Top 5 Best Paddle Tennis Gloves 2021: Unbiased Reviews


One of the most important requirements to play the tennis game efficiently is to have the right type of grip on the paddle. Paddle tennis gloves can render exceptional support and ambience to take the game to the next new level. With the help of these gloves, players will feel very confident and also gain the ability to move the racquet efficiently and hit different shots. These gloves offer exceptional grip even when the player’s hands get sweaty and slippery, they serve as excellent shock absorbers as well. Let us discuss the best paddle tennis gloves here along with a guide to help you find the best type of gloves for your game.

List of Best Paddle Tennis Gloves 2021

Best Paddle Tennis GlovesHand OrientationPrice
#1. Wilson Sting Glove for Paddle TennisRight HandCheck Price Here
#2. HEAD Leather Web Paddle Tennis GloveBoth HandsCheck Price Here
#3. Python Deluxe Paddle Tennis GloveBoth HandsCheck Price Here
#4. Bionic Men’s Right-Hand Large GloveRight HandCheck Price Here
#5. Python Super Tack Paddle Tennis GloveBoth HandsCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Gloves for Paddle Tennis

Here are unbiased paddle tennis gloves reviews with pros & cons of each product.

#1. Wilson Sting Glove for Paddle Tennis

Check Price

Wilson is one of the most popular brands when it comes to manufacturing tennis gloves. Their gloves are of exceptional quality and enhance the grip while handling the tennis racquet. Though they can be of the higher price range, some people swear by them. These gloves can be of much use in different weather conditions and they also offer a durable comfort throughout the entire match.

These gloves are available in five different sizes and a person can get the right type of fit so that the gloves can stay skin-tight. The wrist of these gloves features an elastic waistband and are available for very comfortable movement while playing. With these gloves on, players can enjoy a complete range of motion and the players will not feel any type of movement in the wrist, when they have their gloves on. The silicon grip of these gloves is very much durable and it is one of the most durable gloves as well.


  • The glove can take the abuse of heavier racquet much easier.
  • The glove is made of very soft leather.
  • The gloves offer a premium look and have been built to last.


  • The wristband can stretch a little bit. 

#2. HEAD Leather Web Paddle Tennis Glove

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HEAD has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of athletic equipment in the current era. HEAD has constantly been pairing their decades of expertise with modern technology and renders the best equipment for the sports enthusiasts. The gloves from HEAD are made of durable design and they are designed from synthetic leather for rendering a lightweight comfort and exceptional flexibility.

The gloves offer an unmatched grip and its Silicone webbing is fitted across the palm and fingers for the ultimate grip when one needs them the most. The gloves feature a high performance ventilated spandex fabric that renders circulation, exceptional comfort, and cooling, to help the players stay at peak performance levels. There is also additional padding on the knuckles of the gloves to keep your gloves completely protected. 


  • The gloves feature dive pads for additional protection and durability.
  • The gloves are available in multiple sizes for both the left and right-handed players.
  • The glove has cool tech spandex material finish for optimal air circulation and cooling.


  • The synthetic material of the gloves is very slippery
  • The slick glove material can negatively impact its grip control.

#3. Python Deluxe Paddle Tennis Glove

Check Price

These gloves feature a perforated Cabretta leather with a grip strip palm. This perforated Cabretta leather is more sweat-resistant and breathable. The Python Deluxe is an ideal glove for both outdoor and indoor play. The glove also features an additional grip strip that lies across the palm for enhanced power. 

These gloves feature a high elastomeric back for optimal and great fit. You will also love the lasting durability of these gloves and its nylon and spandex back offer firm control and a snug, yet a comfortable fit. The gloves also feature thin dive pads on both the knuckles and on the middle and pointer fingers. You will be able to maintain grip even with sweaty hands when these gloves are on. 


  • Renders high elastomeric back for the perfect fit
  • Additional grip strip across the palm for power
  • Breathable and sweat-resistant Cabretta leather with perforations
  • Velcro wrist closure for a snug and stable fit.


  • Some players feel that these gloves obstructed their feel of the paddle.

#4. Bionic Men’s Right-Hand Large Glove

Check Price

Each of the Bionic gloves has been designed with the expertise of top orthopedic hand specialists. They have been crafted with the highest quality materials that are made to fit like a second skin. These gloves render a sensual feel and an incredible grip to put athletes in action. These gloves render an anatomical relief pad system that is positioned strategically to render a clear and even out surface on the hand. Such padding also allows pressure to get evenly distributed throughout the entire gripping. This prevents hand fatigue and enhances hand strength as well.

Its pre-rotated finger design helps the fingers rotate naturally towards the center of the hand. Thus Bionic helps in rendering a more comfortable and effortless grip. All the motion zones, that are present over the knuckles and the web zones between the fingers are constructed with the help of breathable Lycra, rendering excellent flexibility while leaving the hands cool and dry.


  • The gloves are composed of top-grade sheepskin leather, and thus prevents slipping during play.
  • Form-fitting terry cloth absorbs sweat and offers additional wrist support
  • There are 11 mini towels made of terry cloth inside the glove to absorb moisture and to keep the hand dry and cool.


  • The gloves are not very durable and wear out easily during abusive play.
  • The sizes of these gloves run small.

#5. Python Super Tack Paddle Tennis Glove

Check Price

The Python Super Tack is a classic glove that helps in taking the paddle tennis game to an all-new level. These gloves are exceptionally thin, are durable, and are good enough to put fear in the eyes of your opponents. This is indeed a tacky glove for serious players and it looks quite attractive as well. 

The glove features a digitized leather at the palm. This glove palm that is made from goatskin has higher tensile strength and is abrasion-resistant as well. This high-quality leather helps support all levels of play. The gloves feature a high elastomeric back to help with a great fit. Its nylon/spandex back has a firm control and a snug and comfortable fit.

You will love the long-lasting durability of these gloves and course its high-end grip. The gloves are available in different sizing options starting from extra small to XXL. 


  • Players will feel very confident in the ground with the help of these gloves.
  • The glove is 100% resistant against slippage 
  • The glove is extremely lightweight 
  • Renders padding and protection in strategic areas.


  • Color choices are limited
  • The glove works pretty well but is not durable

Advantages of Using Gloves While Playing the Paddle Tennis Game

While playing the paddle tennis game, it is important to hold the paddle firmly and render exceptional grip to handle different shots. Though most players do not wear gloves and mittens on a traditional tennis game, people use them while playing the paddle tennis game, as they are generally played during cold and damp evenings.

Some of the best advantages of using gloves while playing games are that they can prevent injuries of the hand while taking powerful shots and will help in taking even the most difficult balls easily, without slipping them. Also, these gloves help in exceptional sweat absorption and prevent injury to the hand with their exceptional cushioning and padding.

What to Look for in a Paddle Tennis Glove?

There are certain things that you should look for while choosing a pair of gloves while playing the paddle tennis game. Consider factors such as brand value, product quality, reviews, features, customer ratings, and the budget of the glove before making the final purchase decision. 

1. Padding: Choose gloves with adequate padding to support the palm and to render exceptional shock resistance while handling the ball. Adequate padding also helps in sweat absorption and leaves the glove exceptionally breathable. Choose gloves with foam padding as they are good at protecting the knuckles and the hands without adding bulk and weight to the gloves.

2. Materials: Make sure that the gloves that you buy for playing paddle tennis games are made of highly durable materials. The shell of the glove should be from highly durable material so that it can handle impacts on the deck. Similarly, durable materials in the palm, will leave the glove supportive and also improve the grip in the paddle. 

3. Flexibility: Make sure that the gloves you buy for playing the game are flexible enough for the fingers to have good movement and grip over the paddle.

4. Fit: Gloves for paddle tennis are available in different sizes. It is thus important to make sure that you get the right fitting glove to handle the game exceptionally well. Players should never settle for any old pair of gloves but should get the one that fits them perfectly well.

5. Breathability: make sure that the gloves that your buy are made from a breathable material, else they will leave your palm sweaty and smelling. Breathable gloves on the other hand are capable of wicking away moisture from inside out. And you can also clean them easily to remove dirt and deodorize.

6. Grip: Many times players lose a match, just because they lost grip on the paddle. Choose gloves that are made of specific materials to provide grip on both the fingers and the palm. Gloves that are made from synthetic leather render a high level of stickiness and allows the player to change grips between the shots easily. 

7. Durability: Durability is one of the most important factors to consider in a paddle tennis glove. Though you find a glove that is of perfect style, fit, and materials, if you do not find a glove that is not durable, then the rest is all a clear waste of money. Check the reviews of the glove for its durability before buying one. Choose gloves that are made of sheepskin, as it helps in rendering exceptional durability.

Paddle Tennis Gloves FAQs

Why should we use paddle tennis gloves?

It is important to wear gloves as the accessory of the sport as it helps in imparting great control over the paddle tennis racquet and renders perfect shots to play a highly competitive game.

What paddle tennis gloves should I prefer?

You can choose any of the paddle tennis gloves that we have listed here. Make sure that it has enough padding, is breathable, and is comfortable around your hand.

What size of the paddle tennis gloves should I choose?

There is no clear and definite sizing for these paddle tennis gloves. Generally, these gloves easily fit hands that are about 8-10 inches in size.

Which material is ideal for the glove backing?

The glove backing material will determine how much warmth you would require your glove to render. Neoprene is the right choice if you want to keep your hands warm. Also, prefer gloves with mesh backing as it renders great breathability.

Will my glove restrict my movement in the court?

Not at all. Wearing gloves during the game will allow your finger to move more easily and naturally. You will enjoy a great grip on the racket and will be able to attend to all the shots without much discomfort.

Final Verdict

Paddle tennis gloves appeal to anybody who is looking for an exceptional grip on their tennis racquets. They can be a great addition for those who sweat a lot and could lose control over the racket easily. And if you are abusive players and play for long hours, you could easily develop blisters and hurt your palm. Gloves with padding support the palm and prevent injuries on the skin. They create a barrier between the hands and the paddle, keeping the friction to a minimum.



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