Top 3 Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attack 2020

Lacrosse is immensely popular amongst the youth. This sport has been around for ages. When it comes to winning lacrosse, equipment is the main key. The lacrosse stick is the most crucial equipment for any lacrosse player. There are a plethora of stick options available to players regardless of them serving as a defender, in midfield or as an attacker. So this list of top lacrosse sticks for attack might well make stick shopping easy for you.

List of Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attack

Here are some of the popular lacrosse sticks for attackers.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for AttackIdeal For:Price
#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200U StickBeginners to IntermediatesCheck Price
#2. Powell Lacrosse Switchback Lacrosse StickIntermediates to AdvancedCheck Price
#3. K-Lason Lacrosse Complete StickBeginners to IntermediatesCheck Price

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Top manufacturers offer intricately designed lacrosse stick for providing the best experience to the players. These can be chosen based on the experience levels and the wide range of playing styles. You need to research the details of a stick before purchasing one. You can skim through the reviews of the best stick based on your position on the field.

Makers roll out a different stick for midfielders/attackers and different sticks for defenders/goalies. This is because different technology goes into designing the sticks for the purpose that they need to serve. It is vital for players to consider the pros and cons before actually purchasing one. Here is a review of top 3 best lacrosse sticks for the attack.

Top 3 Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attack 2020

Check out reviews of most wanted lacrosse sticks for attack game.

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200U Stick

STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #1 in our list of Best Lacrosse Sticks in the World.


  • Ideal for young players and beginners
  • Durable
  • Adheres to NFHS and NCAA requirements
  • Premium design
  • Ideal for midfielders and attackers


  • Not ideal for tall players

The STX Lacrosse 200U is a perfect choice for men who are just learning the basics of lacrosse. The head and shaft combination of this stick has been designed ideally for players to hone their fundamental skills. The shaft is fabricated from high-quality aluminum which can take a rough game. The head of the stick has been designed from a softer material which permits it to capture and cradle the ball in a much competent manner. The pre-strung head has been made from a much harder material which is much more consistent.

Though this stick has been designed by considering beginners in mind, experienced players in this field will find the design and the durability of this stick much more appealing. This stick can serve as an ideal choice during practice sessions or can also serve as a backup stick. This stick comes with a cheaper price tag and assures quality to the players.

STX Lacrosse 200U has been designed keeping midfielders and attackers in mind. You need to be aware of your position in the game before purchasing a lacrosse stick as they are designed depending on the purpose it has to serve.

STX Lacrosse 200U is a great option for an attacker who needs to remain dynamic in the field throughout the game. This stick has been designed to ensure easy passing as well as quick pick up. Moreover, the head of this lacrosse stick is pre-strung which implies that it can be used directly without any modifications. A pre-strung stick is an ideal choice for entry-level players. Once you get familiar with the rules of the game, you will be able to decide what you require from your lacrosse stick based on the role that you serve.

STX Lacrosse 200U has been inspired by the elite stallion 500 head. This stick meets NCAA as well as NFHS requirements. The soft mesh pocket is excellent for honing skills of catching and throwing. The amalgamation of bold design and style makes this stick a lucrative deal. The only problem with this stick is its length. Although this design is ideal for beginners, it proves to be a bit longer for advanced players. This stick is an ideal choice for practice sessions.

#2. Powell Lacrosse Switchback Lacrosse Stick

Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Lacrosse Stick for Attack

Check Price

This stick also features at #7 in our list of Best Lacrosse Sticks in the World.


  • Made with high-quality strings
  • Comes with a pioneer head
  • Ideal for use in tournaments and for playing matches
  • This stick is light in weight & is ideal for beginners
  • Ideal stick for midfielders and attackers as the shaft and head design is consistent
  • Durable product as it is made from high-quality material
  • The shaft is available in numerous colors
  • The alloy used in fabrication is stronger yet lighter when compared to Aluminum 7075


  • Not ideal for goalies and defenders

The Switchback Complete Stick comes with a Pioneer head with a color option. This stick is made from premium 7UI patented material which is durable and light. Seven color options are available to the players with this stick. It is durable, light and comes completely assembled with a ball stop and an end cap. This stick is ideal for midfielders and for attackers. This stick delivers maximum potential and is easy-to-play. This stick is made from a distinctly strung pocket featuring a high-quality mesh. Powell adheres to superior standards when it comes to fabricating lacrosse equipment.

The pocket of Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick has been designed with a stringer to ensure the legitimacy of usage as well as uniformity. The best thing about the factory pockets is that anybody can adjust the bottom string without any hassles if they wish to deepen the pocket while playing. This pocket permits a fantastic hold. The players can add a little while by using a shooting string. Beginners can tighten the strings if desired.

The head of this stick is secured and not wobbly. Flimsy heads are pretty much annoying. Powell, however, ensures that the head sits on the shaft securely. The consistency in design of the head and the shaft provides this stick an upper edge when compared to other sticks available in the market.

Powell Switchback Complete Stick features a long back which is pretty much durable owing to the use of thick rubber while designing. The strings used in designing this stick are made from high-quality plastic which ensures that this stick can survive several tough games. This stick can be considered to be an ideal combination of both cost and quality. The head is available in numerous color options. The players can choose the color based on their preference.

Overall, the Powell Switchback is ideal Lacrosse Stick for Attack and for midfielders. Though this stick is a little expensive, it is worth all the features being offered for the price. This stick does not demand adjustments every now and then. This stick can truly stand the test of time. The pioneer head is ideal for professionals and it facilitates high performance.

This stick is the most appropriate gear for indulging in a good game of Lacrosse. Each shot played in the game of lacrosse is dependent on the quality and the feature of the stick used by each player. It is therefore crucial that you make good use of the stick which has been designed with advanced technology and features a sturdy design.

#3. K-Lason Lacrosse Complete Attack Stick

K-LASON Lacrosse Complete Lacrosse Stick for Attack

Check Price

This stick also features at #2 in our list of Lacrosse Sticks for Middies.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Suited for attackers and midfielders
  • Available in two color variants: black and silver
  • Made from advanced technologies such as watermarking and anodization
  • Made from a soft material mesh of good quality
  • Inexpensive despite the advanced designing
  • Durable
  • Features impeccable designing


  • This stick is not suitable for use by defenders and goalies as it has been designed considering midfielders and attackers in mind.

This lacrosse stick is suitable for players who are looking to enhance their fundamental skills in the game. This stick features an aluminum shaft, terylene net and a PP injection head. This combination ensures that the ball hits the sweet spot for propelling quick release during the game. Each part of K-Lason Complete Attack/Midfield stick has been designed to provide a perfect balance to the players during the game in the form of performance, durability, and weight.

This lacrosse stick permits perfect ball control and easy catching thereby making it suitable for ideal-level players. This stick adheres to both NFHS and NCAA rules. This stick has been designed to help players develop their basic fundamentals during the game. This stick is rendered harder through the process of spray painting and anodization. This ensures that the stick is not going to fade and corrode.

The K-Lason Lacrosse Stick has been designed for players who are looking to polish their skills in the game of lacrosse. The use of net ensures that the ball touches the sweet spot during the game. This, in turn, ensures swift release which is essential for attackers and midfielders. This lacrosse stick has been designed considering two special techniques in mind. This includes:

  • Anodization

This is a popular chemical process which is known to prevent corrosion of metallic products. It is vital for lacrosse sticks to be fabricated with materials that provide all desirable features to the players. The main problem in designing a lacrosse stick with metal is corrosion. This is the reason why the designers have employed the process of anodization to prolong the life of this stick. During this process, the aluminum shaft is charged electrically for increasing the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the shaft. This ensures that the shaft is harder as well as protected from corrosion.

  • Chemical spraying

This is yet another technique which has been employed in the designing of the K-Lason Lacrosse Stick. A special spray is utilized in imparting smoothness and sheen to this lacrosse stick. The spray utilized is transparent. This process prevents the color of the stick from fading away easily. Chemical spraying primarily enhances the feel and overall look of this lacrosse stick.

The features of the K-Lason Lacrosse Stick ensure that the attackers and the midfielders experience the maximum comfort while on the ground. The thoughtful designing of the head and shaft of this lacrosse stick adds to the purpose. This stick has been designed specifically for men. The use of soft mesh material just adds to the overall look of the stick. The color black just makes this stick an elegant option for men. This stick is also available in another color variant which is silver. However, black is a more popular choice when it comes to professional players in the game of lacrosse.

The K-Lason Lacrosse Stick features a Calt logo. This is embossed on the stick with the aid of the latest water transfer printing technology. This equipment has been designed with the latest technology and bears all the latest features. Its appearance and construction are really advanced. This stick is light in weight yet is sturdy which is the key requirement of midfielders. The K-Lason Lacrosse Stick has been engineered for helping players sharpen their fundamental skills in the game and also to cultivate the skills in a proper manner.

Each part of the stick has been designed to offer a complete balance in terms of performance, length, and weight. It would be hard for you to point out any flaw in the designing of this lacrosse stick. It is just at par with other sticks available in the same price category in the market. The use of high-quality material during fabrication renders this stick durable. The use of advanced technologies in designing just ensures that this stick is smooth and last for a longer time. This also ensures that the stick is not prone to everyday wrap during usage.

The K-Lason Lacrosse Stick has been designed especially for attackers and midfielders. This is the reason why it has been designed with much consideration and with the use of advanced technologies. This stick is ideal for catching as well as for controlling the ball. This stick can be used by all players regardless of their experience levels. Although it is recommended for beginners, this stick can be used as a spare or practice stick by experienced players as well. This stick adheres to all the regulations laid down by NCAA and NFHS. This ensures that this stick can be used by the players during tournaments and matches.

Overall, the K-Lason Lacrosse Stick can make an impeccable option for men who serve as attackers or midfielders in the game of lacrosse. This stick is pretty good when it comes to passing the ball. Many advanced players use this stick during practice sessions or as a backup stick. This is because of the convenience that this stick has to offer to the players.

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So, these are the top 3 best lacrosse sticks for attack that you can get right now, without having too many questions in your mind as we have already given complete reviews of these attack lacrosse sticks.


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