Best Ping Pong Robots (UPDATED 2021) Top 5 Training Machines


This is the list of best ping pong robots of 2021 based on a number of factors like features, price, quality, etc..

Best Ping Pong RobotsFeaturesPrice
#1. HUI PANG-07 Ping Pong Ball Machine Easily customizable, Portable, High Capacity RobotCheck Price Here
#2. Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping Pong RobotEasily Programmable, Serves 94 balls per MinuteCheck Price Here
#3. iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot Wireless Remote Control, Serves 90 Balls per MinuteCheck Price Here
#4. HP-07 Ping Pong RobotSpin Varieties, Position adjustableCheck Price Here
#5. Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Table Tennis Robot64 Pre-programmed Drills, Digital ControlsCheck Price Here

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If you are serious about improving your ping pong skills and get that extra practice that you are aiming for, then you cannot go wrong with a ping pong robot. Although you cannot entirely replace a practice partner, a table tennis robot however can help those who want to practice whenever possible.

The robotic consistencies help in improving stroke mechanics and hurl balls at you at the same spin and speed as you configure it to. This will help you in mastering the stroke at a quicker pace. The best thing would be to first practice with a coach and then train with a robot. These devices do not consume much space, are programmable, portable and do not get tired.

How to Choose a Ping Pong Robot?

Living in the technological era, it is just obvious to expect new devices and gadgets being launched every year. This holds true for ping pong robots as well. It can be a daunting task to pick the best robot for you as there are a plethora of models available. Each model has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to consider things such as features, budget, course and current level in order to make the best choice.
Before investing your hard earned money, you must figure out whether you actually need a ping pong robot or not. You need to identify your current level of play. If you are a beginner, then you must take sessions with a coach to be aware of the fundamentals. Once you have mastered the basic strokes, then you can go ahead and start practicing with a robot.

Ping pong robots have become increasingly advanced in recent years. These can do much more than shooting a ball at different speeds. These can perform complex drills and apply all kinds of spins. You can even connect these robots with your smartphone for keeping a track of your progress. You must look into the portability factor if you want to carry your robot to the club.

Some ping pong robots permit you to program the sequence of your drill including spin type, ball placement and pauses between shots. Going through the features will help you pick the right ping pong robot as per your requirements. You also need to consider the budget factor while purchasing a ping pong robot. The more any device costs, the more it can perform. You just need to remember this as a $200 cannot perform the tasks a $1,000 robot can. You need to pay attention to the features of the robot and decide what you should be opting for.

Top 5 Best Ping Pong Robots 2021

Here are the top 5 best ping pong robots available in the market today. These have been selected based on several parameters and most importantly based on the worth offered for the investment made.

#1. HUI PANG-07 Ping Pong Ball Machine

Check Price


  • Easily customizable
  • High capacity robot
  • Portable and can be moved quite easily across the table
  • Can be operated with much ease in both Chinese and English


  • Not ideal for professional players

The HUI PANG-07 has been designed to have the largest capacity of all the ping pong robots. It has been designed to manage 110 balls. This machine weighs 4.5kg when it is entirely loaded and 3.5kg when empty. The lightweight ensures that it can be moved around the table comfortably. This robot is highly adaptable and can be operated even at a rated power of 35 watts and 100 volts.

HUI PANG-07 has been designed to provide satisfactory operation. The ball frequency of this robot is 40-70 balls per minute. You can catch up as and when you improve your skills through consistent practice. Beginners will find this ping pong robot extremely beneficial as the frequency can be adjusted quite easily.

The ball angle can also be adjusted with much ease in HUI PANG-07. The serving machine helps in configuring the remote control. This, in turn, helps you in operating different features while using this robot. You do not have to move away from the table quite frequently in order to make adjustments.

#2. Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping Pong Robot

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  • Permits you to choose between six shots
  • Easy to set up and disassemble
  • Can serve up to 94 times in a minute
  • Easily programmable
  • Features one of the best recycling nets


  • Cannot switch spins in the middle of a drill

The Robo-Pong robot is one of the best offerings from Newgy. It can handle over 40 balls and can be programmed to suit the pace that you would prefer while practicing ping pong. The drills can be saved in memory and can also be shared online. You can also download drills from the community and run it on this robot during a practice session. The speed of the ball can be varied with much ease in this robot.

One of the best recycling netting systems is featured in the Robo-Pong robot. It comprises of two separate nets. One of the nets is looser for absorbing the entire energy of the ping pong ball and also to prevent it from bouncing back. This will help you in improving your training experience as you would be able to focus on one ball at a time.

This ping pong table offers you three options. If you opt for the same position twice, then this robot will shoot balls in the same spot. If you chose a different position, then this robot alternates between these two positions. You can choose the oscillation option if you want to switch the positions and want the robot to shoot balls between specific values. The drill mode permits you to improve your game using one of the 64 pre-designed drills. You can choose from beginner to expert options while choosing drills in the game. However, these are adjustable and you can set the pace of each serve.

The 32 preset drills are one of the best feature offered by the Robo-Pong robot. A remote helps you connect the robot to a computer. You can input the exact speed, spin and order of the shot within a sequence utilizing the features offered by this robot. You can share the drills with your friends and partners online. This truly augments your gaming experience while using this ping pong robot.

The only issue noted with Robo-Pong robot is that one cannot switch spins in the middle of a drill. Also, both the ball speed and spin are connected in this robot as it comes with only one head. The faster is the ball the more spin it possesses. If we ignore the minor issues, this is still a solid training device. This would be a great option for ping pong players who are budget-conscious or are into leisure playing.

#3. iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot

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  • Wireless remote control settings
  • Improved natural ball trajectory
  • The digital display shows four control settings
  • Can hold up to 100 balls
  • Can deliver 90 balls per minute
  • Affordable and easy to transport


  • Misfires have been reported by players occasionally
  • Lacks advanced features and hence suitable for beginners

iPong V300 is one of the most basic robots available in the market today and would make an ideal choice for beginners. The simplicity of design offers the greatest advantages to the players. This robot is easy to set up for practice sessions and also easy to disassemble. This device helps the players in adjusting power, spin and shot frequency with the aid of remote control. This eliminates the need for walking back across the table quite often.

The entire assembly requires a player to set up three parts without any need for tools. Although misfires have been reported by players occasionally, this cheap no-frills ping pong robot makes a great practice coach for beginners. The absence of refill net implies that you will have to pick up balls for practicing once the refill net has reached the 110 ball capacity.

The iPong V300 promises a great practice session to ping pong players without cutting deeply into the budget. This machine comes with a wireless remote featuring a digital display for easy control settings. The adjustable features help in adjusting ball frequency from 1 to 8. Spin speeds and side-to-side oscillations can also be controlled with the remote control. This robot is on par with its competitors in terms of performance and functionality.

#4. HP-07 Ping Pong Robot

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  • Single serve and double serve options
  • Offers 36 spin varieties to choose from
  • Quite easy to assemble and move
  • Can hold up to 110 ping pong balls and hence demands less frequent reloading
  • The position of the robot on the table can be easily adjusted
  • Delivers greater value when compared to the price
  • Ideal for beginners who are looking to improve their ping pong skills
  • Comes with a wireless remote that helps you managed everything easily without having to run across the table


  • This robot lacks well-defined speed settings
  • Does not come with a memory

The HP-07 ping pong robot can serve 36 varieties of spinning balls. It is easy to assemble. This robot can hold up to 110 ping pong balls at the time. This eliminates the need for reloading this ping pong robot frequently. The serve options presented by this ping pong robot are single serve and double-end serve. This robot is perfectly capable of performing sidespin, topspin, backspin as well as combinations.

The position of HP-07 ping pong robot can be adjusted just the way you want it to. This robot would make an excellent investment for those who want to up their gaming level. Although the manufacturer is not one of the renowned ping pong robot providers, it does deliver what iPong robots have to offer. This robot holds as much as iPong V300. It also offers the power of customization owing to its rotating head.

The HP-07 ping pong robot comes with a remote with four different settings: lower rotation, topspin, oscillation, and frequency. This machine is a bit faster and can serve up to 40 to 70 balls per minute. The increased variability offered by this ping pong robot helps you work on all kinds of hits as well as different spin combinations. You can go for this ping pong robot if you want to up your game level without having to spend too much.

#5. Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Table Tennis Robot

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  • This Robo-Pong 1050 table tennis ball feeder comes with digital controls
  • It fits standard ping pong tables
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • It is easily portable


  • The robot jams once in a while during the middle of the game as reported by some users

The Robo-Pong 1050 is a digital robot designed for serious ping pong players as well as for recreational players. This revolutionary robot promises precision in terms of frequency, placement as well as ball speed. If you operate this robot in Normal Mode, then you can have simple manual control over each function. The Random Mode offers a challenging and unpredictable experience to the ping pong players who love to remain on their toes.

The Drill Mode offered in Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 ping pong robot is quite interesting. It comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for different playing levels. The players can also create their own custom drills while using this ping pong robot. Transitions, footwork, and train strokes can also be easily managed with this robot.

Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 ping pong robot is capable of offering different spins such as the left side spin, right sidespin, topspin, backspin, and combination spin. The shot selection offered with this robot is a fast loop, lob, counter, serve, chop and push. You can position this ping pong robot anywhere on the table for getting the right trajectories and variety of angles.

So these are the top 5 best ping pong robots that you can choose in 2021 to improve your table tennis skills.

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  1. I have been busy reading a lot of ping pong training robot reviews in the last few days and with all the time-consuming research I have got to a final decision that the Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+ Table Tennis Robot is a good option as it can hold a good number of balls and cal suit recreational players perfectly.

    Although I am looking to participate in official tournaments next year, I am it is good enough to train and improve my game. Especially considering the price, I would say it is the best table tennis robot for training.

  2. When I was finding the best table tennis machine for training by reading tons of reviews online I found out that Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 & CHAOFAN 36 Spins are two of the most popular machines that does not only offer quality, but both come at a very resonable price. Both these automatic machines fits all standard ping pong tables, so for all those who want to put their hands on the best rated ping pong robot, they can get either Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 or CHAOFAN 36 Spins Automatic Table Tennis Machine.


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