Top 5 Best Pool Cues for Intermediate Players


If you are fond of playing pool, then owning the right cue can make a great difference in your life. If you are all about hitting the right shots at the right time, then you need to own quality pool cues that have been designed to accentuate your gaming experience. Straight forward cue stick designs of premium build quality can help you show off your skills in a better manner.

With numerous brands offering a cue stick of desirable features, you may find it hard to shortlist one for your needs. Go for a design that promises a nice balance and offers a unique gaming experience. We have shortlisted the best pool cues available in the market recently. We have also listed the vital factors to consider before buying the best cue stick. This will help you in making an informed decision.

Best Intermediate Level Pool Cues 2021

Top Intermediate Pool CuesEditor ScorePrice
#1. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue Stick9.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. TaiBA Professional Pool Cue Stick9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Purex Players Technology Cue Stick9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Viper Revolution Spider Pool Stick9/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. Viper Sinister 58” Pool Cue8.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON

Note:- Ratings of these Pool cues are based on all the major factors like quality, price, popularity & player satisfaction.

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You can read on to check reviews of these 5 best cues for intermediates that we think will best suit you if you passed that beginner phase, but not yet reached advanced level.

Top Pool Cues for Intermediate Players 2021

#1. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue Stick

Valhalla Viking Pool cue is available in a plethora of colors. You can create a statement that you desire with this premium design cue stick. A secure grip is offered by the butt of the cue which features an Irish Linen wrap. You can adjust the weight of the butt. The players have the option of choosing the weight from 18-21 oz.

The rubber bumper present on the bottom prevents cracking and chips. This perfect cue stick features a leather tip of 13mm. This ensures easy ball control. The tip comes shaped and scuffed. This makes it ready to play. The contact established with the ball is always crisp owing to high impact ferrule in the designing.

The best thing about this cue stick is that the shaft has been designed with Canadian Maple. The metal threading in the shaft ensures a long-lasting lock that is entirely secured. The brand Viking Cue has etched a name for itself when it comes to designing custom pool cues.

Valhalla cues feature premium design and have been engineered by the best craftsmen in the industry. It promises solid performance to the users. Both the shaft and forearm are made from Hard Rock Maple. It is a great cue for people who love playing pool and want to be at the top of their game. These pool cues are available in a variety of colors.


  • Tip designed from premium leather
  • Weight of the butt is adjustable as per the comfort of the users
  • The tip comes shaped and scuffed
  • Lifetime warranty offered by the makers over warping and against any manufacturer defect
  • Two piece cue can be carried easily during traveling


  • Not a great option for professionals

#2. TaiBA Professional Pool Cue Stick

This pool stick is a great option for all those who are amateur hobby players and even for those who want to master the game of billiards. This cue stick is quite impressive. The tip is offered rounded and scuffed so that you can start playing the game soon after the purchase. There is no need to prep the stick before playing.

The screw piece locks securely into the handle. This is something that you would not find in low-end models. The leather wrap offers a premium luxury feel to the users. The stick has been weighted well. It is solid and feels great while playing. This model is absolutely perfect and does not wobble on the surface while playing.

The finish on the handle of the cue stick is flawless. The shaft has been designed with raw Canadian Maple Wood. It has been polished to feel silky. The design has been coated with nine layers of varnishes to offer protection against warping and moisture. The leather wrap offers enough friction to prevent slipping.

The rubber bumper prevents the cue from hitting the ground and damaging. You can easily change the weight of the rubber bumper as per your preference. If you are looking for a cue stick promising professional gaming experience, then you should opt for this model.


  • Shaft made from 100% hard Canadian maple wood
  • Comfortable wrap promises friction to prevent slipping and deflection
  • Increased accuracy and power
  • Would not fluff or unravel after long use
  • Brass joints with premium joint protectors for preventing any damage to the thread
  • Coated with 9 layers of varnishes
  • Choice of wood has a great impact on the performance
  • Premium rubber bumper for preventing cue from hitting the ground
  • Comes with a case for preventing cue from moisture and warping


  • Does not offer a heavier hit

#3. Purex Players Technology Cue Stick

If you really want to work on improving your shots, then you need to add this cue stick to your Billiards accessory collection. Plunge into the world of competitive Billiards with this cue stick to upgrade your game. This stick is a great choice for intermediate players. The best thing is that it is customizable.

The option of choosing from seven weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces is offered to the players with this pool stick. This stick doesn’t feature the classic shaft. It has the HXT deflection shaft that powers skilled players with more accuracy and power. The stainless steel joint and the double-pressed Irish linen wrap make the design much more interesting.

This cue stick features a Kamui black tip. It is made from North American Rock Maple that has been treated with anti-warping epoxy and stabilized Nelsonite. When you opt for this stick, you can be assured that you are getting nothing but sturdy component parts that can benefit you during any competitive game.

This cue not just looks great but has also been designed with state-of-the-art technology. Its HXT low-deflection ferrule increases accuracy and power during a gameplay. The black tip promises durability, superior spin, and grip.


  • Solid cue with a straight shaft
  • Promises superior balance
  • Designed with state-of-the-art technology
  • HXT deflection shaft promises more accuracy and power
  • Features Kamui black tip that promises great grip, superior spin, and durability
  • Sturdy component parts


  • The tip is quite soft

#4. Viper Revolution Spider Pool Stick

This Viper Revolution Billiard Cue has been constructed from sturdy Canadian Maple wood. The unique aspect of this pool cue is that it features graphics at the tip of the cue stick. They seem more like tattoo style graphics. Stainless steel rings and the attention-grabbing graphics impart uniqueness to the overall design.

This pool cue features varnish of nine coats for preventing warpage. The joints are made of stainless steel and they are lightweight. The stick comes with a removable scuffer. You can twist the scuffer and use it for shaping the tip. You can add or cut down cue weights as per your liking.

Each billiard cue features a silicone infused felt wrap. This cue stick is backed with a limited warranty of 3 years by the manufacturer.


  • Made from premium quality Canadian Maple wood
  • Features funky tattoo designs along the cue length
  • Is finished with nine coats of varnish
  • 2-piece cue stick
  • Is easy to transport and store
  • Comes with a removable scuffer
  • Stainless steel joints offer constant feedback during the game
  • Backed by standard 3-year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Solid construction


  • The tip requires replacement after repeated use

#5. Viper Sinister 58” Pool Cue

This 58-inch cue stick has been constructed from hard Canadian Maple wood. This is mainly the shaft. The beauty of this pool stick lies in its intricate inlays. The nine coats of varnish prevent warping. There are numerous stainless steel rings present along the forearm and also the sleeve. This imparts uniqueness to the overall design of this cue stick.

The joints are lightweight and made of stainless steel. This helps in providing consistent feedback during gameplay. This pool stick also includes a removable scuffer. You need to twist the scuffer to use it and for shaping the tip of the cue. This also permits enhanced chalk retention. A customizable assortment is offered to the players when it comes to cue weights. The Irish linen wrap and Le Pro leather tip are other lucrative features of this cue stick.


  • 2-piece billiard cue
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Premium construction
  • Shaft made from hard Canadian maple wood
  • Features nine coats of varnish for preventing warping
  • Unique design because of stainless steel rings present throughout the forearm
  • Joints are lightweight
  • Comes with a removable scuffer


  • Tends to warp

Factors to consider before buying the best pool cues

There are numerous factors that can influence your purchase while looking for a cue stick for intermediate players. Being aware of these parameters will ensure that you have made a smart investment.

  • Weight

The first and foremost aspect to consider while purchasing a cue stick is its weight. Heavier cues are perfect for players who do not have much experience. The heaviness of the stick causes the balls to spin at a greater pace. 20-ounce sticks would be ideal for beginners. Once you are comfortable with the stick, you can try to cut down the weight and opt for lighter cues. Most of the professional players opt for cue sticks that usually weigh 18 ounces.

  • Tip type

Pool cue tips usually vary between 11 to 14 millimeters. Looking into the tip type is equally important to consider the size. If you go for a soft tip, you will feel when the cue strikes the ball. Hard tips are usually preferred by a few players as these last longer and are sturdier.

  • Kind of wood

If you are keen on saving money on your purchases, then you obviously need to go for cue stick models that are durable. Several players prefer cue sticks that have been designed from maple. Most of the high-end manufacturers opt for maple while designing their collection.

  • Design

This is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked while looking for cue sticks to add to your gaming collection. You may feel that pool cues usually feature rounded edges. However, the truth is that top cues usually are straight. This prevents the cue from rolling when rested on the table. You can carry out simple tests to identify if your cue is entirely straight or not.

  • Wrap material

Almost all manufacturers make sure to wrap some kind of material around a cue stick. It seems more like a tape that has been wrapped around the edge of the stick. This material offers a secure grip and lets you manage the cue flawlessly. Linen and nylon wraps are ideal for both intermediate players and beginners. Experienced players and professionals prefer cue sticks with leather wraps.

  • Balance point

Always opt for a perfectly balanced pool cue. This will make you seem like an expert each time you play any game. The balance point is usually at the center of the cue. This is a few inches from the end of the wrap. The best way to test the balance point is by actually trying out different cue sticks.

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There are numerous brands of cue sticks available in the market. Each one promises a great set of features to the users. This can make the entire process of purchasing a cue stick quite complex. You need to remember that not all cue sticks are suitable for everybody. Professionals need to opt for a certain set of features and materials. Intermediate players need to look into different aspects during decision making.

With numerous options available in the market, you may have a hard time in shortlisting a perfect cue stick for mastering the game. We have carried out a thorough study on the best cue sticks available in the market currently. We have also listed the essential factors that you need to look into so that you make a wise purchase decision.


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