Best Pickleball Shoes 2020: Top 6 Picks for Men & Women

What kind of shoes are best for playing pickleball? With so many sports shoes in the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. But most pickleball players will tell you that shoes made for volleyball or tennis are the best for this sport. We’ll explain to you just why. We’ll also recommend shoes for women and men who play pickleball, both indoors and outdoors.

Best Pickleball Shoes for Women 2020

These are the best pickleball shoes for women considering various factors such as quality, price and public reviews.

Women's Pickleball ShoesSpecialityPrice
#1 ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket ShoeImproved traction, Updated designCheck Price
#2 ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution ShoeMidfoot support and stabilityCheck Price
#3 New Balance Women’s WC696 Shoe Lightweight, good qualityCheck Price

You don’t have to slog through hours of research. We did the research for you. All you have to do is choose the one that you like best, click to order, sit back, and wait for the shoes to come and make your pickleball performance better by far.

Best Pickleball Shoes for Men 2020

For men, these really are the best pickleball shoes listed according to public reviews, quality & price.

Men's Pickleball ShoesSpecialityPrice
#1 Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade ShoesLightweight, Extra cushioningCheck Price
#2 Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7Updated design, Improved tractionCheck Price
#3 ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate ShoesSoftens impactCheck Price

It is Important to Avoid Injuries During Pickleball

Pickleball is such a fun game that doesn’t feel like exercise. But that’s one of the charms of the game – you enjoy yourself so much that you don’t realize that you’re burning calories and working out your muscles. This makes the game an excellent fitness sport. It’s no wonder that so many men and women of all ages are picking up Pickleball.

But this also means that you could strain yourself without realizing it. Injuries during pickleball aren’t uncommon, especially with the wrong kinds of shoes. What are the wrong shoes for pickleball? Your ordinary running shoes or gym shoes aren’t the best choices.

Senior players especially can end up getting injured if they don’t wear the right shoes. Pickleball injuries are becoming more and more common as the game is becoming more popular. And by injuries, we don’t mean bumps and bruises as you lean over while taking a shot that’s hard to reach. What we’re talking about are injuries that are game-stoppers.

Common Pickleball Injuries

Pickleball involves a lot of running around the court. Even if the court is smaller than a tennis court, if you’re wearing the wrong shoes you could overstrain yourself. Pickleball can tear a ligament in your ankle if you stretch it too much. If you change direction quickly wearing the wrong shoes, or stop and run too quickly, you can hurt your Achilles tendon. This is the muscle that connects your heel to the calves, and injury can be very painful.

If your heels aren’t protected by the shoes, then you can end up overusing your heels and injuring them. Without the right support, you can hurt a ligament in your knees. If you strain to reach for the ball, you can hurt your hamstrings.

Wearing the right shoes can go a long way in keeping you safe from injuries related to the knees and ankles. So, what are the right kinds of shoes for pickleball?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Running Shoes are not the Right Shoes for Pickleball?

Don’t be the person that steps into court without thinking about the shoes you’re wearing. Wear proper shoes that will keep your ankle and heels protected. Your shoes should fit you perfectly and let you spring back and forth on the floor without your shoes getting caught on the floor. This is a common problem in running shoes. People playing pickleball in running shoes have learned the hard way that these shoes can grab the floor at the worst time possible.

Just when you’re about to execute the perfect return with a lunge at the ball, friction against your running shoes will make your feet move awkwardly and hurt you. The deep treads on running shoes don’t make for very good pickleball because they are designed to go forward.

Cross-trainers are worse because the outsoles have little grips on them that stick to the floor. They can make you trip when you’re backpedaling to retrieve a lob. Stay away from cross-trainers at all costs.

Why Court Shoes are Good?

These are not the formal court shoes that you wear to an event with the Queen of England. Court shoes are simply shoes that you wear on any kind of court. They typically have rubber soles, with smaller treads that are closer together. These shoes have soles that are smoother and flatter. Unlike running shoes, they let you move quickly and easily in every direction. This is what you need in pickleball. When you are near the no volley-zone line, you need to be able to easily move right and left. Court shoes also have a wider bottom so they are more stable.

Should I wear Different Shoes for Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball?

If you play indoors most of the time, then you can choose between a good pair of tennis shoes or court shoes. But if you play outdoors, many active players will tell you to wear tennis shoes or volleyball shoes.

Volleyball shoes can look a lot like cross-trainers or basketball shoes. But they are really very different if you look below the shoes. The outsoles have treads that are designed for moving from side to side as well as forwards. They are nothing like running shoes either. Like court shoes, they have soles made of rubber.

And no, tennis shoes are not ‘sneakers’. Tennis shoes are actually a special kind of sneakers. Shoes for tennis are made for quick jerks, starts and stops across the court. They are very easy to move sideways in. In other words, your old canvas sneakers won’t work as tennis shoes. Here are some of the best tennis shoes and volleyball shoes for men and women to wear on the court.

Which Clothing to Wear in Pickleball?

Proper shoes and good gear are not the only things you need to think about. Also, be sure to wear the right clothes for pickleball. This means bottoms that aren’t too loose and baggy around the ankles, or your shoes could get caught on them. Try to wear shorts or tight-fitted bottoms that will let you freely run around the court and enjoy a good game of pickleball.

Top 3 Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes 2020

A good pair of tennis shoes or volleyball shoes for women will last you a long time. You will also enjoy a better performance when you’re wearing a light shoe that is comfortable and fits you well. ASICS is one of the top makers of sports shoes. It’s no wonder that most of the shoes on our list of best women’s pickleball shoes are from ASICS. But they can be pricier, so we’ve also included some affordable options that are quite good.

#1. ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Volley Ball Shoe

Check Price


  • These Pickleball shoes for women have good stability and are comfortable.
  • They are available in vibrant color combinations like black/silver, white/magenta, silver/pink, white/magenta, white/silver.
  • These are made of synthetic material and have a rubber sole.
  • It has a forefoot gel cushioning system attenuates shock during the impact phase.
  • Its trusstic system reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoes.
  • These shoes have NC rubber outsole compound which contains more natural rubber than traditional solid rubber, resulting in enhanced traction on the court.
  • These can be worn for outside pickleball. They give enough traction and flexibility.


  • These shoes do not offer extra support for plyometric training.
  • These are on a bit of a heavier side.
  • These Pickleball shoes aren’t the best for narrow feet.

This shoe is made for volleyball, and it does an excellent job of transferring power from legs to feet in the volleyball court when you’re moving back and forth or right to left. It will be fantastic on the pickleball court too. The shoes have a rubber sole and use a special Trusstic midsole system. This is a special technology and material that makes the shoe light but strong. It makes the shoe super-stable on the court, whether you’re playing indoors on a wooden floor or outdoors on asphalt.

The shoe is called the Gel Rocket because of a special gel cushion that protects your feet from shock. Long hours of playing pickleball will never be so comfortable as these shoes can make them. Cool summery colors like blue, silver, pastel pink and white make the shoe a must-have.


#2. ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe

Check Price


  • These are Lace-up athletic shoe featuring FlexionFit upper for supportive, form-fitting comfort and women-specific cushioning for midsole compression
  • They have a soft padded tongue and collar. These shoes are narrower hence fits better.
  • These shoes come with rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.
  • They have AHAR+ high-abrasion non-marking outsole.
  • These are perfect shoes for those who have a bunion and plantar fasciitis or similar issues
  • These are stylish and can easily be distinguished due to their unique design and color combinations.


  • Since these shoes are narrow, people with broad feet may experience bruising after continued use for 2-3 hours.
  • The toe box of these shoes is narrower than usual.

This is another shoe with a Trusstic midsole and gel cushioning. Plus it has a ton of other special features like a FluidRide system by ASICS. This technology is designed to cushion the feet in the heel area and the front. It also has a lot of padding in the upper part. This makes the Gel Resolution 6 very comfortable for long hours of pickleball.

Women will love the fit of the shoe. The shoe upper is made with a synthetic FlexionFit fabric that will protect your feet like a glove. Women have feet that are shaped slightly differently from men’s. Their feet are smaller, narrower and have larger in-steps and toe regions than men’s. These ASICS shoes are designed to fit women perfectly, but make sure to buy the right size.

Another feature on the Gel Revolution 6 is an AHAR+ technology. You’ll find this on many other ASICS shoes. They give you a good grip on many outdoor surfaces.


#3. New Balance Women’s WC696 Shoe

New Balance Women's WC696 Lightweight Pickleball Shoe

Check Price

New Balance makes great shoes that are not too expensive. This light tennis shoe doesn’t have a rubber sole. But the synthetic sole has a nice herringbone pattern that keeps you flexible on your feet while giving you enough traction against the floor. The synthetic and fabric shoe upper is comfortable but tough and lets your feet breathe through tiny holes.

These shoes are really light, probably because they don’t have a rubber sole. You can lightly and easily change direction to retrieve a lob and the stable Adzorb midsole will keep your feet protected. This is a great shoe for playing pickleball indoors because indoor shoes don’t need a lot of rubber.


Top 3 Best Men’s Pickleball Shoes 2020

ASICS shoes are a clear winner for men on the pickleball court too. Here are some of the best men’s pickleball shoe reviews for dancing around within the court lines.

#1. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Shoes

adidas Performance Men's Barricade Club Pickleball Shoes

Check Price


  • These shoes are top of the line if you are looking for branded shoes that aren’t too expensive.
  • They are comfortable, provide good support and traction.
  • In these shoes, the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch.
  • These shoes are light, flexible and non-marking.
  • These Adidas shoes are made with textile as the primary material and are quite durable.
  • Sizing and Fitting of these shoes are pretty standard.


  • Since these shoes are narrow, customers with broader feet may face an issue.
  • The inner sole of the shoe is glued to the base.

Adidas has made a fantastic tennis shoe in the Barricade, and it’s great for outdoor pickleball too. The rubber sole is the least high-tech feature of the shoe. The synthetic upper is an airy, super comfy bonding between mesh and foil. These materials are also strong and durable. You’re not likely to need another tennis shoe before you’ve played at least sixty hours on these.

Outside the upper, Adidas has used ADITUFF material, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a super tough material that will look almost as good as new even after those sixty hours of playing.

In the midsole, Adidas has used an ADIPRENE support system. This technology helps to quickly and safely transfer power from legs to feet. You’ll be able to quickly pivot on your feet when you need to change directions, without losing any stability because of the special torsion system. The Men’s Barricade Club tennis shoes are fantastic for indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. If you’re willing to spend around $100 you’ll get a good pair of sturdy, long-lasting shoes in these.


#2. Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7

Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Pickleball Shoes

Check Price


  • These Pickleball shoes come with lightweight mesh upper featuring synthetic overlays and cushioned footbed.
  • These shoes have Molded-EVA midsole and court-specific Forefoot GEL Cushioning System.
  • The shaft measures approximately 2.02″ from the arch in these shoes.
  • These shoes have a Trusstic System with NC Rubber outsole.
  • This Gel-Rocket 7 has the stiffest outer sole/shaft in a court shoe, as stiff as a hiking boot but with a flexible toe for quick forward movements and jumping.
  • The arch support and cushioning are great and help in starting and stopping as well as lateral movements during the game.
  • These shoes come in 5 vibrant color combinations.


  • The sizing and fit in the toe box might be an issue for people with broader feet.
  • The toe end of the shoe may fray within a couple of months if used on a regular basis.

Like the women’s Gel Rocket 7 from ASICS, this excellent shoe for volleyball has a Trusstic midsole and a strong rubber outsole for rugged outdoor playing. The rubber is a natural gum rubber, which gives the shoe very good traction on an indoor court.

The upper of the shoe is made of mesh and synthetic leather. The midsole is made of EVA foam and has padding to keep your feet protected. It is a light shoe with gel protecting your toes and the front of your feet as you run around the court.


#3. ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 5 best pickleball Shoes

Check Price


  • These shoes have a solid rubber outsole which provides enhanced durability and traction.
  • These shoes come with Trusstic System Technology which reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoes.
  • They have a Forefoot GEL Cushioning System to enhance shock attenuation during propulsion.
  • In these shoes, the shaft measures approximately 2.75″ from the arch.
  • These shoes are lightweight and help in sustaining the pace.
  • These shoes can be used for both indoor and outdoor play.


  • These shoes are only available in 3 monotonous colors.
  • The sizing and fitting of these shoes are not aligned with the standard footwear sizing.

What’s great about these tennis shoes is that the leather and mesh upper, which keep your feet cool on a hot day for long periods of time. Of course, the leather makes the shoe tough and long-lasting.

These shoes also use the ASICS Trusstic system in the midsole. Feet are cushioned in the front with special gel technology. The thickly padded collar and tongue protect your ankles from injury. The sturdy rubber sole may make the shoe a little heavy, but it is ideal for outdoor courts.


When you buy your pickleball shoe online, make sure to try it out and find a good fit. Think about whether you’ll be playing indoors or outdoors before you make a choice.

A good pair of pickleball shoes will last you a long time. It will feel comfortable, cushioned and let your feet breathe after hours of playing in the summer heat. The one thing you need to make sure of is that you choose a shoe that fits you perfectly. Then go on and enjoy your game without any worries of getting hurt!



  1. I was looking for best men’s shoes for pickleball sport, some people told me that any shoes are ok to go with, but for a person like, sports is a serious thing, I like to get specific equipment and shoes, so I can play well. So after going throw so many pickleball shoes reviews, I found out that Adidas is the best brand in pickleball shoes market when it comes to quality, although they have slight fitting issues whereas ASICS is 2nd most popular shoe brand in pickleball and their shoes might lack built quality as compared to Adidas, but they fit so well, so I choose to go with ASICS.

  2. Just as an add-on..all good shoes, but try on several. Adidas, k-Swiss and prince, do not fit me well, only the Asics. But looking at Wilson and head as well. Try before you buy then maybe buy 2 you like after playing you should be able to choose for future purposes.


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