Top 10 Best Lacrosse Sticks 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the right gear is essential when you are playing Lacrosse. The activity demands much skill and concentration. This is the reason why one must have one of the best Lacrosse sticks for playing a good game. Faulty tools just make sure that you lose game-winning shots. Every shot you play in the game is dependent on the quality and features of the lacrosse stick that you are using.

The design of the sticks has evolved with time and has become technologically advanced, stronger and lighter. Although owning one of the best lacrosse sticks would not make you the best player in a game, but it will ensure that your gaming experience is elevated to a new level.

List of Best Lacrosse Sticks 2020

These are the best lacrosse sticks that are specifically designed considering the needs of players, so choose any of these compact and flexible lacrosse sticks.

Best Lacrosse SticksPositionPrice
#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200U StickAttack/MidfieldCheck Price Here
#2. STX Crux 500 10 Degree Lacrosse StickAttackCheck Price Here
#3. STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete StickAttackCheck Price Here
#4. STX Mens Stallion 200 Lacrosse StickAttack/MidfieldCheck Price Here
#5. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Complete StickAttack/MidfieldCheck Price Here
#6. STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Complete StickDefenseCheck Price Here
#7. Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete StickAttack/MidfieldCheck Price Here
#8. Youper Complete Lacrosse StickAttackCheck Price Here
#9. Maverik Lacrosse Vertigo Complete StickMidfield/DefenseCheck Price Here
#10. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Charger StickDefenseCheck Price Here

>> Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Before purchasing any lacrosse stick, it is vital to find out the purpose for which you would be using the stick. Spending some time researching is going to prove to be immensely beneficial while purchasing a lacrosse stick.

This will help you thoroughly go through the features of the stick before actually purchasing one. Decide what is important to you and what position do you occupy in the field. This will help you in choosing a product which can provide you the performance that you desire.

The first and foremost criterion to look into while purchasing any product is the price factor. You can easily purchase a basic stick under $50. However, a professional-quality lacrosse stick can cost you hundreds of dollars.

If you are new to the sport, then there is no point in investing hundreds of dollars on a stick while you are just learning the game and trying to develop some skills. Beginners should always look for budget-friendly options without comprising the quality of the product. If you want to participate in any league, then you will have to spend a certain amount on higher quality.

You can choose to purchase a complete stick or you can choose to purchase the shaft and head separately. It is entirely up to you. Professional players prefer purchasing each piece separately depending on their requirements. If you are a beginner, then it is best to opt for a complete stick which is durable and fits within your budget. Lacrosse sticks come in numerous colors.

These just convey your style choices and preferences. You can pick a stick of color that complements your uniform or your team color. Make sure to look into the recommended age group while purchasing any lacrosse stick. An adult lacrosse stick can prove to be too heavy or big for children. Make sure to purchase a stick of correct size if you do not want the stick size to impact the game in a negative manner.

Top 10 Best Lacrosse Sticks (Reviews)

Considering the above-mentioned parameters will certainly help you to purchase the best lacrosse stick as per your requirement. This review covers some of the best lacrosse sticks that you can come across along with the pros and cons. Read it thoroughly to decide which stick can suit your requirements.

#1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200U Stick

STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #2 in our list of Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners.


  • Adheres to NFHS and NCAA standards
  • Ideal for entry-level players
  • Ball control and easy catching
  • Sturdy shaft
  • Ease of usage


  • Not ideal for tall people.

The STX 200U is an ideal choice for men who are still trying to establish themselves in the game of lacrosse. The combination of head and shaft of this stick makes it ideal for players who are still developing their fundamental skills in this game. The shaft can withstand a beating owing to the use of durable, high-quality aluminum material.

The head is softer in comparison. It is capable of capturing the ball in an effective manner. The innovative design of this stick draws inspiration from Stallion U 500. The design ensures that the players can develop the skills required in this game. Greater ball control is promised by this stick which can prove to be a boon for entry-level players.

This stick design adheres to NFHS and NCAA rules. This stick does not carry a hefty price tag. This stick has been designed for midfield players or attackers and not for the defenders or goalies.

Make sure to keep this in mind while planning to purchase a lacrosse stick suitable for you. Stallion 200U has been designed to ensure easy passing and fast pickup. Once you develop the skills in this game, you will be able to distinguish the features that you require while playing the game.

#2. STX Crux 500 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick

STX Crux 500 10 Degree Best Lacrosse Stick

Check Price


  • Composite handle
  • Pointed scoop promises accuracy
  • Greater control
  • Extreme scoop angle
  • Reduced ball rattles
  • Employs 10-degree technology
  • Ideal for advanced players
  • Ideal for attacks, shooting, and passing
  • Light in weight
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for beginners

The STX 500 lacrosse stick has been designed with superior technology. This stick ensures that it brings out the best in a player. This stick utilizes 10-degree technology, which permits quick ball release.

Two features of this lacrosse stick have been patented by the manufacturer. One patent is on the elastomer over-mold design which ensures that the ball rattles are minimized. The second patent is about the tapering launch pocket, which permits greater control over the ball.

The snap is added by the extreme scoop angle. Accurate passes and shots are ensured by the extreme scoop angle. If you want to win a game of lacrosse, then you must consider including this stick to your collection.

This lacrosse stick comes with a unique launch pocket, which offers players excellent control over the ball. The flexing of chevrons ensures a closer grip on the ball. The pointed scoop promises greater accuracy while passing the ball or while shooting.


#3. STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #1 in our list of Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks.


  • Great grip
  • An ideal choice for beginners
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Adheres to USL regulations set for women
  • Sidewall design doesn’t sacrifice strength despite a reduction in weight
  • Flexible scoop for easier ground pickup


  • Re-stringing needed after some time

This newly redesigned STX Lacrosse stick can prove to be an ideal choice of any attacker who desires precision shooting. This stick features a sidewall design which renders the design strong despite the reduction in weight. The STX precision pocket ensures greater accuracy and no-fuss during the game. The Crux 100 stick is the first stick in this model. This lacrosse stick is an ideal choice for beginners.

The design of this stick is ideal for attackers and those who are midfield oriented. This stick promises superior control over the ball in the “V” shaped scoop and narrower channel. This stick is loved by both intermediate players and beginners.

The stick serves its purpose despite being inexpensive when compared to other brands. The flexible scoop promises ground ball pickups with much ease.

This lacrosse stick features a traditional alloy grip. This stick is suitable for both adult players and school-age players. This stick is available in several colors including pink, blue and green. Overall, this stick offers great value for beginners. You need to invest in a stronger stick if you tend to play fast


#4. STX Mens Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick

STX Mens Stallion 200 - One of the Best Lacrosse Sticks

Check Price


  • Ideal for children
  • Soft mesh
  • Easy to balance
  • Flexible head
  • Excellent shaft
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Wide universal head
  • Meets NFHS and NCAA requirements
  • The shaft is light in weight


  • Limited whip

The STX Lacrosse Stallion stick is an ideal choice for men who are planning to learn the game of lacrosse. The combination of shaft and head make this stick an ideal choice for entry-level players.

It has been designed specifically to help players in developing fundamental skills of the game. The shaft has been made from durable, high-quality aluminum so that it can withstand any beating.

The head has been made from softer material so that it can capture the ball in an efficient manner. The pre-strung head comprises of a consistent mesh material which augments skill-building capabilities.

This stick can be used by both experienced and entry-level players in mind. The design of the stick and the durability makes it an ideal backup stick for experienced players.

This stick in inexpensive and serves the purpose of many other expensive sticks available in the market. Before purchasing this stick, you need to remember that this stick would suit midfield players or attackers rather than the defenders and goalies.

Make sure to purchase a stick based on your position. This stick is one of the best sticks available for attackers. This is because they need to remain active in the field during the course of the game.

The STX Mens Stallion 200 stick is designed specifically for easy passing and pick up. This high-quality stick is recommended to all those who want to become comfortable with the game and want to advance their skills. Overall, this lacrosse stick delivers great performance owing to all its features.

#5. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Complete Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #2 in our list of Lacrosse Sticks for Youth.


  • Excellent design
  • Durable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Great price for the quality provided
  • Easy to handle and light in weight
  • Sturdy stick suitable for rough use


  • Not suitable for female players

The STX Stallion 50 lacrosse stick has been designed entirely for entry-level and young players who are still learning the basics of the game.

This stick is not suitable for school children who want to learn the game of lacrosse. The design draws its inspiration from the Stallion 550 head. The head of the stick has been molded with softer material to offer a forgiving response.

Stallion 50 comes with a thinner and shorter handle. This increases the ease of handling. The designing helps the players to develop their fundamentals. The thin handle offers a very tight grip. This stick can accommodate both mini balls as well as regular size lacrosse balls.

The head of the stick measures 7 ¼ inches at the top. The stick is 10 inches long and has been designed to adjust to any lacrosse head.

#6. STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Complete Stick

STX Fortress 300 Best Complete Lacrosse Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #2 in our list of Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks.


  • Raised all stop
  • Numerous color options available
  • Elongated face for increased power


  • The netting seems a little weak

The STX Lacrosse Women’s Fortress Lacrosse Stick is an ideal match for defensive players. The stiff design of this stick is a boon for defensive players. The runway pocket of this lacrosse stick is quite unique.

The runners flex out and hug the ball owing to the overlapping center string system. This as well prevents bragging. The elongated face design imparts more power. A wide catching area is provided by the face shape of this lacrosse stick. The raise ball stop ensures added ball retention.

This design is ideal for aspiring defenders. The 7075 shaft offers a comfortable feel and renders the design light in weight. Head designing is quite stiff. This permits knockdown of passes without flexing. The pocket has been designed to clear and carry the ball, thereby creating a unique flex point in the center strings.


#7. Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick

Powell Switchback Best Complete Lacrosse Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #3 in our list of Lacrosse Sticks for Middies.


  • Completed assembled with ball stop and end cap
  • Features a Pioneer head
  • Head strung by professionals to throw perfectly
  • Alloy is lighter and stronger than 7075 Aluminum


  • Not suitable for defenders

The Switchback stick features a hand-strung pioneer head with frontier mesh. This lacrosse stick is made from high-performance proprietary material which renders the stick durable and light.

This stick is available in seven different colors. The 7U1 alloy utilized in designing this lacrosse stick is lighter and stronger than 7075 aluminum.

The Pioneer head is strung by professionals which augments the overall performance of this lacrosse stick. This stick is suitable for those who are looking to attach or serve midfield. Make sure to consider this before purchasing any lacrosse stick as they are designed for specific purposes.


#8. Youper Complete Lacrosse Stick

Youper Complete Lacrosse Stick

Check Price


  • Features imported cow leather for handle protection
  • Logo printing with the latest water transfer printing technology
  • Raised ball stop
  • Flexible scoop
  • PP injection head
  • Terylene net promises stability and durability


  • Not ideal for professionals

This stick features a PP head and an aluminum shaft. It is ideal for men and features a terylene net and a PP injection head. The shaft of this lacrosse stick has been made of 6000 series aluminum alloy which ensures enhanced durability.

The logo on this lacrosse stick has been printed with the aid of the latest water transfer technology, which augments the appearance of this stick. The handle of this stick has been protected with imported cow leather.

This stick has been designed for attack and is ideal for players who wish to develop fundamental skills in this game. This stick meets all the requirements laid down by the NFHS and NCAA.

The shaft of this stick is 30 inches long. The entire stick weighs 15.06 Oz and measures 40.75 inches in length.

The Youper Lacrosse Stick features a PP injection head, which drives the ball in the sweet spot. The entire construction promises a great ball feel and the quickest release during the game. The stick is sturdy yet light in weight.

#9. Maverik Lacrosse Vertigo Complete Stick

Maverik Vertigo Best Lacrosse Stick

Check Price

This stick also features at #4 in our list of Best Womens Lacrosse Sticks.


  • Comes with a matte finish and 6000 series aluminum shaft
  • Sturdy finish with the use of reinforced nylon
  • Strategic grip points
  • Stiffness and pocket formation


  • A little heavier and longer than usual lacrosse sticks

This stick has been designed for female lacrosse players. Vertigo promises greater stability and control throughout the length of the field. This stick is truly a performance tool and combines shot accuracy with ground ball domination.

This lacrosse stick makes an elite choice for women players who desire longevity in a stick. A maximum scoop is permitted by the widened head. The channel helps in defense and in cutting down passes.

The stick features a flexible pocket, which proves to be helpful while cradling. This lacrosse stick is ideal for mid-fielders who have to defend a lot.

High durability fibers and reinforced nylon ensure there is no wear and tear in the top spring. The designing of this lacrosse stick has been done with suitable grip points in order to direct and retain the ball on the sweet spot.


#10. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Charger Stick

Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Charger Stick

Check Price


  • Ready to play pocket
  • Includes a lacrosse ball
  • Features grip zone technology
  • Bottom rail ensures a perfect blend of accuracy and power
  • American mesh delivers instant performance


  • Not ideal for advanced players

Maverick Men’s Charger is an ultimate lacrosse stick. It features an innovative design and is an ideal stick for beginners who wish to perform well.

This stick features a 6000 series shaft coupled with Grip Zone Technology which promises proper hand placement for throwing and catching using a raised grip. The head is strung with a mesh that is made of high-quality American mesh which is employed by pro lacrosse players.

Each charger sick comes with an official ball that can be used right away. A high-performance stick ensures that the game is easier to learn. The charger stick features a level 3 bottom rail for optimal accuracy, power, and feel. This stick offers a perfect blend of accuracy and power.

Now you can check our Best lacrosse stick buying guide, that will help you go through every single bit of lacrosse, including the equipment needed & the questions you need to ask, before buying a stick.

Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

Do you want to give your best while indulging in your favorite sport? If yes, then you need to make sure that you have the best equipment for the purpose.

Owing the best lacrosse stick can elevate your gaming experience. Having the right stick will only help you improve your power and speed, but will also help you remain immersed while playing the game. Purchasing a lacrosse stick is not as simple as purchasing a cricket bat or a tennis racquet.

Many players prefer purchasing the head and the stick separately. This can prove to be overwhelming for beginners as they are clueless about how to proceed.

This is the reason why beginners need to opt for ready-made sticks. This guide helps you learn everything you need to know about purchasing one of the best lacrosse sticks.

Anatomy of a Lacrosse Stick

The key gear in the game of lacrosse is your lacrosse stick which is also referred to as ‘Crosse’. It comprises two separate parts, the shaft, and the head. The shaft is the portion that you grasp in order to wield it.

The head is utilized to catch the ball during the game and to cradle it. Although you can use other accessories such as pads, shoes, helmets, and gloves for protection, it is the stick which is the main tool in the game of lacrosse.

There are various aspects that you need to consider while it comes to purchasing a perfect lacrosse stick. You have to keep the material in mind while purchasing a lacrosse stick. Some are durable despite being lighter and some are brittle despite being heavier.

The most popular material options are Scandium, Titanium, Composite and Aluminum Alloy. In certain lacrosse sticks, the heads are much more detailed.

Lacrosse heads are comprised of different parts. These include:

  • Scoop

The role of this portion is to pull balls from the group. The dimensions of the scoop are measured in terms of width and ‘drop’. The dip in the scoop center is referred to as the ‘drop’. Better accuracy is promised when the drop is more. When the drop is lesser, it becomes easier for a player to fire the ball from the ground.

  • Sidewalls

The sidewall impacts the stiffness and strength of the stick head. These, therefore, help in determining the effectiveness of checks. The sidewalls range from being very stiff to very flexible. Defensive players can opt for heavier heads.

  • Pocket

This area is responsible for holding the ball. These can either be factory strung or unstrung during purchase. You need to opt for a pre-strung pocket if you are new to save yourself from trouble and a lot of work. It is vital to consider the width of the pocket as well.

If you want to get better at blocking, then you need to opt for wider pockets, although they are less accurate and a bit slower. New players should always purchase lacrosse sticks with wider pockets and are a little easier to catch.

  • Offset

This tends to describe the decrease in the sidewall or rail. This relates to the center of the handle. The more is the offset, the more is the improvement in cradling. This is because the handle of the pocket will be further behind due to the increase in offset.

Equipment Used in Lacrosse

Though there is more contact of players in boys’ lacrosse when compared to girl’s lacrosse, the players do collide and meet with accidental injuries. This game demands strength, agility, and speed on the field.

If you wish to dominate the game, then you need to ensure that you have the best lacrosse equipment. Purchase equipment that brings out nothing but the best from you. Lacrosse sticks, helmets, apparel, cleats, elbow, and shoulder pads are the most common equipment that every lacrosse player owns.

Sprains and strains are more common in this game along with concussions. It is not rare to see a lacrosse player suffering from stress fractures, tendonitis, ligament tears, and bruises.

This is the reason why there are several types of equipment used in Lacrosse which serve a purpose along with offering protection to the players.

Here is a list of gear which has been approved to be used for lacrosse.

  • Helmets

Men are required to wear helmets that come with a face mask while this rule is not applicable to women players. Make sure to always choose a helmet that has been approved by NOCSAE.

This implies that the helmet that you are using has passed all the safety regulations and has been thoroughly tested. Women players can opt for a soft helmet during the game.

  • Goggles

Women players need to wear eye protection while playing the game. Both steel and plastic goggles are available for lacrosse players.

Plastic goggles promise better peripheral vision, whereas goggles with steel cages offer better protection to the eyes.

  • Cleats

Lacrosse players need to always opt for shoes with ribbed soles or molded cleats. You need to use screw-in cleats only when you desire extra traction on a muddy or wet field. However, these shoes make injuries more likely.

  • Mouth guards

These offer protection against tongue, cheeks, lips, and teeth. It is mandatory for all the lacrosse players to use mouth guards.

  • Shoulder and elbow pads

Men players need to make use of this. These offer protection to the upper body and arms. Several players choose to use rib pads and arm guards for added protection.

  • Lacrosse sticks

The lacrosse stick imparts an edge to your game. This game is one of the fastest that you can play on two feet. You need to purchase a stick that can be wielded and gripped easily.

Make sure that the head is of appropriate size and catches and cradles the ball in an effective manner. Lacrosse sticks are available in a variety of constructions and materials. Make sure to find the right fit for you. Every stick is different and players can choose to customize their stick based on their performance requirements.

Choosing the right lacrosse stick is entirely up to the player and is more of a personal choice. It is more dependent on the size and weight of the individual along with the position and the gender.

>> Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Does the player wish to purchase the parts of the stick independently?

Is ready-made stick the best option for a player?

These are the questions that the players need to consider based on their experience in playing lacrosse.

How to Choose a Lacrosse Stick?

If you are a beginner, then you might find it actually confusing when it comes to purchasing a lacrosse stick. This is because there are so many factors to consider, especially if you have never played the game before.

This section helps you gain an understanding of the kind of stick setup needed by a player based on their experience and role in the game. Here are some parts of lacrosse stick that you must be aware of

  • The upper part of the lacrosse stick is referred to as the ‘head’ and can be procured both unstrung and strung
  • The ‘shaft’ is the lowermost handle of your stick
  • Players can customize their stick with individual shafts and heads
  • Complete sticks feature both shaft and the strung head

When you are looking for the base of the head, make sure it is as wide as possible. This ensures that the ball is easier to catch. Several lacrosse heads are referred to as “Universal” or “X”. Such heads have a wider base. These are less pinched in order to provide better ball control and accuracy.

As far as stringing is concerned, the best thing to do is to get a pro-strung head. Pockets that have been perfectly channeled help in easier catching, better-throwing action and in better cradling control.

Stick shaft

Shafts are these days also mentioned as ‘handles’. These are basically made of hollow metal. Lacrosse shafts are usually made of carbon fiber composite, alloys, scandium, titanium, and aluminum. These are usually octagonal in shape and also come with a texture that imparts a better grip to the players.

The stick head is joined to the shaft with a screw for securing it in the position. Opting for a shaft material is purely on the personal preference of the player.

Titanium shafts are the strongest that you can find. If you are looking for something light in weight, then you can consider purchasing an aluminum shaft. Scandium shaft strikes a balance between the two. Composite shafts remain at a consistent temperature.

>> Best Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse Stick Head

  • Universal head: This shaft head comes with legal approval and can be used by all kinds of players at all levels. Universal heads adhere to NFHS and NCAA requirements.
  • NFHS head: This head has been approved for use by high school students and in youth lacrosse
  • NCAA head: This is legal only under games governed by NCAA rules. These heads cannot be utilized where NFHS rules are applicable.

While purchasing a lacrosse stick based on the head, it is vital to remember that the head of a goalie’s stick would be much larger when compared to other players. The head would be 10-12 inches wide under NCAA and US Lacrosse rules.

Pocket Types

Lacrosse sticks either come with a mesh pocket or they feature traditional woven pockets. These heads are either unstrung or strung. The most commonly used pockets in lacrosse are the mesh pockets.

These are made of nylon webbing woven into the side pocket. These pockets require a few adjustments here and there. Goalies, on the other hand, prefer mesh pockets. This is because it lessens rebounds. Players who deal with passing and shooting prefer a stiffer pocket for more accuracy.

However, these pockets provide lesser control while moving and running. Traditional pockets come with nylon laces that have been woven around four adjustable leather straps.

These can be adjusted to fit any kind of shot. Pockets that are deeper provide more ball control and feel. Shallower pockets ensure quicker ball release.

A deeper pocket stick must be used by players in charge of ball-control. This is because they do a lot of dodging and passing. A shallower pocket must be chosen by fast-break players who pass the ball to longer distances.

While using a new head, lacrosse players must ensure that the pocket has been broken before the game. This is purely a personal preference in the men’s game. You can adjust the shooting strings for an ideal fit until it feels appropriate.

Shooting Strings

Shooting strings are placed horizontally near the stick head and it impacts the direction and the ball balance in a significant manner. Three or four shooting strings are commonly employed in order to create a smooth path for the ball to run out of the pocket.

Nylon strings are employed for providing a crisper feel. The strings play a crucial role in determining whether your shot will have a whip or not. The whip helps in the identification of the angle of the ball leaving the head.

The more is your whip in the stick, the lower the ball goes upon throw. The greater whip is usually preferred by players whose role is to attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Stick Depending on Playing Position?

One thing that you must be aware of while purchasing a lacrosse stick is to go for a design based on your role and position in the game. A midfielder or an attacker prefers lighter and shorter shaft so that they can remain agiler during the course of the game.

A lacrosse shaft used by male players measures about 30”. Defensive players, on the other hand, opt for durable shafts that are long. This provides them an extended reach for throwing harder checks and for blocking shots.

These lacrosse sticks measure about 60”. A shaft for a goalie measures around 40”. This permits them to guard the goal as well as remain more agile and quick.

The heads of the stick can be easily interchanged. This implies that you can swap heads with another player in any other position without impacting the game in a negative manner.

An attacker prefers a lightweight head with maximum offset, narrow pocket and maximum scoop. This enhances ball retention and ensures that there is accuracy in the shots. Defense pockets, as well as attack pockets, are strung in a different manner.

Defenders prefer a durable and stronger head. This permits them to throw hard checks. Flat scoops are best for playing off the ground. The wider the pocket area, the better is the blocking. The major difference lies in the heads utilized by the goalies. These are quite distinct. These heads are wide and have been designed to retain the ball and to block the shots in an effective manner.

What’s The Difference Between Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse Sticks?

Lacrosse sticks do not just vary based on the position of the player and the purpose being served, it also varies depending on whether they are being used by women or men on the field. The rules of women’s and men’s lacrosse differ a lot.

As per the rules, Women’s’ lacrosse involves lesser physical contact as opposed to Men’s’ lacrosse. This is the reason why gear for women comes with a little less padding. Lacrosse heads for women come with shallower pockets. The shafts are normally shorter and feature a smaller diameter.

How to Choose Stick Length Based on the Position?

Midfielders and attackers make use of shorter stick that varies from 40-42 inches in length.

Goalies can be more flexible when it comes to stick length. They can make use of a stick ranging from 40-72 inches.

Younger players need to opt for a stick that would be suitable for their size rather than focusing on the stick based on their position.

How to Choose a Lacrosse Stick Based on Skill Level?

A beginner (Players between the age group- 12 to 1-4 years of experience) needs to use a stick that has a flatter scoop and a wider head. This would help them in throwing, catching and picking up ground balls. Young players need to cut the shaft to a suitable length and doing this is legal as per the standards.

The shaft needs to be as long as the length from the back of the shoulder to the fingertips from the players leaving one to two inches for growth.

Advanced players need to pick a lacrosse stick based on their personal preference and position.

This helps in determining whether one should go with a non-off-set head or an offset head. Opting for an offset head promises precision, speed, and accuracy. This forces the ball for a quicker release and is best suited for a midfielder or an attacker.

A non-off set head features an extreme scoop angle which is of great help with ground balls. A stiffer head provides better control and prevents turnovers. This kind of head is ideal for midfielders and defenders.

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So, the guide is over. Now you can choose any of the best lacrosse sticks based on your requirements, it will be an easy task now & if you have any query,  you can shoot it via comments.


  1. Thanks for the great reviews. I have always been STX Fan as they make some great sticks for lacrosse. And considering their quality, there is no surprise in seeing all STX models in your top 5 list.

    In case people haven’t noticed it yet, here are 5 best STX Lacrosse sticks in the market.

    1. STX Stallion 200U Lacrosse Stick
    2. STX Crux 500 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick
    3. STX Crux 100 Complete Lacrosse Stick
    4. STX Mens Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick
    5. STX Stallion 50 Complete Lacrosse Stick

    I am currently using Crux 500 as it is perfect for an intermediate & it is easy to control because it’s lightweight. I would suggest all the lacrosse lovers, buy Crux 500 in case you want a long term option.


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