Top 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves 2021: Unbiased Reviews


Players of the softball game have to be game ready the moment they step into the softball field. One of the most important equipment that gets the players game ready for a game-deciding play is their fastpitch glove. A top-rated softball glove gets the players prepared for some scorched line drives, sizzling grounding, and some exceptional gameplay. We have listed some of the best gloves for fastpitch softball games here from leading brands to help you decide on your purchase.

List of Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Best Fastpitch Softball GlovesEditor RatingPrice
#1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove9.9/10Check Price Here
#2. Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove9.7/10Check Price Here
#3. Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Glove9.5/10Check Price Here
#4. EASTON Black Pearl Fastpitch Softball Glove9.5/10Check Price Here
#5. Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove9.3/10Check Price Here
#6. Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove9.2/10Check Price Here
#7. EASTON Ghost Fastpitch Softball Glove9/10Check Price Here
#8. Rawlings Shut out Fastpitch Softball Glove9/10Check Price Here
#9. Mizuno Prospect GXS102 Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove8.5/10Check Price Here
#10. Nokona Walnut WV1250C Fastpitch Glove8.5/10Check Price Here

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Top 10 Best Gloves for Fastpitch Softball

#1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove

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The Rawlings liberty advanced fastpitch softball gloves are the best choice for outfield players. Players looking for gloves for long-lasting pocket and break in promptly can surely vote for Rawlings softball gloves. This series from Rawlings is tailored to fit female athlete’s hands and offers them enhanced comfort and control. The finger back adjustment and hand openings are smart constructions for fastpitch players. 

The awesome engineering with pull strap closures makes a perfect fit for every player according to their wrist. Players are sure to enjoy perfect control and fit with leather lace. The latest update is the new pattern technology by Rawlings to boost the fastpitch game and delivers updated performance levels. The best quality, light-weight leather helps for perfect break-in. The best part about these gloves is the padding that provides fingers and palms with additional protection. Rawlings advanced fastpitch softball glove gives you a game-ready feel after purchase. 


  • The full-grain leather provides durability and comfort for the players
  • The gloves are perfect for players starting from high school to professionals. 
  • The customized fit with full strap closures provides a perfect fit for every hand.


  • As of now, there are no major cons of this glove.

#2. Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove

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The astounding Mizuno Franchise fastpitch softball glove series arrives in a flashing black color bordered with white lace. Fastpitch players looking for softball gloves can book their orders without a pause. The key feature is the make with pre-oiled java leather that offers the softness and game ready feel as well as durability. Players enjoy the para shock and palm pad in the gloves that deliver comfortability. With the presence of para shock and palm pad, there is enhanced impact absorption for fewer stings.

This deadens the ball during impact and reduces sting for the player. Young players are happy and enjoy this technology in the Mizuno softball gloves series. Players are sure to receive a wider and centered pocket with the pinky and thumb hinges in the gloves. The Hilo lacing is an added advantage that holds an alternate lacing pattern for enhanced flexibility. Players save time by tightening the lace throughout the fingers with quick form lace design. 


  • Players experience the durability and long-lasting life with java leather. 
  • Players enjoy comfortability and comfort with para shock palm pad. 
  • Secure and quickest fit with power lock facility.


  • The gloves are perfect for girls and not meant for adults 

#3. Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Glove

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The brand new Wilson A1000 fastpitch glove series arrives in an elegant grey and black color combination. The dual post web design grabs the attention of players looking for a new style. The Wilson A1000 fastpitch measure 12 inches which is a perfect choice for softball infielders. The high-end leather with a perfect combination provides the players pro stocks feel. Players are glad about a personalized fit with a custom fit back wrist lacing system. The pro pattern from Wilson A 1000 gives the players a game-ready feel. 

The best aspect of Wilson A 1000 hand glove series is that they are hand-designed. The A 1000 series from Wilson surprises players as it shapes according to the game. It reveals softness and strength as required. Also, the unique feature about the A 1000 series, is that they shape and is flexible without softening the necessities of structures. 


  • The make with soft full-grain leather makes the glove series soft and sturdy. 
  • Best for intermediate elite-level softball fastpitch player 
  • Personalized fit with the custom-fit back wrist lacing system.


  • Some players feel they need efforts to break-in

#4. EASTON Black Pearl Fastpitch Softball Glove

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Female fastpitch softball players looking for quality softball glove can opt for Easton black pearl glove. The glove arrives in an eye-catching black color with blue names stitched on it. Players experience an easier pocket closure with a flex notch system and select a cowhide leather shell. The glove series is sturdy and durable with the cowhide leather. Players are amazed by the way the glove works by the way it’s engineered.

Players are comfortable with the glove as they can reinforce the web, pocket, and fingers with rawhide lace. The delighted feature of Easton black pearl glove is the better control due to super soft palm lining. For better control and tight fit for players, the black pearl softball gloves possess smaller hand openings. Adding to this is the lockdown wrist strap that offers a perfect fit. The 12 inches Easton black pearl is the best choice for female fastpitch players. The fingers and palms are protected due to the soft leather used in manufacturing. 


  • The leather material makes the glove sturdy and durable.
  • Perfect for female fastpitch players.


  • Some players feel it consumes more time for a break-in.

#5. Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove

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Mizuno MVP has introduced a new series of softball gloves specifically for female softball players. Players are surprised to receive elegant white color gloves bordered with black laces. Crafting is complete with professionals with smooth and latest bio soft leather. The engineering is excellent where the pocket is centered under the index finger for a perfect break-in. The fit and feel approval delights players as they get into the field. 

For better stability and durability, professional-level laces are provided. The bio soft leather is a smooth and style professional material that possesses the right proportion of softness and oil for firm control and exceptional feel. This key aspect is demanded by many players. The manufacturing from the soft leather is in a way where the fingers and palms are protected from the impact of the ball. The additional padding and softness offer a comfy feel for the players while wearing the Mizuno MVP prime. 


  • The latest bio leather lasts longer 
  • Perfect fit for females


  • Few players need the patience to get accustomed to the glove.

#6. Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove

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Being pioneers in manufacturing softball gloves, Wilson A 2000 series 12.5” is the best outfield fastpitch glove. Created for custom players, the Wilson A 2000 series is developed with a custom fit system that fits every player’s hands. The best part is the premium pro stock leather that provides superior durability and feels. The pro stock leather also assists in a perfect break-in and they last for seasons. 

The implausible length with a lightweight design is sure to help players elevate the game to the next level. The fastpitch glove series comes with a comfort Velcro wrist closure to customize as per hands size. The player can shape the gloves for a better feel. The elevated and new pattern from Wilson offers additional control and support while scoping or catching the ball in the dirt. Players enjoy the honeycomb sting padding as it guards the fingers and palm against the ball’s impact. The Pro stock leather used is less weight and super strong that lasts longer. 


  • With Pro Stock leather, the gloves are long-lasting and durable 
  • Fits the hands perfectly and comfy too


  • Some players feel about time consumption for breaking in.

#7. EASTON Ghost Fastpitch Softball Glove

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The Easton ghost softball glove series comes in a stunning white with light grey combination lining with white lace. The engineering with premium steer USA leather along with supple leather lining provides additional feel and comfort. Players find their palms and fingers safe due to in-built soft padding available. The design is specifically made for female softball players with smaller hand openings. 

The quantum closure system is beneficial for adjustment for fit, improved, and tight control. For long life and durability, the extra strength rawhide laces are added benefit. These laces also help in fitting perfectly for any hand. The 11.75 female-specific models are recommended for all female players. The position-specific fastpitch pattern and professional style are crafted carefully for perfect function and play. The Easton ghost softball gloves are useful for all positions. They are excellent catcher’s glove best to move the game to the next level. 


  • Great glove with best durability and functionality
  • The players feel soft and comfortable while playing
  • Comfort with supple leather lining makes it easy to wear too.


  • Designed for females with a soft hand opening
  • The glove is not completely made of leather. 

#8. Rawlings Shut out Fastpitch Softball Glove

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Rawlings is right out with a new dynamic series for an upgraded level of performance. The Rawlings glove arrives in a striking black and white combination along with white laces. The utility glove designed by Rawlings is perfect for outfielders and infielders. Players are glad to wear the 13-inch softball fastpitch glove that owes a basket web design. The players feel the big pocket helps in better gameplay. 

This fastpitch softball glove helps players play all across the field. The Rawlings shut out glove series is for players age 8 to 14. The level of comfort and control is superior as the gloves are designed for female athletes’ hand size. Athletes enjoy the perfect fit in their hands with the help of adjustable Velcro straps. The manufacturing of softball glove series with full-grain leather results in enhanced durability. The players also guard their palms and fingers with zero shock palms padding facility. 


  • The full gran leather results in durability and comfort. 
  • The high- quality manufacture by professionals makes it perfect


  • Some players feel the gloves are big

#9. Mizuno Prospect GXS102 Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove

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The Mizuno prospect GXS102softball catchers pitch launches in an attention-grabbing black color bordered with white stitching. Mizuno youth pitch is a great choice for coaches, parents, and players for its short break-in time and reliable structure. Young players looking for a durable, strong softball mitt can book these gloves. The full-grain leather shell construction along with butter-soft palm liner delivers great overall feel and durability. 

The thumb cut hinge is an added advantage for enhanced flexibility where the player faces no issues while closing the mitt. This makes catching the ball easy. The MZO lining inner is an added shield for protection that keeps sweat away. This also averts the gloves sliding of the hand during a big impact. The gender engineering makes the Mizuno prospect softball catcher’s mitt tailor specifically for females. 


  • Increased comfort, feel and durability with butter-soft palm liner
  • Perspiration from the skin kept away due to MZO lining
  • A polyurethane power lock creates a secure and simple fit. 
  • Easy closure and increased flexibility with thumb cut hinge. 
  • Players experience an easy break-in.


  • Few players feel their hands are injured during play
  • Designed for females only

#10. Nokona Walnut WV1250C Fastpitch Glove

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The Nokona has launched the new series with an updated look and feel. The Nokona walnut WV 1250C softball gloves are made of top-grain steerhide. Players enjoy a game-ready feel, durability, and stability using these gloves. The 12.5-inch fastpitch glove is manufactured of walnut crunch leather which is the signature of Nokona. The walnut crunch leather is known for its durability. Nokona has updated the new look of the gloves with classic features. 

Every Nokona walnut is handcrafted carefully for female players. The closed web assists the players in the field for an easy catch. The adjustable Velcro wrist with a single finger closed back provides a personalized fit for each player. The deep pocket is yet another great feature that ensures the glove is a softball specific design. The moves to the next level with Nokona walnut WV1250C series gloves. 


  • Excellent glove with deep pocket and durability
  • Manufacturing with top grain steer hide gives it a classic look and feel


  • Some players feel the gloves are heavy.
  • Designed for female players

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Choosing the Best Fastpitch Softball Glove

Irrespective of the type of glove that you are opting for, be it an expensive top grade leather mitt or an affordable synthetic glove, it is always a good option to find the type of glove that is designed for one’s position. Other important glove basics to keep in mind, before shopping for a softball glove are as follows.

1. The material of the softball glove:

Some of the best types of material for softball gloves are costly, as price and quality go hand in hand. Leather gloves are generally great as they conform to the hands of the players, and they last a long time as well. Synthetic gloves on the other hand are less expensive and are an excellent choice for beginners who are trying out the sport as casual players. 

2. Size of the glove:

This is the most important feature of the glove and is measured in inches from the tip of the index finger to the end of the glove that rests on the wrist. A well-fitting glove serves as a secure pocket to hold the ball during catching the ball and while fielding. 

3. Web of the gloves:

The Web is the major defining element of the glove and the catching area of the glove is called the pocket. There are several fancy webbing designs available, and they fall into two main categories. The first category is the open web mitt and features an I or H design. The next category is the closed web mitts that are one solid piece that renders the player a more rigid and ambient catching area. 

4. The back portion of the gloves:

Just like the webbing, the backside of the mitt is also open or closed. An open glove will expose the top of the wrist and helps with a large range of motion. Such gloves are beneficial for infielders. At times, a closed-back glove will feature a finger slot at the index finger to aid few players. 

Final Words

Softball players should also concentrate on wrist adjustments, break-in, catcher’s mitt, etc, and choose their glove accordingly. The superior abilities of the player can go void, just because he doesn’t have the well-constructed glove at hand. Choosing an ideal glove can be a risky task, and the players must choose the best glove from the best brands that we have listed here.



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