Top 5 Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners 2021


At present, there are hundreds of good beginner lacrosse sticks are available, but out of those options, you need one that perfectly suits your budget as well as give you ample opportunity to improve in the game, so for that, you must choose one from this list of best lacrosse sticks for beginners given below.

Top Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners

Here are the best beginner lacrosse sticks that will perfectly suit your gameplay.

Best Beginner Lacrosse SticksBest FeaturesPrice
#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 StickLightweight, Flexible & ResponsiveVIEW ON AMAZON
#2. STX Men’s Lacrosse Stallion 200 U StickAdjustable & FlexibleVIEW ON AMAZON
#3. STX Lilly Girls’ Lacrosse StickLightweight, Flat Style & Thin HandleVIEW ON AMAZON
#4. STX Lacrosse Stinger Beginners Lacrosse StickLightweight & Soft MaterialVIEW ON AMAZON
#5. STX Lacrosse Girl’s Beginner Lilly StickWide Scoop, Quality & LightweightVIEW ON AMAZON

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Just like Football and Hockey, Lacrosse is a sports event played in teams. The core concept is the same as football and hockey. But the difference is on the equipment used. All players are equipped with lacrosse sticks.

Buying a football or a hockey stick is pretty easy. But when buying a lacrosse stick, you have to consider various parameters in order to pick the right one.

Top 5 Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners 2021

There are many pre-made lacrosse sticks available in the market. Here are the five best lacrosse sticks for beginners I have chosen across the range.

All these products are purpose-built, and you have to choose the best that suits you.

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Stick

Check Price On Amazon

The Stallion 50 is a good lacrosse stick for kids and short people. Head of the Stallion 50 is inspired by the Stallion 500’s head.

This stick features at #5 in our list of Best Lacrosse Sticks in the World.


  • Head is flexible and responsive
  • Lightweight construction
  • The short and thin handle ensures children friendly nature
  • Specially made for beginners
  • Material quality is great


  • The glossy grip may need good gloves

STX Stallion 50 is made for attackers. It is a fantastic beginner stick for male kids. Stallion 50 comes with a thin handle that makes a huge difference in handling the stick for kids. Boys of age 7-10 will love this lacrosse stick. Other sticks in this range have a pretty wide handle, making it difficult for the hands of a kid to handle. Surprisingly, Stallion 50 evades this problem.

Head of the Stallion 50 is made of high-quality plastic. Sidewall and scoop are well designed. Since this is made for attackers, the sidewall is flexible and the pocket is shallow.


STX Stallion 50 complete lacrosse stick is perfect for children and short players who are starting their gaming career in lacrosse. The stick is complete and you don’t have to do any modifications or adjustments to the stick. Components are made of high quality to ensure it is built to last.

It comes with a price tag of $$. But for the quality level it offers, Stallion 560 is a great buy for kids who want to learn the authentic game.

#2. STX Men’s Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Stick

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STX Stallion 200 U is another pre-assembled lacrosse stick made for men. The 200 U is a good quality lacrosse stick that meets all the norms of school and college-level events. So you can directly use it during those inter-school matches.

This stick features at #1 in our list of Best Lacrosse Sticks in the World.


  • Inspired by U 500’s head
  • Flexible sidewall allows better agility
  • Flexible sidewall ensures easy maneuvering
  • Wide scoops allow you to catch the ball at ease
  • The pocket is deep and adjustable


  • This is not suitable for tall people.

The Stallion 200 U is made for midfield players. With a shaft length of 40 to 44 inches, this one is best for midsized players age 10 to12 years. The shaft is considerably rigid to withstand sudden abuses during the gameplay. The rigid nature of the shaft did not add unnecessary weight, which is a good thing.

The head is inspired by STX Stallion Elite 500 U. Stallion 200 U comes with a pre-strung net. It can be adjustable to your needs. Head has a well offset sidewall and a wide scoop for easy catches and accurate shots.


Overall, STX Stallion 200 U is the best lacrosse for kids of age 10-12 years. Comes with the price tag of $$, Stallion 200 U is a well-designed product for beginners. The only thing I feel odd about this stick is its higher whip. Many people love to higher “Whip” levels. But for a beginner’s lacrosse stick, too much whip can ruin the chances to learn the proper game. Surprisingly, any local shop technician can adjust the whip in minutes.

Overall, STX Stallion 200 U is one of the best sticks for starters playing in the midfield.

#3. STX Lilly Girls’ Lacrosse Stick

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Lacrosse sticks designed for girls and boys differ in different ways. For girls, the stick is designed in such a way to reduce physical contact and aggressive moves. They differ in shaft length, thickness, weight, head type, pocket depth, etc.

This stick features at #5 in our list of Lacrosse Sticks for Youth.


  • Wide scoop for easy catches
  • Flat style scoop for easy learning
  • Well offset sidewalls for easy maneuverability
  • Deep pockets for ball retention
  • A thin handle is ideal for girls
  • Lightweight and children friendly
  • Comes with attractive color combinations


  • Best only for players under 4 feet

STX Lilly Girls’ lacrosse stick is designed for female kids from 6-8 years of age. This is a pretty small stick especially used to train kids. Children more than 10 years old will find this one too short as it comes with the shaft length of just 36 inches. The shaft is made of good quality lightweight material. Also, the handle is made thin to help small kids.

The head is wide enough with deep pockets. Broad scoop, light shaft, and thin handle make it a reliable product for girls to learn the game. Priced reasonably, this packs good functionality and attractive colors for girls.


STX Lilly is good lacrosse for female kids age 6 to 8 years. It comes with different color options loved by girls. For the price of $$, this stick does not carry professional traits but a decent equipment level.

Since it is designed for female kids, overall weight and ease of handling are kept in mind during manufacturing and assembling this lacrosse stick. It comes with a relatively shorter handle of 36 inches. The shaft is light and sturdy to withstand low to medium intensity impacts.

Overall, STX Stallion Lilly is good for female kids who are new to the game and chooses the midfield position.

#4. STX Lacrosse Stinger Beginners Lacrosse Stick

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STX Junior Stinger is a midsized beginner’s lacrosse stick. The overall length of the shaft is 42 inches, and this stick is aimed towards the attacking players.


  • Lightweight nature is good for midfield activities
  • Thin handle ensures easy handling
  • Full-sized head for easy catches and ball retention
  • Mesh is made of soft materials that are easy to maintain
  • The short shaft of 42 inches is best for children under 9 years old


  • Does not meet event specification of schools and colleges

The head of the Junior Stinger is wide enough to catch the ball at ease. The whole stick set is pre-assembled for beginners. Even it comes with a short shaft of 42 inches long; combining it with a full-sized lacrosse head gives some superior results. Also, the shaft is considerably thin to facilitate the small hands of children.

Junior Stinger is a midfield compatible stick and not suitable for defense and goalkeeping. The full-sized head is well designed to catch and retain the ball. The pocket can be adjusted for desired depth.


STX Junior Stinger is a superior quality lacrosse stick for kids under 9 years of age. The stick is priced at $$, and the equipment level is offered for the price is pretty decent.

I personally liked the lacrosse head of this product. It’s a full-sized head with a broad scoop and a deep pocket. Materials used in this lacrosse head are premium as the other products in this price range cannot match the head quality of the Junior Stinger.

Overall, STX Junior Stinger is a good value for money product if you are okay with the average looks.

#5. STX Lacrosse Girl’s Beginner Lilly Stick

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STX lacrosse girls’ beginner Lilly stick is an option for female kids who have already learned a little about the game and have become a rookie player. This is something different from the regular starter sticks. Most starter lacrosse sticks come with higher offset sidewalls and shallow pockets. But this lacrosse stick has lower sidewalls and deep pockets.

This stick features at #5 in our list of Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks.


  • Lightweight nature is good for attackers
  • 36 inches shaft for small sized kids
  • Good quality mesh
  • Wide scoop


  • Does not meet event specification of schools and colleges
  • Dedicated only for girls

It comes with 36 inches long shaft and a wide head. For rookie players who deserve to extract more from the game, this stick is a little advanced than the starter packs. The stick is made for the midfield players who need responsive sticks that are less heavy.

Also, this stick comes in many attractive color combinations to get the attention of small girls.


If you are looking for a perfect lacrosse stick for rookie girls who just learned the game and trying to improve the skills. This is just a step above the core starter sticks and can be used to train female kids who passed beginners’ tests.

STX lacrosse girls’ beginner Lilly stick costs around $$. The price might sound a tad higher than other products in its range. But the higher price is justified with the quality of materials used.

How to Choose Lacrosse Sticks

Generally, professional players buy a shaft and a head separately to match their style, physique, and position (Attack, Defense, and Goalie) during the game. But for rookies, it’s an overwhelming task to find and assemble the right lacrosse stick parts. So, they often choose to buy pre-assembled lacrosse sticks.

Reputed brands like STX, Brine, Harrow, and many others are making some good pre-assembled lacrosse sticks. These are game-ready instead of finding the right parts, assembling and fine-tuning.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lacrosse Sticks

Before jumping into the product reviews, let’s discuss some important parameters to consider before buying one for you.

Men Vs Women Lacrosse Sticks

Yes, lacrosse sticks are not universal. Men and women are not physically the same. Lacrosse sticks made for men and women vary in certain parameters. Lacrosse sticks for women have a less deep pocket, and also shorter and thinner shafts compared to men’s lacrosse sticks.

>> Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Should you consider the play position?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, all three positions have different equipment levels.

This is the first step in choosing a lacrosse stick. Once you have decided the play position, you have some other parameters to consider.

Find the best fit for you

If you are a midfield player, you are one of the most active players in your team. This position needs more activity than the other two. So, the overall size and weight should be less.

Size of a midfield stick varies from 36 to 42 inches, a defense stick varies from 50 – 70 inches, whereas the goalie’s sticks can be larger, ranging from 40 to 70 inches; based on the player’s height and comfort.

For young players, the size of the lacrosse stick should be short enough to ensure easy handling. Rookie players must choose the height of the stick that fits them perfectly.

Once the size is selected, the shaft can be cut to match the player’s hand length. Pre-made lacrosse sticks are available in various sizes.

Which Shaft is best for you?

The shaft of a lacrosse stick decides the usability factor. The prime motive of these shafts is to provide enough strength without adding extra weight to the stick. These are some commonly used materials to manufacture lacrosse shafts.

  • Titanium Alloy
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Scandium Alloy
  • Carbon fiber
  • Wood

The cross-section of the shaft is a polygonal hollow tube made using any of the above materials.

  • Titanium Alloy – Titanium is known for its excellent strength and rigidity. Titanium is pretty light and results in negligible drag during intense battles. Titanium shaft is a great option for advanced players who need speed without any concession on strength. The only downside is its high price.
  • Aluminum Alloy – Aluminum is sturdy and lightweight. These shafts are more preferred by novice players. They are economical and ideal for practices and friendly match sessions.
  • Scandium Alloy – Scandium is another exotic metal like titanium. Scandium is rock solid and falls well within weight limits. Its lightweight nature allows great flexibility. Like titanium, scandium alloy is loved by professional gamers seeking precision.
  • Carbon Fiber– As known by all, carbon fiber is the lightest of all composite materials. In many race cars, certain body parts are made of carbon fiber to enhance weight reduction.

Carbon fiber offers significant advantages for professional players through its ultra-lightweight nature. Swift handling and almost zero drag is the key here. Carbon fiber shafts are the lightest, and beginners might feel it odd.

  • Wood – Wooden shafts are heavy and highly durable in nature. Its heaviness makes it defender friendly. Defenders can now send any aggressive ball back to the midfield at ease. But as a downside, too heavy nature and lack of grip is not something beginner-friendly.

Which Head Type to Choose?

Finding the right head among a huge variety is difficult. Keep calm and filter the right one by considering your play position, skill-set, play style, and the right fit to your physique.

Before choosing the right head, consider the following

  • Scoop
  • Side-wall
  • Pocket
  • Offset


This is the top portion of the head. The main function of the scoop is to lift the lacrosse ball off the ground. Scoops are measured across width and depth.

Deep drop helps shooters to shoot the ball more accurately. Shallow drops help midfielders to tackle the lacrosse ball with great speed and accuracy.


The sidewall is a part that connects the scoop and the pocket. You can choose between fully flexible to fully rigid sidewalls for your lacrosse head.

If you are a defender, choose a stiff sidewall. Stiff sidewalls provide enough strength for instant throwbacks. If you are a midfielder, a flexible sidewall allows great handling and agility during tough battles.


The pocket is the destination of the lacrosse ball in the lacrosse stick. It’s the bottom of the head, where the ball sits. The pocket is made of strings. Professional players choose to apply the desired tension and travel. Beginners use to go with pre-strung heads.

Defenders can choose a wide pocket. Wide pockets ensure more possibility to block the ball. But remember, wide pockets are less accurate for shots.

Attackers should go with a narrow and shallow pocket. A narrow pocket allows more accuracy for rapid shots.


The offset is the gradual distance variation from the top of the head until the pocket. A proper offset allows easy ball retention.

The higher offset helps beginners, keeping the pocket far behind. This enables easy cradling and ball retention. Professional players may choose offset based on their play style.

Now if you have gone through the guide as well as reviews, it will be easy for you to choose the best lacrosse stick as a beginner. But still, if you have any queries regarding this list of top lacrosse sticks for beginners, you can put it through via comments.


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