5 Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court in 2021


The tennis shoes are categorized based on the type of court that they are intended to play for. The most common category of tennis shoes is hard court and clay court tennis shoes. The hard courts are those that are made of asphalt or concrete and are covered with an acrylic top. The court is tough and renders higher traction. These courts help in faster games and can be hard on the body and shoes. Thus it is important to choose the shoes accordingly to help in rewarding gameplay. We have made your search simpler by listing the top 5 best shoes from leading brands for hard courts here.

List of Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court

Top 5 Hard Court Tennis ShoesEditor ScorePrice
#1. New Balance Men’s FuelCell 996 V4 Shoes9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. New Balance Men’s 796 V2 Tennis Shoes9.1/10Check Price Here
#3. New Balance Women’s 696 V3 Tennis Shoes8.8/10Check Price Here
#4. ASICS Men’s Court FF Tennis Shoes9.2/10Check Price Here
#5. New Balance Women’s 896 V3 Tennis Shoes9/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes 2021

#1. New Balance Men’s FuelCell 996 V4 Hard Court Shoes

The New Balance Men’s 996 V4 hard courts have undergone a lot of advancements technically and have got its uppers knit with a hypoknit, a breathable material with a backer to support specific tennis movements. The tongue of these shoes has also undergone an upgradation to include wings and to help the player locked in place. It also features a full-length midsole cushioning that comprises of the Fuel cell, the most responsive and energy-returning material from New balance. Its sole also includes a lightweight solid rubber in low wear areas to reduce weight. 

The shoe has an 8 mm heel to toe drop, that serves to bring the player as close to the court as ever before. The shoes are pretty comfortable just out of the box and have ample room in the forefoot and the toe box. The upper portion of the shoes feels soft and not floppy with ample support for lateral movements. There is also ample ankle support and cushion, though it is a low cut shoe.  The knit at the upper portion of the shoe enhances its breathability to many folds and the shoe has an airy feel to play for long periods. 

These shoes feel extremely light and fast to react on the court. Its fuel cell foam offers it a propulsive feel to drive the player forward and its Ndurance outsole, present across the entire length of the shoes helps with superior traction and durability. Thus, it is packed with ambient comfort features in both the upper and the midsole area.


  • One of the best shoes that offers a step in comfort
  • Hypoknit uppers support the strategic areas with ample stretch
  • Synthetic and mesh uppers help with breathability


  • No cushioning on the heel and no arch support.

#2. New Balance Men’s 796 V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoes

These tennis shoes are made of 100% synthetic material and they feature a rubber sole along with no-sew upper portions. The shoes have a Revlite midsole, that helps with tremendous underfoot support. These shoes are extremely lightweight owing to the incorporation of performance foams. With these shoes on, you can stay light on the feet which are mandatory for playing a tough sport like tennis, on a hard court.

The perforated tongue and inserts of these shoes render exceptional breathability. And the NDure technology of these shoes renders superior durability along with ultra-light support and fit and it is being manufactured with a no-sew process. Its innovative REVlite midsole renders premium responsiveness and durability in an ultimately lightweight design

The rubber compound of the N-Durance shoes with herringbone tread helps with maximizing outsole wear and traction. Features a non-marking outsole which is great for the player to handle some difficult shots even on a hard tennis ground. The weight of these shoes is only 310 grams and it renders an 8 mm drop owing to the variances that are created during the manufacturing and the development process.


  • The low profile design with no-sew upper materials cuts down additional bulk.
  • The synthetic upper portion helps with a supportive and snug fit.
  • The Ndurance outsole renders exceptional durability.


  • The shoes are not easy to break in and to get off.

#3. New Balance Women’s 696 V3 Hard Court Tennis Shoes

The newly crafted and designed 696 V3 hard court tennis shoe from New balance features an updated herringbone pattern at the outsole, to enhance and maximize the performance on the hardcourt. There are also ample perforation details at the forefoot to help with more breathability and to deliver the perfect shots in the clutch. The shoes have been designed to improve the game and is been used by professional tennis players. 

With these shoes on, tennis players can take a forehand and a backhand ace or serve with the upmost confidence. Players experience enhanced stability and motion control in these women’s shoes and it will in turn help them reflect the powers on and off the court. The shoes also look attractive and elegant, and thus, the players can be at their best with these shoes on. 

The shoes are made of durable leather along with mesh layers at the upper portion, to help with expert ventilation and breathability. The cushioned midsole of the shoes helps in taking all the tennis shots with ease and utmost comfort. They do have a 12 mm drop and their herringbone pattern at the outsole helps in rendering excellent traction against the toughest tennis court surfaces.

As the shoe is composed of leather material, it gives a skinny feel and stays comfortable around the foot. You will love the Revlite midsole and the mesh synthetic uppers of these shoes, which helps in enhancing the feel of the game to many folds.


  • Lightweight tennis shoes that look stunning and stylish.
  • Renders exceptional cushioning and is comfortable on foot.
  • The shoes are highly stable and are resistant to abrasion.


  • The lacing system of these shoes is not comfortable.
  • The shoes run small for their size and the toe box is not comfortable.

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#4. ASICS Men’s Court FF Tennis Shoes

The ASICS men’s FF tennis shoes help to power the tennis game even on a hard clay court. This tennis shoes from ASICS is packed with ambient technical features and thus helps the players to jump and twist with every single ball. The shoe features a flyte foam midsole, to put a spring in every run and it is indeed a technical formulation that responds to the energy on the jumps. The gel cushioning technology on the front and the back of the shoe help in attenuating shock and cushions every landing, thus helping with exceptional smashes.

The shoe feature Solyte insole, that helps in improving the bounce back, along with enhancing the durability of the shoes. This model also features a mono-sock fit and thus becomes easy to put on a takeoff. The removable ortholite sock liner helps with moisture management and leaves the foot so fresh and cool even after hours of play. the Trusstic system technology under the mid-foot makes the shoe extremely stable and nice to wear as well. The AHAR outsole of the court FF tennis shoes ensures that the shoes are hard-wearing. 

The highly resistant rubber compound of these shoes helps reduce wear on the parts of the shoes, which makes constant contact with the ground. The shoe offers an extremely lightweight feel and features a low to ground profile, along with ultimate support. the midsole and sock line design at the upper portion of the shoes renders an incredible feel with plush cushioning.


  • Flytefoam midsole offers great bounce back
  • Twisttruss technology offers better agility by enhancing internal twist
  • PGuard protector that enhances toe durability.


  • The shoes are narrow at the tip, minimizing toe comfort

#5. New Balance Women’s 896 V3 Hard Court Tennis Shoes

The New Balance Women’s V3 hard court tennis shoes are built for speed. The shoes have cut down excess weight from its previous models and thus it renders an aggressive and an ultra-lightweight feel.

The shoe features fantom fit and NB Ice technologies at the upper portion to help with tremendous breathability and lightweight support. The Revlite feature at the midsole of these shoes delivers expert and lightweight cushioning. 

The shoe features an average width and a mid to low arch and thus offers a comfortable fit for the players. The newer model is also pretty much forgiving and features a more streamlined construction. Overall, New Balance has put in a lot of effort to get this shoe more efficient and lightweight. The padding and the reduced tongue of these shoes offer ample cushioning. The lightly perforated and synthetic tongue offers more breathability than any other standard mesh tongue in the tennis shoes. The 896 V3 can be considered a dynamic matchday shoe for a hard court, and may not be used as an everyday practice shoe.


  • It is a premier lightweight shoe that is breathable and minimalistic
  • Great for tennis player looking for the fastest tennis shoes in the market
  • Helps in quick and agile movements in the court


  • The cushioning of these shoes needs improvement.
  • Lacks protection around the toe and the medial forefoot.

What is Tennis Hard Court?

Tennis, as an ancient sport can be played on a myriad of surfaces, namely clay, grass, acrylic, and synthetic hard courts, and even on carpet. Each of these surfaces has its advantages and can be challenging for tennis players.

Hard Courts are generally made of concrete and asphalt and are common all through the world. On these courts, the ball bounces are fast and high. The game is easy to control on the hard courts, as the bounce of the ball is easily predictable. In these courts, players can apply different types of spin and strokes for a dynamic game. Two Grand Slam tournaments, namely the US open and the Australian open happen on hard courts. When it comes to choosing shoes for playing in hard courts, it is important to choose those with a durable outsole as the courts can be demanding on the outer surface of these shoes.

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Features to Look for in a Hard Court Tennis Shoe

1. Outsole: Almost all of the hardcourt tennis shoes feature an outsole with a modified herringbone pattern to render them the perfect blend of grip and give on the court. Also, these soles are durable for many years and are good at withstanding wear.

2. Cushioning: The hard court tennis shoes will generally feature ample cushioning and feature a midsole that helps in transferring energy into every single step they take. Also, these shoes are capable of absorbing shock expertly from the hard surface.

3. Uppers: The upper portion of these shoes will generally be tougher so that they stay supportive of the game and also stay extremely durable.

4. Stability: Hard tennis courts are generally not forgiving and demands the players to stay extremely stable while taking difficult serves and smashes. Thus, they should choose a stable shoe that helps in quick starts and stops when they are playing tennis on a hard court.

Since the majority of the tennis players play their game on hard courts, the vast majority of the available tennis shoes come with outsoles that appeal to hard courts. Generally, when a pair of shoes doesn’t have a grass or clay court label, then we can assume that these shoes are applicable for hard court games.

Final Words

If you spend a lot of time on hard courts, then it is mandatory to make sure that your shoe features a design to stand up to the harsh demands of the tennis court. It is important to look for certain features such as comfort, protection, stability, and durability in the shoes, to put your best game in the court. Hope our review and guide helps you with your selection of the best tennis shoes for hard court games.



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