Top 3 Best Padel Shoes For Men in 2020

A good player in every sport is concerned with the choice of his shoes. This is not just because of the comfort that good shoes offer and how it becomes easier to move around in them but because they are the protection for our feet from injuries and abrasions. Let’s face it, in any sport, our feet do all the heavy lifting and if they do not get the quality equipment they deserve, you’ll really end up hurting them real bad.

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Padel is not an exception when it comes to choosing the right kind of shoes. But nowadays, confused by the various trends, aesthetics, and brand-blindness, people buy a product that is not really suitable for them. So for the general benefit, we’ll cover here the various pointers you need to keep in mind while buying padel shoes.

List of Best Padel Shoes For Men

Shoes in padel sport are important, so here are some of the best padel shoes for men.

Best Padel Shoes For MenReviewsPrice
#1 Adidas Men’s Galaxy 3 m Running ShoesRead ReviewCheck Price
#2 Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis ShoesRead ReviewCheck Price
#3 ASICS men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis ShoesRead ReviewCheck Price

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How to Buy Quality Padel Shoes?

The important part of padel shoes is their comfort and to what extent you can control your movement in those shoes. This is determined by the kind of material that is used to make them and also the kind of sole they possess. Especially the sole as the sole determine the traction you’ll have on the ground, the durability and adaptability of the shoes on the court. Hence, the choice of padel shoes depends largely on the sole they have.

There are various different types of padel courts available in sports complexes like clay, concrete, mats or artificial grass like courts. In recent times most of the courts have been replaced with artificial grass as it makes up for the loss of fraction in a clay court and the lack of smoothness in a concrete court. This artificial grass surface is also lightly covered with sand. Though the grass courts are definitely better, a different sole will achieve a different level of performance.

The shoes currently manufactured in the market can be categorized into three types:

Omni sole type: These soles have characteristic dots that make them very comfortable on a protruding grass surface.

Herringbone sole: The zig-zag lines are for creating friction in the herringbone sole. They are very popular among expert and professional players.

Mixed type sole: It is a combination of both the Omni and the herringbone type. These are gaining popularity among the new-age players as they are a perfect combo of traction and comfortability.

Top 3 Best Padel Shoes For Men (Reviews)

Now let’s look at the three best products available in padel shoes right now:

#1. Adidas Men’s Galaxy 3 m Running Shoes

Adidas Men's Galaxy 3 m Running Shoes

Check Price


  • The breathable mesh lining keeps the underfoot ventilated
  • The midsole provides cushioning to help during jumps
  • Wide fit is for providing a lockdown fit
  • FITFRAME 3D-molded TPU, an exclusive feature of this product series
  • Maximum breathability for long-term use


  • As they are predominantly running shoes, they run a tad small for a given size.

Go the distance with these running shoes. Though they were made for running, the sole of the shoe combined with an air mesh upper which facilitates maximum breathability. They have risen to the class of padel shoes because of the intelligent breathable design that makes landing on your toes really comfortable during high powered matches. These are a wide fit which makes for a larger surface area and prevents slipping during swishes and slides. Overall the stability of the frame cushions your feet to provide utmost comfort. This cushioning comes because of the cloudfoam midsole.

The Adidas Galaxy Running shoe comes with a FITFRAME 3D-molded TPU. This is for increasing the stability around the heel. The outsole is to provide durability and complete with the midsole it offers a lockdown fit. While playing on a court this becomes crucial as your shoes should act as a part of your body. The lockdown fit confirms it and makes the Adidas Galaxy a choice for the beginners and mid-level players on the padel court.


These are running shoes and if you are a professional looking to play on padel court then you may want to reconsider your choice. Although they are comfortable shoes and if you are prone to absurd and highly swift motions these shoes may be alright for you.

#2. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

Check Price


  • 360-degree TPU foil to provide durability
  • EVA midsole to give a feeling of lightweight jumps
  • 3D torsion for midfoot support
  • ADIWEAR for high-wear durability
  • Specially made for comfort during tennis movements


  • The eyelet of shoes could use some rework

This shoe has a herringbone sole which makes it highly appropriate for a clay court. From net to baseline complete coverage makes them good tennis shoes. They have an upper which is both lightweight and breathable. They come with an exclusive Adidas feature called the ADITUFF. This feature wraps the top and medial forefoot to prevent injury during extreme lateral movements, serves, and volleys which occur when you try to drag your foot. Protecting the foot during these movements is extremely important as such movements are usually match-deciding. The exciting feature is removable insole so that proper maintenance can be given to these shoes.

With extreme durability in abrasion-prone areas, Adidas Barricade Club Tennis Shoe comes with 360-degree TPU foil. These shoes are specially created for long-term use and are very lightweight because of EVA midsole. They also contain additional midfoot support in the form of 3D torsion. Both these features of 360-degree TPU foil and 3D torsion come in handy during exhaustive long rallies. These shoes have a full-length ADIPRENE. This feature was added by Adidas to provide optimized cushioning and rebounding. The added feature for durability is ADIWEAR outsole. The main problem with tennis shoes is that their outsole wears off sooner than other sports shoes. So ADIWEAR was created to provide ultimate high-wear durability.


These are shoes made for professional players in tennis. Exclusively made for tennis, these Adidas shoes stand true to their promise of durability. Though there were some complaints related to the eyelets of these shoes. These complaints don’t overpower the worth of this product. The comfort they offer while playing is still top-class.

#3. ASICS men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes

ASICS men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes

Check Price


  • Forefoot cushioning GEL system
  • TRUSSTIC system for reducing the weight
  • Cushions the abrupt movements of a beginner
  • High durability and lightweight
  • Specially made for recreational players


  • The structural integrity is a bit off for professional players

These shoes are for recreational new players who are looking for high-durability supporting and comfortable shoes which don’t wear off soon. These shoes come with ASICS special forefoot cushioning system which is supported by GEL technology. These also come with a solid outsole and made of rubber and flexible upper design. The special feature of these shoes is that they give a soft impact from abrupt movements during tennis. The additional piece of special ASICS technology embedded in this shoe is TRUSSTIC system technology which reduces the weight so that it is easy for a beginner to move around and to prevent tiring the subject.


The shock attenuation in these shoes makes them ideal for beginners and thus become the perfect rookie shoes in Tennis. The forefoot GEL cushioning technology is the one responsible for this characteristic feature. Traction in these shoes is especially good and thus prevents slipping. So if you are just starting out tennis, this is your choice of footwear.


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