Best Pool Cue for Beginners – Top 5 Reviews


For Pool enthusiasts ready to train in this fantastic table sport, the first thing you need is to arm yourself with a functional cue to hit the best shots. As a beginner, you need to primarily get acquainted with the stick and thus should lookout for a cue that’s easy to handle. A well-designed and appropriately sized cue is a prerequisite to playing a good game.

Best Pool Cues for Beginners 2021

Best Beginner Pool CuesEditor ScorePrice
#1. Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Viper Junior 48″ Realtree Pool Cue9/10Check Price Here
#3. Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Cue9/10Check Price Here
#4. Iszy Billiards Hardwood Maple Pool Cue9/10Check Price Here
#5. Cuetec Prestige Series 2-Piece Pool Cue8.5/10Check Price Here

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Beginners Guide to Pool Cues

There are a few factors to be considered when picking up a Pool Cue. Before purchasing a stick, check for the following aspects of your cue.

Cue Material

Not only the stick but even the wrap material needs makes a lot of difference. One of the most durable sticks is made of maple wood and is great for beginners at the game. Durability is vital, especially because you will be playing multiple games as you practice the 8-ball game. A good wrap material offers a better grip on the cue. If you aren’t using a maple one, nylon and linen also make a decent choice when beginning to play.

Size and Weight of the Cue

The size and weight of the cue need to offer a good balance in your arms. As a beginner when you pick up a cue, it would be better to try out a few sticks to select the one that suits you the most. Heavy cues can lead to ball spin. A shorter cue size usually suits the petite while a longer cue is better for taller players. Anywhere between 20 ounces is ideal for beginners.

Balance Point of the Cue

The Balance Point of the Cue is integral to handle the stick with ease. The balance point is located close to the centre of the stick i.e. slightly away from the wrap’s end.

The Design

You will need a straight cue that enables you to aim straight. A poker straight cue stick allows players to strike the ball with heightened smoothness. When buying the stick, it’s advisable to place it on the tabletop to check whether it lies flat. Avoid picking curved cues.

Tip of the Stick

Finally, the tip is important as any other part of the stick. A soft tip made of rubber or leather offers an advantage to beginners. That’s because you will be able to feel the cue upon striking the Pool ball. An average tip size ranges between 11 and 14 mm. As a beginner, you could consider a tip size of 12-13 mm.

Top 10 Best Beginners Pool Cue Sticks

Here are a few top cue sticks that you can check out before purchasing the one that befits your gaming requirement and style.

#1. Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick

Check Price

Viking is a legendary brand and has been designed as the best pool cues for five decades. The 2 piece Pool stick adds power to your performance and offers value for money. For a beginner who needs rigorous practice, two pieces are worth the reasonable price you can buy this set for. With its custom-make approach, Viking creates uniquely styled cue sticks befitting a beginner’s needs.

With a forearm constructed of Canadian hard maple rock, the Viking Valhalla is a beginner’s favourite cue stick. The well-shaped tip allows better control and the high-impact ferrule makes sure that the contact with the ball comes through crisply.


  • The Viking Valhalla Cue Stick comes with an Irish Linen Wrap that’s ideal for beginners as it lends much comfort to the player’s hands.
  • It’s a two-piece Pool stick
  • The tip made of premium leather offers a smooth feel when striking the ball. It measures 13mm
  • The stick is constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Does not warp easily and is durable. The manufacturer extends a lifetime warranty against warping as well!
  • The adjustable butt allows players to select a weight between 18-20 ounces.
  • There’s a rubber bumper on the cue’s bottom ensuring the longevity of the stick as it protects it against easy chipping.
  • The two-piece cue is perfect for travelling.


  • The leather tip offers comparatively lesser control on the ball due to its hard surface.

#2. Viper Junior 48″ Realtree Pool Cue

Check Price

Measuring 48 inches, the Viper Junior cue model from Realtree Hardwoods is constructed of premium Canadian maple wood material. The unique graphics engraved on the stick down to its entire length offers a funky look. The forearm is adorned with stainless steel rings that enhance the overall appearance of this unique piece from the veteran manufacturers and add to the grip. An eye-catching design, this 2 piece Pool offers enhanced performance comfort with its lightweight make.

The best thing about the Viper Junior is that it can be interchangeably used by juniors as well as beginners. The cue comes with grand dressing options and is constructed with a top-quality of Canadian maple wood. The edgy tattoos add to its overall design and the ABS joints extend consistent feedback required by the player beginning to get a grip over the game.


  • Featuring ABS joints, Viper Junior offers consistency even to players new to the game.
  • A lightweight cue stick, it’s ideal for beginners and weighs around 16 Oz.
  • The stick length is 48 inches and is perfect for younger Pool enthusiasts.
  • The cue is endorsed with a 13mm Le-Pro leather tip offering smooth strikes while the nylon wrap allows easy grip.
  • The bumper is made of traditional rubber.


  • Viper Junior 48-inches cue stick is lightweight offering the right balance to beginners
  • The stainless steel rings add support and better grip to players
  • The cue set is reasonably priced
  • The portable cue set is well-suited for travellers
  • The ABS joint is an advantage offering enhanced performance


  • Although a great model of cue sticks for the beginners; it isn’t that good for professional use
  • The wrap is missing on the cue

#3. Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Cue

Check Price

If you are searching for a house cue, this Imperial Premier Cyclone carved from hard rock maple wood can do you good. Made of premium quality of North American wood, the standard of wood used here is processed before shaping them into the cue. The 2-piece cue set is ideal for players on the move. The classic design and colour of the stick is the highlight of this Sneaky Pete model and it comes with a rubber bumper, a glued tip and plastic ferrule.

Available in multiple sizes, this particular size is a standard one. You can check the suitable one appropriate for children. It might take a little time for players to get acquainted with the cue and although it’s a good purchase for new players, this model may not be the perfect one to be used for tournaments of championships.


  • Imperial Premier Cyclone measures 42 inches and is appropriate for younger players
  • The hard rock maple construction of the cue stick provides for its durability
  • The ferrule features in a classy white tone adding on to its grand look.
  • The handle of the cue comes with a 4-prong design, thus offering an enhanced grip.
  • The Sneaky Pete 2 piece cue set is engineered in a manner where the dowels are turned many times in the process so that the wood stabilizes before the finishing is done.


  • Imperial Premier Cyclone cue set is affordable and offers value for money
  • The quality tip offers smoothness
  • It’s portable and pocket-friendly
  • The design offers durability and does not get warped easily


  • This model is not the best in the category and misses out on accuracy
  • Players might face short deflection issues when using this cue stick
  • Although the cue works well for beginners, it is not the best model for advanced players or professional use

#4. Iszy Billiards Hardwood Maple Pool Cue

Check Price

If you are searching for a specific colour, the Short 48-inches Hardwood Maple Pool Cue would be a great choice. The brown-black steel joint cue set comes in two pieces which enable beginners to undertake as many practice sessions as possible. The ferrule is made of fibre and measures 13 mm. The glue on the leather tip enhances the smoothness with which you can strike the ball on the table. The Irish linen wrap provides for an excellent grip and control and measures 19 ounces.

This model from Izzy Billiards is a must-have and can be easily used at the smaller pool rooms offering lesser manoeuvring space. The stick is durable and offers precision. It looks good; thanks to the range of colours you get to pick from. You can either purchase the 18 or 19 Oz cue depending on your requirement.


  • Made of high-grade maple wood
  • The joint is constructed of stainless steel and fits both the pieces tightly providing better balance and accuracy
  • The cue tip is pre-shaped and comes with a satin coating to make the strokes cutting-edge
  • Designed elegantly with 100% straightness
  • The Irish linen wrap offers an excellent grip.


  • It’s lightweight and durable
  • The straightness is an advantage as it bends nowhere thereby offering cleaner shots. The straight design improves accuracy
  • Pre-shaped cue enables instant play benefits without requiring you to shape it up.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and can last for long without any specific care
  • Tight joints offer a better balance to the cue
  • The satin finish enables smooth gliding so that players can play effortlessly


  • It needs to be stored properly
  • Some players might find the tip to be relatively harder than its prototypes in the market.

#5. Cuetec Prestige Series 2-Piece Pool Cue

Check Price

The 58 inches Pool Cue stick from Cuetec Prestige Series offers the best striking opportunities each time you are ready to hit a ball. One of the finest styled cue stick in the market for beginners, you can choose from a plethora of colours to get started. These include ebony, candy apple red, pearl white and steel blue. Offering an advantage with its length, this stick is suited to taller players.

The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty on this 2 piece cue set. Weighing around 19 ounces, this is a lightweight model and comes with a Veltex wrap. Styled in black, Implex joint collar and the bottom cam are festooned with Chrome trim rings.


  • It comes with a patented design where the 15 ½ inches Pro Taper power bonded shaft offers a fluid feel.
  • The Ferrule is constructed with Polycarbonate and offers a multiple-layer pig-skin tip
  • The butt piece grip is made of Veltex material and works well in soaking the moisture from your hands.
  • The weight can be adjusted with the bolt system powered on the cue enabling easy and quick maneuvering.
  • The pieces are all finished in Tru-Glide which makes it resistant to regular wear and tear.


  • The overall design is pleasing
  • Cuetec branding offers state-of-the-art technology
  • The 2 piece cue set is good for beginners and encourages people to play even when travelling.
  • User-friendly cues ideal for beginners to use it optimally
  • The maple wood shaft is finger-glass bonded offering the real feel at every strike. It also contributes to the light-weight of the cue stick.


  • The weight of the cue cannot be adjusted which limits it to an extent. Separate weights need to be purchased for adjusting the cue.
  • The rubber foot tends to slip off the cue when playing.

All the above-listed stick brands stand out as the top Pool cues and can enhance a beginner level player’s game with its unique features. Every player has an individual style of play and only the best makes as recommended above can cater to the appropriate needs of a player. Reasonably priced, each of the 5 brands is worth a buy for new players ready to try a hand at pool or billiards. 



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