Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes of 2022 (Men’s and Women’s)


Looking for the perfect pair of outdoor pickleball shoes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts (people who have actually used the shoe) break down their likes and dislikes to deliver the best advice on getting you the best pickleball shoes

If you live in a place where it’s nice all year round, it may come as a surprise to you that pickleball can be played indoors. Although the rules and strategy are the same, there are some differences that go into indoor vs outdoor pickleball courts. 

The type of shoes you wear has a huge impact on how you play both indoors and outdoors. 

With outdoor courts, you have to take the elements into consideration. If you play where it is hot like Arizona you need something breathable. If you play somewhere where you get rain like Florida, you want moisture-wicking.  

You’re also going to want something durable, Clay courts can be more destructive than the smooth wood indoor courts and you don’t want to be buying a new pair every month. 

The top factors we looked at for rating the shoes were…

  • Durability 
  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Mobility 
  • Style

Without further ado, let’s hop right into the best pickleball shoes for outdoor courts.

Best Outdoor pickleball shoes of 2021, mens and women's with shoes next to each other.

Best Men’s Pickleball Shoes for Outdoor Courts 

#1. Adidas Men’s Gamecourt

Rating for Adidas mens Gamecourt

One thing is for sure. This is the best-looking shoe by far. I wear these for pickleball, the gym, with jeans, heck, I’d even wear them with a suit (not really). But they look amazing. 

If you’re a minimalist and want one shoe to take on many roles, this is the best shoe. 

The fit on this shoe is narrow to medium as are most Adidas shoes. If you have wide feet or bunions we have a separate review of shoes you might like.

I really like the wide bottoms that make you feel very stable moving side to side and running backward. The heel has an amazing cushion that makes it very easy to stay on the balls of your feet.

As far as breathability, the Adidas Gamecourt tennis shoes feel like you’re wearing socks. The mesh is so light and your foot stays cool in there. 

The grip is perfect for outdoor, they are good for indoor, but they are almost too grippy on hardwood so I would put them higher on the list for outdoor pickleball shoes as opposed to indoor pickleball shoes 

They are pretty light and very flexible which makes them great to use instantly with no break-in period required. 

Again it is a tighter fit so please consider this when purchasing. 

#2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6

Rating for Adidas mens Gel dedicate 6

This is just a great all-around pickleball shoe. It is extremely versatile and can be used for indoor or outdoor courts. 

I really liked this shoe for outdoor pickleball because the material is very breathable while the material on the sides is perfect for keeping moisture from getting in. 

The price of these shoes is very fair. I’ve paid a lot more for shoes that stack up nowhere near this one. 

As for support, it’s tight without being too tight. Your foot almost feels comfortably locked in place which is great if you’re playing a not-so-well-kept court with loose pebbles.  

The soul is sturdy yet bouncy and the toe guard lets you drag that back toe during shots without damaging the shoe. 

These shoes didn’t require too much breaking in. They were a tiny bit stiff right out of the box but within the first hour, they were cozy and performed great. 

As I said, even though these are tennis shoes, they act as all court shoes with a nonmarking sole. They work for any court.

They are a little tighter than other shoes so if that’s is what you like then this is the pair for you.

#3. Wilson Rush Pro

Rating for wilson rush pro

Wilson makes an amazing shoe for tennis or pickleball, but they do tend to run a little narrow. If you have narrow feet you’ll love these because they are snug and secure with padding in all the right places.

They have a gel cushion in them so it takes a lot of the impact from your feet. I played almost all day in these shoes and was ready to play again the next day. 

Because of the gel cushion, they do take a day or two to break in but they mold right to your foot when they are properly broken in. 

They were very breathable pickleball shoes and the lining on the inside is extremely comfortable. I have not tried them in the rain, but I could imagine they are not the best at dealing with moisture so keep that in mind if you play somewhere that gets a lot of rain. 

The heel support is what really stood out to me and it was really easy to get on the balls of my feet in an athletic position while keeping my posture nice. 

#4. New Balance Men’s 1006 V1

rating for New Balance Mens 1006

When it comes to facing the elements this shoe just did it all for me. It kept moisture out when it was wet, kept my feet cool when it was hot, and kept my feet warm when it was a cold morning.

It’s not as padded as the other pickleball shoes on the list but it feels very stable and like you can feel every crack on the ground while still being comfortable.

The toe box is wide making this idea for someone who has wide feet or bunions.   

They will last you a while. They were my first pair of pickleball shoes and I still have them in my garage. The souls don’t wear out and the support stays pretty consistent, unlike other shoes that may wear out only in the heel or only in the toe. 

This is a great shoe for a beginner who doesn’t really know what they want but just needs to get out of their running shoes and get something supportive. 

They are a little expensive, but they will last a long time.

#5. K-Swiss Men’s Court Express

review for Mens court express

As far as budget-friendly sneaker options go, this is one of the best options. For around $50 you’re getting an amazingly supportive sneaker with great traction. 

I actually had one of the greatest rallies of my life in these shoes and I 100% attribute it to the traction which made it easy for me to cut on a dime and get to the ball. 

As I said before, for the price it’s a very functional shoe. Solid lateral movement, good stability, and durability. 

The one downside to this shoe is the break-in period. It took a little time for me to break these in, but once broken in they feel fantastic. 

One other thing to consider when buying these shoes is that they are breathable but not the most breathable sneaker out there. I play in Arizona, so it can get a little hot (over 100 degrees). That was the only time I really noticed. 

If you play in relatively temperate conditions or mornings/nights this shoe will be just fine. 

Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Outdoor courts

#1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6

Review of Gel dedicate 6

These shoes were specifically designed for superior performance on the court. When you first slide the Gel-Dedicate 6’s on, you can tell there’s something different going on with this shoe.

The gel that is not only at the bottom of your feet, but also in the liner PERFECTLY molded to my foot and makes playing pickleball an absolute pleasure. 

Asics are more geared towards people with narrow feet, if you have wide feet check out the post for the best pickleball shoes for wide feet. 

As for performance, they offer amazing support and stability. Lateral movement was easy and I felt like I could confidently and quickly change directions on a dime. 

Since they are narrow I would recommend going about a half size up for a little more room. 

#2. Adidas Women’s Gamecourt

Review of Adidas game court women's

The Adidas Gamecourt has been one of the best pickleball shoes for me personally. The first thing that I noticed when putting it on was the breathability of the fabric. The mesh keeps your feet so cool and because it is so lightweight, you feel like you have so much room. 

The heel support is another thing that really stood out to me. The flat on the back moves with your heel both laterally and backwards. 

It is a very beautiful shoe and I love the colors they come in. Even Though it doesn’t look like a durable shoe, I actually got a lot of use out of it on beat-up outdoor courts.  

A few things to note is that the Game Court is a little wide so you may have to order a size down if you like it snug. 

#3. Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce

review of women's sole match bounce

This is another amazing shoe by Adidas. I really enjoyed wearing this one and as far as stability goes this was one of my favorites. 

These shoes have a very wide bottom with a running board in the middle of the foot. This is great for stability even on a rough court, and it protects the fabric of the shoe. 

The grip on these shoes is great for hard cuts. One thing to note is that they are a little wide so ½ size down worked great for me.

#4. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express

review of women's Hypercourt Express

These shoes lasted forever! The tread, the cushion, the sole, they would not give out no matter how much or how hard I played.

The Hypercourts have such a comfortable fit and liner that keeps you in an athletic stance. The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express pickleball shoes were just light enough where I had no problems moving, but just heavy enough where I felt extremely stable. 

They are perfect for all weather conditions and require no break-in period. They were ready to go right out of the box!

These shoes were very true to size and the shoe fit like a glove, not too tight, not too loose, but enough room for me to have room while being snug in all the right places. 

#5. Adidas Women’s Grand Court

review of women's grand court shoes

If you’re looking for style as well as functionality this is the perfect shoe. It’s the classic retro tennis shoe. 

If you have flat feet, this shoe doesn’t have much arch support, but what I do like about it is that you can feel the court. It’s like driving a nice sports car where you can feel the road. 

The stability is great, the comfort is pretty solid, and they have a ton of room in the toe. I wish they lasted a little longer, the first thing that goes on these is the tread. 

After that, they can get a little slippery which is why they are lower on the list. If you prefer to look cute on the court and you only play a couple of times a week this shoe should do the job. If you want to play competitive pickleball and really take the game seriously then I would go with a shoe above.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they don’t breathe as well as the other Adidas on this list, but they are great for repelling water. It depends on what conditions you’re playing in, but I really enjoyed this shoe.   

Final Thoughts:

For outdoor courts, you really want durability. If you have well-maintained courts they are still going to be more abrasive than an indoor court. With outdoor, traction and tread is the most important factor for determining the right shoe. 

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