11 Best Portable Pickleball Nets Of 2022- Reviews And Buying Guide


Are you starting a local pickleball league? Maybe you’re a P.E. teacher inspiring the youth to this amazing game we call pickleball, OR you’re just fortunate enough to have a court in your yard. Whatever the scenario is, here are some ideas for the best portable pickleball nets to make life easier. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned from this review, it’s that DURABILITY IS KEY! I tested a few pickleball nets that were unstable and lasted a week before they were furiously jammed in the garbage. 

That is why we tested and researched about 25 and narrowed it down to the top 11 best pickleball nets

Let’s dive right in. 

best portable pickleball nets, overlay on black netting

Editor’s Choice: Overall Best Pickleball Net

Best Overall: 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
Best Overall: 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
Best Overall: 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
Our Score

This net addresses any issues that you'll face when testing pickleball nets. It has a wide base that offers excellent support in windy outdoor conditions, and it has padding that makes it perfect for indoor play.Furthermore, this net does not use velcro, like other pickleball net systems. Velcro tends to lose its strength over time and can be annoying to keep readjusting.

Finally, the durability and playability were superior with this net for the price range. The powder coating holds up. This net can be left outside for months with no rust (Maybe some color fade). The center rod is much smaller than other nets so it will not interfere with play. Overall this net is super easy to set up (No annoying lock buttons), durable, reasonable price, and very

Best Pickleball Nets

This list has been verified, and it adheres to the pickleball net guidelines put forward by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) and the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP). All nets meet the required net dimensions of  36″ height at posts, 22′ wide, and 34″ at the center.

NetFeaturesRatingPurchase Options
Best Overall
3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System
  • Weight: 24 LBS
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel, Fiberglass center post.
  • Setup Time: Under 3 minutes 
  • Price: $199.99


AmazonPickleball Central
Best Tournament Net
SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Pickleball Net
SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Pickleball Net
  • Weight: 14 LBS
  • Frame Material: Carbon Alloy
  • Setup Time: 5 minutes
  • Price: $369.99


AmazonPickleball Central
Most Durable Pickleball Net
Douglas Premire Pickleball Net  PPS-22SQ
Douglas Premire Pickleball Net PPS-22SQ
  • Weight: 215 LBS
  • Frame Material: 11-Gauge Steel, Aluminum 
  • Price: $2299.00


Pickleball Central
Best Budget Pickleball Net
ZENY Portable Pickleball Net System
ZENY Portable Pickleball Net System
  • Weight: 18.3 LBS
  • Frame Material: Steel with fiberglass center post
  • Setup time: 4 minutes
  • Price: $72.89
A11N Portable Pickleball NetA11N Portable Pickleball Net
  • Weight: 19.6 LBS
  • Frame Material: Steel with Fiberglass center Pole
  • Setup Time: 4.5 Minutes
  • Price: $129.99
OnCourt OffCourt PickleNet DeluxeOnCourt OffCourt PickleNet Deluxe
  • Weight: 63 LBS
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Setup Time: 2.5 Minutes
  • Price: $389.95-$415.85
AmazonPickleball Central
Franklin Sports Pickleball NetFranklin Sports Pickleball Net
  • Weight: 28 LBS
  • Material: Steel
  • Setup Time: 5 Minutes
  • Price: $179.99
AmazonPickleball Central
Best Net For Drills
Onix Pickleball 2-in-1 Portable Net
Onix Pickleball 2-in-1 Portable Net
  • Weight: 24LBS
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Setup Time: 5.5 minutes
  • Price: $169.99
Lightest Net
Rally Light Pickleball Net
Rally Light Pickleball Net
  • Weight: 13.5 LBS
  • Frame Material: Hollow Steel Tubing
  • Setup Time: 3.5 Minutes
  • Price: $96.99-$129.99
AmazonPickleball Central
Oncourt Offcourt PickleNet Pickleball Net SystemOncourt Offcourt PickleNet Pickleball Net System
  • Weight: 23 LBS
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Setup Time: 3.5 minutes
  • Price: $179.99
AmazonPickleball Central
Rally Portable Pickleball Net SystemRally Portable Pickleball Net System
  • Weight: 24 LBS
  • Frame Material: Steel Frame 
  • Setup Time: 3 minutes
  • Price: $199.99
AmazonPickleball Central

In-Depth Reviews Of the Best Portable Pickleball Nets

1. 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System

This is the portable pickleball net system I tend to see being used at more and more facilities around the United States. 

There’s a reason the 3.0 portable pickleball net is so common. It’s a great net system for the price point. It’s durable, light, easy to assemble, and very light. 

The powder-coated steel rods come numbered and fit together snugly to keep the net tight. You’re looking at about 8 minutes total for assembly. 

The lime green accents add a nice flare to the court and the contrast of the black netting with the white vinyl perimeter make it very easy to see if your periphery.

This portable net system has wide, bent legs, that make it very sturdy ESPECIALLY in windy conditions.

This is a great net system to have in an indoor or outdoor facility or home court. It’s a great price, holds up well, and performs amazingly. 

I recommend the 3.0 portable pickleball net as an entry-level net. It is also a great option for someone looking for multiple nets

Weight: 24 LBS

Frame Material: Steel and fiberglass center pole. 


  • Medium weight but great durability
  • The colors of the net make the net easy to see
  • Great Price for the quality of the net
  • Long legs, make the 3.0 portable pickleball net very stable
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • The fiberglass pole makes it more prone to tearing.

2. SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Pickleball Net System

The frame and feet of the SwiftNet 2.1 are made out of aluminum, while the bottom is made out of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, which offers amazing durability.

Everything about this portable pickleball net system is made for quality and stability. The flat feet made it unbelievably stable, and the outline of the net is very easy to see on any court color. 

The SwiftNet 2.1 portable pickleball net is light, SUPER easy to set up, and looks amazing. 

The tension this net held was the feature that stood out the most with this net compared to other pickleball nets was. It has no center post, yet, it holds tension the entire day without needing adjustments. 

The rope locking system is so reliable, it was nice to play a full day without having to re-tighten the net. 

I recommend this portable pickleball net system for an advanced player, or for tournaments because of the reliability and consistency it offers. 

The only downside I can really think of for this portable net is that it’s a little pricey, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. 

Frame Material: Carbon alloy 

Weight: 14 LB


  • Attention to detail
  • Amazing design
  • Easy setup
  • The net is tight and stays tight
  • Very stable
  • Good tournament net


  • Expensive (but worth it)

3. ZENY Portable Pickleball Net

The Zeny portable pickleball net system really stands out because of the quality you’re getting for the price you’re paying. 

At this price, it gives you the option to buy multiple so it’s highly recommended for someone who needs a fleet of pickleball nets.  

The Zeny has thick steel rods that feel durable and sturdy. However, the one thing I didn’t like was the fiberglass center because in my experience that can rip through the net, but after almost 8 months of use, there are no signs of wear. 

It’s a very sturdy net with lock buttons on all the poles.

One complaint I have is that the feet don’t have padding, so they got scratched as well as the court, but for the price, you can just throw some pads on the bottom and it’s pretty much a flawless pickleball net. 

Weight: 18.3 LBS

Frame Material: Steel with fiberglass center pole


  • Amazing price
  • Very sturdy in wind
  • Paint is durable in outdoor conditions
  • Easy to assemble
  • lightweight (18 LBS)


  • Fiberglass poll makes it more prone to damage
  • Feet done have pads and may scratch
  • Velcro straps will be the first part of this net to weaken

4. A11N Portable Pickleball Net System

The A11N is another amazing portable pickleball net for the value. Like other pickleball nets in this review, it has that very high rail system that makes the net sturdy and not flimsy. 

The material is steel with a powder-coated finish and the metal rod in the middle was a huge selling point for me. This portable pickleball net system is the perfect mixture of look and quality. 

One aspect that took some getting used to was that the matte black netting and vinyl made it a little hard to see out of my peripheral vision until I got used to it. 

The assembly is a breeze and the lock buttons make sure your portable net system stays locked in place, just in case things get rough.

Weight: 19.6 LBS

Frame Material: steel with fiberglass center pole.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Lock buttons and net rail make it sturdy
  • lightweight (19 pounds)
  • easy to assemble
  • Feet don’t scratch
  • Good For indoor or outdoor


  • The black net may be hard to see when playing on dark courts
swiftnet 2.1 on a pickleball court

5. Onix Pickleball 2-in-1 Portable Net

There is something about getting a net that is branded with a true pickleball brand. It makes you feel like you’re playing in a professional tournament. 

This Onix portable pickleball net is so beautifully made. The bottom rail is nice and high which makes the net look and feel more sturdy. 

There is no center rod unlike the 3.0 portable pickleball net, which makes the net look clean and minimal. Yet, it holds tension beautifully. 

The black netting with the white nylon makes it very easy to see the top when you can place your dinks right over. 

I’ve never felt the need to review the case, but the case has wheels. Obviously, portability is essential for a portable pickleball net, and this case takes the cake.   

It’s so convenient to lug around, and you feel a lot cooler (which is important)

Another major feature of this net is you can shrink it down for precision drills for any court dimension

It’s such a beautifully crafted pickleball net, with so many cool bells and whistles and it’s at a very affordable price point.

Weight: 24 LBS

Frame Material: Steel



  • Great looking net
  • Good Price
  • Very easy to see the net when playing
  • Wheels on case
  • adjustable in many ways
  • Good for indoor or outdoor use


  • Heavier net (24 LBS)
  • Not durable if left outside for long periods of time.
  • Velcro Straps are the first to weaken.

6. Rally Light Portable Net System

This is another great portable net for those who are constantly on the move and have to lug a net around. 

This pickleball net is shockingly light at about 13 LBS. It’s one of the lightest I’ve ever felt and it performs amazing for an affordable, lightweight, portable pickleball net.

It’s easy to assemble, and super portable. It’s light enough that you could almost just drag it. 

The Velcro stayed strong for the 5 months I used this pickleball net and the tension is consistently tight, although the Velcro might lose its grip over time. 

This is just a very reliable, simple pickleball net at a great price. You can’t go wrong with it, especially for under $100.

Weight: 13.5 LBS

Frame Material: Steel Tubing 


  • Extremely lightweight
  • very portable
  • extremely affordable
  • good for bulk order


  • A cheaper price means sacrificing durability
  • Velcro may lose traction after a couple of months.
  • Dark lining may make it hard to see when playing.

7. PickleNet Portable Pickleball Net System

The PickleNet is one of the best entry-level nets you can get. I was playing in a facility that has this net, and you could really beat it up.

It has a fiberglass rod in the middle, but it’s holstered at the bottom. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or tearing through the vinyl. 

It looks great, and the wide footing keeps it stable. The net itself holds tension and only really needed to be adjusted about every 10 games. 

The black powder coating looks great and keeps it protected. This is one of the best pickleball nets to buy in bulk for indoor or outdoor use.

Weight: 23 LBS

Material: Steel


  • Great entry level pickleball net
  • stable
  • durable
  • stable center post ensures constant tension


  • Rods can become loose over time if forced wrong areas.

8. Rally Portable Pickleball Net System

This is a very basic but reliable portable pickleball net for literally everyone. 

Powder-coated steel frame and rods, make this pickleball net very reliable and ready to stand the test of time. 

The setup on this net is super simple and took about 5 minutes total from out of the bag, to on the court and ready for play. 

The fiberglass rod in the middle is usually a concern for me considering it can rip through, but this net is reinforced with padding to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

The plastic covers make it scrape-proof so you can drag it along the court if you need to make adjustments. 

The net is extremely straight and keeps consistent tension so it’s harder to get away with a let (when the ball hits the net, but still makes it over.) Which is my least favorite shot to see. 

Overall it’s a great net, overtime the Velcro might lose a little grip but you should get a solid year of play if you play a lot.  

Weight: 23 LBS

Frame Material: Steel


  • Amazing quality steel
  • easy to set up
  • good locking system
  • very solid net tension


  • Can lose sturdiness over time for avid players.

Best Pickleball Net With Wheels

Pickleball net systems that have wheels are slightly heavier than a basic portable pickleball net. However, what they lack in portability, they make up for in durability.

Pickleball nets with wheels are meant to be left outside for periods of time. They’re great to purchase in bulk for temporary pickleball facilities. Here are a few of our favorite pickleball net systems with wheels.

1. Douglas Premier PPS-22SQ Pickleball Net System

Douglas premier pickleball net, with wheels.

This is one of the best pickleball nets on the market. The Douglas Premier is a portable pickleball net that looks and acts like a permanent pickleball net system.

It’s the Rolls Royce of nets and can be seen at all the big professional Pickleball tour events, like The USA Pickleball National Championships, The US Open Pickleball Championships, and The IFP Bainbridge Cup, along with many others. 

This net was specially designed for the Indian Wells pickleball facility and can be found at some of the top pickleball facilities in the United States. 

As far as durability, performance, and quality, this is about as good as it gets for both indoor and outdoor. 

This pickleball net system is an idea for SERIOUS players. I recommend this if you’re hosting a regional tournament or if you’re playing high-intensity pickleball and want as few variables as possible. 

It’s a very expensive net, but an extremely quality net. 

A few notes about this pickleball net system.

  • It’s about 215 pounds but, the extremely stable frame has a wheel system that can make it easy to move short distances. 
  • The wheels also feature a locking system that keeps the net in place firmly. 
  • It is designed to be able to leave outside and perform much like an outdoor net. The heavy steel tubing and the steel cables protect it this pickleball net from the elements 
  • Their customer service is amazing and can get any replacement parts upon request. 

Here is some more information on this insane net system.

Weight: 215 LBS

Frame Material: 11-gauge steel, aluminum 


  • Good tournament net
  • Extremely Durable
  • Consistency in tension
  • Very Stable
  • Top Quality materials


  • Expensive (but worth it)
  • Not easily portable.

2. OnCourt OffCourt PIckleNet Deluxe Portable Net System

The OnCourt OffCourt PickleNet Deluxe is a beautifully sleek, yet light pickleball net system. It’s the more advanced version of the classic Picklenet Pickleball Net.

It comes with scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frames to protect against the elements and keep your pickleball net looking new. 

The white vinyl border with the center strap keeps the net visible in your peripheral vision so you always know where it is. 

The OnCourt OffCourt PickleNet Deluxe comes with an amazing wheel locking system that makes it a perfect option for both indoor or outdoor play. 

Although it’s a wheeled net, it’s on the lighter side at 63 LBS. 

This is an amazing option if you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty and durable than a portable pickleball net system, but lighter than the Douglas Premier.

I recommend this as one step above an entry-level net for serious players who will get a lot of use out of it. 

The unique powder coating will ensure durability for a long time. Just in case though, the OnCourt OffCourt PickleNet Deluxe comes with a warranty and you can reach out for replacement parts.  

Weight: 63 LBS

Frame Material: Stainless Steel


  • Lightweight for wheeled net
  • Great tournament net
  • Good for facilities
  • amazing durability
  • Great Quality Net
  • Extremely Stable


  • Not very easily portable
Picklenet Deluxe on an outdoor pickleball court.

3. Franklin Sports Pickleball Net

Usually, a quality portable pickleball net with wheels can set you back about $300+. 

Franklin has created a masterpiece. A good-priced, portable net, that is quality and has wheels. 

This is a great net ESPECIALLY for people who play indoors or want to get a quick game in the driveway, The wheels prevent scratching and let you move the net out of the way quickly.

It’s sturdy and very easy to see when you’re playing. The velcro straps keep the net tight without needing adjustments. 

The posts and frame are made out of steel with a powder coating for extra protection. 

This portable pickleball net can be set up in about 3-5 minutes and taken apart just as fast. 

Overall this is an amazing portable net for a recreational player. As a tournament pickleball net, I would go with another on the list. 

Weight: 28 LBS

Frame Material: Steel


  • Wheels make it good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to move around


  • Might be too inconsistent or unstable for tournament play
  • If wheels are not locked the net might not be straight

What To Look For In A Pickleball Net

4 portable pickleball nets on outdoor tennis court

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for some of the nets on the market, let’s dive into the most important factors. It’s best to consider the following when looking for your perfect pickleball net. 

Quality Material = Quality Net 

If you want durability, it’s all about what the net is made of. 

1. Always choose steel poles and refrain from getting cheap ones made from low-grade aluminum. Steel is more sturdy, and you’ll be able to tell the difference trust me. 

2. Look for a powder coating that ensures metal protection in the net from external elements. The powder coating is like a raincoat for the steel to prevent rust or weakening. 

3. You want a sturdy center post to make sure the portable net stays stable and can take a little abuse. Fiberglass is okay but steel is preferred. 

4. Wide feet at the bottom are essential to withstand hard shots that hit the net or wind. You don’t want the net to interrupt your game cause you always have to move it. 

5. Ideally, your pickleball net should weigh 20 to 35 pounds. Lighter ones might appeal to you, but heavier ones will be more durable. Again going back to what I said about steel vs aluminum. 

Still Questioning it?

After you have gone through these features, you might still have some valuable questions. For example, should you select a simple portable net or one with wheels? Or, maybe you are wondering about indoor and outdoor nets. 

Let’s dive into some more FAQs. 

Legs vs. Wheels

portable pickleball net systems next to each other to compare wheels and legs.

Portable pickleball net systems can have standard legs or wheels. They are both going to be easy to set up and takedown, but the portability is slightly different. 

Which Is Portable Pickleball Net System Best for Me?

Pickleball nets with legs are made to set up, play and takedown. If you wanted to move it one court over, you need someone to help you, or else you could mess it up. 

Pickleball nets with legs are usually a very minimal design which equals easier assembly and disassembly. They are much lighter than nets with wheels so you can pack them up quick and travel with them whether it’s down the street, or across the country.

On the other hand, pickleball nets with wheels allow you to easily move the net whenever you need to. If you’re playing in the street and need to move it because a car is coming you can do it yourself and move it right back. 

Due to this difference, portable nets with wheels will be ideal for a club or a community center. However, the simple version will be great for your everyday pickleball game.

Nets will have wheels if the frame is heavier than a normal, lightweight portable pickleball net system. For example, the PickleNet Deluxe and the Douglas Premier are significantly heavier than the other, more portable nets. 

With that extra weight comes increased durability from the thicker steel posts. 

With a heavier frame comes increased durability and more consistency. That means the net will hold tension longer and will survive more rounds than the lighter net systems. 

The nets with legs can also scratch if you’re not careful and if you’re playing on a public gym floor or public court, it may not be the best look if you scratch it up. Wheels can help with this problem. 

There’s no right or wrong net, it just depends on which one is going to satisfy your pickleball needs. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleball Net

The only thing to be wary of with an indoor pickleball net is that the legs don’t scratch or slide.

If you have a portable net system with legs, make sure it’s got proper padding on it, so it stays in place and does not scratch the indoor surface. 

As far as outdoor pickleball nets go, you also want to keep in mind scratching, but also durability since they are battling the elements. This is where powder coating and steel come in handy. 

The powder coated surface acts as a barrier to prevent the net from rusting and becoming weak. 

As a note: These nets are not meant to be left outside for days at a time. If you play in a slight drizzle, or humidity, that’s where the powder coating does its job of increasing longevity. 

Another important factor for outdoor pickleball nets is the coating of the actual net. Typically we see a vinyl coating which is ideal to protect your portable pickleball net system from weakening and eventually tearing.


How Do You Pick A Pickleball Net?

Make sure the net meets regulation size requirements (22′ wide, 36” high at the sidelines, and 34” tall at the center). Also, the color should be easy to see out of your peripheral vision on the court. Next, look for stability, and durability. The posts should lock in tight. Finally, it should be easy to set up and takedown. 

What Size Is Regulation Pickleball Net 

A regulation-sized pickleball net should be 22′ wide, 36” high at the sidelines, and 34” tall at the center)

Can You Use Tennis Net For Pickleball?

A tennis net is wider and taller at the center than a regulation pickleball net. I would recommend getting a portable net. You can set up about 4 regulation pickleball courts on one tennis court.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in need of a portable pickleball net system, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. It really depends on what the best pickleball nets are for your personal needs.

Please Note: We may receive a small affiliate commission on products you purchase. For more information check out Affiliate Disclosure


  1. Hello Temba,

    I appreciate your team’s work! It is rare to find a good buying guide on Pickleball nets as most of the blogs are writing unhelpful content. I did find Thepicklesports helpful and thanks for these amazing pickleball net reviews.

  2. Playing Pickleball for 5 years as a recreational player, so I came across a lot of nets, but none of those had the quality of Zeny Pickleball Net. It is portable and affordable, I have spent more on other brands, they did not last long whereas this net system from Zeny is made of high-quality material that offers durability.

  3. Are these pickleball net reviews written by experts?

    If yes, I would like to ask few questions.

    1. Do need to remove USAPA Pickleball Net System after use? Or I should keep it fixed?

    2. Which one of these pickleball nets suits outdoor play? Mostly sunny days with 95 °F.

    3. What is the best budget for pickleball nets?

    4. Can I get a portable pickleball net under $50 if possible?

    Hoping to get answers as soon as possible.

    • Yes, these pickleball net system reviews are written and verified by experts.

      1. You should remove it if you want it to last long. You can use it for years if you keep it away from always changing weather conditions.

      2. All these nets are good enough for outdoor play. You just need to remove them when during rainy or snow season.

      3. Anywhere between $100 to $250 is a good budget to have a quality pickleball net for home or for the club.

      4. $50 is a little less budget if you want a good pickleball net. You should spend at least $100 to get a decent pickleball net system for your home.

  4. It’s been 10 months since I have been using USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System and it is going great. Although you need to take care when you are putting up the net system. I recommend reading a few articles about how to safely put up a pickleball net. Overall USAPA is one big brand that provides quality and that’s why I recommend it as best pickleball net system.


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