Top 5 Best Budget Badminton Rackets Under $50


Best Budget badminton rackets are always the dream of a player, it not only saves valuable money, but the quality & features of rackets are always the same. So here we are listing best 5 budget-friendly badminton rackets under 50 bucks, that you can buy online.

Best Budget Badminton Rackets Under $50

For players looking to spend only $50, these are perfect budget badminton rackets.

Best Budget Badminton Racquets
Best Features
#1. Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket
Lightweight & stable
#2. Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket
Stability & strength
#3. Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket
Low cost & balance
#4. YoungLA Premium Badminton Rackets
Quality & strength
#5. Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket
Powerful & durable frame

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A stiff racket that is well strung can change the way you play badminton, and let you explore the hidden skill inside you.

But if you just a rookie, it’s not necessary to start with the high-end rackets that are pretty costly to own. Also, advanced rackets are made precisely for different play styles.

If you buy a racket randomly without knowing the specifications and the possible outcomes, you are simply wasting your money and there’s a chance that you may not learn the game properly.

So, you have to start with a racket that is relatively cheap and suitable for learning the techniques before jumping to advanced and specific play styles. Also, you might break the racket accidentally.

To avoid wasting your money, always start with low-end rackets for learning.

Here, We have compiled a list of top 5 best budget badminton rackets under $50.

Top 5 Best Budget Badminton Rackets under $50

Here are top rackets for players having only a budget of $50.

#1. Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket

This is a two-player professional badminton racket that is made up of high-quality carbon fiber composite along with a high-quality net which is strong and also durable. These rackets are known for their stability and enhanced performance. Under a budget price of $50, you get a pack of two rackets, one carrying bag, and two grips. The rackets comprise a powerful and special T joint between the head and the shaft to further enhance the stability and to achieve great control over the net.

The superior tension on the racket head makes it durable and simply hard to break. Its isometric square head frame supports high-quality strings to offer an excellent sweet spot for the players and makes it easy and effortless for the players in the court. The weight of the badminton racket without its strings is about 88 grams. And thus it is lighter and helps you enjoy the game without enduring any paid in the shoulders.

Apart from being an affordable racket, its quality is also guaranteed. It can be an exceptional racket for recreational players and beginners. The racket is available in different colors, namely black, blue/black, White/Red, Black/grey, etc.


  • Extremely lightweight and high-quality rackets that offer an exceptional playing experience
  • Features a one-piece construction outside and a T-joint inside to help with stability and unparalleled power.


  • Good for beginners but this racket is not meant for serious players.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a high-quality beginner’s badminton racket, the Oppum carbon fiber racket can be a good choice. Overall, it’s a nice buy for beginners and recreational players, considering the price.

#2. Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket

Senston N80 is a full carbon fiber made badminton racket available in the market at an affordable price tag. If you want something really best for mid-level and doubles gameplay, this one can satiate your needs as possess all the necessary parameters.

Since this racket is fully made of carbon fiber, it is considerably light and free from unwanted deformations.

The isometric head increases the catching area for the shuttle cork and the chances of loss are greatly reduced, helping the doubles game greatly. The string tension is 24-26 lbs, offering decent feedback with a nice acoustic sound every time when you hit. The all carbon fiber construction makes it astoundingly light, weighing just 80 grams approx, putting it into the 4U category.

All these factors make it great for doubles.


  • Weighs just 80 grams – 4U – avoids fatigue when played for a longer duration
  • The isometric head provides more room space to hut the cork – maximizing the hit rate
  • The in-built T-joint between the shaft and frame prevents sudden failure
  • The string tension lies between 24-26 lbs, which is great for both starters and well-seasoned players
  • Available at 9 exciting colors
  • You will get a full racket cover along with the package


  • The grip quality could have been better

Bottom Line

Senston N80 is the best and affordable racket to fulfill the needs of both beginners and middle players. For leisure use, this racket will astound you as far as quality and effectiveness. The overall quality is just awesome as it is shaped using ultra low-weight graphite compound with high strain strings.

The sturdy frame and shaft, isometric head, well-balanced weight, and graciously tensed string make it very effective and durable.

You will also get a full cover to carry the racket. If you are looking for best all-rounder badminton racket under $50, Senston N80 is the one to pick.

#3. Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket

Champion sports double steel frame badminton racket is one of the best-rated badminton rackets around the world.

This particular racket is admired by many users for its great value for money and astounding functionality. This is considered the benchmark among the cheapest rackets out there, and possess some real-world practical features.

The two shafts are welded tangentially to the lower curves of the frame, and there’s no need of an external T-joint, ensuring proper balance and good twist-resistance.

The double shaft counts more weight than other rackets. Though higher weight can make you tired, it helps in transferring more power to your smashes.

The shaft and frame are made of tempered steel, giving more toughness.

This racket is firmly stringed with a heavy duty nylon string. Though it cannot offer the extra stiffness what a titanium core offers, it still holds up good to serve beginners and defensive players. The string tension is on the medium side, making it suitable for playing both offensive and defensive play styles.

The dimpled leather grip feels soft on your palms and reasonably hard to last long. Normal grips have an extruded surface, while the dimpled grip has factory made grooves to provide that extra grip.

The above features are great considering the low price tag.


  • The strong tempered steel build makes it live longer
  • The double shaft made of tempered steel offer better rigidity and incredible resistance towards twisting
  • The dimpled leather grip really holds well during prolonged sessions
  • Nylon strings are decent enough for mid-level gaming
  • The strong tempered steel frame allows extra tensioning the strings easily
  • The oval shape frame focus on power
  • Extra weight is good for smashes


  • The double shaft production makes it significantly heavier than the other rackets with a single shaft.
  • The extra weight is not suitable for speed and control
  • Elite players find it too heavy

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an ultra-sturdy beginner’s badminton racket at a cheaper price, this one is for you. For the price, it has great potential to last long. As said, the strong build directly translates into great durability. The double shaft construction made it pretty heavy for professional players.

But the heaviness offers more momentum and control, making it a great option for defensive players. If you are a recreational player or practicing the game, this one won’t disappoint you. For the price tag, this one is a steal!

#4. YoungLA Premium Badminton Rackets

This is an excellent and premium quality badminton racket that always gets you game-ready, irrespective of the time and the day. Given that this racket is extremely sturdy, you need not worry about loose strings or worn out birdies to start your game. As you order for this badminton set, you get a set of two badminton rackets, along with 12 shuttlecocks and a carrying case, to store and carry your game set efficiently. 

This complete set of badminton essentials is available under $50 and has been carefully constructed with grip, power, and spinning shot in mind. The head of these rackets are made from Aluminum, and thus you need not worry about them breaking off irrespective of the toughness of your game. The shaft of these rackets is made from tampered and tough steel that stays its integrity no matter how hard you treat it. You can use these rackets for all games, be it the indoor, outdoor, beach, and even in your backyard. 

The shuttlecocks and the birdies are made from high-quality polyurethane and thus you need not worry about their quality and longevity. It is a standard racket that appeals for players of different ages and skillsets


  • High-quality badminton rackets that suit different types of games
  • Great rackets that are available at a surprisingly affordable cost.


  • Not a suitable racket for serious players.

Bottom Line

If you got tired because of those heavy and spurious badminton rackets you have tried so far, it’s time to switch to the YoungLa badminton rackets. This racket has great aesthetics and fantastic potential to delight beginners and mid-level players. Made up of high-quality materials, this is one of the great value for money product you can buy.

For a quite affordable price point, you are getting most of the premium features what other rackets cannot offer at the same price.

#5. Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket

One of the “value for money” rackets designed for starters and mid-level players who are looking for precision and durability during extreme games. The approx price of this racket is very affordable under $50.

Similar to most lightweight rackets, this racket is made fully of carbon fiber material, ensuring high toughness without mounting extra weight. This enables the potential to withstand higher string tension without deforming the frame.

Since the complete construction is made from the carbon fiber, the racket weighs around 85 grams, making it easy for prolonged playing without any fatigue. The balance point is shifted towards the head, giving more power to the smashes.

The in-built T-joint makes it even sturdier and reduces the possibility of failure. This ensures the racket is free from sudden breakage or getting loosened. The blend of heavy head and a stiff shaft ensures unbiased power and control.


  • Made of carbon fiber – more strength without adding mass
  • Weigh just 85 grams – 4U weight category – Avoid fatigue during intense games
  • Perfectly balanced power and control – An all-rounder
  • The grip is medium soft, ensures good power with no compromising on the grip levels
  • The heavy head contributes powerful smashes
  • Rigid shaft ensures better control
  • In-built T-joint makes the racket extra sturdy


  • The frame feels a little delicate when you see

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a well-balanced racket at an affordable price tag.

If you are looking for a racket that is perfectly balanced, and light in weight; this one is for you. It has all the elements to delight beginners and intermediate players. The lightweight construction, medium stiff shaft, and an isometric head offer it an all-around performance.

The grip of the racket is really good to provide a sufficient level of comfort without compromising speed and control. You can get all these features within $50.

All these best budget badminton rackets under $50 are well versed in terms of production quality for the price paid. They do differ in certain parameters.

Assess your requirements carefully and pick the right one instead of regretting your wrong decision


  1. Picking budget badminton rackets has always been tough, specially for pat time players like myself, I just play badminton during weekends, so would never be spending more than $50 on a racket, so after some research found out few best budget badminton rackets that I can pick for professional like game play.

    Two of those options are Yonex Nanoray 10 and Senston N80, not only because the price is low, but the quality is almost like you are using all those big priced rackets, specially Nanoray 10, which is by far a great badminton racket under $50.


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