Top 7 Best Pool Cues Under $100


If you want to up your game of pool, then you need to need to invest in a great pool stick. If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics, then you can invest in cue sticks under $100.

You need to get a stick that is straight, durable and easy to handle. We have studied the best models available in the market under $100 to provide you this review.

There are numerous options available in the market when it comes to pool cues. We researched on the best-selling models from reputed brands to compile this review.

We have also listed the vital factors to consider before buying the best pool cues under $100. You can also go through the recommendations to make an informed decision.

Top 7 Best Pool Cues Under $100

These best budget pool cues under 100 dollars are rated based on quality, value for money & popularity.

Best Pool Cues Under $100Editor ScorePrice
#1. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. AB Earth Pool Cue9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue9/10Check Price Here
#4. Viper Underground The Raven Pool Cue9/10Check Price Here
#5. Viper Clutch Pool Cue8.5/10Check Price Here
#6. Players C-801 Classic Crimson Pool Cue8.5/10Check Price Here
#7. Viper Junior 2-piece Pool Cue8/10Check Price Here

Best Pool Cues Under 100 Dollars

Here are reviews of best pool cues under $100 that are rated highly in year 2021.

#1. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

Check Price

This pool cue is a great option for individuals who have a fixed budget. What is impressive about this Viking Valhalla Pool Cue is that the features have not been compromised within this design to come up with a budget model. The brand has been offering customized pool cues for from over 50 years and its offerings are quite reliable.

Seven different styling options are available for the players when they opt for this pool cue. The design is quite unique and features a 13mm leather tip. This makes controlling the ball quite unique. The shaft has been designed with Canadian Maple which renders it quite sturdy. The joint features metal threading for ensuring a secure lock.

This premium cue has been engineered by the best craftsmen in the industry. The Irish Linen wrap promises a comfortable grip to the users. The shaft wood ensures hard-hitting strikes. The cue comes in two pieces which makes it easier to carry around as well as store. The size of this pool cue is 58 inches which is the standard size for use in any competition.

This Valhalla pool promises solid performance to the users. The weights range between 18-21 ounces. The final product has been treated and coated to prevent warping. The reason why this product is at the top of the list is that it is backed with lifetime warranty as a bonus along with all its lucrative features.

If any warping occurs during usage, then you can utilize the warranty feature. Overall, this design is one of the best pool cues available under $100 and will offer you power shots every time you participate in any game.


  • Two-piece stick available in seven color options
  • Easy to transport
  • 58” length with Irish Linen Wrap
  • Stainless steel threaded joint
  • 13mm leather tip
  • Backed with lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Offers a secure grip to the users
  • Butt weight can be adjusted as per the player’s liking
  • Rubber bumper on the tip protects the stick from cracks and chips


  • Breaking with this pool cue is not a great experience
  • The tips are not polished and hence prepping is required

#2. AB Earth Pool Cue

Check Price

This pool cue has been ergonomically designed. Great attention to detail has been given in designing this model. The wood for this stick has been chosen by the experts after thorough consideration. The finishing has been done as per the industry standards. The skidproof design ensures a secure grip and promises great shot every time.

The shaft features a hand-selected Canadian hard rock maple. Care has been exercised to check the quality of the product at every stage of production. The butt has been chosen to complement the shaft design. The butt has been polished and hand-painted. The wavy shape but promises a long service and it also renders the design anti-slip.

Manual painting renders a unique look to this pool cue. The cues are available in trendy colors. You can choose any design that complements your style.


  • Pool cue features an ergonomic design
  • Handmade and hand-painted pool cue
  • The butt features a wavy shape
  • The shaft has been designed with Canadian Hard Maple
  • Butt promises a long service life
  • Anti-slip function
  • Hand-painted with trendy colors which render the design unique
  • 58” in length and leather tip of 13”
  • Skidproof ergonomics
  • 180-day quality guarantee offered by the manufacturer


  • The bottom develops scratches easily

#3. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue

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This pool cue features a classic design and measures 58” in length. It has triple silver ring design that renders the design beautiful. The design is well balanced. The build and looks of this pool cue are excellent. It has been designed with premium quality wood. The finish on both the shaft and the butt is flawless.

This pool cue features a standard 13mm Le Pro leather tip. You can scuff it as per your liking. The wrap featured in this design is double Irish pressed linen wrap. This pool cue works well during both soft and hard shots. The only challenge is to keep the tip chalked. The delivery speed is excellent and the product is backed with lifetime warranty by the makers against cracking, chipping and warpage.


  • Triple silver ring design with maple shaft
  • Solid double pressed Irish linen wrap
  • Offers slip-free grip to the users
  • 13mm premium leather tip
  • Ensures consistent play
  • Stainless steel joint collar ensures a solid hit every time
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Available in 18-21 ounces with half ounce increments


  • The wrap is slippery
  • The tip is fragile

#4. Viper Underground The Raven Pool Cue

Check Price

This 58” pool cue has been constructed from genuine Canadian Maple wood. It features edgy graphic designs at the bottom. What is unique about this design is that there are several stainless steel rings along the sleeve and the forearm. The stainless steel joints used in the design are light in weight. This results in consistent feedback during gameplay.

This pool cue is available in cue weights of 18-21 ounce. You can add weight as per your preference. A customizable assortment is offered by the manufacturer along with this pool cue. The tip measures 13mm and features Le Pro leather. It also comes with a traditional rubber bumper and a faux leather wrap.


  • Built from premium quality Canadian Maple wood
  • Features edgy graphics at the bottom
  • Two-piece pool cue
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Features stainless steel joints that are lightweight
  • Tip measures 13mm and are made of Le Pro Leather
  • Features faux leather wrap
  • Available in 18-21 ounce cue weights


  • Rubber bumper does not remain secure
  • The tip is fragile

#5. Viper Clutch Pool Cue

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The Viper Clutch pool cue has been constructed from premium Canadian Maple wood. It is available in different colors and is coated with nine layers of varnishes for preventing warping. The cue has several onyx and wood inlays. These are further accented with rings made of stainless steel along the sleeve and forearm.

The overall design of this pool cue is quite unique. The joints are lightweight and offer consistent feedback during the gameplay. A removable scuffer is also offered to the players. The scuffer can be twisted for shaping the tip of the cue. This promises enhanced chalk retention.

Each cue features a siliconized infused felt wrap. This ensures tension-free stroke every time. The tip measures 13mm. The product is backed with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. This promises a risk-free purchase to the users.


  • 58” 2-piece pool cue
  • Shaft designed from hard Canadian Maple wood
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Coated with 9 layers of varnishes
  • Features ABS joints that are lightweight
  • Features siliconized infused felt wrap
  • Leather tip of13mm
  • A customizable assortment of cue weights
  • Backed with limited lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Tip is flimsy

#6. Players C-801 Classic Crimson Pool Cue

Check Price

This stunning pool cue features a traditional style and a reliable design. This stylish cue has black/white ring sets. It has a white Implex joint collar as well as a black wrap. This model exudes a timeless, traditional look. It would make a great companion during a practice session at a club or during any tournament.

Players C-801 is an offering from a reputed brand. All Players pool cues are made from Hard Rock Maple that falls in North American Grade A category. The wood used for designing the pool cue is usually handpicked by expert craftsmen. It is turned and dried before being shaped to form a cue stick.

The wood is treated with Nelsonite for protecting it from any atmospheric changes. Nelsonite is a patented stabilizer used on cue sticks. Epoxy finish is also applied on the stick for sealing the pores in the wood. This coating also ensures protection against moisture.

The cue is then prepped with a high gloss UV coating which offers it protection against chipping and fading. This ensures that your cue stick would last for a long time. The cue butts are offered professional tapering to provide flawless shots to the player every time. The special French cue wax treatment ensures a smooth finish throughout the length of the cue stick.

The smooth finishing ensures that the stick glides easily through your fingers. The shaft of this pool cue is also topped with a ferrule of high-impact. This model is backed with a lifetime guarantee against cracking and chipping.


  • Sleek wrap design
  • Coated with special French cue wax for a smooth finish
  • Promises uninterrupted strokes and a smooth feel
  • Implex joint collar for a power hit
  • Hard oak leather tip
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty by the makers
  • Shaft designed from premium hard rock maple
  • Professional tapering for flawless shots


  • Finish changes at the tip and you can feel it

#7. Viper Junior 2-piece Pool Cue

Check Price

This 48” pool cue is a perfect pool stick for any junior player who wants to master the game. The design is reliable and a great option for beginners. This pool cue has been constructed from quality hard Canadian Maple wood. It features edgy graphics down the length.

You can spot stainless steel rings over the sleeve and forearm. This renders the overall design quite unique. The ABS joints are light in weight. These offer regular feedback during the gameplay. This stick weighs 16 ounces. It is just ideal for tight spaces. The weight is perfect for junior players.

Viper Junior pool cue features a leather tip of 13mm. The design is finished with a traditional bumper and a nylon wrap.


  • 2-piece pool cue
  • Easy to store and carry around
  • Features a 13mm leather tip
  • Lightweight ABS joints
  • Finished with a rubber bumper and a nylon wrap
  • Weighs 16 ounces and is perfect for junior players
  • Great cue stick for beginners


  • The tip is flimsy
  • The finish on the two pieces of this pool cue feels different

Factors to consider before buying the best pool cues

Whenever you are planning to purchase any product, there are a certain set of criteria that you should never ever overlook. This is applicable to pool sticks as well. These critical factors help you find the appropriate pool cue as per your requirements.

Dimensions of the cue stick

You should always go for dimensions that you are comfortable with. You can go for a lighter or heavier stick as per your liking. It is better to check the feel of the sticks and try a couple of shots before investing in any pool cue. If you are a beginner, then opting for a heavier stick would prove to be beneficial. If you have mastered the game, then you can go for a lighter design.

Generally, pool cues vary from 18-22 ounces in weight. You can settle for 18 ounces which is the basic weight given to any pool cue. You can customize and add weights if you intend to. The average length of a pool cue is usually 58”. For juniors, it is 48”.


It is essential to look into the material from which a pool cue has been designed from. Go for models that feature sturdy shaft material.

Professionals usually go for either maple wood cue sticks or for fiberglass designs. Cues made from blended materials are quite expensive and these do not pose any maintenance issues. These are also not prone to warping. Hybrid cues are also available in the market. These offer the best of both.

Joints & Wraps

The joint of the cue needs to be secure and should match and flush to the wood upon putting together. Any gap between the butt and the shaft is not desirable. The parts should fit together snugly and easily. A better grip is ensured with premium wraps. The leather wrap is perfect for beginners. Leather wraps feel soft to touch and genuine ones are quite expensive. However, many players stay away from leather wraps as they promote sweating and loosen the grip. Irish linen is one of the best wrap options available for the players.

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Numerous options are available in the market when it comes to pool cues. This may confuse you while shortlisting any model for your needs. If you are beginner, then you can settle with a basic model. Professionals are well aware of what they need from their cue stick. Make sure to try out several designs and then go for any model.

Look into the factors to consider before purchasing a pool cue. This will help you think and weigh the pros and cons of opting for any model. We have provided an in-depth review of the best pool cues available under $100. Make sure to look into these before settling for any design.


  1. Viking Valhalla pool cue is definitely the best pool cue under 100 bucks in the UK as it has stainless steel threaded joint and leather tip makes it sturdy for long term use. I am writing this after using this cue for almost a year. The quality of Viking Valhalla is very good and that’s why the company gives a lifetime manufacturer warranty. So if you need the best pool cue for $100 then you can choose Viking Valhalla any day.


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