or for the club.

      4. $50 is a little less budget if you want a good pickleball net. You should spend at least $100 to get a decent pickleball net system for your home.

  4. It’s been 10 months since I have been using USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System and it is going great. Although you need to take care when you are putting up the net system. I recommend reading a few articles about how to safely put up a pickleball net. Overall USAPA is one big brand that provides quality and that’s why I recommend it as best pickleball net system.


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