Top 5 Best Pool Tables Under $1000


Choosing one of the best pool tables under $1000 will be easy now as you can read proper in-depth reviews with pros of cons of the top 5 products here.

Top Pool Tables Under 1000 Bucks

Our editor scores are based on value, durability, and quality.

Best Pool Tables Under $1000Editor ScorePrice
#1. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Fat Cat Reno II Pool Game Table9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Pool Table9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. MD Sports Billiard Table8/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. Triumph 89” Santa Fe Pool Table8/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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Pool Tables are for game rooms and the sport can be enjoyed indoors around the year by both children and adults. Also known as Billiards table, this game can be enjoyed as family leisure and can fit into the basement, a game room, office or any other empty space.

However, it’s always wise to consider the basics prior to buying one so that you can make a comprehensive decision while purchasing it. To invest in a top-grade pool table, you might have to pay attention to the following aspects.

  • Size of the table
  • Composition; this includes design and make of the table legs, slate, bumpers, frame, rails, pockets and felt.

Best Pool Tables Under $1000

Depending on your skill level, expertise, and purpose of play, you could choose any of the following recommended pool tables available under $1000. All the listed 5 pool tables in the guide below are from reputable brands and could assist you in making a fine choice when buying the table to suit your needs.

#1. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table

This Pool table from Mizerak Dynasty is a smart space saver model. The compact design of this 6.5’ pool table is perfect for smaller rooms. The unit comes with disk styled leg levelers that allow for the table to stand firmly on any playing surface. Powered with the automatic ball return technology, you can quickly reset your games and start over. So when your balls go into the holes, they are automatically returned cutting down on your manual effort of collecting the balls. This also allows you to play without any interruption.

The play bed is composed of double sealed MDF that facilitates a consistent roll to the ball. The table surface is covered with green nylon cloth that provides a classic game-parlor appearance to this pool table. The table closely resembles those used in professional tournaments. The black accent corner posts give this pool table an elegant appearance.

The Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table is a slightly scaled down version of a standard billiards table. The sleek laminate tenders smoothness while the rubber cushions provide great speed to the targeted balls. The wood grain rails allow for consistent rebounds and the double sealing makes the playbed resistant to warp and damage. The table weighs around 225 lbs which is heavy enough to prevent tilting from any kind of accidental bumps. It can be easily transported by two people from one room to another. This package comes with billiard balls, cues, triangle, and chalk. This is a complete billiards table with its standard features.

Product Specifications:

  •    Table Dimensions: 80” L x 44” W x 32” H
  •    Weight: 224.40 lb
  •    MDF thickness: 0.75″
  •    Wood Construction: Tan/ Bamboo
  •    Color: Green
  •    Cloth: Polyester


  •    Smaller design easily fits into standard rooms
  •    The Woodgrain laminate rails enable consistent rebound and work well for resistance
  •    Rubber cushions allow good speed and accuracy
  •   The unit includes pool cues, a set of balls, triangle, and chalk
  •    Sturdy and compact pool table


  •    This snooker pool table can be used indoors only.
  •    The pure nylon covered used for the pool table top is not the best in the market, but is quite durable


This Mizerak Dynasty unit is a great space saver choice available at an affordable price.

#2. Fat Cat Reno II Pool Game Table

Snooker enthusiasts interested in playing a classic game can use this one from Fat Cat which duals up as both a pool and billiards table. The Reno II model is a classic quality pool table from this brand available at almost half of what you would probably expect to pay for that quality of a billiard table. With K66 rubber bumpers and white diamond inlays, the Fat Cat Reno II is one of the best in the market. The table playbed is composed of MDF Accuslate that measures an inch and is covered in an elegant burgundy woolen cloth.

The 7 feet billiard table is supported by leveled tapered legs that measure ¾ inches and are made of wood veneer maple. The panels are toned in lighter shades highlighting a smooth contrast against the cherry colored pool playbed. The drop pockets are French styled adorning the table with a traditional look. The complete set comes with accessories including two chalk pieces, triangle, brush and a pair of standard 57 inches long cue. The vibrant cloth cover appears smooth, offering a brilliant surface for tough play. The table is designed in a unique way that is ideal to go with any classic décor or even the most contemporarily styled rooms. Featuring all the components that you would look for in a billiards table, the Reno II Pool Table from Fat Cat will not burn a hole into your pockets.

Product Specifications:

  •    Dimensions (LXWXH): 89 ½, 50 ½, 31 inches
  •    Wood rails: 6 inches
  •    Play bed surface dimensions: 78 inches (l) and 39 inches on the short side
  •    Cue length: 57”
  •    Ball dimension: 2.25”
  •    The Accuslate playing surface comes with a 7-year warranty.


  •    The maple finished double tone wood veneer adds to the table’s functionality and classic look.
  •    Great features available for a reasonable price
  •    High-quality materials used in the unit construction
  •    Size meets both recreational and focused play purposes


  •    The accessories kit quality is not as good as that of the table.
  •    The playing surface is not made of a natural rock slate. However, this makes the product affordable
  •    Assembly make require professional assistance

#3. Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Pool Table

A richly ornate Billiard Table that offers precise performance, the 90” Claw Leg Billiard Table from Barrington Springdale will add to your home’s panache. The 7.5-foot pool table speaks of its high-quality with the scratch-resistant rail veneer which also adds to its durability. This unit is ready to use as it comes as a full set of playing accessories including the 15 nos. billiard balls, a pair of cue sticks, a triangle rack, 2 chalk cubes, and a brush.

The parlour styled drop pockets are eye-catching and the bumper guards (of K-818 specification) provide a consistent bounce. The playbed is covered with a polyester velvet cloth that gives the ball a consistent and smooth roll. The particle board measuring 18mm in thickness is strong, durable and supports the deck ensuring longevity and power to the rolling ball. The top is coated with premium UV scratch-resistant material that adds to the glaze, giving a furniture styled-finish to the product. Both the table aprons and the rails are constructed of durable MDF. The green felt the surface is of professional grade and blend with wool. The claw-shaped legs and ball feature a moulded plastic shell on the outside with a column of wooden support from inside.

Perfect for recreational use, this pool table can be enjoyed with friends and family and suits all age groups.

Product Specifications:

  •    Table Dimension: 89.5″L x 50.25″W x 31″H.
  •    Table Weight: 198 lbs
  •    K-818 specification bumper
  •    Playbed: Polyester Velvet
  •    Deck Thickness: 18mm


  • Scratch resistant coating on the rails
  • Accurate ball bounce with the K-818 bumper guards
  • Claw legs look classy and come with hidden leg levelers to ensure even playing surface
  • Strong deck support appended by the 18mm thickness


  • The table does not come assembled and needs to be set up by at least 3-4 people
  • Heavy table as compared to other brands available in the market.

#4. MD Sports Billiard Table

This Sports Billiards Table Set is an all-time favourite one from MD Sports. Measuring 7.5ft long, this pool table is perfect for all age groups. It makes for a perfect indoor sports choice readily playable by children, teens and adults, whether kept at home, offices, garage or schools.

Composed of strong particle board, the wooden pool table is designed with 1” thickness and deck support. The bumper guards of K-818 specification allow a consistent bounce to the ball. The play bed is made of 35% wool and polyester felt blend enabling the ball to roll smoothly into the pockets. The ball pockets are parlour styled in this model. The high-quality wooden grain enhances the table’s durability while the strong legs make it sturdy. The accessories included in the set include a set of balls, two standard cue sticks, a rack, a chalk cube, and a brush. The table body and legs are constructed of MDF material that makes it durable. Moreover, it is laminated with PVC wood-grain laminate polish to ensure protection from easy warping or damage with regular use.

Product Specifications:

  • Assembled Dimension (LXWxH): 95.5 x 53.5 x 31
  • Weight: 153.9 kgs
  • Bumper Guards: K-818 (genuine)
  • Finish: PVC- laminate


  •    With its 8ft length, it is a relatively larger pool table and offers a superior playing experience, thanks to its 96” long surface
  •    The rubber bumpers allow the perfect bounce to the ball
  •    The pool table has a chic design
  •    The sports brand MD Sports is well known for its remarkable customer service and replacement parts are available if required in future


  •    No ball returning facility, players have to manually collect the balls form the pockets. The drop pockets are not convenient for ball return.
  •    Heavy weighted
  •    Needs some time to assemble the unit
  •    Does not offer any multi-purpose functions other than the pool
  •    Some players complain that the 35% wool and 65% polyester blend is not appropriate for tournament grade tables

#5. Triumph 89” Santa Fe Pool Table

Billiard enthusiasts with a fine taste for traditional looking pool tables can buy the 89” Santa Fe Billiard Table from Triumph. This 7.5ft classic designed billiards table fits perfectly into any room. The playing surface is covered with green nylon felt which offers a smooth feel to the tabletop. Relaying a retro pool effect, this model features classic drop pockets knit in the fabric.

The aesthetically designed tiger-claw styled table feet are carved with plastic and have leg levelers that ensure the table to stand firm on any floor area. This billiards unit arrives preassembled and may require players to simply attach the legs to the table. The Santa Fe Billiards table is a timeless collection from and vouches for its durability. Not much effort or time is required to install this pool table as it comes preinstalled. It is packaged with 2 pool cues, billiard balls set, a triangle, chalk cubes, and a plastic brush.

Product Specifications:

  •    Dimensions: 89” L x 50” W
  •    Table weight: 190 lbs
  •    Material: Nylon, Chalk, Wood
  •    Cloth color: Green
  •    Pockets: Internal drop


  •    The Sante Fe 89” billiards table is easy to set up
  •    The flaunting design fits into almost any room
  •    This model is a great value for the price
  •    Perfect for recreational play


  •    The table is a little heavy and may require more than one person to transport it and set up the legs when assembling
  •    The pocket sizes are not as convenient compared to those installed in other pool tables of its genre.

Hope the above billiard table reviews of the 5 Best Pool Tables Under $1000 helps you to easily narrow down on the product that befits your preference. Whichever product you buy, some of the things that you must correspondingly pay attention to with regard to its maintenance are:

  •    Positioning the table
  •    Cleaning the cue sticks and balls and the frequency of cleaning
  •    Covering the table
  •    Playing responsibly to prevent accidents or damage to the product

These are by far the best pool tables under $1000 that you can buy this year.



  1. At first, I was not sure whether to spend $1000 on a pool table or not but after thinking a lot and doing some research I have finally decided to buy Fat Cat Reno as it looks sturdy and worth every penny. I will happily spend $1000 on it.

  2. The Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table has been in my playing room from 8 months, so I would love to point out some things.

    Best Pool Table for the Money: Considering the price of the table is way less than $1000, it is worth the money as you can keep this table in a small room and play professional level pool games.

    Although there are few small issues when it comes to quality. But nothing major that I can point out, as the money you are paying for this table is way less than what you need to pay to get a bigger & better pool table.

    Comes with all Equipment:- It comes with all the equipment you need to start playing, plastic ball rack, a set of balls, a brush, 2 cues (1 larger, 1 smaller), and 2 squares of chalk. Additionally, I would recommend you to buy a cover to protect the table.

    In the end, I would say Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Table is a good choice for the people looking for best pool tables under 1000 dollars.


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