Best Kids Badminton Rackets (UPDATED 2021): Top 5 Junior Rackets


Parents at times wish to get their tiny tots involved in the game of badminton quite early. Kids will also show interest in the game by trying to return the volleys with the adult badminton racquet. But kids will not be able to return them appropriately and will have trouble handling the regular badminton racquets. To prevent frustration and development of dislike towards the game, parents must introduce them to the kid’s badminton racquets as they are built with several kid-friendly features. Kids would love the bright colors that these racquets come with and will be able to perform better with the short shaft of these racquets. Read through for other unique features of kid’s badminton rackets and our top picks, curated after considering all kid-friendly features.

List of Best Badminton Rackets for Kids

Top 5 Kids Badminton RacketsEditor ScorePrice
#1. BSN Kids Badminton Racket9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Senston Graphite Mini Junior Badminton Racket9.4/10Check Price Here
#3. Tinton Life Badminton Racket for Children9.1/10Check Price Here
#4. Champion Sports Mini Badminton Racket9.3/10Check Price Here
#5. Sportime Mini Badminton Racket 20 Inches9.4/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Kids Badminton Rackets 2021

#1. BSN Kids Badminton Racket

This is indeed a badminton racquet prism pack that comes as a set of six individual colors. Players can get to choose rackets from colors such as blue, yellow, green, orange, red, and purple. Kids badminton players can win game after game with these racquets. Even in school, physical education instructors can use these rainbows colored racquets to get students motivated and get involved in the game. Parents can use these rackets for backyard family fun. For more competitive athletes, these racquets are ideal for organized league play.

These racquets feature a lightweight frame and are geared for children as well as adults. The top quality BSN badminton prism racquets are just the right size for everyone and the frame is constructed of a sturdy and lightweight steel frame. These frames render strong volleys for both kids and grown-up kids. These racquets are moderately priced and make them an excellent value for competition and fun.

Children can use these badminton racquets to learn the fundamentals of the game and kids can serve, smash, and volley with confidence with these racquets. Its polyurethane grip renders athletes a firm hold as they attempt to score against the opposition team.


  • Features a durable steel head and twin shaft, to withstand intense practice and competitive games.
  • Each set comes with six colored racquets.
  • Good racquets for the price.


  • Great for beginners not for advanced players.

#2. Senston Graphite Mini Junior Badminton Racket

This is the best badminton racket for juniors and serves as the best outdoor sports game set for children. The reason why this racket appeals to children is that it features a carbon aluminum material integrated seamlessly with the racket to enhance its toughness and durability. Thus, it serves as an ideal racket for long term playing. 

Its frame and shaft integration professional design improve the flexibility of the racket to many folds. With the help of this racket, kids can have tremendous exercise and physical co-ordination in the game. This serves as a perfect gift for children who are over five years of age, and it is sure to render them hours of fun and entertainment. 

The length of the badminton racket is about 58 cm or 22.8 inches, which is within the reach of the kid’s hand to play the badminton game and the weight of the racket is only 100 grams. the Senston graphite Mini badminton set comes as a complete package with two junior rackets, two nylon shuttlecocks of random color, and one standard badminton bag to carry these accessories. 

The inner groove of the racket is designed to protect the strings and reduce damage to the bottom friction of the strings. The racket has an integrated one-piece design and T-joint technology to further improve its stability and high precision control performance. The isometric square head shape of the racket head offers a more sweet spot, to increase defense and to increase effective range for counterattacks.


  • The rackets are more stable and help players to play with unprecedented power.
  • The racquet set is made of carbon and aluminum combination material and is perfect for beginners and casual entertainment.


  • Awesome pair of badminton racquets but the grips come off with wear.

#3. Tinton Life Badminton Racket for Children

The Tinton life badminton racquet is ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports games. It is made of high-quality iron alloy, which is practical and durable. The package includes one pair of badminton racquet, five birdies, and a bag. The color of the badminton racquets is random and they are specifically designed for children. These racquets are efficient in enhancing the sport’s ability of children to many folds and suits kids who are about three to ten years of age. As it features an anti-skid leather hand-winding handle, it becomes easy for kids to handle the racquets.

The streamlined design of these racquets helps in reducing air resistance. The racquets are light and portable and can be used for training, exercise, and even for competitive games. It also serves as an excellent gifting idea for kids. Kids would love these racquets and it will help them to build a lot of excitement in the game. They will have love with the blue color racket and the multiple birdies that come with them. 

These are great for fooling around the backyard for some fun exercise, and its short handle makes it easy for small kids to start hitting the birdies. The racquets are sturdy and worth, despite the low cost that it is been sold at.


  • Smaller racquets that help children build interest in the badminton game
  • Comes with multiple and colorful birdies to help them build interest in the game.


  • The racquets are smaller than they look.

#4. Champion Sports Mini Badminton Racket

Though this mini badminton racquet appeals to young badminton players, it features a full-size head and a smaller shaft. The racquet holds a tempered steel shaft and a frame and its length are about 20 inches. The short length of these racquets adds great control for young badminton players. Its full-size head and a smaller shaft, along with a tempered steel shaft frame offer them a comfortable grip over the shuttlecock. Its nylon string is long-lasting and copes with the abusive play that children generally indulge in when they begin to learn the badminton game. 

As this badminton racquet offers the right balance, grip, weight, and string tension, it can provide the players with the additional flexibility and control that they require to be a champion. The Champion sports offer a range of racquets for every need and this mini badminton racquet features a 20” tempered steel shaft and a full-frame. This is indeed a good value badminton racquet that helps kids to learn with.

The head of this badminton racquet is neatly and tightly strung with a bright yellow color metal frame. The huge head offers excellent sweet spots to learn the game better and to return even the toughest shots. The angle between the head and the shaft is apt to render tremendous flexibility over the net. The grip of the racquet is long and wide enough to render great support for the kid’s hands.


  • The full-size head and smaller shaft of these badminton racquets offer easy control for small badminton players.
  • Very beneficial in improving the kid’s badminton game.


  • These badminton racquets are for older kids and not as small to appeal to little kids.

#5. Sportime Mini Badminton Racket 20 Inches

This racquet for kid’s badminton mimics adult racquets in terms of functionality and design. Sportime believes that any physical activity is enjoyable, encouraging, and energizing. This is the number one reason why the brand designs all of its sporting equipment to promote positive experiences and helps in developing a keen interest in the game.  

This badminton racquet for children features a full-size head and a short shaft so that children find these racquets easy to maneuver. Another best feature of this racquet is its extra-long grip, which helps players to kit the birdies more accurately and frequently.

The racquet is made from durable steel, which in general is a good purpose material with better weldability and ambient rust resistance. The measurement of this badminton racquet is about 20 inches in length. 

This racquet can be of much use in training the kids in the game and is widely been used by physical education instructors, parents, and professionals who help children develop badminton skills. The ultimate benefit of these short badminton racquets for kids is that children will be able to return the shots easily and can have fun rallies, which is generally not possible in adult size badminton racquets.


  • This badminton racquet is very well made and is still cheap and affordable.
  • The racquet is strung tight to enhance the sweet spot
  • Excellent build quality at a low price and is very durable as well.


  • The racquet can be quite small for older kids.

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Choosing the Badminton Racquets for Kids

The kid’s badminton racquets are ideal to introduce the game to young players. The regular rackets that are used by adults will not appeal to kids and they can hit the ground repeatedly while swinging, damaging the racket. Also, the regular rackets demand excessive swinging by the small children, which can cause pain to the small hands and bodies. Also, over to overweight, the children can easily lose control over the racket. Also, they will lack hand-eye co-ordination with regular size rackets. We have discussed the best rackets for kids already and will also discuss the important points to consider while choosing juniors badminton rackets.

  • Size and length guide of junior badminton rackets:

It is important to choose the badminton rackets of appropriate size and length, to increase game performance, and to stay free of injury on the court. It is thus important to choose rackets that are prescribed for the appropriate age limits. 

  • Kids who are over 10 years of age can use a racket length of 26 inches and a height of 55 inches and above. 
  • 9-10 years kids can play with the racquet length of 25 inches and a height of 50-55 inches. 
  • Children ages 6-8 years can use rackets of length 23 inches and height 45-49 inches. 
  • Kids below 5 years of age can use a racket length of 21 inches and a height between 40-44 inches. 
  • Children younger than 4 years of age can use a racket length of 19 inches and a height of 40 inches or shorter.

Make sure the racket length is kid-friendly and is appropriate for the height of the child. 

  • Frame and material:

It is quite common for children to scratch their badminton rackets into poles and fences. But parents can still stay happy since these junior badminton rackets are manufactured with titanium alloy material and are also pretty durable. 

  • Grip Size:

When it comes to junior badminton rackets, there is only one grip size available for each of the junior badminton rackets. Whereas with adults’ rackets, at least 5 to 6 sizes will be available. parents should choose the grip size based on the age of the kid and their hand size. 

  • Racquet weight:

The weight of the junior badminton racket varies between 6 oz and 9.5 oz. Lighter rackets can be used by young kids whereas the heavier ones by older children. Match the weight of the racket with the child’s age and a body built, to avoid fatigue and injury. 

Final Words

There are tremendous benefits of starting badminton practice early in children, preferably between 9-10 years of age. The game can have a tremendous impact on improving their mental ability, time management skills, socialization skills and also helps them to stay physically fit. They will also be able to sharpen their skills and develop holistically as they grow up. But parents have to make sure that they choose the best and appropriate racket for their children to help them develop a genuine interest in the game.



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