Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Doubles (UPDATED 2021)


Tennis is one sport that is been played by people of all ages and infuses skill and interest in players of all skill levels. The interest of the game is escalated to many folds when it is played with a companion as a doubles match. The doubles match is also a popular way to play the game, the court is covered in the best possible way when played in doubles. To excel in the game, players must choose an ideal doubles tennis racquet. This not only helps them to play the game efficiently and helps them to handle volleys pretty well.

Best Tennis Racquets for Doubles 2021

Racquets for DoublesEditor ScorePrice
#1. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet9.6/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racquet9.5/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet9.4/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. Yonex Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet9.2/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet9.2/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Doubles

#1. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

The Pure Drive tennis racquet grabs the most popular frame from Babolat, and it has undergone a tech upgrade and ice blue cosmetic update. This is the most popular frame that has undergone a tech upgrade. The ice blue cosmetic update maintains the versatility, line power, and feel for tennis players wanting to play the doubles tennis match.

The minimal aesthetic and redesigned paintwork makes the racquet an awesome one that talks for you in the court.  Even this updated racquet maintains its line power, feel, and versatility, and thus appeals for the modern-day tennis games. The advanced technology and high quality make the racquet best for intermediate players and beginners.

The head is 100 square inches delivering a generous sweet spot. The best feature of the Pure drive is the firm design. The beamwidth of 23/26/23mm offers adequate power from both sides of the baseline. Hitting with pace is another extra advantage with the pure drive as the anti-twisting elliptical frame provides the power of the racquet.

The woofer technology is a unique feature that renders optimum sensation and control with every strike. The Babolat has extended its power on every shot to meet the needs of demanding and competitive players. The racquet offers the best possible feel for the players with its unique management of vibration absorption and exceptional comfort.


  • Offers the best possible feel with its unique management of vibrations and comfort.
  • The racquet features the most ideal frame for players wanting to give more power for their game.


  • The string that comes with the racquet is not of optimal quality

#2. Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racquet

Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail tennis racquets feature the all-new countervail technology and its head size is about 100 inches. Wilson has promised several advanced and new technologies in its Wilson Ultra Countervail tennis racquet, which includes power ribs in the throat area, crush zone grommets and also countervail materials in its frame. Also, the Wilson Ultra has a string weight of 11.2 oz. and a swing weight of 320.

The racquet renders a powerful response at the baseline and features a large sweet spot with ample spin. The racquet also suffers a lack of accuracy and stability and at times, tries to stay more aggressive.

The head size of this tennis racquet is about 100 square inches and the length of this tennis racquet is about 27 inches. The strung weight of the racquet is about 11.1 oz. and its unstrung weight is 10.6 oz. The racquet features a high-performance carbon fiber and countervails material composition and its string pattern features about 16 mains and 19 crosses. The swing speed of this racquet is medium and its swing weight is about 312 pounds.

The frame of this racquet is ideal for rendering the perfect combination of power, spin, and control, and is ideal for tennis players of all levels. Its countervail high-performance carbon fiber adds a lot of comforts and feels with a stiffer frame. Its thinner beam cross-section makes it easy to maneuver and offers all the players plenty of power. The Wilson Ultra 100 CV is a strong choice of players of all levels and styles.


  • The racquet offers ample power and spins on their serves
  • Offers excellent performance for intermediate to advanced level players
  • The racquet is known for an impressive blend of pop and spin


  • The racquet lacks pace and control.

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#3. HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

The HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP tennis racquet has undergone an upgradation recently and features a wider string spacing and 360 spin grommets. These features offer this racquet an extremely spin-friendly response. Its new graphene technology is reinforced at its strategic locations for rendering excellent stability. It’s even balance and excellent swing weight also contributes positively to the solid response of the racquet.

Its high launch angle makes hitting with depth extremely easy. It offers impressive stability on the net and the players were able to drive through serves with ample pace. Loads of spin make its racquet highly suitable for all playing styles. The Graphene 360 Extreme swings with more heft than its 11.2-ounce weight and allows players to hit shots with more spin while retaining power.

Its spin grommets enable more string movements and it results in a powerful trampoline effect upon ball impact. The Extreme also looks attractive and features an asymmetrical color-blocking of both neon yellow and deep blue colors. The head size of this racquet is 100 square inches and the length of this racquet is about 27 inches. It features a graphite composition and its strung weight is about 318 grams. The racquet enjoys a string pattern of 16 x 19 crosses.


  • The racquet renders improved feel and playability.
  • Tennis players are heavily impressed with the performance of the racquet. 
  • Ideal for players looking to add spin and power to the game.


  • The skill level of this racquet is intermediate to advanced.

#4. Yonex Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet

Yonex Ezone 100 Lime Green Tennis Racquet

Yonex Ezone is an exceptional tennis racquet that delivers more power from its light version, thus adding more depth to the tennis shots. The Yonex Ezone delivers more plow through than its lighter version and helps in adding more depth to its shots. The racquet comes unstrung and is very lightweight, weighing only 300 grams. The combination of its iso-metric head shape and its 100 square inches’ head makes it a very forgiving racquet at the net. The balance of this racquet is about 4-point headlight.

The upgraded grommet system of this racquet gets it more aerodynamic for optimal speed and better string-bed performance. The racquet also features a quake shut gel air in the handle for better comfort and vibration dampening, and is thus ideal for tennis elbow. Its grommet layout renders a straighter alignment and its cross strings help in rendering more power. Overall, this Yonex Ezone delivers exceptional power and stability to improve the game, irrespective of the player’s playing style.

The head size of this racquet is about 100 square inches and its grip size is just right at G3, to fit wider hands. The balance point of this racquet is 320 mm and the racquet material is Graphite, featuring quake shut gel air. The racquet is available in green color and it features a string pattern of 16 x 19. Its string tension is about 45-60 pounds which is appropriate for a doubles tennis match.


  • The racquet is engineered for unstoppable gameplay.
  • Its highly enhanced isometric sweet spot helps in ambient gameplay.
  • Its quake shut gel air minimizes vibration and provides unmatched comfort


  • Comes unstrung and requires stringing from a professional shop.

#5. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

For tennis players looking for a racquet with great control, the Head microgel Radical tennis racquet is the right choice. It is an ideal racquet for doubles match as its micro gel technology distributes impact uniquely around the frame for a unique touch and a rock-solid feel. The head size of this racquet is about 98 square inches and the beam of this racquet is about 21 mm. The unique feature to mention about this racquet is the Head’s micro gel technology, which readily absorbs the shock from the ball and distributes it in an even manner completely over the frame. This feature offers the player with complete comfort during the game. 

The standard size and string patterns help players experience fast and long strokes. The 18 x 20 string pattern of the racquet offers an extraordinary level of comfort to strike every shot. Also, the beneficial feature of a closed string pattern is the long life it offers. The 27” length and 10.4 oz weight deliver superior performance, optimum power, and precision. 

The player plays impactful strokes due to the sturdy body of the racquet. The Head MicroGel tennis racquet is the best choice for players looking for a plush feel of racquet. The 98 square inches’ head size offers added power, more forgiveness, and a larger sweet spot. The elegant and trendy Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet comes in a vibrant red with white color along with a white handle.


  • The racquet features a Micro Gel silicone-based material.
  • The maneuverability of the racquet is excellent
  • This is an ideal racquet for doubles match as it helps players to make fast strokes.


  • The racquet could feel heavy for some players
  • Not suitable for advanced players

Choosing the Best Tennis Racquet for Doubles

The endurance aspects of players in regular doubles tennis matches are not the same as that of a singles match. The best way to excel in the game is to work on quick reflexes, as there is very little time to react. The players also require a lighter racquet to enhance maneuverability. Players should choose a lighter racquet that will help them to return the serve. The important qualities to look for in a tennis racquet for doubles match are as follows.

1. Weight of the racquet:

All tennis racquets have different weights, swing weights, stiffness, string patterns, and head sizes. The key to picking up the right racquet for the doubles tennis match is to choose a racquet that features a medium head size with headlight balances. The racquet should help the tennis player to swing harder and do not hold back their normal swing so that they can toss the ball where it has to go. The heavier the racquet, the more is its power, and doubles tennis players must choose a lightweight racquet for optimal maneuverability. 

2. Racquet balance:

The balance of the racquet denotes how its weight is being distributed. On the evenly balanced racquet, the balance point comes exactly halfway up its frame. The balance of the racquet essentially controls the swing height of the racquet. In theory head heavy sounds like a good deal, but reality a lighter racquet offers plenty of power. The weight on the head of the frame puts additional torque on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder during the swing. This additional strain means that the head heavy racquets are a cause of tennis elbow and other injuries related to the tennis game.

3. Stiffness of the racquet:

The stiffness of the racquet contributes to its power and comfort. A stiffer racquet offers more power and a softer frame helps to absorb more energy from the ball and takes power away from the shot. A stiffer frame deflects less and also bends upon impact. This helps to leave more power within the ball. When a racquet strikes a tennis ball, it vibrates and on stiffer frames, these vibrations are harsh and short. Softer frames are severe and they also last longer. Doubles players can also choose a racquet with a 16 x 19 string pattern.

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Final Words

Overall the best doubles tennis racquet should be at least 280 to 320 grams and features a 16×19 string pattern. The head size of the racquet is about 98-100 square inches and players can choose the stiffness of the racquet according to their personal preferences. We have listed the best tennis racquets for doubles here and we hope this helps in your buying choice.


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