Best Ice Hockey Sticks for Forwards (UPDATED 2021)


There are some specific sticks available for forwards, so check out these best ice hockey sticks for forwards rated by experts based on major factors like blade curve, kick point, length, flex, ease of handling, and how it suits forwards.

Hockey Sticks for ForwardsEditor RatingPrice
#1. Arsenal Envy Ice Hockey Stick9/10Check Price Here
#2. Arsenal Covet Ice Hockey Stick9/10Check Price Here
#3. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick8/10Check Price Here
#4. STX Surgeon Rx 3.2 Ice Hockey Stick 8/10Check Price Here
#5. CCM Jet Speed FT2 Mini Hockey Stick8/10Check Price Here

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to hockey sticks. Subtle changes in the design can have a tremendous impact on your game. If you are a forward or an attacking player, then you need to take special care while choosing a hockey stick.

Being an attacking player you need to demonstrate precision, accuracy, and finesses in a game. You need to look into features such as ball control, speed, drag flicks and power promised by your hockey stick. Being a forward, you need to have complete control over the ball. A lightweight stick can promise you a great balance during the game. It also enables forwards to be more agile.

It is also essential to have a powerful stick if you are a striker. This is because the power to smash the ball home vests on you. Hence, forwards should opt for sticks with a high carbon content that can deliver a lot of power while hitting. If drag flicking is something you want to try, then you need to choose bats designed for the purpose.

Top 5 Best Ice Hockey Sticks for Forwards 2021

Here are some of the best ice hockey sticks available for forwards.

#1. Arsenal Envy Ice Hockey Stick

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  • Promises durability and performance
  • Perfect blade-to-shaft ratio
  • Blade offers great pop over a shot
  • Stick is well balanced in features
  • The finish is incredible


  • The bottom is slightly heavy
  • There are just one flex and curve

Key Features

  • Optimized kick point ensures fast puck release
  • The best balance of composite materials
  • Perfect for ice hockey games, beer hockey league, and competitive adult leagues
  • Designed using high-performance carbon fiber
  • Quality testing and manufacturing methods
  • The 45-day warranty offered over quality

Arsenal Envy is a great option for forwards. This stick promises a great feel to the players. It is one of the top-rated hockey sticks available in the market currently. This professional stick has been designed with composite for ensuring durability and impeccable performance in a game.

The features have been balanced really well in the Arsenal Envy stick. The blade-to-shaft ratio is apt for a defender. You can deliver your best with this stick that has an 85 flex rating. The blade patterns are amazing. This stick promises great value to league players. It has an amazing graphic feel and promises incredible value to the players.

#2. Arsenal Covet Ice Hockey Stick

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  • Is quite responsive
  • Fast puck release and optimized kick point
  • A perfect balance of weight, performance, and durability
  • Has all the features that experienced players look for
  • Is very Light


  • Most common flex and pattern

Key Features

  • A92 curve and 85 flex shaft
  • Blade made from woven carbon fiber
  • Ideal for experienced ice hockey players
  • Perfect for competitive adult leagues, pick-up hockey games, intramural squads, and beer hockey leagues
  • Designed using a blend of composite uni-directional and woven fibers
  • The 45-day warranty offered by the makers
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Has a well-balanced blade to shaft ratio

This one-piece stick has been designed from carbon-fiber composite. This model was created especially for experienced hockey players. It is durable and light in weight. This hockey stick is ideal for rec league games, pick-up games, and intramural squad games.

The Covet ice hockey stick has been built to balance durability, weight, and performance. Hence, it is one of the most versatile options available for ice hockey players. This stick features high-end features in a stick without carrying a hefty price tag.

The blade has been designed from carbon fiber that adds to the stiffness and also makes it more responsive. The curve pattern and the shaft ensure fast puck release and also offer optimized kick points.

#3. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

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  • Stable and durable structure
  • Quick responsive play
  • Ultra-high balance point intensifies the playability and feel of the stick
  • Increased puck responsiveness


  • High price point

Key Features

  • Innovative design
  • The ergonomic design of shaft for increasing the surface area
  • Increase control over the stick
  • Maximum hand contact points
  • NHL approved
  • Features a pro-grit finish on the blade

The STX Surgeon RX3 stick is an elite ice hockey stick. It is NHL-approved and features a PureGrip shaft technology that is patented. The shaft has been specially designed for increasing puck handling ability. This stick has a dual-flex profile which ensures quicker puck release.

The precision flex II process ensures a unique dual kick point. The hosel is a little stiffer in order to ensure quicker release. The upper region of the shaft is a little flexible in order to maximize load capacity. This lets you aim for harder shots. The shaft has been designed from 3K carbon fiber.

Proprietary resin has been injected along the base of the blade for ensuring protection and durability. This also helps in preventing wear and tear. The Pro-Grit finish on the blade promises a lot of friction. Also, it increases the responsiveness of the puck.

#4. STX Surgeon Rx 3.2 Ice Hockey Stick

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  • Super light and durable
  • Delivers powerful shots
  • Study and a great look
  • Increased puck control


  • Less durable than other options available in the same price range

Key Features

  • The ergonomic design of the shaft to maximize contact between hands and the stick
  • Quicker release
  • Maximum load capacity and fast shots promised
  • Protection against breakage and premature wear
  • Advanced one-piece construction

STX Surgeon Rx3.2 is a great hockey stick for beginners. It delivers exceptional performance during a game. The patented Precision flex and PureGrip shaft shape will augment your experience while gaming.

PureGrip is primarily an ergonomic design on the underside of the shaft. It maximizes the contact between the stick and your hands thereby providing you more control of the puck. The upper shaft region maximizes load capacity to deliver quicker and harder shots.

This STX ice hockey stick comes with a proprietary resin that has been injected along the base of the blade to increase its durability. The resin also protects from breakage and premature wear. This makes it a great option for children who are trying to grasp the basics of the game.

#5. CCM Jet Speed FT2 Mini Hockey Stick

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  • Versatile shot selection
  • Has hybrid kick points on multiple spots on the shaft
  • Internal damping
  • Stick feels smoother while handling
  • The shaft has a hard carbon fiber
  • Sigmatex material has been used on the top of line sticks
  • R-Geometry ensures rounded corners with concave sides for ensuring better energy transfer to the blade


  • Doesn’t necessarily perform well as far as quick shots are concerned

Key Features

  • Hybrid flex profile
  • Different flex points in multiple slots
  • X-flow proprietary CCM technology
  • Increased shaft quality and durability
  • Jetfuel-80 blade is lightweight
  • Dampened core ensures better feel while handling the puck

The CCM Jet Speed FT2 is one of the latest offerings when it comes to hockey sticks. It has been used in pro leagues by professional players. It has a versatile hybrid kick point. Hence, it can be perfect for players with different styles. It performs well with all kinds of shots.

The X-flow technology removes excess voids and resin for increased durability and shaft quality. The Jet Fuel blade is light in weight and also features a dampened core. Further, this ensures a better feel while handling the puck.


While purchasing ice hockey sticks, you will find that each one of them comes with a set of features. They have their own pros and cons. No single stick can promise all the features. You need to go for a stick that is best suited for your playing style. The major difference noted in sticks is in the composition. Carbon adds more bounce while hitting the ball. Fiberglass sticks ensure more accuracy.

Advanced players generally prefer 100 percent carbon sticks. Intermediate players are looking for an extra push and hence choose sticks with less carbon. If you want to cut down elasticity entirely, then you need to choose from fiberglass options.

Understand the fundamentals and decide which one would be best suitable for you during the gameplay. There are plenty of options available. Read the features and understand the pros and cons before making a final move. Taking some time in studying the features will certainly help you make the right move.


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