9 Best Pickleball Sets 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Pickleball sets can offer convience and a great intro to the game. We know that Finding the best pickleball set can take time and energy. Let us help you out with some of our favorites.

Buying a pickleball set can be one of the smartest decisions you can make when starting out in pickleball.

There’s no need to go out and pay $100+ on an amazing paddle when you’re not quite sure if this sport is even for you. Buying a pickleball set is budget-friendly, and a good way to have extra pickleball paddles for friends and family once you graduate to a nicer paddle.

A pickleball set can be a great addition to a family get-together or a barbecue with friends.

Buying a pickleball set is about having a great time and getting a little exercise.

Let’s dive right into the best pickleball sets of 2022!

Bets pickleball sets with bucket of balls

Full Pickleball Sets

A full pickleball set is going to offer everything you could possibly need to get started playing pickleball.

Typically a good pickleball see is going to have 3 components.

  1. A Pickleball Paddle: Typically you’ll see wood paddles with a pickleball set. Although they’re not going to perform like the poly core paddles you’ll see out during more serious play. If you’re just looking for a fun activity then it shouldn’t matter much.
  2. A Net: Obviously you can’t play pickleball without a net.
  3. Pickleballs: A good pickleball set should come with multiple pickleballs since they tend to lose shape and crack overtime.

These are the best pickleball equipment sets of 2022 that you can buy. They will introduce you to the sport and most importantly, provide some fun and entertainment.

HEAD Extreme Elite Deluxe Set

HEAD extreme deluxe Pickleball set

This pickleball set is catered much more to the serious player than the others.

It comes with a very highly rated Rally portable net, 4 standard size HEAD composite pickleball paddles, and 4 Penn pickleball.

It would be quite an investment if you’re not sure pickleball is for you. However, if you love the game and you want a pickleball bundle that will grow with you, this is the one.

You’re really paying for durability and longevity with this net. It’s a great beginner pickleball set, that you can improve and get more serious with.

It’s a great price for great quality pickleball equipment and graphite pickleball paddles.

Note: This net should not be left outside for multiple days.


  • Net Weight: 24 LBS
  • Dimensions: 22 Feet Wide, 36 Inch Height (34″ at center)
  • Net Material: Steel frame with powder coating.
  • Features: carrying case, easy assemble and disassembly
  • Paddle Weight: 7.8 OZ
  • Paddle Dimensions: H: 16″ W: 7 7/8″
  • Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
  • Face Material: Fiberglass

HEAD Radical Tour Classic Deluxe Set

Head Radical deluxe pickleball set

This is an investment for a pickleball set, but everything in this set is top of the line. This set comes with 4 HEAD Radical Tour graphite pikleball paddles. The performance, durability, and feel you’re going to get from these pickleball paddles are as good as any other top of the line pickleball paddle.

We’ve talked about the net. The Pickleball Central Rally Net is one of the best portable pickleball nets you can get as far ad stability and weight.

Unlike other sets, you get a really cool HEAD backpack along with your pickleball paddles.

This is pickleball set is built to last and offers amazing performance. I recommend this for a player who knows they want to get into the game and has that obsession boiling.


  • Net Weight: 24 LBS
  • Dimensions: 22 Feet Wide, 36 Inch Height (34″ at center)
  • Net Material: Steel frame with powder coating.
  • Features: carrying case, easy assemble and disassembly
  • Paddle Weight: 8.0 ounces 
  • Paddle Dimensions: Height: 16″ Width: 5″
  • Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb 
  • Face Material: Graphite 
  • Features: HEAD backpack

Pickleball Inc. Pickleball Set

This is an amazing deal and offers a 2 for 1 special. You pickleball equipment for beginners and one of the best portable pickleball nets on the market for the more advanced player.

This is ideal for parents, or grandparents who take the game seriously, but also want to introduce their children to the game.

Maybe your spouse hasn’t had the opportunity to explore this wonderful sport. This pickleball set can be beneficial to all age groups and skill levels.

If you want to read more about this net check out this article about the best portable pickleball nets.

You’re also getting some real durability out of this pickleball set. The wood pickleball paddles and the quality net should last you a long time.

This is an amazing entry-level pickleball set.


  • Net Weight: 22 LBS
  • Dimensions: Height: 36″ side, 34″ in center, Width: 22′
  • Net Material: Powder Coated Steel, vinyl lining.
  • Features: Carrying case, easy assembly and disassembly. Wide legs for added stability, back bar for support, velcro adjustment straps.
  • Paddle Weight: 10 OZ
  • Paddle Dimensions: Height: 15.5″, Width: 7″
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Face Material: Wood with clear coat
  • Features: Wrist Straps

Rally Tyro 2 Set

The Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball set is an amazing deal. For a decent price, you’re getting 4 quality poly core/fiberglass composite pickleball paddles.

This set also includes a regulation size net with a durable powder coated steel frame.

This set is perfect for experienced and beginner pickleball players. You’ll get a perfect mixture of performance, responsiveness, and forgiveness on shots that miss the sweet spot.

On top of that you’ll get a great net, that you can pack up and take with you on the go.

Overall you really cannot go wrong with getting this pickleball set.


  • Net Weigth: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: Height: 36″ side, 34″ in center, Width: 22′
  • Net Material: Powder Coated Steel, vinyl lining.
  • Features: Carrying case, easy to assemble and disassemble. Wide legs for added stability, velcro adjustment straps.
  • Paddle Weight:7.3 ounces
  • Paddle Dimensions:Height: 15-3/4”, Width: 7-7/8”
  • Core Material:Polymer honeycomb 
  • Face Material:Polymer/fiberglass composite

Rally Pickleball Set

The Rally Pickleball set, is an amazing net for all skill levels. Much like the Pickleball Inc. pickleball bundle, it comes with one of the best portable pickleball nets.

This set is an amazing introduction to pickleball. It comes with instructions on how to play the game, although you could just check out the beginner’s guide to pickleball rules.

The wooden pickleball paddles are durable and the balls and net in this set are great.

When you’re ready to take the game more seriously just upgrade your pickleball paddles and you’re all set.


  • Net Weight: 13.5 LBS
  • Dimensions: 22 Feet Wide, 36 Inch Height (34″ at center)
  • Net Material: Powder coated steel frame
  • Features: carrying case, easy set up and disassembly
  • Paddle Weight: 10 OZ
  • Paddle Dimensions: H 15.5″ W: 5.5
  • Core Material: 7-Ply Maple Wood
  • Face Mterial: Clear coating
  • Features: chalk for court lines, drawstring portable bag, 4 outdoor pickleballs, Rules sheet.

Zdgao Pickleball Set 

The Zdago pickleball set is an amazing option. It’s got everything you need to get started. It’s a great starting point with room to upgrade.

The net is regulation size and actually has a lot of components that a quality portable pickleball net has. It has powder-coated steel poles, a back bar for extra stability, and adjustable straps to increase the tension.

The paddles are wood. Wood is going to be very durable than the lighter fiberglass paddles. The wood pickleball paddles are ideal for kids and people playing pickleball for the first time.


  • Net Weight: 19 LBS
  • Dimensions: 22 Feet Wide, 36 Inch Height (34″ at center)
  • Net Material: Steel Powder-coated tubing for the frame.
  • Features: Carrying case, velcro adjustments
  • Paddle Weight: 10.5 OZ
  • Paddle Dimensions: Height: 15.5″, Width: 7″
  • Core Material:Wood
  • Face Material: clear coating
  • Paddle Features: wrist straps

Pickleball Paddle Set

A pickleball paddle set of 2 or set of 4 is a great purchase if you’re getting into the sport with a buddy, spouse, or kid.

In a typical pickleball paddle bundle you’ll get 2-4 good quality, standard length pickleball paddles at a very reasonable price. Even in the event that you graduate to a nicer paddle it’s always good to have extras laying around.

Here are the pickleball paddle sets that I think are are great value.

Niupipo Pickleball Paddles

I used this paddle as my first pickleball paddle ever. The Niupipo pickleball paddle set is a great weight, and the shape and core is perfect to hit an array of shots.

The sweet sport is forgiving enough to perfect your dink shots and drop shots, while the core is thin enough to be able to hit hard drives.

The Niupipo pickleball paddle set have a carbon fiber face with poly honeycomb core. It’s the same technology and materials you’ll see in the very high end paddles for a fraction of the price.

This graphite paddle set is durable from face to grip so you can play a ton of games with them before feeling the need to upgrade.

I would recommend the Niupipo pickleball paddle set for anyone, then once you find what shots you’re best at, upgrade to a paddle that meets those needs.

If you want to learn more about paddle shapes and sizes check out our Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide

SLK Latitude Bundle

The Selkirk Latitude pickleball paddle set is one of the best deals you can come across for a pickleball paddle bundle. Selkirk is a big name in Pickleball and their paddles can be over $150 for one.

In this pickleball paddle set set, you’re getting two Selkirk pickleball paddles and balls for the price of one. That includes all of Selkirk’s technology that has put them on the map.

These paddles have a graphite face with a polymer power core.

The more expensive paddles just offer a different feel and advantages that a beginner level player won’t be able to notice.

This is another great starting point for someone who is getting into Pickleball that wants one of the highest quality paddles on the market. It’s sort of a “go big or go home” move.

Gruper Pickleball Paddle Set

The Gruper Pickleball Paddle Set, is actually my current set for guests, or family. They are a great fit for anyone because of the weight and the performance you get from these paddles.

They are just over 7 OZ. Kids, and older people can use these paddles without any risk of injury or tennis elbow flare ups. The grips are very spongy and sticky, and the core is thin,, but forgiving.

It’s a great all around paddle to get experience and work on any shot you want to. The carbon fiber surface ensures that you’ll get longevity out of these paddles. I really can’t think of any beginner that would not benefit from this set.

two grouper Pickleball paddles against a pickleball net.

What Equipment is required to Play Pickleball?

Pickleball Paddles

This is the foundation of you pickleball set. A good set is only as good as the paddles.

As you see in the reviewed pickleball sets above, there will be a couple variations of paddles in your sets.

Wooden Paddles

The wooden paddles are the most basic, but they’re great for specific purposes. They are extremely durable and usually have a protective coating on them.

As far as durability goes, wood is about as good as it gets. These paddles will last you a long time as long as they are not left out in the rain.

They’re cheaper than the graphite paddles so even if you do damage them or break it, you can replace them easily.

They are going to be heavier than graphite paddles, so if you choose to play a lot of pickleball, it could put you at risk for injury.

Wooden paddles are recommended as beginner paddles to test the waters to see pickleball sparks your interest. I would not recommend wooden paddles for someone who plays multiple times a week for a couple hours.

You’re not going to get the responsiveness, or control that you would see with a poly core paddle.

Poly Core Paddles

Poly Core Paddles will typically have a carbon fiber or fiberglass face. The poly Core paddles with give the player more feel, and performance.

You’ll be able to hit better short dinks, or well placed drives. These paddles will also perform better with spin shots.

If you’re playing pickleball multiple times a week for a couple hours, you’ll want to get a poly core paddle. They light weight will help prevent injuries like tennis elbow and it will last you a lot longer and give you better performance than a wooden paddle.

If you want to learn more about paddles, check out our Pickleball Paddle Buyers Guide.

Pickleball Balls

If you’re just getting started, the ball is not going to make or break your game. One thing that is worth paying attention to is the holes and feel of the ball.

The holes and feel depend on if you play mostly outdoor or indoor. An outdoor pickleball will have about 40 holes and have a lighter, firmer feel.

An indoor pickleball will have fewer holes and a softer feel. All the balls in this review have outdoor pickleballs.

Pickleball Net

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure that your Pickleball net is regulation size. A regulation size pickleball net is 22 feet wide, 36 inches tall on the sides, and 34 inches tall in the center of the net.

Another key component is portability. If you’re looking for a pickleball set you can set up on the road or in your yard, portability and easy assembly is key.

If you want to learn more about what makes a great net, check out The Best Portable Pickleball Nets

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Looking at how often you play and where you play, you can decide which one of these best pickleball equipment sets to buy. You can also go through the reviews and product descriptions of a particular set and see if it suits your needs. The game offers so much fun within an easy set up so make most of it.

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