Best Paddle Tennis Balls 2021: Top 3 Unbiased Reviews


The two most important accessories that take the paddle tennis game (also known as POP Tennis) to the next new level are the paddle and the balls. The official balls of the Paddle tennis games are created with an advanced flocking process, to endure longer wear and be highly durable. These balls will also hold the ideal texture for a maximum ball spin and control. The rubber compound composition of these ball offers not just a soft feel but also a consistent bounce. Let us discuss the top 3 paddle tennis balls.

Best Paddle Tennis Balls 2021

Top Paddle Tennis BallsEditor ScorePrice
#1. Adidas Paddle Tennis Balls9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Viking Extra Duty Balls for Paddle Tennis9/10Check Price Here
#3. Wilson Paddle Tennis Balls9/10Check Price Here

Note: These best POP Tennis balls are rated on factors like quality, durability, price & usability.

Top 3 Best Paddle Tennis Ball Reviews

#1. Adidas Paddle Tennis Balls

Check Price

This is an excellent ball that escalates the paddle tennis game to an all-new level. The ball is very firm and is puncture-proof. It lasts for a long time and is efficient to adore tennis, beach tennis, and paddleball games. People love its bounce and the quality it adds to the game. The product comes as a single can with three balls. 

The ball renders a premium lightweight woven felt and thus qualifies itself to adore the the POP tennis games. The weight of the ball is only 7 ounces. Its highly responsive rubber core helps in an easier kick out. It is highly resistant to abrasion as well.


  • The ball can hold the pressure for a long time
  • Competition grade balls with three-piece construction
  • Has a natural rubber core with a woven felt for a lighter feel.


  • Very costly paddle tennis balls

#2. Viking Extra Duty Balls for Paddle Tennis

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The Viking platform tennis balls, are good to support the paddle tennis game as well and they feature a rubber compound to renders a soft feel with the most consistent bounce. Its advanced flocking process renders a perfect surface texture for these balls and helps them with the maximum control and spin. 

The ball is extremely lightweight and weighs just 8.8 pounds. As these balls are optic yellow, they are ideal for night play as well. These are a great set of balls, that comes in a set of three in a single box. They work pretty well in both warm and cold conditions.


  • Smooth, lightweight, and superior finish balls.
  • Features an advanced flocking process for rendering an ideal surface texture
  • Affordable paddle tennis balls.


  • The balls are too bouncy and don’t appeal beginners and intermediate players.

#3. Wilson Paddle Tennis Balls

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These are high-quality platform tennis and paddle tennis balls that render exceptional durability with a consistent bounce. These balls comprises of a neon and fluorescent yellow coating for exceptional visibility. These are extremely lightweight balls that weigh just 5.6 ounces. 

Wilson balls for paddle tennis are noticeably bright yellow and are known to last pretty long. These balls are livelier and bounce much well to enhance the quality of the gameplay. The balls arrive in pairs and are best for escalating the level of the game to match the preferences of tournament grade players. 


  • Highly durable balls
  • Render consistent bounce to play paddle tennis and platform tennis games


  • Very costly balls.

Things to Look for in the Paddle Tennis Balls

1. Playing surface

You should choose the paddle tennis ball base on the type of surface that you play on. If you paddle tennis game is played over hard ground, then you would require extra duty balls. And if you are playing on grass or soft clay ground, then you will be good with regular duty balls. If you play over mixed grounds at different point of time, then an all-purpose ball should save you.

2. Durability:

According to experts, after opening a can of balls, if you leave them at room temperature, they become unplayable in about two weeks. Thus, it is important to choose the core of the ball wisely. The double core balls feature a synthetic rubber coating on their inside and prevent air from escaping. Choose balls with a double core and a durable felt layer so that these balls maintain their bounce twice as that of conventional balls and feel great to play the game every time.

3. Easy on the elbow:

Choose balls that reduce the impact on the elbows by at least 15%. This point is of tremendous consideration for those who suffer pain in their elbows. The best paddle tennis balls that we have listed here are known to ease off fatigue and strain on the elbow and shoulders of the players.

4. Choosing the right type of ball:

Almost all paddle tennis ball manufacturers manufacture three types of balls, namely professional level, championship level, and for casual games. Professional balls are highly durable and render exceptional performance. Championship level balls are good for league matches and some serious game practice. Recreational balls are however for casual games. Choose your ball according to your game plan.

FAQs for Paddle Tennis Balls

What is the composition of the paddle tennis ball?

Tennis & Paddle Tennis balls were once made of leather and are stuffed with wool. In some parts of the world, they were also stuffed with sheep’s stomach or similar animal parts. In recent times, they are made of rubber casing that is filled with air and are covered with woven and felt for durability.

Why should we choose paddle tennis balls that come in cans?

Cans maintain the pressure and the bounce of the balls, excluding them from outside atmospheric pressure. So it is better to buy paddle tennis balls that come in sealed and pressurized cans.

What type of paddle tennis balls is the best? Is pressurized or pressure less?

Pressurized balls are great for tournaments, but amateurs can use pressure-less balls for practice and casual games.

What are the best brands to buy paddle tennis balls from?

You can choose Adidas, Viking sport, Wilson and Dunlop brands to buy your paddle tennis ball.

Final Words

We hope our guide and our product recommendations help you in choosing the best balls for your paddle tennis game and exhibit your skills to your opponent in the court.


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