Best Volleyball Nets for Beach (UPDATED 2021)


For all the beach volleyball lovers, here are some of the best volleyball nets for beach reviewed by experts based on factors like size of the net, material quality, it’s usage, popularity, price, etc..

Volleyball Nets for BeachEditor RatingPrice
#1. Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net9/10Check Price Here
#2. Park & Sun Sports Recreational Volleyball Net9/10Check Price Here
#3. ATINUS Volleyball Outdoor Net9/10Check Price Here
#4. DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net9/10Check Price Here
#5. Park & Sun Sports Spectrum 2000 Volleyball Net8/10Check Price Here

Volleyball is a popular sport that’s easy to learn. Playing the game at the beach or around the pool amplifies the fun manifold times. Just a ball and a volleyball net and you are ready to enjoy the game. Here are a few factors that any Volleyball fan intending to buy a net must consider before purchasing it. 

If you want to play Volleyball at the beach, it’s best to opt for the outdoor volleyball net you’re your chosen spot doesn’t have a Volleyball net system, you would rather consider purchasing a complete net system that comes with the poles required to hold the net in place. Also, depending on your playing need make sure to check whether the net you buy is a portable one or an in-ground one. The in-ground systems are typically designed for outdoor play, especially suited for beaches, sandy backyards and lawns as they are meant to be long-lasting. 

Volleyball nets are available in different sizes and based on where you want to set it up, the height of players and on the level of the game you wish to play, you can choose an appropriate size. If you are searching for a Volleyball net for the beach, consider the weight. The design and the material of your Volleyball net can affect the weight of the net to a great extent. A lightweight Volleyball net is easy to carry and use. 

Advanced players might need to consider a few additional features to make sure that they get to enjoy the perfect beach volleyball session. For instance, some nets enable you to adjust the tension on the net, while others come with fancy features that allow scorekeeping, etc..

Top 5 Best Volleyball Nets for Beach 2021

Here’s a comprehensive review of the top 5 Volleyball nets that aim at providing Volleyball enthusiasts with the best beach Volleyball experience. We’ve considered the brand, cost as well as skill level along with the features, material, size, and design of the Volleyball nets reviewed here. 

#1. Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net

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  • Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Volleyball net is perfect for professional-grade players
  • Players can smack into it without the fear of the whole thing collapsing.
  • Offers value for money
  • Regulation Size Spectrum Net allows for professional play
  • The Volleyball net system comes packed in a waterproof bag that makes it portable and convenient for storage.
  • Easy-to-install


  • This Volleyball net system does not come with a ball or air pump
  • The guyline tension handles don’t always hold the tension so well
  • The net tends to sag and might need regular adjustment.

Volleyball lovers searching for a portable outdoor net system, the Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic makes a perfect fit for all levels of players. A complete net system, it can be used for outdoor play; thanks to the full size, heavy-duty net. Reasonably priced, the Park & Sun net is ideal for sporty Volleyball matches as well as tournaments or friendly competitions.

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic comes with telescoping poles and has premeasured boundaries included in it. Players simply need to pull the ropes to tighten them regularly. Measuring 2” in diameter, these stakes are constructed of aluminium and enabled with a push-button pole locking system that facilitates adjusting the net to any height. These steel ground poles provide optimum stability even during aggressive volleyball play. 

Whether it is only men or women playing or a mixed group playing, the Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic can be adjusted to suit the playing need.

This Volleyball net from the reputed sports brand features a regulation size spectrum net that measures 32′ L x 3′ H. The net material is made of nylon and features 3 inches top and bottom tapes. The net corners are secured and feature side sleeves that guarantee uniform net tension. If you are looking for a sturdy net, this is the one as the 5/16 inches double ‘guyline’ comes with padded handles that can be pulled down to quickly adjust the net. Even during long and rough gaming sessions, these handles ascertain the net to stay firm. 

The Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Volleyball net is designed with a pre-measured boundary of 60′ L x 30′ W which is tightly secured to the ground; thanks to the corner anchors that lend it the taut fitting. This Volleyball net is easy to store and carry as it fits well inside a heavy-duty waterproof polyester zippered bag meant for the net. The 1800 denier carry bag with handles makes it convenient for storage and travel.

Overall, the Park and Sun Sports Spectrum Classic is a top-class professional-grade Volleyball net system. It can be set up quickly and is portable. A high-quality net for outdoor play, this one is worth its price!

#2. Park & Sun Sports Recreational Volleyball Net

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  • The net is designed for fixed pole court
  • The high-grade steel cables (BC-400) enables greater strength and stability to the Park & Sun Sports Volleyball Net
  • The blue rope cable top offers greater visibility even in the floodlit stadium


  • The Volleyball net can get knotted and needs to be handled with care.

This Park & Sun Sports Volleyball Net in blue colour sets the right tone for a Beach Volleyball match. Featuring the rope cable top, this net measuring 3 feet by 32 feet is an official regulation size Volleyball net. It also has a nylon blend that measures 1.5 inches that are stretched with braided sites that add to its stability and durability. It is this nylon blend that enables the net to withstand harsh weather conditions as compared to any other PE net. The integrated grommets on the net make it easy for installation. 

It is the strength and stiffness of the Park & Sun Sports Volleyball net that stands out. The net is resistant to aggressive play and speed impact of the ball during the play. The uniform construction of the mesh along its length and height lends it a professional design allowing for top-grade play. The sturdy and quality material of this Volleyball net makes it resistant to wear and tear. 

The Park & Sun Sports Volleyball Net is ideal for practice as well as playing competitive matches. The stainless steel cables at the top and bottom edge bands of the net make them resilient. With the structural strength, the net can withstand accidental impacts even when players enjoy their spike shots. The construction of the net prevents the ball from flying out of the court. It is the wooden dowels that prevent the net from excessive stretching when secured to the tension straps. The blue colour of the net and its edges give it a bright look that is visible even from a distance. This reduces the possibility of net hits during serves and play. 

#3. ATINUS Volleyball Outdoor Net

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  • The ATINUS net is foldable which makes it portable and easily storable 
  • It comes with a reusable waterproof bag
  • The net can be used for training players


  • The ATINUS net doesn’t come with poles which limits its usage
  • The net is not a Regulation size one and cannot be used for tournaments

The ATINUS Volleyball Outdoor Net is a sturdy piece perfect for your beach-bound game. This foldable net makes storage breezy and the portable bag it is packaged in makes it to transport. The great design enables flexibility to the ATINUS net. It can be used both to play both indoors and outdoors. The steel cables are reinforced with polyester meshing and it has black twisted and knotted polythene net. 

The ATINUS net measures 32L x 3W feet. The mesh has 4-inch squares and a 2mm twine size. The double sewing of the net adds on to its durability. The volleyball net is also wrapped from four sides with steel wire. All the four corners of the net have grommet which makes mounting it convenient. 

This Volleyball net can be used for both professional play and in-house competitions. The black coloured weighs around 2.6 pounds.

#4. DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net

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  • DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Easy to install net which does not require any additional ropes 
  • The adjustable net height enables both kids and adults to enjoy Volleyball sessions by the bay
  • The equipment carry bag is great for storage and travel
  • Offers value for money with its great quality for a good price 


  • The net from DOURR does not come with a ball or poles. It can only be mounted on pre-installed poles.

For Volleyball players scouting for a net that qualifies for professional play, DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net makes for a good choice. Covered with PE fabric around its four sides, the net is durable and attractive. The double sewing renders it a sturdy frame.

DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net features a steel wire rope at the top. All the corners of the net have grommet and ropes that make it easy to pull and adjust the net while fixing it. The net is foldable and comes with a reusable carry bag that makes it easy to carry it wherever you go. Ideal for beach outings, you can play your favourite game of volleyball anywhere, anytime with this dependable net. 

Some outstanding features of this volleyball net from DOURR include:

  • Its portability
  • Durability as the net is rip-resistant; thanks to the black twisted knotted polythene net. 
  • The steel cable of the net adds to its stability and support allowing players to enjoy impactful shots. 
  • The network corners have grommet and ropes that make the net conveniently mountable. 
  • The four side wrapping is a benefit as it helps retain the net’s shape during the game
  • The net dimensions 32’X 3’ confers this DOURR net its tournament status. 
  • The net height is adjustable to 3 ft. 

#5. Park & Sun Sports Spectrum 2000 Volleyball Net

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  • The cord winder allows for tangle-free storage when the net is not in use
  • The net comes inside a heavy-duty poly zippered equipment bag designed with handles that make it easy for carrying it around.
  • Ideal for tournaments
  • The height adjustment mechanism allows the net to be used universally


  • The system does not come with a ball
  • Installing the poles at the beach might appear a little difficult initially

Making for one of the top tested and tournament approved volleyball nets, Park & Sun Sports Spectrum 2000 is a perfect choice for professional players. As a supplier of tournaments and leagues, Park & Sun manufactures durable nets that are of high quality and easy to set-up. Just right for beach volleyball, this net can be easy to adjust. The 1 -¾ inches diameter telescoping poles enable easy height adjustments and the push pin lock system adds to its flexibility. 

Park & Sun 2000 is designed with double-stitched, stretched net sleeves and bindings and it can withstand impactful play without getting damaged easily. With a ¼ inch double guyline and tension rings, the easily adjustable net can sustain competitive play. The Park & Sun Sports Spectrum 2000 net model is a portable one and befitting for outdoor play. The complete net system includes every component that can enhance your beach volleyball experience. There’s additional stability encased on the net with the forged steel ground stakes. 

This volleyball net system is designed with premium quality telescopic aluminium poles to support and append the net on both sides. The button locking system enables security so that the net does not accidentally rip. The Regulation size Park & Sun Spectrum 2000 net measures 32’L X 3’H. This professional-grade net comes pre-attached with to its poles. Perfectly suited for a pre-measured boundary 60’L X 30’W, the Spectrum 2000 volleyball net can be firmly secured to the ground with its corner anchors. 

Hope that the Volleyball net products as listed above come in handy for Volleyball fans looking to play the game with family, friends or professional players at the beach. Make sure that you make a choice based on your right skill level.

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