Top 7 Best Pool Table Reviews 2021


A pool game, also referred to as the billiard balls game is played over a pool table made up of wood or synthetic material, with the help of billiard balls. A perfect pool table or a billiard table can be a major investment for some recreational and fun times. There are several variations available with these pool tables and they can be of wood, felt, cloth, or slate material. We have done extensive research and have brought to you the top seven best pool tables, to aid your purchase decision.

List of Best Pool Tables 2021

Best Pool TablesEditor RatingPrice
#1. Barrington Urban 96” Pool Table9.7/10Check Price Here
#2. Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table9.4/10Check Price Here
#4. Hathaway Maverick 7-Foot Pool Table9.2/10Check Price Here
#5. Hathaway Spartan Pool Table9.1/10Check Price Here
#6. Barrington Billiards Hawthorne Pool Table9.1/10Check Price Here
#7. EastPoint Sports Masterton Pool Table9/10Check Price Here

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Top 7 Pool Table Reviews 2021

#1. Barrington Urban 96” Pool Table

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This is a high-end pool table that makes purchasing and playing one’s favorite games pretty simple and convenient. This is an excellent billiard kit that sends all the game pieces and equipment necessary for a classic pool game. This is a durable pool table that comprises a competition-grade and 25 mm thick surface that has a covering with a leather drop pocket. The table is planked between a wood frame and is buttressed with the help of concrete style pillars that are connected with the help of wooded rod connectors.

This table features stunning craftsmanship and features an elegant birchwood veneer with an oak finish. The table is complemented by jet black felt and leather pockets and gunmetal grey concrete legs. It also features a modern twist and an elegant design, that renders it a bold and luxurious look. It features professional wool felt the bed and a bumper guard that combines with its high-quality cues, you will enjoy a smooth and flawless execution.


  • Comes with a complete set of billiard balls, a triangle, brush, and chalk
  • Being a tournament-grade pool game table, it renders superior playing.
  • Furniture quality construction with a sleek and modern look.


  • Overall, a great buy for pool players without any major con.

#2. Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table

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The product comes as a single GLD fat cat Trueshot pool table of size six feet, a set of billiard balls, one billiard brush, two cues, one ball triangle, and two chalks. The dimensions of this pool table are about 76” length, 43” weight, and 32” height. The weight of the table is about 114 pounds. The diameter of each of these balls is about 2.25” and the thickness of the playing table is about ½”. This is a strict indoor table and its compact design allows the players to enjoy their favorite game near the pool, in the garage, and even in the office and restaurant.

The table is constructed of high-quality building material, that helps with lightweight play and portability without sacrificing the strength of the table. The table is of the perfect size for young players, who are starting to learn the fun of the pool. The sleek black cloth of the table complements the room décor, irrespective of the table is of the traditional or contemporary design. 


  • The table features a compact design that allows players to enjoy their favorite games in tighter spaces.
  • The table is built with high-quality building material to help with portability and lightweight play.
  • The table has a locking leg to ensure safety and fun without any worry.
  • The table is portable and foldable.


  • Recreational table for children and casual players. Serious players may not find this table appealing.

Note: Fat Cat Trueshot pool table also features in our list of Best Pool Tables Under $500.

#3. Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

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The Hathaway Fairmont portable table looks ambient and attractive in its vibrant blue color. The table is easy to transport and comes with durable steel legs that are easy to fold for transportation and also for storage. There is a nylon carry bag that comes with this table, that is rip-resistant and helps in keeping the table safe and secure on the go. The family-friendly 6-foot frame of the table is perfect for kids and helps them to learn and master the game. The table enjoys an extremely high-quality construction and a simple space-saving design, which can serve as a perfect addition for any game in any room, office, or gym.

The table comes completely assembled and it ships completely assembled and ready to play. Players can simply unfold the legs and get the fun rolling. The dimensions of the table are about 76” L x 43.25” W x 32” H. the dimensions of the playing surface is about 66” L x 33” W. The table has a 1.25” diameter steel leg with 1.5” stabilizing leg levelers. Some of the accessories that come with the ball are its nylon carry bag, 2.25” standard billiard balls, table brush, two pieces of chalk, racking triangle, etc. The table comes with a 180- day manufacturer warranty.


  • The table features easy-fold steel legs and high quality blended wool felt.
  • Features L-profile rubber cushions with 5” top rails
  • The table has chrome-plated corner caps with integrated leg levelers.


  • Great table that requires center support.

Note: Hathaway Fairmont table also features in our list of Best Pool Tables Under $500.

#4. Hathaway Maverick 7-Foot Pool Table

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This table combines two great games in one. The table helps to save space and it serves as a combination of a gorgeous mid-size pool and a table tennis table. Its simple two-step conversion makes game switching easy and within a snap. This is a 7-foot pool table that is perfect for families and this table is of an ideal size for kids as well. Players would love the stylish design and premium features of this table and twitch to Table tennis game takes only a few seconds with the help of this pool table. The table stands up for the toughest of competitions.

The table has a poly-sealed billiard surface that features a beautiful blended felt and rubber cushions. The table also features a durable resin molded drop pockets and the tablet comes loaded with accessories, which includes 57” pool cues, 16 2.5” billiard balls, chalk, brush, and a triangle. It comes with two table tennis balls and paddles, a net and a post. 


  • This pool table is easy to assemble
  • The table comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Quality blended felt with K66 rubber cushions.
  • The table has chrome-plated corner caps with laminate top rails.


  • The table can be very heavy, hindering easy portability.

#5. Hathaway Spartan Pool Table

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This is a gorgeous looking, attractive take that saves space and helps players to play both billiards and table tennis games. This table is extremely lightweight and its table tennis top easily installs over the table frame. Thus, the players can keep having fun rolling at a fun and competitive pace. The table stands up to even the toughest of competitions with its poly-sealed playing surface and its perfectly blended felt. Its K8 19 rubber cushions ensure a quick and smooth action that will last for years.

This pool table is 6-foot long and is of an ideal size for kids who are learning the game. Even adults will love its premium features, space-saving functionality, and its stylish designs. Its black melamine and modern burgundy playing surface will create a dazzling look that will stun family and friends. The set comes as a complete set with one pool table, one pool ball set, two cue sticks. One racking triangle, two paddles, and two table tennis balls.


  • Creates a stylish gaming center in the game room
  • The table is designed with style and versatility in mind
  • The table is the perfect combination of compact size and quality features that fits any room


  • Not a very durable pool table.

Note: Hathaway Spartan table also features in our list of Best Pool Tables Under $500.

#6. Barrington Billiards Hawthorne Pool Table

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This is a 23-piece pool table set that includes a Barrington Billiard table, cue sticks, chalk cubes, triangle rack, felt brush, billiard balls, and a cue ball. Being a handsome pool table, it is capable of completing any game room. This table appeals to the gaming requirements of the entire family and appeals to children as well, who will start playing and enjoying the game. Its striking ball and claw leg design enhance the leisure of all family members, who would love to learn and play the game. Owing to its exquisite styling and detail, the table soon becomes the focal point of all activities in the family.

This table enjoys ambient deck support and it is made from 1” reinforced particle board playfield with 505 wool felt blend surface. With this table at home, one can play and enjoy billiards at one’s comfort and its classic drop pockets will add to the authentic look and feel for the home entertainment collection. The table weighs approximately 319 pounds and its dimensions are about 100” L x 56” W x 31” H after assembling.


  • The table features a sophisticated and durable construction
  • The table helps to enhance any interior décor and it comes with complete billiard accessories
  • It is designed for long-lasting durability.


  • Check the individual parts for damages when the product arrives, before assembling.

Note: Barrington Hawthorne Pool Table also features in our list of Best Pool Tables for Home.

#7. EastPoint Sports Masterton Pool Table

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The EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table can be an ultimate addition to any family game room, basement, or garage. The table is good enough to keep the family and guests entertained for hours. The table features a traditional ball and claw legs and parlor style drop pockets, along with scratch resistant luster long finish, which is strong and durable enough for a modern family. The table comes ready to play out of the box with all the accessories. The traditional claw leg table features a scratch-resistant finish that resists wear and tears for long life.

Its K-66 rubber bumpers help in professional and consistent bounce. With the help of the rubber bumpers, the players can find the correct angle and take their shots with precision every time. The table has a traditional parlor style drop pocket design and its leg levelers ensure precision play. Its rich wood color and finish bring about an elegant and stylish look, to catch the attention of the family and friends. 


  • Features built-in leg levelers to get the table ready for precision play.
  • The rich wood color and finish bring about an elegant look for the table.
  • The table features traditional style ball and claw legs and parlor style drop pockets.


  • Check the parts of the table for perfect alignment, as some users have trouble in aligning it.
  • The recreational table that is not ideal for serious play.

How to Choose the Best Pool Table?

Buying a pool table is a big and exciting investment, and it also holds a long term value. But there are certain important aspects to concentrate on apart from size and style, before choosing to buy a pool table. Let us discuss them here.

1. Pool table surface:

The surface of the pool table was traditionally made from slate, and it is been replaced by several substitute materials such as slatex, fiberboard, plywood, slate, etc. But nothing could match the accuracy and the smoothness of slate, which is a rock created from volcanic ash. Also, pool tables can be of different thickness, with ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” being pretty common.

2. Legs of the table:

The table can be heavy and should be supported by strong legs. Also, when players take shots, they lean or sit against the pool table, adding to their stress. Make sure that the legs of the table are sturdy and are made of solid pieces of wood.

3. Frame:

The surface of the table can stay rigid and sturdy, only it is supported by a wooded frame. A lack of support can let the slate to sag, crack, and even become uneven. The most common frame materials are cloth or felt cushions and rails.

Final Words

The pool table is the single most important aspect that determines the level of playing experience, and it is thus an important piece of equipment. Other accessories that are required to play the game expertly are bridge sticks, billiard balls, pool cues, etc. We hope our guide helps you to pick up the best pool table for your family entertainment.



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