Best Paddle Tennis Racket – Top 5 Reviewed (UPDATED 2021)


If you are in a hurry the paddle tennis racket that comes on top according to our reviews is the H Graphene 360 Alpha Pro

Paddle tennis is an interesting sport that requires specific equipment to enhance the game level and to render a competitive edge for the opponent in the court.

Players should choose their racquets based on their performance level and skill set. And also, choose paddles that are flexible, durable, and affordable to exhibit the best shots in the ground.

We reviewed the best paddle tennis racquets and here are the results!.

List of Best Paddle Tennis Racquets

Best Paddle Tennis RacquetsEditor ScorePrice
#1. H Graphene 360 Alpha Pro Paddle Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. GRANDCOW Pro Power Lite Paddle Tennis Racquet9.4/10Check Price Here
#3. GRANDCOW Elite 500 Paddle Tennis Racquet9.3/10Check Price Here
#4. Ianoni Carbon Fiber Paddle Tennis Paddle9/10Check Price Here
#5. Wilson Slash Lite Paddle Tennis Paddle9/10Check Price Here

Top 5 Best Paddle Tennis Paddles Reviewed

#1. H Graphene 360 Alpha Pro Paddle Tennis Racquet

Check Price

H Graphene is an exceptional paddle tennis racquet, that can also be used for playing the platform tennis games. The paddle includes a better and softer combination of frame material and foam to render better comfort and a large sweet spot. The power foam of this paddle serves as a perfect ally for rendering maximum power. You can amaze your opponent with speed shots with the help of this racquet.

The structural base of this racket is made of Graphene 360. This material is positioned strategically in the shaft and also extends to the racquet head. It helps in strengthening the frame and also renders greater stability and good transfer of energy from the racquet to the ball. The head of the racquet features an optimized sweet spot to return the ball at ease. 

The racquet has been integrated with an anti-shock technology that gets its blade resistant to scratches and concurrently enhancing its durability. The smart bridge technology of these paddles adapts to the style of the player.


  • Excellent paddle with touch, comfort, and precision
  • Racquets have two year’s manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Flexible chassis with power foam and optimized sweet spot


  • This racquet is not very durable.

#2. GRANDCOW Pro Power Lite Paddle Tennis Racquet

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This efficient POP tennis (paddle tennis) racket from Grandcow features a complete carbon fiber composite surface for ambient performance in even the toughest of games. You will love the high impact hit and quick response flex of this racket and the way it enhances quality in your fast and reaction-based games.

The racket encompasses an improved hole drilling technology to helps with better control. The equal distribution of holes in the racket helps in decreasing wind resistance for better hits. The handle of the racket is sweat-resistant and has padding for anti-slipping. Its wrist tether prevents slippage of the paddle from the hand during fast hits and gets the paddle comfortable for holding.

The racket features an EVA memory foam core with holes to render stable control, enhancing the sweet spot for the ball. The paddle has undergone several harsh factory tests such as stress tests, temperature tests, and surface strength treatment tests and is built to perfection to render high-quality game performance. 


  • Enlarged edge curve design to maximize hitting area
  • Better control while hitting the ball
  • Lightweight, comfortable and powerful paddle


  • The paddle is not very thick and doesn’t have a textured surface on the paddle face

#3. GRANDCOW Elite 500 Paddle Tennis Racquet

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This Paddle tennis paddle from Grandcow features a Graphite composite surface with EVA foam for extremely high performance and high-speed hit and response with every single shot. The EVA memory foam construction of this paddle has a new hole distribution pattern that offers a stable and better control performance. Its handle and grip render a soft feel for a very long time and its non-slip sweat resistant grip handle also has an adjusting wrist tether. This tether helps in avoiding wrist swing and paddle slip during power shots.

The paddle has the best length for the paddle tennis game and thus renders the best serves with an extremely long reach. The paddle is also efficient in retrieving a shot while running. Its highly versatile fashion pattern design helps the players to attend the game with fashion and class. Also, the racket is extremely functional as it has undergone a series of factory tests to be a high-quality performance paddle. 


  • The teardrop shape frame of the paddle renders a higher sweet spot for even hard to reach shots.
  • Its edge curve radiant design helps in maximizing the hitting area.
  • Sweat-resistant handle and grip for long duration and high impact games.


  • The paddle comes with a shoulder sleeve and not a bag to carry around and to store things.

#4. Ianoni Carbon Fiber Paddle Tennis Paddle

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The Ianoni paddle tennis racquet features a carbon fiber face with EVA memory foam to render the high impact traction and durability for the players. The paddle is extremely lightweight at just 375 grams and is thus extremely durable as well. The paddle has an extended length of about 18.3 inches and thus helps in extra reach to enhance the quality of the game. 

Its grip is about 5.3 inches in length and is thus good enough to accommodate even in a big hand. The paddle features a hybrid technology construction and thus features a smooth surface and a wrist tether at the bottom of its handle. The surface of the paddle is fairly smooth and its enlarge surface improves the sweet spot to handle the balls at ease


  • An affordable alternative for recreational paddle tennis games.
  • The paddle is very lightweight
  • Quality carbon fiber face with EVA memory foam


  • The paddle is not durable, as it starts to lose its paints in big chunks after a few games
  • The paddle is good for beginners and may not appeal to advanced players.

#5. Wilson Slash Lite Paddle Tennis Paddle

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This is a great and an ultralight paddle tennis racquet that renders an excellent balance between power and control. This is an excellent paddle for beginners and for someone who wishes to start playing the game. The racket comes with Wilson’s sharp hole technology and the holes are symmetrically arranged over the entire face of the paddle. The wrist strap at the handle helps in preventing paddle slipping and avoids unnecessary movement of the wrist, thus easing hand fatigue and excessive wrist action.

The paddle is extremely lightweight and weighs just 355 grams. Players love it for its cutting edge design and superior construction and the extreme response the racquet offers in the court with the help of its quick response foam. The paddle is available in black and green colors and comes with a padel guard. 


  • Extremely lightweight paddle, which is easy to handle and play by amateurs.
  • Affordable paddle
  • Its elongated head offers a great sweat spot


  • The grip size is 4 inches and thus this paddle may not appeal for those with a large palm.
  • This is an entry-level paddle for beginners and those who are interesting in learning the game.

How to Choose the Best Paddle Tennis Racquet?

Before understanding the key features to look for in your paddle tennis racquet, ascertain that there cannot be a single best paddle to entertain your sport. You only have to find the best paddle racquet that best suits your game style. Some important factors that will decide your level of play are as follows.

1. The shape of the paddle:

Paddle tennis racquet can come in many shapes, but to benefit your game, choose the one that comes in a teardrop shape. A teardrop paddle will have all its weight balanced at the center of the racquet. Also, these paddles will not be heavy or headlight. And most importantly, these paddles will have their sweet spot at the top of the head and will help in faster swings with ambient aerodynamics, compared with a racquet with round shape. Teardrop shape paddle will offer an excellent balance between power and control and is also a popular paddle shape among professional paddle tennis players. 

2. Weight of the paddle:

Racquets generally come in three different weights and the lighter ones are better for enduring control in the court. Heavier racquets are however preferred by professionals to instill power in their short. However, we would recommend that you pick up your paddle’s weight depending on our height, weight, sex, and fitness level. Women can choose a paddle that weighs around 350-370 grams as they will be easier for them to handle, and will also render them better control. 

3. Paddle material:

Paddle tennis racquets can come in a variety of materials and you should choose something that offers a combination of firmness, durability, and elasticity. Pay keen attention to the padel surface, as this impacted surface will affect the performance and the feel of the paddle. Carbon frame racquets render the best combination of strength and firmness and will also have plastic guard protection. Choose softer racquets for power shots as they are very elastic and harder racquets for better control on the court. 

4. The grip of the racquet:

Pay close attention to the quality and the length of the grip and the handle of the paddle as they help in playing the game for long hours without enduring any discomfort. Choose a grip that accommodates your hands efficiently and that has enough padding to stay soft on the hand. It is also a good idea to choose over grips if you want a bigger grip. The overgrip should be changed regularly as it can degrade from sweat. 

5. Core material:

Choose paddles with a soft polyethylene foam as it will help in feeling power with every shot, but beware that soft foam paddles will render you less power in smashes. Check for the level of ball output in the paddle to learn how actively the ball will bounce off the racquet. EVA rubber foam is hard, moderately flexible but helps in high-speed matches and tournament grade professional games. Also, paddles with EVA core are more durable. You can also choose a hybrid paddle, which is a combination of both foam and EVA. These paddles have a foam layer surrounded by EVA rubber and are highly durable.

Don’t get Confused: Platform Tennis vs Padel vs Paddle Tennis

FAQs for Paddle Tennis Racquets

What is the ideal paddle grip size?

Adult paddles generally come in 4 ¼” size and junior paddles come in the size of 4”. However, few manufacturers sell paddles with large grips, as high as 5” to help players with large hands, to hold the paddle firmly for the game.

When is a good time to replace the paddle?

When you feel any difference in the sweet spots on the frame of your paddle, then it is the best time to replace it. It is important to replace a worn-out paddle immediately, as it not only brings down the quality of the game but can also be painful for the hand.

How should be the feel of the paddle?

The feel of the paddle should be such that, you should be able to sense the ball coming off the paddle and you should be able to control every single shot with the paddle. It will take time and practice to find that perfect paddle for your game.

Choosing Paddles Based on Skillset

Generally, paddle tennis players are classified as for beginners, intermediate platform players, and advanced platform players.

Beginners: Beginners should choose paddles that are lightweight with low density. Paddles with a lower density render more comfort and offer less load for the arm. Also, these paddles are pretty much maneuverable and have a sot core with more control and less power. Beginners should choose a paddle that is easy to swing and is easy to control, rather than choosing a one that offers more power.

Intermediate players:  Intermediate players should choose paddles that offer a good combination of power and control. Medium-density paddles are good for mid-range recreational players. 

Advanced professional players: They should opt for high density paddles with a firm core. These paddles render more power and can be controlled by the advanced techniques of the player. These paddles will propel the ball with extreme power rendering a competitive edge for the player. 

Final Words

So, ultimately it is the player who will decide on what type of paddle tennis racquets they would prefer, to enhance their game skills. We have listed the top five best racquets for you to help you in making better choices while buying paddle tennis paddles.



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